PKM3801 Multimedia keyboard
Make Your Digital Experience More
Fun & Easier!
Singapore July 2005 – FIDA International (S) Pte Ltd
introduces the new multimedia keyboard – PKM3801.
Upgrade your PC's keyboard to the PROLiNK’s PKM3801
multimedia Keyboard and enjoy premium comfort, high
style, and a variety of extra buttons to make your digital
media experience easier and more fun. Open your favorite
media player and control music or video playback functions
with a single touch. Navigate the Web or launch Microsoft® Office applications from the
keyboard. And the thinner, flatter design, with its refined key shape and layout, delivers an
amazing level of comfort.
PKM3801 Multimedia Keyboard provides Hot Keys that are designed for quick and direct access
to some multimedia functions or link to some frequently used applications. It saves a lot of
redundancy from mouse movement and keyboard typing.
The new PROLiNK PKM3801 Multimedia Keyboard is a great way to work and play in higher style.
Check out all the features this keyboard offers:
Provides 18 Internet/Media Hot Keys
PS/2 Interface
Switch reliability: 5 millions
Provides three ACPI power/management keys
High quality membrane tactile key switch available
Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP compatible
Designed fir enhanced Windows 95/98/2000 key layout
PROLiNK PKM3801 multimedia keyboard will be available in all good IT shops in both PROLiNK’s
local and overseas authorized dealers in August 2005.
RSP for PKM3801: TBA
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