How to flash AMI BIOS on FWA

How to flash AMI BIOS on FWA
How to flash AMI BIOS on FWA-6480 series?
1. FWA-6480 doesn’t have a FDD. Kindly use bootable USB flash to boot up FWA-6480 in DOS.
1. Create a bootable MS-DOS storage disk first. Since FWA-6480 has not FDD interface, it is recommended to
have USB stick drive for it.
2. Put the AFUDOS.exe utility (V4.12) in this disk.
3. Boot your FWA-6480 system from the disk.
4. Execute “afudos 6400V140.rom /p /b /n /c /x” (6400V140.rom is the BIOS filename for example).
5. During the flashing process, please be careful! Do NOT turn off the system or press [Ctrl+Alt+Del] keys!
6. After seeing “Program ended normally” string on the screen, the AMI BIOS supposedly has been updated
except CMOS data stored in chipset registers.
7. Reset your system and go to CMOS setting by pressing [Del] key during BIOS boot-up. Check the BIOS
version and ID to confirm.
8. Load BIOS default in CMOS setting display, or do clear-CMOS action based on startup manual
instruction. This will force chipset to get the default CMOS setting data from new BIOS but erase
original one.
9. Save the CMOS settings based on real application, and reboot the system.
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