BJC Project, Simple Works Better

BJC Project, Simple Works Better
Sometimes, Simple Works Better
By David Wyne, CTS
Monitor angles were critical
to provide perfect viewing for
every executive at the table in
the Executive Conference Room.
Simple touch controls provide
audio conference settings and
room controls.
David Wyne, CTS, is AudioVisual Divisional Manager at
Schiller’s AV (www.schillersav.
com). He has 28 years of industry experience.
IT/AV Report
When Schiller’s AV was invited to bid
on designing and installing presentation systems for the new 12-stor y BJC
HealthCare administrative building in
St. Louis’ Central West End neighborhood, Schiller’s first reaction was to design a system that featured all the bells
and whistles. After all, BJC HealthCare
is one of the largest nonprofit healthcare organizations in the United States,
with 13 hospitals and multiple community health locations.
Based on experience in prior medical
installations, Schiller’s staff understood
that medical communication applications generally require all monitors and
projection systems to deliver extremely
high resolution and complex networking capabilities. Schiller’s won the project by doing just the opposite: listening
to the customer and designing solutions both functional and budgetar y.
The project included five conference
rooms and 29 meeting rooms, each
with a different communication requirement. BJC Clinical Equipment Planner
Cyndy Paul, who was tasked with keeping all elements on target and on budget, said, “We brought what we learned
from previous projects to the table. We
worked closely with Schiller’s team on
the design, stating clearly what we did
not want and what we did want. We
didn’t want to look back and question
why we did something that wouldn’t
ser ve us well in the future. And, Schiller’s came back with solutions.”
Design Objectives
The first technical proposal was presented to BJC last fall. But after several
meetings with BJC, we learned more
about their communication and budget
needs for this project.
“BJC wanted simple, dependable
systems that didn’t interfere with their
aesthetics,” said Todd Callahan, Sales
Representative at Schiller’s AV, who has
inputs,” noted Callahan. “We encouraged them to look ahead and include
digital capabilities.” Schiller’s designed
and installed budget-appropriate solutions that are user friendly and futureready.
AV Solutions
worked on the BJC account for more
than 10 years. “They wanted ever y
user, from a nurse to the CEO, to be
able to plug in a computer or media
source and have the AV system in the
room working instantly.” Callahan
brought Schiller’s A-team together to
focus on key areas: a turnkey system in
the 29 meeting rooms, custom solutions for the executive conference room
and for the CEO’s personal meeting
space, and a flexible system for the
dual-purpose training room.
“We started over with simplicity in
mind, and our engineering department
was busy not over-engineering these
rooms,” reported Callahan. “AV is not
the showcase: Functionality is the
showcase. For instance, complex programming is hidden behind intuitive or
easy to follow AMX control systems.”
BJC was also concerned about flexibility for future growth, although “their
original specifications called for analog
Each of the 29 meeting rooms
features an NEC 350W widescreen
projector, a Da-Lite Contour Electrol
screen measuring 54"x96", an Extron
MLC 62-button control panel, two TOA
F2322C speakers with an RDL FPPA20A flat-pack amplifier, wall interface
panels with HD15, audio, network and
HDMI connections.
BJC required flexibility as to the
locations of the lecterns, so Schiller’s
created custom-length cable harnesses. “Ever y room has a VGA, 3.5
mini stereo, network and power cable
installed into a flexible cable assembly;
this was installed from the wall plates
and attached to a lectern for easy connectivity to a presenter’s laptop,” noted
Ken Kurtz, Schiller’s onsite AV Project
Manager, who also ser ved as a BJC
liaison with all construction trades, and
BJC’s go-to contact. All 29 rooms have
wireless projectors, so IT personnel can
check filter and lamp hours.
“NEC 500u (widescreen) projectors
were installed in all five conference
rooms but, because the rooms were not
all the same size, we had three different size Da-Lite motorized screens
installed, all with low-voltage screen
controllers,” reported Kurtz. The
conference room systems include an
Extron MLC 104 button control panel
with RS232 controls to the projectors
and connectivity similar to the other
meeting rooms except for one single
gang Semtron wall plate with an XLR
input for future mic installation.
“For audio, we installed one TOA
A706 amp and, based on the size of the
room, added four to six TOA FA2322C
speakers into the drop-ceiling tiles,”
explained Kurtz. Additionally, the
executive conference room features a
Polycom audio conferencing system
with AMX touch controls and Shure
microphones, and the CEO’s personal
conference room is fitted with a tabletop Polycom phone system.
Although the projectors and some
other equipment are linked to BJC’s
LAN, the AMX systems control both
room and AV equipment via direct
serial connections. At ever y decision
point, priority was given to maximizing
reliability and ease of use. For example,
although ever y projector is equipped
with an optional WiFi unit to enable
diagnostic access by the IT staff, hardwired LAN connections are provided
for ever y meeting attendee.
Executive Ease Of Use
The most impressive system is in
the executive conference room, with
its custom-designed conference table.
Howard Rabe, BJC Project Engineer,
Clinical Asset Management, outlined
the design challenges in the 12 th floor
corner conference room: “We had to
respect the aesthetics of the room, as
well as the function. How could we
install monitors so ever yone could see
easily without turning around and that
did not block the line of sight to the
beautiful view of Forest Park, that were
bright enough to handle the ambient
light, and were not suspended in the
middle of the room so [the area] felt
like a hockey arena? Plus, the table was
designed so ever yone faced each other.
The technical solution was truly one of
a kind.”
Our team was delighted to be able
to work with the custom furniture
maker to design the table around six
NEC professional-series LCD monitors,
rather than tr ying to retrofit the equipment into an existing piece of furniture.
When activated, the monitors automatically turn on, sync and adjust to the
VGA input signal.
To handle conference calls, we
integrated the Polycom SoundStructure teleconferencing system with
AMX touch controls. A single wireless, handheld unit interfaces with the
phone system, controls the Shure AL/C
low-profile boundar y microphones
embedded in the desktop, and activates
the monitors. The handheld unit is
discreetly installed in a touch-activated
custom wall cubby that tilts out to
reveal controller storage.
And, even though the building has
wireless capabilities, BJC wanted hardwired power and data ser vice available
to ever y person at the executive table,
while retaining a sleek, uncluttered
appearance. According to Rabe, “We
took Schiller’s lead on installing cable
cubbies. They had to be built into the
table, and Schiller’s provided actual
units to the table fabricator so the fit
Spring 2012
In the CEO’s personal conference room, a sleek and sophisticated
65-inch display drops out of sight when not in use.
AMX MVP-5100 touchpanel
AMX NI-2100 controller processor
AMX NI-3100 controller processor
AMX NXD 500I-MW touchpanel
Chief projector monitors
Covid plenum-rated cables
Da-Lite manual, electric screens
Extron Cable Cubby 200, 300 series
Extron MLC-62-button panels
Extron MLC-104-button panels
Hall Research HDMI transmitter/
Kramer VM2HXI 1x2 HDMI distribution amp
Kramer VS21HR HDMI switcher
Lowell rack system
NEC 350W projector
NEC 500U projector
NEC professional series LCD monitors
Peerless-AV LCD monitor mounts
Polycom SoundStructure C-12 teleconferencing systems
RDL FPPA20A amps
RDL FPPA35A amps
Semtron wall plates
Shure MX 395 AL/C low-profile boundary mic
TOA 706 amp
TOA 9000 M2 Series amps
TOA F-2322CU speakers
List is edited from information supplied by
Schiller’s AV.
• Listen carefully to the client’s
real needs. • Take the client’s budget concerns
• Build in flexibility for future
IT/AV Report
When the Skyfold wall in the dual-purpose room is open, the system is programmed
to automatically feed both projectors from most analog or digital sources. When
closed, the system reverts to single-room control via a wall-mounted touchpanel.
Touch controls make it easy for presenters to select different content sources in the
flexible Training Room.
was perfect. Ken even visited the manufacturer to check the dimensions while
the table was being built to make sure
ever ything worked. And it did.”
CEO’s Credenza
The CEO’s personal conference room
has an elegant credenza at the far end
of the room, with a 65-inch NEC LCD
professional monitor and Blu-ray player.
The display is fitted into the credenza so
it is hidden when not in use, and is raised
by two lift motors when necessar y.
“There were a few instances when what
we had planned on paper just wasn’t what
you saw in real life on the site,” recalled
Paul. “Ken called us immediately when
he discovered an issue, and then worked
with his engineers to solve ever y problem until the system worked like magic.”
One issue was the flat-screen monitor
designed to disappear into the CEO’s
credenza. The plan was to use an existing
monitor but, when the custom credenza
was delivered, the old monitor didn’t fit.
“Working with our NEC partners, I
found a great 65-inch NEC professional
series monitor, but we had only half an
inch clearance on all sides,” recalled
Kurtz. “I called NEC three times to check
schematics and be sure there wasn’t a
stray screw head or molding that would
ruin the install. The night before, I
couldn’t sleep, so I got to the office at
6:00am and started the job myself. After
we got the 118-pound monitor onto the
pedestal, it took me about 10 minutes
to center the unit, and then we touched
the button. The monitor slipped into the
credenza and closed perfectly, the ver y
first time. I slept well that night,” he
Single Touch Joy
Flexibility is the hallmark of BJC’s
training room. The dual-purpose room
is divisible with a Skyfold wall, and the
AV technology offers flexibility for both
single- and dual-room use.
Schiller’s and BJC teams tested actual
presentation scenarios, and the room
was reprogrammed twice to streamline
functionality so virtually any end user
can walk in and connect to the sophisticated system with simple one-touch
controls. The AMX processor does all
the work. When the Skyfold wall in the
dual-purpose room is open, the system is
programmed to automatically feed both
projectors from most analog or digital
When the Skyfold wall is closed, the
system reverts to single-room control
with a simple touch via a wall-mounted
touchpanel. “The presenters don’t have
to reconfigure the room; the controller
does it for them. It’s awesome,” obser ved
Rabe. For more complex media presentations, any combination of three sources
can be routed and displayed onscreen
with the touch of a button. And the pro(continued on page 34)
Compiled By Amanda O’Mahony
All specifications supplied by manufacturers and/or distributors.
RGB Spectrum’s Large Wall
RGB Spectrum’s SuperWall display processor
combines up to 4 MediaWall 4500 or MediaWall
4200 processors to display up to 120 windows
arranged over up to 48 screens. Its parallel processing architecture can scale up as necessar y,
with no dropped pixels, no lost frames. It offers
a Java-based web control interface that supports all MediaWall processor functions, including SinglePointKvM, the company’s software
for controlling computers displayed on the wall
with a single mouse and keyboard.
RGB Spectrum
Thinklogical’s Video, KVM Routing
Thinklogical’s MX48 router allows for flexible deployment
configurations in small to medium-sized environments such
as smaller command and control centers, corporate conference rooms and hospital or higher education presentation
rooms. It is a compact, high bandwidth (6.22Gbps) solution
for end-to-end routing of video and peripheral signals over
multimode or single-mode fiberoptic cable. The protocolagnostic router supports DVI, Dual-link DVI, 3G, HD, SD
SDI, Dual-link SDI, USB HID, USB 2.0 (high speed, full 480
Mbps), FireWire 800, serial and bidirectional audio. It is
scalable from 16 ports up to 48, and is compatible with all
Thinklogical KVM and video extension systems.
Leviton NS’ Shielded Connector
Leviton Network Solutions’ QuickPort eXtreme Cat6A
Shielded Connector is an updated version with a narrower
design for higher density applications, and increased margin
for alien crosstalk (AXT) suppression. The shielded connector protects data from potential EMI/RFI (electromagnetic
interference/radio frequency interference), and is part of
a Cat6a shielded system, including patch cords and patch
panels. It meets TIA-568-C.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 (Class Ea)
performance for all internal and alien crosstalk parameters
up to 500MHz.
Leviton Network Solutions
IT/AV Report
(continued from page 9)
ever y hardware codec manufacturer to develop a softwareonly strategy.
• As BYOD becomes the norm, look for firms that did a great
deal of their business selling personal-use technology (smartphones, notebooks) to the enterprise to struggle, and look for
the successful ones to start marketing directly to the consumer.
• Look for a new form of “App Store” to open up, with
apps customized for specific enterprises to collaborate in the
With video continuing to explode and settle into the three
forms (Immersive, Meeting, and Personal), and BYOD
devices and the cloud gaining traction, look for end users to
continue to expect “any content, anywhere, at any time” to be
the norm. The excitement will only continue from here.
Carol Zelkin is Executive Director of IMCCA (,
the not-for-profit association that represents unified collaborative
conferencing and communications. David Danto is Principal
Consultant at Dimension Data and IMCCA’s Director of Emerging Technology.
(continued from page 16)
jectors are connected to the BJC Media Ser vices Department
over their wireless network, enabling remote monitoring of
lamp life, troubleshooting and power control. Although the
projectors are wireless, they are hardwired for dependability
now, but ready for future flexibility.
Occupants moved into the new space in mid-March, and
BJC is pleased with the result. “This project is not about the
bottom dollar. It’s about quality and ser vice. Schiller’s may
not be the biggest player in the AV market, but you see the
quality, passion and dedication they put into the job. They
answered ever y question we had and were ver y responsive,”
noted Cyndy Paul.
Sometimes, simple is better. Complex networking of content
and control within a facility is appropriate when it serves
the user’s needs, but optimal AV design involves creating a
solution that is as user friendly, reliable, expandable and costeffective as possible. Schiller’s work at the BJC HealthCare
facility shows how well “right-sized” technology can provide a
superior, sustainable and affordable user environment.
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