LG G5300 SP1100 TP5200 W5200 VX3100 VX4400

LG G5300 SP1100 TP5200 W5200 VX3100 VX4400
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LG G5300 SP1100 TP5200 W5200 VX3100 VX4400 VX200 VX10
TP5250 TM510 - car charger
Car charger for your phone, perfect for keeping your battery topped up whilst in the car, or keeping your phone going during
a long journey. Simply fit it into the cigarette lighter port in your car, plug the tangle proof cable into your phone and away
you go.
You’ll never run out of power again - great for business trips or long journeys!
Green light indicates readiness for charging. Can be used with 12 VDC or 24 VDC systems. Light weight, small, and
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