XLC-118, XLCi-118 - Electro

XLC-118, XLCi-118 - Electro
XLC-118, XLCi-118
Line-Array Element
Compact, Lightweight
Fast, Simple Integrated Rigging
Footprint Identical to XLC127+,
XLC127DVX, and XLC907DVX
LAPS (Line Array Prediction Software)
Weather Resistant
Quik-RigTM or Fixed Installation Rigging
General Description:
The XLC family is designed to provide the highest quality
performance for a variety of applications. It is comprised
of two full range systems; XLC127DVX (120° line-array
element), XLC907DVX (90° line-array element), and two
subwoofers; XLC118, XLC215. The XLC118 uses one
18-inch EVX180B woofer, and is a true sub-bass system
designed for high-level, extended low frequency output.
The enclosure footprint and rigging is identical to that of
other XLC systems, allowing flexible subwoofer integration
with full range arrays requiring extended low frequency
response. With a height 1.5 times that of the XLC fullrange systems, an XLC118 array can be flown side by
side with column appearances similar to the main array
using a ratio of 2 subs for every 3 full range boxes. XLC118
systems can also be placed at the top or bottom of full
range arrays for seamless arrayed 4-way system
integration. Designed for use in groups of two or more
the XLC118 delivers predictability and control. Combined
with an advanced integrated rigging system, one-man
installations are a reality. The XLC118 systems can also
be ground stacked. Ideal for applications ranging from
live reinforcement to performing arts venues to houses of
worship to sports facilities, XLC gives you the power to
make it happen. XLC can deliver unprecedented
performance, particularly in difficult acoustical
environments. LAPS modeling software provides quick
results for array configurations and rigging information.
Technical Specifications:
Freq. Response1 (-3 dB): 52 Hz - 400 Hz
Freq. Range1 (-10 dB): 33 Hz - 400 Hz
Max Calculated SPL1 : 124 dB Cont., 130 dB Pk
Vertical Coverage: Array Dependant
Rigging (Both Types): Fully Captive Aluminum, 1° increments,
16 elements with 8 to 1 Safety Factor
LF Power Handling: 600W Cont., 2400W Peak
Sensitivity1: 102 dB
High Pass Freq: 33 Hz
Recommended 100 Hz
Crossover Freq:
LF Passband: 1 x 18" EVX-180B, 8 ohms
Recommended Amplifier: EV P3000
Connectors: 2 x NL8
Enclosure Material: 13-ply birch plywood w/EVCoatTM
Grille: Zinc plated steel
Environmental Spec: IEC 529 IP24, MIL 810
Quik-RigTM Dim (HxWxD): 21.44" x 39" x 22.5"
(545 x 990 x 572 mm)
Install Dim (HxWxD): 21.44" x 36.5" x 22.5"
(545 x 927 x 572 mm)
Net Weight (Quik-RigTM): 120 lbs (54.5 kg)
(Install): 115 lbs (52.2 kg)
Shipping Weight
(Quik-RigTM): 140 lbs (63.6 kg)
(Install): 135 lbs (61.3 kg)
Half Space Measurement.
Block Diagram:
XLC Quik-RigTM
Grid A1
Pins 2, 3, 4: Pass Through
Sub: Pins 1
XLCi Fixed Installation
Grid A2
Performance Match:
XLC127DVX - 120° Full-Range Line Array Element
XLCi127DVX - 120° Full-Range Install Line Array Element
XLC907DVX - 90° Full-Range Line Array Element
XLCi907DVX - 90° Full-Range Install Line Array Element
XLC-127+ - Full Range Line-Array Loudspeaker System
XLCi-127+ - Full Range Line-Array Install Loudspeaker System
P3000 - Precision SeriesTM Power Amplifier
P2000 - Precision SeriesTM Power Amplifier
P3000RL - Precision SeriesTM Remote Control Power Amplifier
Dx38 - Digital Sound System Controller
DN9848 - Digital Sound Controller
XLC-118 Cover - Protective Cover for Transporting
XCOV4 Cover - Protective Cover Fits 3 XLC118’s for Transporting
XFC-118 - Front Dolly for Rigging and Transporting
XBD - 3-Tall Bottom Dolly for Rigging and Transporting
XLC Series Quik-RigTM Grid A1- Grid for Hanging XLC Line-Arrays
XLCi Series Fixed Installation Grid A2- Grid for Hanging XLCi
XLC118 Part Numbers:
XLC118 - 301283-001
XLCi118 - 301388-001
Dimension Chart
Note: Quik-RigTM Loudspeaker shown. All
dimensions for Install version equal to Quik-RigTM
version except where shown in chart.
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