2012 EN - D-Vice

2012 EN - D-Vice
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Promotional Range
For more information please contact your local dealer
Philips Promotional Range
For more information please contact your local dealer
Philips Promotional Range
Thinking about a brand
name for your clients,
think no further than
Welcome to the world of Philips Promotional Products, most are available
straight from stock and are ideal as a premium incentive or staff rewards.
For more details including branding options please contact us to discover
how Philips can work for your next promotion.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Fidelio
Docking Speaker
Set your music free and charge
your Android Phone
This speaker delivers superb sound in
Philips Fidelio
Docking Speaker
great style. Dock your Android phone
to play and charge, or charge a second
Obsessed with sound
device via USB. The speaker comes with
Songbird for easy synchronisation of
Get great sound as this speaker plays
music between your phone and PC.
and charges your Android phone, and
auto-synchronises its clock with your
device. Songbird comes packaged so
you can sync music between your
phone and PC, and a free Fidelio
app for even more functions.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker
Designed to go places
Designed to travel, it delivers sound from your iPod/iPhone
that is surprisingly powerful - letting you enjoy great music
wherever life takes you. wOOx technology for rich yet
precise bass without distortion. DBB to preserve low
tones for deep bass at any volume level.
Philips Promotional Range
ch M
h 201
ch M
h 201
Crystal clear sound
Obsessed with sound
Fill your space with music and style. Dock your
Fill your bedroom with music and style. Delivering
iPhone/iPod and listen to the crystal clear sound.
surprisingly full and rich sound, this compact docking
With DBB to preserve low tones for deep bass
speaker automatically synchronises with your iPhone/
at any volume level. Discover, share music and
iPod’s clock settings. Enjoy an adjustable night light and
more features via the free Fidelio app.
the convenience of charging a second mobile device
Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker
Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker
via the USB port.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips HD Camcorder
Sharing great moments
Relive memories in great detail. The pocket-sized Philips camcorder
captures videos in full HD quality with the touch of a button.
Especially designed for easy sharing and charging, an integrated
USB plug lets you instantly connect to your PC/Mac. Up to
5 megapixel resolution for high quality performance and while
having an internal memory of 128 MB, the device also holds a
Micro SD card slot for up to 32 GB or 16 hours of HD videos.
Superior sound experience
Superior sound experience
Small, durable and fun, this GoGear Raga MP3
Tune in to the amazing sound on the GoGear MP4 player
player with FullSound brings all your favourite music
with FullSound and sound isolation headphones.
to life (includes Philips Songbird). Rediscover your
Enjoy music to the max without worrying about hearing
compressed MP3 music in true-to-life sound that
damage with SafeSound. Discover and sync a universe of
will touch your soul and move your feet.
music with Songbird. 2.4” Full colour display for fantastic
4GB Philips GoGear MP3 Player
with FullSound
4GB Philips GoGear MP4 Player
with FullSound
video quality.You have up to 30 hours of music or
5 hours of video playback.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Digital PhotoFrame
Keep your most memorable moments alive!
This compact digital photo frame is easy to use, has
Philips MP3 Portable Speaker
Stereo sound on the go from a fun,
pocket-sized speaker
lots of storage memory (128 MB for 100 HD photos)
and looks good in any home environment. The unique
Philips image enhancement technology automatically
analyzes your photos and adjusts for optimal contrast.
Can be easily switched to the clock mode when there
Move with your music! Enjoy stereo sound
are no longer photos to be viewed. For availability in
wherever you go with this travel speaker
the UK, please check.
that has an exceptional battery life (40 hr
on 3x AAA). Secure the line-in cable and use
it as a lanyard for easy portability. Inside,
a digital amplifier eliminates mobile-phone
interference. Works via your device’s
3.5 mm headphone jack.
Philips Promotional Range
Rich bass
Philips Notebook USB Speakers
We look cute, but we party hard
We’re great for music, voice and soundtracks!
Just connect us to your notebook or MP3 player
and we’ll bring your music and sounds to life
for a great listening experience. Good sound
quality with a rich bass experience on a
loudspeaker box system.
Philips Cushion Speaker
Sit back, relax, let’s enjoy
This comfortable cushion for your lap makes the use of any laptop
comfortable, anywhere, anytime. The digital stereo speakers with
USB plug for power and play makes listening to music a pleasure.
The flat top with non-slip strip also makes this speaker cushion
suitable for any type of laptop computer.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Notebook USB Speakers
The best friend for your netbook and notebook
We are small but we sound big with our bass vent technology.
The perfect accessory for your netbook, notebook or computer for
listening to your multimedia music and videos with great sound quality.
The convenient wraparound cable management and the carrying
pouch makes it also ideal for travelling.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Headband Headphones
ch M
Clear natural sound
SoundsealTM for music privacy: designed so nobody can hear your music. Soft isolating cushions
for longer listening comfort. With 40 mm drivers tuned for clear natural sound. 120 cm flat
anti-tangle cable. The inner headband is ultrasoft for comfortable wearing. Listen to music
and make calls with the inline mic.
h 201
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Headband Headphones
Clear Sound self-adjustable inner headband
Revel in transparent sound with clear high tones, deep bass and noise
isolation. The durable polymer headband is especially designed to be
highly flexible, making it almost impossible to break. Its cushioned and
self-adjusting inner headband ensures a comfortable fit to the head
and with its 120 cm long cable makes it ideal for outdoor use.
Enjoy best-in-class performance and optimum sound quality.
Philips Bluetooth Stereo Headset
Supreme wireless audio quality
Bluetooth Stereo and hands-free
Experience ‘better than corded’ sound from the headset’s acoustically tuned
speaker chassis with ‘FullSound’ sound enhancement and the built-in echo
and noise reduction. Some of its features include: volume control, switch
between call and music, reject call, voice dial, last number redial, microphone
mute, USB charging cable and is supplied with its own soft travel pouch.
Philips Headband Headphones
Promote yourself
Experience the clear sound reproduction and strong bass delivered by these
high quality headphones. The ultra-soft headband cushions give supreme
wearing comfort and as they can be packed flat it makes them the ideal travel
companion. The 120 cm long cable makes them also perfect for outdoor use.
The removable clear ear covers enable you to choose your own design from
one of the included 4 x designer covers or promote yourself with your own
design or logo in the ear caps! Contact us for the possibilities.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Earhook Headphones
Innovation for Athletes
These flexible and adjustable lightweight earhook earphones are especially
designed for the sports enthusiast. Designed for active use, the earphones
have anti bacterial ear caps which are sweat- and waterproof and can be
easily cleaned by holding under running tap water. The 120 cm long cable
makes it ideal for outdoor use and the sound isolation minimises environmental noise. Let the Bass thumping stereo sound fuel your workout!
Philips In-Ear Headset
Small yet loud for your mobile phones
These ultra small in-ear earphones are designed to comfortably fit any ear
shape. The quality speakers provide powerful sound and the integrated
microphone will pick up your voice clearly, making them ideal for long hours
of music listening and conversation. The features include among others:
integrated microphone and call button, 3.5 mm plug for Blackberry,
HTC, iPhone, LG, Motorola, Palm Plus and an additional 3.5 mm plug
for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung.
Philips In-Ear Headphones
High Precision Sound
Immerse yourself in the music. Soft ear caps for a greater seal for music
privacy. 10 mm drivers for clear natural sound. Listen together with the
share music slider. The 120 cm flat anti-tangle cable stays in shape with
the magnetic cable management. Listen to music and make calls
with the inline mic.
ch M
h 201
Philips LivingColors Mini LED Lamp
Colour your world with light
With LivingColors Mini, you can adapt your room to the latest trend. Simply use the intuitive,
touch-sensitive colour wheel on the lamp. You can select one of 256 different colours to
create a new atmosphere whenever you want. Adjustable speed of automatic colour changing.
You can choose a palette of finishes to match your interior fashion. Long-lasting high-power LED’s.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips LivingColors LED Lamp Bloom
Create the light for the moment
Bright sunshine yellow when it is grey outside. A pale leaf-green to relax. Touch the
colour ring and LivingColors lights up your world in any shade you choose, from
soothing pastel shades to rich, intense colours. 16 Million colours and any shade of
white. Dimming and ajustable colour intensity: control this lamp and other SmartLink
lights with one remote.You can create and store three favourite lighting scenes.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips LivingColors LED Lamp Clear
Create the light for the moment
Bright sunshine yellow when it’s grey outside. A pale leaf-green to relax
you. Touch the colour ring and LivingColors lights up your world in any
shade you choose, from soothing pastel shades to rich, intense colours.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips LivingColors
LED Floor Lamp Short
Create the light for the moment
Flood a wall with warm yellows
to drive away the winter. Create a
purple glow to unwind. The Philips
LivingColors luminaires rotate,
twist and extend so you can direct
light wherever you want it to suit
your mood or occasion. 16 Million
colours and any shade of white.
Dimming and adjustable colour
intensity. Adjustable speed of
automatic colour changing mode.
You can create and store three
favourite lighting scense.
With easy to use remote control.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips LumiWare Cooler
Chill with chic, celebrate with light
Add a cool factor to any drink with this presentation bottle
cooler, featuring white and coloured LED lights. It casts a
beautiful aura of gently glowing light, illuminating bottles with
a magical touch. Battery operated and weatherproof for
indoor and outdoor use. Easy wireless induction charging,
so no hassle with wires. Scratch resistant for easy cleaning.
No open electricity. You can choose the colours or set an
automatic rainbow colour change.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips LumiWare Platter
Serve with style
Add a serving of style with this decorative presentation platter
featuring coloured LED lights. It casts a beautiful aura of gently
glowing light, illuminating any object with a magical touch.
Battery operated and weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use.
Easy wireless induction charging, so no hassle with wires.
Scratch resistant for easy cleaning. No open electricity. You can
choose the colours or set an automatic rainbow colour change.
Philips Wake-Up Light
Wake up naturally
The Wake-up Light allows you to wake up naturally, as if done by the
sun! The proven process of increasing light intensity during the last half
hour of sleep gently prepares your body for waking up. Included also is
1 x natural and pleasant wake-up sound. The Wake-up light can also be
used as bedside lamp for pleasant reading. From now on, waking up will
be a slightly more pleasurable experience!
Philips Ecomoods Table Light
Saving in style
This adorable spherical table light casts a comfortable glow
over a large area of a desk or a table, while the compact form
means they won’t take up your precious space. Saves up to
80% energy. Ultra-long lifespan of up to 12.000 hours.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Imageo CandleLights Naturelle
Add a touch of ambiance
The Naturelle CandleLights let you create ambiance where and
when you want it in an easy, safe way. Just like a real candle, but better.
Warm glowing light with gentle flicker. No open flame, hot wax or
smoke. Up to ten hours of light in a single charge. Cool to the touch
with the LED technology used. Weatherproof for convenient indoor
and outdoor use.
Philips IMAGEO MiniCandle
Pace light anywhere, use it with ease
Decorative and enchanting, the MiniCandle is a great atmosphere
maker. It gives off a warm glow with a gentle flicker, but without
the risk of open flames and hot wax. Weatherproof for indoor
and outdoor use. Long use time - battery power (AAA).
Push the button to switch on/off.
Philips Promotional Range
Stay in the light, always
Explore the outside
Guide your way without
disturbing others
This mini and compact metal Keychain
The Metal LED torch is featured with
LED is the perfect on-the-go torch!
high performance LED that gives the
A reassuring friend at nights, this is
Made with high-quality aluminium, each
maximum brightness and power.
the perfect bedtime companion for
Keychain LED is filled with lighting tech-
Top performance with 1W High Power
children. It produces a safe, comforting
nology for optimal use. Top performance
LED for extra bright light, 70 meters
glow that turns itself on when there is
with 5 mm LED, 15 meters beam distance,
beam distance, 6 hours run time and
movement nearby, yet is soft enough
5 hours run time and 5 lumens light
80 lumens light output. Shock resistant
not to dazzle sleepy young eyes.
output. It has a water resistant body.
housing and water resistant body.
Infrared motion detector for auto-
Includes 1xAAA Power Alkaline battery.
Includes 2xAA Power Alkaline batteries.
matic switch on. No open electricity.
Philips LightLife Flashlight
Keychain LED
Philips LightLife Flashlight
Metal LED
Philips Convenience
GuideLight White
Orientation light for dark areas.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips SensoTouch wet & dry Electric Shaver with
Precision Trimmer
Soft touch, smooth shave
The GyroFlex 2D system adjusts easily to the curves of your face and
shaves even the shortes stubble with its DualPrecision heads. This shaver
takes care of your skin because of the aquatec seal for comfortable dry
and refreshing wet shaves. The smooth, low-friction SkinGlide minimizes
irritation. The precision trimmer ensures the perfect moustache and
sideburn trimming.
Great skin protection, smooth shave
Smart shave for confidence
Now enjoy a refreshing shave without
The Philips USB rechargeable
worrying about damaging your skin!
electric shaver combines
The Aquatec seal ensures both a
the clean cut shaving
comfortable dry shave or a refreshing
system with Philips unique
wet shave (use it wet with shaving gel
Reflex Action technology.
or foam for enhanced skin comfort).
You can be confident you
Up to 40+ minutes of cordless shaving
will look your best - every day
Philips AquaTouch Electric
Shaver with Aquatec wet & dry
on one charge and easily washable
with the QuickRinse system.
Philips Electric Shaver
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean
Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush
Ultimate cleaning. Radiant results
Sonicare’s best performance in our most elegant toothbrush. It includes a USB charging travel
case to take your toothbrush anywhere. Dynamic cleaning action drives fluid between teeth.
Angled brush head neck for better reach to back teeth. DiamondClean brush head for Sonicare’s
best cleaning. Five unique modes for a better cleaning experience.
An easier way to floss
Better plaque removal
If flossing is not a regular part of
Sonicare’s unique dynamic cleaning
your oral care routine, you are not
action gently and effectively reaches
reaching the bacteria that can build
deep between teeth and along the
up between teeth causing infection.
gumline. Dynamic cleaning action drives
AirFloss helps you to get your teeth
fluid between the teeth. Angled brush
deeply clean every day by taking
head neck for better reach to back teeth.
away the hassle of flossing. It is fast:
Two-minute timer helps to ensure the
cleaning in 60 seconds! Simple one-
recommended brushing time. And the
button use - as easy as a mouse-
Quadpacer interval timer encourages
click. Removes up to 99% more
thorough brushing. Up to 31.000 brush
plaque between teeth.
strokes per minute.
Philips Sonicare Airfloss
Philips Sonicare EasyClean
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Avance Collection Juicer
Maximum juice. Minimum fuss.
Make 10% more juice and clean up within a minute! This juicer
extracts even more juice from your fruit and vegetables. Cleaning
has never been easier thanks to the innovative quick cleane sieve
and integrated pulp container. Makes up to 2.5 liters of juice in
one go. No pre-cutting needed thanks to XXL feeding tube.
Spout accessory to juice straight into your glass. Quick and
easy assembly of all parts. With recipe booklet full of inspiring
juice recipes.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips MiniVac Handheld
Vacuum Cleaner
Wet and dry cleaning
The Wet&Dry MiniVac 4.2 V has four
long-lasting powerful Nickel-Metal
hydride batteries. It lets you clean
both liquid spills and dry dirt in
comfort with its wet-and-dry system.
The looped handle ensures a
comfortable grip. Comes with
Philips Sandwich Maker
3 x different nose attachments to
tackle any job with ease.
Tasty results in no time
Enjoy tasty sandwiches in no time with this hightemperature, high-power (700 W) sandwich maker,
with cut and seal non-stick coated plates makes
cleaning easier than ever before. Also easy to store
thanks to the vertical storage option and cord
winding. Another smart feature is its heating-up
and ready-to-cook light.
Philips Toaster
Good toast, easily
With large bread slots in a compact metal
design, the power of 800 W and an
adjustable browning control, this toaster
lets you enjoy great toast without
compromising on performance or design.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Kettle
Boil just what you need and save up to 66% energy
The unique ‘one cup indicator’ feature of this stylish designed kettle
allows you to boil only the water you need. Therefore, you can
easily save up to 66% energy and reduce your impact on
environment. Power is 2400 W with a capacity of 1.7 L.
Philips Viva Café Eco
Our most sustainable SENSEO® yet
The uniquely designed SENSEO® Viva Café Eco is made of
50% recycled plastic and has a 5 minute auto shut-off function
to save energy. Now you can enjoy your favourite coffee in an
eco-friendly way!
Philips Saeco Coffee Glasses Cappuccino
Perfect taste for true coffee lovers
Hand made, double walled Cappuccino glasses. These glasses have been created
for true coffee lovers to enjoy your favourite coffee with all senses. The double
walled glass keeps the temperature and taste perfect of your long coffee or
cappuccino. Dishwasher safe, heat and scratch resistant high quality glass.
Philips Saeco Coffee Glasses Latte Macchiato
Perfect taste for true coffee lovers
Hand made, double walled Latte glasses with Spoons. These glasses have
been created for true coffe lovers to enjoy the favourite coffee with all
senses. Enjoy the warmth, vision, smell and taste of your macchiato with
these glasses. Dishwasher safe, heat and scratch resistant high quality glass.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Coffee Maker
Great coffee starts with
fresh coffee beans
This modern metal coffeemaker
grinds fresh coffee beans for
premium quality coffee. You can
adjust the strength and courseness of the coffee ground to your
liking. Integrated conical burr
grinder and grind selector knob
for your preferred freshly ground
coffee. Permanent dishwashable
coffee filter for your convenience.
Grind-off function for using regular
ground coffee. Grinds and brews
2 to 12 cups of fresh coffee a time.
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Blender
It’s blending made easy
The Philips blender combines a 400 W motor, 1.5 L jar and a
5 star blade to create perfect end results. The removable parts
are dishwasher safe and the jar is break resistant. It’s blending
made easy.
Philips Viva Collection Hand Blender
Enjoy homemade food and drinks any day
The Philips hand blender combines 650 W power with a doubleaction blade and multiple speed settings, giving a wonderfully
smooth result in seconds. It comes with 16 speed settings for
optimal performance and a 1.7 L oval measuring jug. Preparing
healthy and delicious homemade food has never been so easy!
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Viva Collection Airfryer
Best tasting fries, without the oil!
With Rapid Air technology, for the perfect result. Airfryer’s patented Rapid Air
technology enables you to make the tastiest fries that contain up to 80% less fat!
Enjoy delicious fries, snacks and meals in a healty and fast way. Food separator to fry
different dishes at the same time. Hardly any smell and it is easy to clean.
Philips Information
Intuitive user interface
All lighting products with remote have a very easy, intuitive user interface.
This has been developed and is patented by Philips. Some elements:
- Colour wheel to select colour of light
- Buttons for adjusting light level and saturation or
starting automatic colour changing mode
- Light selection buttons that allows you to select
a luminaire to control or control all luminaires together
(as used in LivingAmbiance)
- Scene buttons, that allows you to store up to
3 lighting scenes per remote control.
Philips Decorative
LED light
Philips Green
What kind of LED’s makes
coloured light? Philips offers
multiple solutions to create a
warm ambiance using coloured
light. These two sorts of coloured
LED’s are either High Power LED’s
and/or Energy Efficient LED’s.
Philips Green Products
can reduce costs, energy
consumption and CO2
emissions. How? They offer
customers, users and
society a significant
improvement in one
or more of the Philips
Green Focal Areas .
Philips SmartLINK
Efficient use of energy
LED luminaire lifetime
SmartLink is a technology for
wireless communication. SmartLink
has been developed by Philips to
create new, advanced consumer
applications allowing communication
between different products and
enhancing the user experience.
The LED-lighting technology
Philips uses is very energy efficient
(7.5 W produces 350 Lumen.
Each fixture saves thus energy –
which is better for the environment,
and saves money on your
electricity costs.
LED lighting offers an extremely
long life. Philips high-power LEDs
have a usable lifetime of 50,000
hours or more. In combination
with the electronic driver, the
luminaire will have a lifetime of
20,000 hours (20 years on the
basis of 3 hours/day).
Philips Promotional Range
Healthier Oil-Free
Airfryer’s patented Rapid Air technology enables you to fry the
tastiest crispy chips that contain up to 80% less fat than a
conventional fryer! Its unique combination of fast circulating
hot air and a grill element allows you to fry a variety of
delicious fried food, snacks, chicken, meat and more,
in a fast and easy way. Since you only fry with air
it creates less smell and vapours than traditional
frying, is easy to clean and safe and
economical for daily use!
The integrated air filter prevents unwanted cooking smells
and vapours and keeps your kitchen or office fresh and clean.
Free Fidelio apps
Dynamic Bass Boost
Maximizes your music enjoyment by emphasizing the bass
content of the music throughout the range of volume
settings. Enjoy
consistent sound
even when you turn
down the volume.
The Philips Fidelio app brings a myriad of unique
features to Fidelio docking speakers. You can listen to
thousands of Internet radio stations worldwide, browse
through your music collection and share what you are listening to
with friends via Facebook or share photos of artists on Flickr
(Android apps come with Songbird). Discover, play and sync media
seamlessly between your computer and your phone. The app can be
downloaded for free from the Android Market and the Appstore.
Songbird music
Bluetooth music
Its intuitive and powerful music
management features let you discover
new artists and media shops, services
and websites. Play your own library
and media from the internet and
seamlessly sync all of it from your
PC to your device.
Listen to all your favourite songs
on a speaker that delivers fabulous
sound. The Android Fidelio docking
speaker plays music from your
Android devices via Bluetooth.
It is all in the free Fidelio app you
can find in the Android Market.
The Philips Flexidock is perfect for
Android Phones. Its unique design
easily allows docking with most
Android phones. The flexibility is
unique, catering for Android phones
from different manufacturers allowing
the device to be highly compatible.
Philips Promotional Range
AquaTouch electric shaver with Aquatec wet & dry24
Avance Collection Juicer26
Bluetooth stereo headset13
Coffee Maker 29
Digital PhotoFrame9
Earhook headphones15
Ecomoods Table Light21
Electric Shaver advanced24
Fidelio Docking Speaker6
Fidelio Docking Speaker 7
Fidelio Docking Speaker 7
Fidelio Docking Speaker for Android5
Fidelio Docking Speaker for Android5
Fidelio Docking speakers - explanation33
GoGear MP3 Player with FullSound8
GoGear MP4 Player with FullSound8
HD Camcorder8
Headband headphones12
Headband headphones13
Headband headphones13
IMAGEO CandleLights Naturelle22
IMAGEO MiniCandle22
In-Ear headphones15
In-Ear heatset15
LightLife Flashlight Keychain LED23
LightLife Flashlight Metal LED23
LivingColors LED Floor Lamp short19
LivingColors LED Lamp Bloom17
LivingColors LED Lamp Clear18
LivingColors Mini LED Lamp16
LumiWare Cooler20
LumiWare Platter21
MIniVac Handheld vacuum cleaner27
MP3 Portable speaker9
Notebook USB speakers10
SPA4210/10Notebook USB speakers11
Philips Innovation32
Philips Wake-up Light21
Saeco Coffee Glasses Cappuccino28
Saeco Coffee Glasses Macchiato28
Sandwich maker27
SensoTouch wet & dry shaver24
Sonicare Airfloss25
Sonicare DiamondClean Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush25
Sonicare EasyClean25
Viva Café Eco28
Viva Collection Airfryer31
Viva Collection Hand blender30
Please note that while great care has been
taken to make this catalogue factually correct
in terms of copy and imagery, we reserve the
right to change the specifications and or content without notice. Our products are dynamic and sometimes details/ specs/stock colours
can change outside of our control.
For more information please contact your local dealer
Philips Promotional Range
Philips Promotional Range
For more information please contact your local dealer
Philips Promotional Range
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