q Boat Report 38-39.qxp

q Boat Report 38-39.qxp
Boat Report
Devin Troy
U.S. Coast Guard
Motor Lifeboat
Ready-to-run scale model from Pro Boat
is an ideal model for ponds and pools.
ro Boat has recently produced an awesome heavyweather rescue and patrol boat. The model, a U.S.
using penny rolls wrapped in clear plastic; a roll of penCoast Guard Motor Lifeboat, is a great-looking
nies weighs 5 ounces. My dad and I discovered that the
boat with nice detailing, a Coast Guard logo on the side
ballasting process can be one of trial and error. I began
and even working lights. Paired with its Pro Boat AM
driving the Motor Lifeboat only to realize that the balance
radio system, and you have an out-of-the dream runner.
was off. We brought it back to shore, did some adjusting,
Getting the Motor Lifeboat ready for voyage is super
and sent it back to “sea” with better balance.
simple. You need eight AA alkaline batteries for the radio
Once you have the ballast weight correct, apply the
transmitter, two 6-cell 3300mAh NiMH or NiCD battery
supplied hook & loop tape to the charged 6-cell batteries.
packs, a charger for the
Attach the other pormotor batteries and up
tion of the hook &
to 35 ounces of ballast.
loop to the battery platStart by installing
forms, and install the
the eight AA batteries
packs. The batteries are
into the transmitter.
located on the left and
Now, on to the boat. It
right sides of hull. After
is very important that
you have made sure
the Motor Lifeboat is
that the receiver switch
balanced in the water,
is in the off position,
as any imbalance can
plug the connectors
Pro Boat 75MHz RC system has trims and reversing.Twin water-cooled
cause the boat to gain
from the ESC into the
water or not perform to motors and ESC provide plenty of go. Note switches for RC and nav lights.
connectors on the packs.
its best ability. To prevent this, add the necessary amount
Installing the cool accessories that come with the Pro
of ballast weight, but only up to 35 ounces, to the hull to
Boat U.S. Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat is also really easy.
make the boat ride level in the water. Pro Boat suggests
First, plug the mast into the jack located on the top of the
• Length: 30.75 inches
• Beam: 9.4 inches
• Motor Dual water-cooled 550’s
• ESC:Water-cooled with reverse
• Drive:Twin screw direct
• Steering: Dual rudders
• Batteries: Two 7.2V 3300+ (not inc)
RTR Features
• Ready-to-run lifeboat
• Factory-installed motors and drives
• Factory-installed RC system
• Factory-installed lighting system
• Four-piece, wooden boat stand
• Abundant scalelike detail
• 16-page instruction manual
cabin. Then add the
sharp turns. This boat
flags, which are on an
is a calm and relaxing
elastic band that loops
subject, and driving it
onto the mast. A switch
is really a pleasure.
for the accessory lighting Scale detail is plentiful.Walkways are treated with non-skid material, and flipThe Motor Lifeboat
up grates cover them when not in use. Cockpit area is also nicely appointed. has excellent control. It
is on the left side of the
hull near the motor. For the lighting switch to make the
is not jumpy or sporadic in its actions. Rather, it glides
lights work, the receiver switch must be turned on.
through the water in smooth, straight lines and makes
The final step is to check the radio system. Always
beautiful, wide, arcing turns. I learned how to calculate in
make sure the transmitter is turned on before turning on
the boat’s wide turning and more laid-back speed the
the receiver switch in the hull. Once you’ve done that,
more I drove it. I quickly came to love driving it.
check the throttle, using the throttle trim lever next to the
I had recently gotten somewhat used to driving faster,
throttle stick if necessary. Continue to check the reverse
more sensitive models, and while they can be extremely
operation and steering operation, using the steering trim
fun and exciting, Pro Boat’s U.S. Coast Guard Motor
to make any fine-tuning adjustments.
Lifeboat is like a breath of fresh air. Watching the lifeboat
Now for the exciting part, putting Pro Boat’s Motor
navigate the local industrial park pond, it’s great to be
Lifeboat in the water. I love this boat. It certainly isn’t a
able to simply admire the gorgeous lines of a scale boat
racing boat, but why would it be? It’s a scale lifeboat, so
and appreciate how it handles the water. The Motor
it isn’t supposed to go blindingly fast or make startlingly
Lifeboat from Pro Boat is a wonderful scale model. HM
The Pro Boat U.S. Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat is an ideal scale model for cruising the local ponds.The lighting adds a nice visual touch.
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