InDuologue Stage Plan
InDuologue Stage Plan/Technical Rider
Technical Rider
Alexandra Lerta: voice, ukulele, kalimba, quiro
-voice: Alexandra brings her own microphone
-kalimba (with pick up): 1 DI box
-ukulele (with pick up): 1 DI box
-guiro: 1 condenser microphone
-1 monitor
Vasilis Stefanopoulos: Double Bass
-1 DI (or direct out from the amplifier)
-microphone: Brings own microphone
-Amp Head: Eden WT800 or an amplifier equivalent (Ampeg, Gallien-Krueger)
-Cabinet: Eden D410XLT or D210XLT
If this is not possible then:
Amp Head: Ampeg SVT3/SVT4/7/8
Cabinet: Ampeg PN-410HLF
If none of this is possible please make direct contact at:
-1 monitor
-3 power sockets

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