Installation and mounting manual for EK-FB KIT RE4 CSQ water block:
This product is intended for installation only by expert users. Please consult with a qualified technician for installation. Improper installation may result in damage to your equipment. EK Water Blocks assumes no liability
whatsoever, expressed or implied, for the use of these products, nor their installation. The following instructions are subject to change without notice. Please visit our web site at for updates. Before
installation of this product please read important notice, disclosure and warranty conditions printed on the back of the box.
Before you start using this product please follow these basic guidelines:
1. Please carefully read the manual before through before beginning with the installation process!
2. Please remove your motherboard from the computer to assure safest mounting process in order to prevent any possible damages to your CPU and/or motherboard’s circuit board (PCB).
3. The EK High Flow and EK-PSC type fittings require only a small amount of force to screw them firmly in place since the liquid seal is ensured by the rubber o-ring gaskets.
4. The use of quality, market proved corrosion inhibiting coolants is always strongly recommended for any liquid cooling system.
STEP 1: GENERAL INFORMATION Sample photo of ASUS Rampage IV Extreme motherboard
X79 PCH (SB)
CPU socket
1. REMOVING STOCK COOLER. Remove all encircled screws. There are 11 screws
on the back of the motherboard that needs to be removed in order to remove the
factory installed SB/MOSFET heatpipe cooling solution.
2. CLEANING THE PCB. Carefully detach the original stock cooler after removing all
screws securing it to the board. Wipe off the remains (by using non–abrasive cloth or
qtip, as shown on sample photo) of the original thermal compound until the components
and circuit board are completely clean. EKWB recommends the use of denatured alcohol
for removing TIM leftovers.
3. APPLYING THERMAL COMPOUND. Apply thermal compound: lightly coat the 4. CUTTING THERMAL PADS. Your block comes with one thermal pads
Intel X79 PCH (SB) with electrically non-conductive thermal grease - for example (100x16x0.5mm) which needs to be trimmed in order to fit the voltage regulation area
Arctic Cooling MX-2 ™ or MX-4 ™. EKWB recommends to apply thermal grease in
cross form for best performance (see sample picture).
(VRM/MOSFET) on the motherboard’s circuit board. WARNING: DIMENSIONS ON
5. PLACING THERMAL PADS ON MOTHERBOARD. Place thermal pads you cut on PCB as shown on picture bellow (PLEASE REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE FOIL FROM BOTH
SIDES OF THE THERMAL PADS PRIOR TO INSTALLATION). EK recommends using small drops of electrically non-conductive (for example: Arctic Cooling MX-2 ™ or MX-4 ™)
thermal grease on each phase regulator (that is being covered with thermal pad; see picture below) in order to even further improve the thermal performance of the EK-FB KIT
RE4 series water block.
Place 0.5mm thermal pads in larger
strips over marked area and make sure
all mosfet chips are covered.
Place 0.5mm thermal pads in larger strips over
the coils (inductors). This is merely to prevent
any possible short circuiting. Due to the
uneven nature of motherboard manufacturing
not all of the inductors will have contact with
the thermal pad. This is normal.
All disclosures, notices and warranty conditions are being written on EKWB web page. Please check terms of use.
Revision 1.0. Published on August 8th 2012
1. PLACING SB BLOCK ON MOTHERBOARD. Place the SB part of the water block with
preinstalled 2.1mm standoffs kit gently to the motherboard or vice versa. Make sure that
mounting holes are aligned. Skip to STEP 4 on how to fasten the waterblock to the
motherboard using the enclosed screws and washers.
2. PLACING MOSFET BLOCK ON MOTHERBOARD. Place the waterblock gently to
the motherboard or vice versa. Make sure that mounting holes are aligned.
Prior to fastening the screws please make sure the mounting holes on the motherboard’s
circuit board are aligned with water block.
Temporarily remove the water block to check for uniform surface contact
between the block and the components. Note the pattern of contact on a piece
of paper. Then repeat steps 3 and 4 to reattach the block applying more or less
pressure to the areas where you have found it necessary. Note that there is no
need for perfect thermal pad imprint on the inductors/coils (mentioned in
A) SB block: Use M2.5x4 DIN7985 and washers. Tighten the screws, beginning near the
southbridge, and continue evenly outwards. Do not use excessive force when tightening the
MOSFET block
B) MOSFET block: Use ASUS factory (“stock”) backplate, two M3x8, one M3x4 DIN7985
screws and one washer. Tighten the M3x8 screws going through the backplate first and then
the remaining M3x4. Make sure you use enclosed washer underneath this screw.
Chip die thermal grease
Use the enclosed screws and washers as shown in picture below:
M3x4 screw
Thermal pad imprints
M2.5x4 screw
M3x8 screw
PVC washer
ASUS factory
PVC washer
Attach the liquid cooling tubes and connect the water-block(s) into the cooling circuit. EKWB recommends using EK-PSC compression fittings with the EK-FB KIT RE4 series water
block. You can use any opening as an inlet/outlet port. Plan your tubing routing in advance!
EK-PSC fitting
philips screwdriver
thermal grease
Screws: 5x M2.5x4, 2x M3x8, 1x M3x4 (DIN7985)
All disclosures, notices and warranty conditions are being written on EKWB web page. Please check terms of use.
6x PVC washers
Revision 1.0. Published on August 8th 2012
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