EXSYS EX-1611-3 modems

EXSYS EX-1611-3 modems
.V.92 (up to 56 KBPS download,
48 KBPS upload)
.V.90 (up to 56 KBPS download,
33 KBPS upload)
.V.34 (4.8 KBPS to 33.6 KBPS )
.V.32 bis (4.8 KBPS to 14.4 KBPS)
.V.23 bis (75 BPS to 1.2 KBPS )
.V.22 bis (50 BPS to 2.4 KBPS )
.V.21, Bell 103/Bell 212
.Auto mode
.V.44/V.42 bis / MNP 5 data compression
.V.42/MNP 2-4 error correction
.V.29 Diagnostic
.Hayes AT Command set
.TIES escape code
.Quick Connect (V.92)
.Group3, Class 1
.V.27 ter
Telephony Services
.Wake up on Ring
.Ring detection
hook control
.Call progress monitor
.DTMF detection and generation
fax/modem distinction
.Caller ID (optional)
.Modem on Hold (V.92)
Video conferencing
.V.80/H.324 interface support
Operating System Support
.Windows (98/98SE/ME/2000/XP)
Power Consumption
.<70±0.5mA Operating Mode
.<3±0.5mA Stand-by
Diagnostic Tool
.Modem Helper
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