Panasonic Unveils Expanded Portfolio of Video

Panasonic Unveils Expanded Portfolio of Video
Panasonic Unveils Expanded Portfolio of Video Surveillance and
Security Technology
New additions, enhancements and comprehensive video surveillance capture and recording
platforms highlighted and demonstrated during ISC West 2016
LAS VEGAS (APRIL 6, 2016) – Panasonic System Communications Company of North
America (PSCNA) is bringing its extensive array of leading integrated security and video
surveillance capture and recording solutions to ISC West 2016, April 6-8 at the Sands Expo &
Convention Center in Las Vegas.
Panasonic solutions to be showcased in Booth 14039 include:
Aero PTZ (WV-SUD638): The latest addition to Panasonic’s comprehensive surveillance line,
the Aero PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) is an environmentally rugged camera specifically designed to
combat severe weather conditions from rain and snow to extreme temperatures and gale-force
winds, making it well-suited for ports, transit, airports and other outdoor environments. For
applications where weather can play a significant role in operations, or where vibration,
movement or other rugged conditions exist, its exclusive Video Stability Augment System (SAS)
delivers superior, high-class image stabilization. The Aero PTZ’s durable-but-lightweight
fiberglass body and 360-degree aerodynamic spherical and rounded surface design minimizes
interference drag for heightened visual stability and allows the camera to perform in high winds
and sea-salt sprays, as well as extreme hot and cold conditions with a built-in heater and
i-PRO 1 Series: The i-PRO 1 Series camera platform has been updated to provide enhanced
performance in a cost-effective compact package. The new 1 Series Super Dynamic Full HD
and HD Indoor and Outdoor cameras are now part of the Panasonic’s UniPhier® LSI platform,
delivering the latest features in a compact form factor for specifications requiring understatedyet-powerful performance and footprint. Available in six models, the 1 Series yields 122dB Wide
Dynamic Range, 720p to 1080p images at up to 30fps and includes industry-leading processing
technologies that produce clear images in some of the lowest light levels. The 1 Series now
joins the Panasonic 3, 5 and 6 i-PRO Series camera lines with its high performance features
and functionality, delivering high sensitivity for color images, day/night functionality, Multiprocess Noise Reduction (MNR).
Smart Coding: Now available on the complete line of new 1, 3, 5 and 6 Series Panasonic
cameras as well as the latest True 4K cameras, Smart Coding’s latest firmware version with
advancements that include an even higher performing Codec will be up and running at the
booth, providing live demonstrations of actual bandwidth reduction and savings between
cameras with and without the feature. Smart Coding enhances the encoding algorithm in
standard H.264 video streams to yield up to a 75 percent improvement in bandwidth reduction.
Smart Coding is standard in all new A-model 1, 3, 5 and 6 Series i-PRO cameras and available
as a firmware update to all other new 1, 3, 5, 6 and True 4K Series camera models. Current Amodel cameras which already include the Smart Coding feature will be able to download the
firmware update with the latest enhancements to attain the improved 75 percent bandwidth
reduction potential (formerly 70 percent).
Secure Communication: With security attacks on the network infrastructure increasing,
Panasonic has developed a series of secure technologies for the protection of data in its video
surveillance solutions. The Secure Communication feature, now available on all new Panasonic
5, 6 and True 4K Series cameras, protects against spoofing (false data), video tampering and
altering (changing images) and snooping (stealing passwords) by protecting IP surveillance
communications. Panasonic’s Secure Communication is a PC-level security for IP cameras and
that features several data protection elements including data encryption, IP communication
encryption and verification ensuring the integrity of video evidence and overall data integrity of
Panasonic IP video streams.
4K Enhancements to Video Insight VMS and ASM200 Video Management Software:
Panasonic continues to offer choices to its customers, whether users want an open platform,
server-based video management solution or an embedded video management client system,
new versions of Video Insight (VI) Video Management Software (VMS) and WV-ASM200 i-PRO
video management client, both provide 4K support. The latest version of VI’s video
management software version 6 (v6) offers increased functionality and now includes integrated
MonitorCast v3—formerly a separate download—an enterprise class access control product
designed to reduce the cost of entry into access control specifications. Video Insight v6 also
provides an improved 4K native Graphical User Interface (GUI) and support for Panasonic’s 4K
cameras. Panasonic continues to distribute VI VMS to the systems integrator channel with an
unlimited camera license for virtually all i-PRO cameras manufactured after October 2014. In
addition, a free 60-day trial of VI VMS is available via complimentary download. To download
your free trial today, visit
Panasonic will also be exhibiting the latest enhancements to WV-ASM200 i-PRO software, now
in version 5.0, that delivers 4K GUI native support and 4K monitor output support enabling full
edge-to-edge 4K resolution without zooming. WV-ASM200 5.0 also fully supports the advanced
video analytics capabilities delivered by Panasonic’s i-PRO ULTRA 360 cameras, including
moving object removal, heat mapping and people counting. Panasonic’s WV-ASM200
embedded video management client is a Windows®-based application that enables a
centralized and scalable surveillance and control environment supporting multi-camera, multirecorder systems from a single PC platform.
Freeze-Ray Platform: An open architecture, highly scalable true digital archival storage
platform, Panasonic’s Freeze-Ray Platform technology can ingest any form of data whether in
file or object-based format. Due to its small carbon footprint and high-density media, the
storage platform provides a very low procurement and total cost of ownership (TCO) without
sacrificing performance.
Benefits of the platform include an open architecture, high scalability, low TCO and immutable
data to support a variety of applications.
Public Safety Solutions: Panasonic will demonstrate a broad array of surveillance solutions
encompassing Fixed Security, Mobile (Law Enforcement & Transit) and Body-Worn Cameras
(BWC), recording solutions and software optimized for public safety applications.
On exhibit will be the newly introduced Arbitrator® BWC™ and enhanced Unified Evidence
Management System (UEMS) which offers customized capture, recording and storage solutions
body-worn video surveillance applications. Designed and built based on direct feedback from
law enforcement organizations across the country, the Arbitrator BWC features 720p HD video
resolution and a 130° wide camera angle—capturing high-quality video and providing unbiased
evidence of all officer interactions. When integrated with Panasonic’s industry-leading Arbitrator
360°™ Full HD in-car mobile video evidence capture system, the new body-worn camera
solution offers the industry’s most complete and cost-effective platform for personal video
evidence capture and management. The Arbitrator BWC can offload seamlessly via Wi-Fi and
other methods to Panasonic’s Unified Evidence Management System (UEMS), allowing
agencies to easily and securely manage all video evidence—including in-car, body-worn and
fixed surveillance—using a single, unified platform with flexible storage options.
i-PRO Preferred Program: The i-PRO Preferred Program delivers significant value-add service
enhancements to owners of eligible Panasonic cameras at no additional cost. The i-PRO
Preferred Program enables a five-year warranty (three year factory warranty plus an additional
two years), expedited service via Priority Advance Exchange and an unlimited Video Insight
VMS license. While competitive manufacturers charge an annual camera license fee for each
camera connected to their VMS, owners of eligible Panasonic cameras enjoy an unlimited VI
camera license — offering end users a compelling value proposition and lower total cost of
Panasonic will showcase a wide range of camera solutions, analytics and software at ISC West.
About Panasonic System Communications Company of North America
Panasonic System Communications Company of North America (PSCNA), Division of
Panasonic Corporation of North America, delivers reliable technology solutions for government
and commercial enterprises. Technologies include mobile computing devices and support
services, point-of-sale solutions, video surveillance systems, video evidence capture and
management solutions, professional displays, projectors, digital signage, video production
equipment, and office communications and productivity solutions.
To learn more call 877-803-8492 or visit
About Panasonic Corporation of North America
Panasonic Corporation of North America provides a broad line of digital and other electronics
products and solutions for consumer, business and industrial use. The company is the principal
North American subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-based Panasonic Corporation and the hub of
Panasonic’s U.S. branding, marketing, sales, service and R&D operations. In Interbrand’s 2014
annual “Best Global Green Brands” report, Panasonic ranked number five overall and the top
electronics brand in the report. As part of continuing sustainability efforts, Panasonic
Corporation of North America relocated its headquarters to a new facility, built to meet LEED
certification standards, adjacent to Newark Penn Station in Newark, NJ. Learn more about
Panasonic at
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