Installation Guide
NXA-SMT43X NXD-430/435 Surface Mount Box
The NXA-SMT43X NXD-430/435 Surface Mount Box (FG2262-16) allows the installation of
NXD-430 and NXD-435 panels in existing structures and in locations where a flush
installation is not possible.The NXA-SMT43X (FIG. 1) is comprised of four components: the
mounting plate, the surface mount box, the side conduit knockout cover, and the cover, as
well as an optional wall cover plate.
Touch panel
front bezel
For added security, it is recommend that additional screws be used if the device is surface
mounted with no conduit box. Prior to placing the mounting plate on the mounting surface,
use the mounting plate to mark 2 to 4 screw locations, using these locations install
appropriate screw inserts. After the screw inserts have been installed, remove the protective
adhesive backing from the mounting plate and apply plate to the chosen surface. Make sure
that the plate is square and level and lined up with the screw hole locations. Remove the
appropriate conduit knockout on the surface mount box at this time. Attach the surface mount
box to the mounting plate using the 4 key-way slotted holes and two #4-40 cap head screws
Installing the Mounting Plate (Adhesive and Screws)
Side conduit
knockout cover
Installing the Surface Mount Box to the Mounting Plate
FIG. 1 NXA-SMT43X NXD-430/435 Surface Mount Box
Product Specifications
NXA-SMT43X Specifications
Dimensions (HWD):
1.80 lbs (0.82 Kg)
Operating Environment:
• 32 - 104°F (0 - 40°C)
Max. relative humidity - 85% (non-condensing)
• UL Listed
Included Accessories:
Other AMX Equipment:
• NXD-430-BL, Black 4.3" Modero Wall/Flush Mount Touch
Panel (FG2262-01)
• NXD-430-WH, White 4.3" Modero Wall/Flush Mount Touch
Panel (FG2262-02)
• NXD-435-BL, Black 4.3" Modero Wall/Flush Mount Touch
Panel (FG2262-03)
• NXD-435-WH, White 4.3" Modero Wall/Flush Mount Touch
Panel (FG2262-04)
Corner tabs MUST NOT
penetrate mounting
Mounting plate
Corner pin slots
Screw, #4-40 x .250 (4) (80-0110)
Screw, #8-32 x .50 (2) (80-0146-02)
Washer, #4, Split (2) (80-0310)
Screw, #4-40 x .250, Torx Flat Head, White (2) 
• NXA-SMT43X Wall Cover Plate (53-2266-02)
UL Type 1 Installation Requirements
If connecting Ethernet cable to the touch panel through the wall, remove the rear
knockout (FIG. 2) at this time. If connecting Ethernet cable via a conduit, remove the
side knockout.
• 4 1/4” x 5 3/4” x 3 1/8” (108 mm x 147 mm x 79 mm)
For additional strength, remove the protective backing from the adhesive on the
mounting plate and attach the mounting plate to the wall. Do NOT attempt to remove
and reposition the mounting plate, as this may damage both the adhesive and the wall.
If the NXA-SMT43X is to be mounted to drywall and you would like additional screws
for a more secure mounting, use the holes on the mounting plate (FIG. 2) to mark 
locations for plastic screw inserts and install them at this time. (Mounting screws and
inserts are not supplied.) Any combination of holes may be used to secure the 
mounting plate to the wall, but do NOT use the four corner pin slots at each corner of
the mounting plate.
Use at least 2 mounting screws (not supplied) to secure the mounting plate to the wall.
Use in clean and dry mechanical rooms.
Cover during the construction phase to ensure equipment does not get infiltrated with
construction dust.
Use in environments that do not exceed 95% non-condensing humidity.
Side knockout
Surface mount box
FIG. 2 Attaching the surface mount box to the mounting plate
Attach the surface mount box to the mounting plate, using the corner pin slots on the
mounting plate.
Secure the bottom mounting plate to the surface mount box with two assembly screws.
Put one split washer between the screw head and the mounting plate (FIG. 2).
For additional security, use the appropriate mounting holes in the back of the surface
mount box to insert 2 or more mounting screws (not supplied). The hole pattern in the
surface mount box and mounting plate will fit many single and double gang conduit
NOTE: Do not over-tighten the mounting screws. The corner tabs on the surface mount box
must NOT penetrate the mounting surface.
Preparing the NXD-430/435 for Installation
Assembling the Side Conduit Knockout Cover
When shipped, the NXD-430 or NXD-435 touch panel to be installed into the NXA-SMT43X
is assembled with a front bezel and back box. (For more information, please refer to the
NXD-430/435 Operation Reference Guide, available at Both the bezel
and back box must be removed before the panel display can be installed.
To prepare the NXD430/435 for installation:
Lift up on the bezel to detach the front bezel.
With an NXD-435, carefully disconnect the bezel from the ribbon connector on the
touch panel.
Remove the two screws at the bottom of the display (FIG. 4) to disconnect the display
from the back box. These are plastic screws, and cannot be reused.
From the bottom, swing the display out and then down to release it from the two 
retention prongs at the top of the display.
If not using a side conduit for the Ethernet connection, assemble the side conduit
knockout cover by placing the 3 locating tabs on the knockout cover into the 3 slots on
the surface mount box and secure with the supplied screw (FIG. 3).
Assembling the NXA-SMT43X
The NXA-SMT43X has been designed to fit US domestic and a variety of international
conduit wall boxes. Use the appropriate holes in the pattern provided for mounting. If
mounting to a conduit wall box, remove the rear conduit knock out and assemble the
mounting plate to the surface mount box with the two screws provided on the bottom of the
unit. (The backing plate may be omitted if mounting the NXA-SMT43X to a conduit box, but is
recommended to help maintain proper spacing from the wall.)
Before starting assembly of the NXA-SMT43X, select its installation location. For power and
data, this site needs access to an Ethernet connection, either through the wall itself or via a
conduit. If the Ethernet cable can be run through a wall, the rear knockout on the surface
mount may be removed and the cable run through the rear knockout and the mounting plate.
If the Ethernet cable needs to be installed through a conduit, the side conduit knockout may
be removed and the conduit connected to the side of the surface mount box.
Locating tabs
FIG. 3 Side conduit knockout detail
NOTE: Do not over-tighten the screw, as this can bend the side conduit knockout cover.
Installing the NXD-430/435 Display Into the NXA-SMT43X
Pull enough Ethernet cable through the wall or conduit to allow a connection to the
touch panel. Connect the Ethernet cable to the touch panel display.
NOTE: Do NOT apply power at this time.
The interior of the surface mount box has two slots in the top (FIG. 4). Insert the two
tabs at the top of the touch panel display into those slots, and pivot the bottom of the
display into the surface mount box.
Surface mount
box slots
Torx-head screws
FIG. 6 Attaching the cover to the surface mount box
NXA-SMT43X Wall Cover Plate
The NXA-SMT43X wall cover plate (53-2266-02) is a disposable cover shipped with the
NXA-SMT43X. In situations where the NXA-SMT43X box is installed before the touch panel
assembly, the cover protects the interior of the box from falling dust. When the touch panel is
installed, the cover should be removed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly
To install the wall cover plate:
Install the mounting plate and surface mount box to the wall (FIG. 2).
FIG. 4 Inserting the NXD-430/435 display into the NXA-SMT43X
Surface Mount Box
At the bottom of the display are two screw holes. Insert the two included cap screws
into the holes and carefully tighten. Do not use excessive torque on these screws, as
this may damage the display circuit board.
#8 screw
Attaching the Bezel to the Touch Panel Display
When installing an NXD-430/435 into an NXA-SMT43X, the front bezel is installed differently
than in a typical installation.
With an NXD-435, carefully connect the ribbon cable from the touch panel display to
the bezel.
Attach the bezel to the surface mount box by placing the assembly tabs on top of the
surface mount box into the pockets on the top of the bezel (FIG. 5).
Press the lower portion of the bezel toward the display until it snaps into place.
Assembly tabs
for bezel
#8 screw
Wall Cover Plate
FIG. 7 Installing the NXA-SMT43X wall cover plate to the surface mount box
Slide the wall cover plate over the surface mount box and secure it with the two
included #8 screws (80-0146-02) (FIG. 7).
When ready to install the touch panel, remove the wall cover plate (FIG. 8), and install
the rest of the NXA-SMT43X as necessary.
Assembly slot
for snaps on bezel
FIG. 5 Attaching the bezel to the touch panel display
Attaching the Cover to the Surface Mount Box
Slide the cover over the front of the surface mount box (FIG. 6). Make sure that the slot
for the side conduit knockout is on the right bottom of the cover, as it faces toward you.
Insert the 2 supplied painted white Torx-head screws into the screw holes at the 
bottom of the cover and tighten.
Connect the Ethernet to the Master and verify that the touch panel receives power and
FIG. 8 NXA-SMT43X with installed wall cover plate
For full warranty information, refer to the AMX Instruction Manual(s) associated with your Product(s).
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