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The ExpressCard Firewire 1394a Host Controller Card is designed base on the IEEE standard
1394-1995 and compliant with IEEE standard 1394a-2000. It provides a data transfer rate up
to 400Mbps, therefore it is an ideal platform for connecting external high performance
devices, i.e. external memory storages. With this speed, it is also perfect for video capturing
and audio data transfer.
Compliant with ExpressCard / 34mm Type II standard
Compatible to 1-Lane (x1) PCI-Express with transfer rate 2.5Gb/s throughput
Compliant with IEEE 1394 OpenHCI Specification V1.0 and 1.1
Compliant with IEEE 1394-1995 and 1394a-2000 standard
Support transfer rate of 400 / 200 / 100Mbps
Fully interoperable with FireWire and i.LINK implementation of IEEE 1394 Standard
12VDC jack interface for external power source (not provided in this package)
Fully Plug and Play and Hot Plug compatible
Windows 98SE.ME,2000,XP,XP 64-bit,Server 2003,XP 64-bit, Vista supported
Before installing and activating the controller card, please make
sure you have a complete backup of your existing data from hard
drives. Manufacturer is not responsible for data loss due to abuse,
misuse, or neglect. Should you have any installation problem,
please contact your dealer for assistance.
Installing Windows drivers for the Controller Card
Before the installation of the controller card, let us make the following assumptions:
1. The end users must have the basic knowledge of installing a device and its driver to a notebook.
If they are nof sure about their abilities or have any queries, please call their local dealers
immediately, or find somebody who are experienced and qualified for assistance.
2. The computer has been properly installed with our supported Windows operating system
Installing the controller card into the computer
1. Insert the controller card into an empty ExpressCard / 54 or 34mm slot. As the card
supports Hot Plug function, it could be inserted into the ExpressCard slot while the
notebook is in power on or power off condition.
2. When the card is detected, the OS will ask for the software driver. To install the software
driver, read the next section.
3. Connect the 1394a devices with the 1394a cable (not included in this package) to the
1394a ports of the controller.
4. Insert the 12VDC supply (not provide in this package) into the DC jack on the controller
card if necessary. .
Installing Windows driver for the controller card
1. Once Windows is running, a new 1394a controller card is detected.
2. Windows will load its own driver for the controller card automatically.
3. Follow the on-screen manual instructions and wait for the Windows starts completely and
the 1394a ports are ready to use.
4. If there are devices attached to the 1394a ports, Windows will also detect these devices,
and ask for their drivers.
5. Refer to their user manuals of these devices to complete the installation
Most OS have their own driver for the controller card, but they might not have the driver for
the external devices connecting to the controller card. Therefore be sure the driver for the
external devices is available before installation.
When the device driver is properly installed, there will not be any question and exclamation
mark shown against this device in the Devices Manager. If yes, check the following
1. The driver for the controller card is installed straightly according to the procedure listed
2. Ifanolder version driver is installed previously
3. The driver for a similar product is installed
4. In the worst case, the controller card is defective. Please contact your local dealer or
distributor immediately
Updating the operating systems software drivers
The updated software drivers are always available for download on the following website:
Search for DL code: 307102 on Download or Search Engine for any 1394a driver update.
All specifications and information are subjected to change without prior notice
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