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ASCAM’s US-1800 Audio/MIDI interface offers
more inputs than any interface in its class. Up to
16 inputs and 4 outputs are transmitted to Mac or
Windows over high-speed USB 2.0 connection. The
US-1800 features eight XLR microphone inputs with
phantom power and 60dB of clean gain. Six balanced line inputs are also provided, as well as stereo
S/PDIF digital and MIDI in and out.
Features & Benefits
16-in / 4-out interface
Enough inputs to record a band with drums or the
buss outputs of a mixer
96kHz/24-bit audio resolution
Audiophile-quality audio specs and quality digital
converters for all channels in and out
Eight XLR mic inputs with phantom power
Accept high-quality condenser microphones
Six 1/4” balanced line inputs
Insert synthesizers, mixer outputs or effect returns
1/4” balanced line outputs with level control
Connect to powered monitor system, balanced or
1/4” headphone output with level control
Since the headphone and line out have their own
level controls, users don’t need to switch off their
monitors to work on headphones
MIDI input and output
16 channels of multitimbral MIDI I/O for synths,
controllers or lighting systems
Guitar-level input switch
Connect high-impedance guitar or bass for direct
recording or use with amp modelling software
Monitor Mix control with mono switch
Balances input with computer playback for zeromonitoring without latency delay
USB 2.0 technology
Enough bandwidth for high sampling rates and
lower latency delay than USB 1.1 interfaces, and
no FireWire means it’s compatible with any laptop
without adapter cable
S/PDIF digital in and out
Stereo digital connection for connecting microphone preamps, synthesizers and effects processors
Includes Cubase LE5 software
48-track recording at 96kHz plus MIDI tracks, VST
plug-ins and digital mixing with an upgrade path to
Cubase 5
• Studio Recording – 96kHz/24-bit recording resolution, 8 high-quality mic preamps and rugged
design make a powerful production studio
• Live Recording – Record eight mics, six line ins and
a digital console feed with this portable interface
• Laptop recording – Low latency USB connection, lots of inputs in a compact space for guerilla
• Recording for House of Worship – Affordable,
durable solution for demanding environments
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Included Software
The following is a five-minute demo of the TASCAM
US-1800 that shows the top selling features of the product.
Use this document as a selling script or training tool.
What is it?
The US-1800 is the best choice for musicians who need
a lot of inputs – 16 in total:
8 XLR mic inputs with Phantom Power and
TASCAM Premium mic pres
6 balanced 1/4” TRS line inputs, two of them
selectable to guitar/bass level for recording direct
Stereo S/PDIF digital input and output
This makes the US-1800 a clear choice for musicians
in a band. In addition, the customer gets:
Four balanced line outputs
MIDI input and output
S/PDIF stereo digital in and out
1/4” headphone output
High-speed USB 2.0 connection to a computer
96kHz/24-bit support for all 16 inputs and 4 outputs
Zero-latency direct monitoring
Steinberg Cubase LE5 software
TASCAM includes Steinberg’s Cubase LE5, the
latest version of their software. Far from just a
starter program, this recording powerhouse offers
48-tracks of 96kHz recording, automated mixdown,
64 MIDI tracks, a library of VST plug-ins and an
upgrade path to the full version of Cubase.
Qualifying the Customer
Software Support
The US-1800 supports Mac OS X as well as Windows XP,
Vista and Windows 7 computer systems. The Core Audio
and ASIO drivers support virtually all workstations:
Pro Tools 9, Cubase, Nuendo, SONAR, Digital Performer,
Logic Pro, Live, Final Cut Pro, Fruity Loops, and Reason
TASCAM’s US-1800 is based on USB 2.0 technology,
which offers several advantages over FireWire technology:
20% higher bandwidth than FireWire 400
USB 2.0 found on all modern computers
Most new Macs have a FW800 connector, which
requires an adapter to use a FW400 interface
When a customer asks for a computer interface, the
first thing to do is to ask if they are recording themself (where a 2-in interface like the US-144mkII might
be sufficient) or recording a band or drum set.
You might also ask them about their computer’s
condition – if a single 4-year old PC is being shared
among a whole family, maybe a stand-alone recorder
like the 2488neo could be a better choice.
When you decide that the customer needs more than
two inputs, there’s no better value than the US-1800.
No other interface offers so many inputs at such a
great price.
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