Peltor Lite

Peltor Lite
Peltor Lite-Com II
The New Lite-Com II –
The Peltor Lite-Com II was designed for you
and your colleagues. It gives nearly unlimited
opportunities for communication while
protecting you against harmful noise.
For better safety and effectiveness
Unlimited two-way communication
The built-in com radio lets you talk freely with your colleagues on site – and
with the rest of the world, if you connect an external communication radio or
mobile phone.
The active-volume function lets you listen to your surroundings, communicate with colleagues and hear machine noises and warning signals even
better than you can without a hearing protector.
Lite-Com II, you are not shut off from the environment,
models: The LPD 433 communicates on 69 channels on
which can be both dangerous and inconvenient. You al-
the 433–434 MHz band. With 10 mW output effect, it has
ways hear what is going on around you, and you know that
a range of up to a kilometre. The PMR 466 communicates
your hearing is protected.
on 8 channels on the 446 MHz band. With two output
The Peltor Lite-Com II comes in two licence-free* basic
The right cup has a control panel with a large LCD display
Lite-Com headsets and com radios on the same frequency
that shows your current settings. The buttons are easily
and can use an adapter to connect a mobile phone or ex-
accessible and logically positioned. All commands follow
ternal com radio, regardless of the frequency. For safety
a logical structure and are easy to per-
reasons, the external system has signal priority. You can
form. Usually you only need to use the
also connect a CD player or FM radio and listen to news
manual once to help you adjust set-
and music.
tings. The Lite-Com II also has a
Easy and logical to use
metres at the highest power. You communicate with other
unique feature – an electronic voice
Listens to ambient noise
that tells you what you are setting, so
The Peltor Lite-Com II has a built-in active-volume func-
you do not have to remove the head-
tion that lets you hear ambient noises: conversation, ma-
set to check the settings. Another fea-
chine sounds and warning signals. Weak sounds can even
ture is the power-saver function. It
be amplified, so you hear them better than you would with-
switches the headset to standby mode
out hearing protectors. Two microphones pick up ambient
when you are not talking and listen-
noises and reproduce them in full stereo, so you can tell
ing, which spares the batteries. If no
what direction the noises come from. Sudden impulse
buttons are pressed, the headset
noises at harmful levels are immediately attenuated. An
switches off automatically after two
electronic valve detects the noise and attenuates it to a
hours, which eliminates the risk of
harmless level. When the noise fades, the Lite-Com II au-
wearing out the batteries due to
tomatically goes back to the listening function. With the
* Licence required in Belgium!
levels, 25 and 150 mW, it has a range of up to three kilo-
VOLUME (Ambient noise level)
Use the level selectors to adjust the amplification of ambient noise.
Sets the channel for transmitting and receiving.
The Lite-Com II is also equipped with an automatic scanner.
MIX (Sound level from the Lite-Com radio)
The sound level of radio signals received by the
Lite-Com. Five levels of amplification.
VOX (Voice-controlled transmission)
Sets the microphone sensitivity. You can switch
off voice control so that transmissions can only
be keyed through the PTT button.
Greatest possible comfort
You probably know that you have to protect your
hearing when you are in an environment where the
noise level exceeds 85 dB(A). Just a few minutes of
carelessness per day can lead to permanent hear-
ing loss. The Lite-Com II was designed to be worn
SQUELCH (hiss reduction)
Sets the sensitivity of the hiss reduction. Can be
adjusted in six levels. Toggle all the way down to
disconnect hiss reduction.
Adjusts the balance between the right and left
speakers. Nine steps for balance adjustment.
throughout your working day without being in the
way. We put a lot of effort into making the headset
as comfortable and easy to wear and handle as humanly possible. Soft ear cushions and individually
sprung bands give an even, comfortable pressure
around the ears. The cups are extra roomy to provide plenty of space for the ears. The set is also
very easy to put on, set and use.
Individual function settings
The buttons on the control panel let you adjust
the functions just for you. Scroll through the func-
tions with the mode button and set the levels
with the (+) and (-) buttons. Changes are confirmed by the electronic voice, so you can make
adjustments without removing the headset.
BATTERY (Energy saver)
Reduces energy consumption when you are not
actively using the headset. This setting has six
PRESET (Memory functions)
The Lite-Com radio can be programmed with
standard settings of channels.
Special selectable functions
for perfect customisation
Means that voice-controlled transmission is
blocked when someone else is transmitting and
you can only transmit using PTT.
Means that when sound is coming in through
the external input, voice-controlled transmission
on the Lite-Com radio is blocked. However, you
can transmit using PTT.
Where transmissions over an external radio can
be locked by pressing PTT AUX briefly twice.
(Press and hold the button to transmit on the
external radio.)
Choose between short or long response time and
with or without attenuation of the telephone when
transmitting with the Lite-Com radio during a
phone call.
With automatic attenuation of a connected CD
player, Walkman etc when transmitting or receiving on the Lite-Com radio.
After two hours if no function keys are activated.
(Other individual settings are available
for special conditions).
Switches the headset on and off.
UP (+)
Increases the level of
the selected function.
DOWN (-)
Decreases the level of the
selected function.
Lite-Com II with headband
Function key for selecting between
the functions in the menu.
Memory key for four
memory slots.
Speech button for transmitting
through the Lite-Com radio.
Speech button for transmitting through external
communication equipment.
Lite-Com II with attachment
for hardhat
LPD 433
PMR 446
433,075-434,775 MHz
446.00625 - 446.09375 MHz
Channel steps:
Max. ±6 kHz
Max. ±2,5 kHz
10 mW ERP
150/25 mW ERP
Outdoors about 1,000 metres
depending on conditions
Outdoors about 2,000 metres
depending on conditions
Traffic method:
Power consumption:
Stand-by and reception 40 - 90 mA
Transmission, approx. 190 mA
Stand-by and reception 40 - 90 mA
Transmission, approx. 180 mA (low
power), approx. 250 mA (high power)
Usage time:
10---35 hours (depending on type of
battery and usage)
10---35 hours (depending on type of
battery and usage)
2 st 1,5 V AA
2 st 1,5 V AA
Weight including batteries:
Headband 390 g
MT7H7A430 EU
Helmet version 410 g MT7H7P3E430 EU
Headband 390 g
Helmet version 410 g MT7H7P3E440
Hygiene kit – HY79
Easy-to-replace hygiene kit.
Clean – single-use protectors – HY100A
Packages of 100 pairs, which are easy to apply to
the ear cushions.
Microphone protector – HYM1000
Moisture, wind and hygienic protection for the
speech microphone. Packages of 5 metres, approx.
50 replacements.
Wind protection for speech microphone – M40/1
Effective protection from wind hiss.
One per package.
Attenuation values, headband version
Wind protection for ambient-noise microphones – M60/2
Effective protection from wind hiss. One pair per
Battery cover – 1173 SV
Battery cover of rugged polypropylene.
Connection cables for external equipment
FL6S for mobile phones, with moulded 2.5-mm
stereo plug.
FL6T for other equipment, with moulded 3.5-mm
stereo plug.
Attenuation values, helmet combinations
The Peltor Lite-Com II is tested and approved as a hearing protector according to PPE directive 89/686/EEC and
applicable parts of the European EN352-1:1993/prEN 352-3 standard.
Peltor Lite-Com II
Reliable communication in
noisy environments
Pilots, race car drivers and rescuers are not the only
people whose lives are at risk when they lose contact with the people who give them instructions. Reliable communication between workers is a necessity at all workplaces to meet demands for safety
and effectiveness. Noisy environments often make
it impossible to communicate without special equipment. This makes the communication equipment even
more important. You must be able to communicate
with your colleagues, both near and far. At the same
time, you must be able to hear machine noises –
engine revs, things that “sound wrong”, alarms and
warning cries – without endangering your hearing.
Combines safe communication
with the best hearing protection
The Peltor Lite-Com II was designed for you and your colleagues.
It gives nearly unlimited opportunities for communication while protecting you against harmful noise. Everything that makes this possible
is built into a headset that you wear just like a regular hearing protector
on your head or helmet. This gives first-class contact with your surroundings and effectively protects your hearing in noisy environments.
Some valuable characteristics
• Built-in licence-free communication radio.
• Stereo active-volume function lets you listen to the environment while protecting you
from harmful noise.
• Allows mixing between radio communication and ambient noise.
• Can be used as a headset for an
external com radio or mobile phone.
• Battery-saving function means
longer usage time.
• Charging jack for easy battery
charging (if rechargeable batteries
are used).
• Automatic shut-off after 2 hours if
no function is activated.
• Setting levels are confirmed with a
voice message and displayed on an LCD.
P018239 Peltor Support, DB1LC-GB
Copy: Holmgren Kommunikation AB
• The latest settings are stored at shut-off.
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Peltor is always in the process of product development and we reserve the right to implement
changes in our product range without prior notice.
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