Fluke 902 True-rms - Galco Industrial Electronics

Fluke 902 True-rms - Galco Industrial Electronics
 Fluke 902 True-rms DES
HVAC Clamp Meter
Fluke 360 AC Leakage
Get more done Current Clamp Meter
1 pA resolution [iE
: я но Te leakage current
HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) technicians require a measurements with
service tool that can consistently keep up with their demands. The a tough, pocket
Fluke 902 expands the existing line of quality Fluke clamp meters sized clamp
by delivering the features necessary to diagnose and repair HVAC The unique jaw
systems. Combined with true-rms technology and a CAT II 600 V design of the Fluke
rating, the Fluke 902 helps technicians do their jobs safely and 360 eliminates the
accurately. a I influence of adjacent
* Designed for HVAC applications with capacitance, dc current (pA), current conductors
and temperature measurements. and measures leakage
* Small body and jaws fit perfectly in your hand and into tight current down to 1 pA for
places. itor | |
* Handy "Display Hold" button keeps measurements on the display. he ani due a
* Meter controls are positioned so current measurements can be of the Fluke 360 ensures
done with one hand (index finger on clamp opening lever and easy measuring. The
thumb on rotary switch). measuring clamp fits into | 280%
* Three-year warranty. tight spaces and the wide
display angle clearly shows the
2 \ measurement result. The Data Hold
CE Oy) Gh © True-rms button keeps the measured value on
Ly NHRD the display after removing the clamp
for the measured conductor.
The lightweight Fluke 360
= offers the widest range of current
professionals and contractors. Use
the mugged Fluke 360 when it's not
de 0 to 600 V OT possible to power down and break
ac Pre 0 to 600 V | % + § counts the circuit.
Current ac O to 500 A £0 % + 5 counts
Current de 0 0200 NE Jeu) Current measurement
Resistance о ет © 1.5 % + 5 counts « Automatic ranging within the
<= 30 0
= —— - ina TEE — manually selected mA or A range.
Temperature range 2 = > 69 кл 14 т > i Fl = 1.0 TON A typical = 5.0 % = Ranges 3 /30 mA and 30 /60 A.
1 uF to 1000 1.9 % + 2 counts * Current resolution 1 pA/0.01 mA Utilities
and 0.01 A/0.1 A.
See pages 46-47 for information on the HVAC/Indoor Air Quality Tools. * Frequency range 50 and 60 Hz.
* Jaw size: 40 mm (1.55 in)
maximum conductor diameter.
* Auto power off.
* (One-year warranty.
Fluke 353/355 True-rms,
2000 A Clamp Meters
Well suited for industrial and utility applications Included accessories or
Fluke 902: AA alkaline batteries rie
(2), users manual (with safety infor-
mation), soft carrying case, TL75
* Reliably handle a wide range of high-current
applications with 2000 A ac + dc true-rms, Test Leads (1 pair), BOBK Integrated A
1400 A ac, and 2000 A dc. Temperature Probe (1). 8
* Large 58 mm (2.3 in] jaw. E ;
* CAT IV 600 V, CAT II 1000 V. Fluke 353: C43 Soft Carrying Case, Ё Ë
* In-rush current measurement. 6 AA batteries, and users manual. pie
High voltage measurement of 1000 V ac + dc
true-rms, 600 V ac, and 1000 V dc (355 only).
Fluke 355: C43 Soft Carrying Case,
6 AA batteries, TL224 1.5 m Silicone
* Resistance to 400 K ohms (355 only). Rubber Test Leads, TPZ Test Probes, \
* Continuity beeper (355 only). AC285 Alligator Clips, and users NV
* Frequency measurement to 1 KHz. manual.
* Selectable low pass filter mode. : Electrical
* Min/Max/Avg. Ami ge carrying pouch and
* Large display with backlight. ’
Ordering information (8)
FLUKE-902 HVAC Clamp Meter CP
FLUKE-353 AC/DC True-rms Clamp
© Meter, 2000 A, HVAC/IAQ
. True-rms Amps only
C © E N10140 FLUKE-355 AC/DC True-rms Clamp
Meter, 2000 A
FLUKE-360 AC Leakage Current
Clamp Meter я
(not available in Canada) De
For more information, go to www.fluke.com/clamps Clamp Meters 25
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