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Quick Installation Guide


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Version 01.30.2009

1. Before You Start


Package Contents

Installation Requirements

Web Browser: Internet Explorer (6.0 or higher)


Notebook with

Wireless N PC Card

300Mbps Wireless N

Gigabit Router


Workstation with

Wireless N USB Adapter







Wireless Gaming

Wireless n (802.11n) 2.4GHz

Wireless Storage

Wireless Printer



2. Hardware Installation

Note: Gather all information related to your Internet Connection before you

start. If necessary, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

1. Verify that you have an Internet

connection when connecting your computer directly to the Cable or

DSL modem.


Cable/DSL Modem

2. Connect one end of a RJ-45 cable

to one of the TEW-639GR's LAN ports.

3. Connect one end of a RJ-45 cable

to the TEW-639GR’s WAN port.

Connect the other end of the cable to your modem.

4. Connect the AC Power Adapter to

the TEW-639GR and then to a power outlet.

5. Verify that the following panel lights

are on: Power, LAN, WAN and




3. Configure the Wireless Router

Note: It is recommended that you configure the Wireless Router from a wired


1. Open your web browser, type in the

Address bar, and then press Enter.

2. Enter the User Name and

Password, and then click OK.

User Name: admin

By default, there is no password.

Note: User name is case sensitive.

3. Click Network and then click WAN

Setting. Then select the proper

Internet Connection Type.

4. Configure the settings based on

information provided by your ISP.

Then click Apply.



5. Click Wireless and then click

Basic. Enter the desired Wireless

Name (SSID) and then click Apply.

The default Wireless Name (SSID) is TRENDnet639.

Note: The example below is for WPA2-PSK security. If you select WPA-PSK

or WPA2-PSK, make sure your wireless adapters support WPA2 or WPA. If your wireless adapters do not support WPA or WPA2, then select WEP.

6. Select the desired WPA mode,

enter characters for your Pre-

Shared key and then click Apply.

For WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK, the

Pre-Shared Key must be between

8 and 63 ASCII or 64 HEX characters. Make sure to copy down the Pre-Shared Key.



7. Open up your browser and enter in

a URL (e.g. to verify that you have Internet connection.

Your configuration is now complete.

For detailed information regarding the


configuration and advanced settings, please refer to the User's Guide included on the Utility &

Driver CD-ROM or TRENDnet's website at

Register Your Product

To ensure the highest level of customer service and support, please take a moment to register your product Online at:

Thank you for choosing TRENDnet





I typed in my Internet Browser's Address Bar, but an error

message says “The page cannot be displayed.” How can I get into the

TEW-639GR's web configuration page?


First, check your hardware settings again by following the instructions in

Section 2. Second, make sure the LAN and WLAN lights are lit. Third, make sure your TCP/IP settings are set to Obtain an IP address automatically (see the steps below).

1. Go into the Control Panel, double-click the Network Connections icon and then right-click the Local Area

Connection icon and then click


2. Right click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then click Properties. Then click on

Obtain an IP address automatically.

Fourth, press on the factory reset button for 15 seconds.


I am not sure what type of Internet Account Type I have for my Cable/DSL

connection. How do I find out?


Contact your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) support service for the correct information.


I configured my router with my ISP settings, but I can not get onto the

Internet. What should I do?


First, verify that you can get onto the Internet with a direct connection into your modem. Second, contact your ISP and verify all the information that you have in regards to your Internet connection settings is correct. Third, power cycle your modem and router. Unplug the power to the modem and router. Wait 30 seconds, and then reconnect the power to the modem. Wait for the modem to fully boot up, and then reconnect the power to the router.



All the settings are correct, but I can not make a wireless connection to the

Router. What should I do?


First, make sure that the WLAN switch on the back of the router is set to on.

Second, double check that the WLAN light on the Router is lit. Third, power cycle the TEW-639GR. Unplug the power to the TEW-639GR. Wait 15 seconds, then plug the power back in to the TEW-639GR. Fourth, contact the manufacturer of your wireless network adapter and make sure the wireless network adapter is configured with the proper SSID. The preset SSID of the Access Point is



When I connect a computer to the router's LAN port, I am not getting Gigabit

speeds. What should I do?


First, make sure that you have a Gigabit Ethernet adapter installed. Second, make sure to use a Cat-5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable. Some CAT-5 cables are not rated to run in Gigabit.

If you still encounter problems or have any questions regarding the TEW-639GR, please contact TRENDnet's Technical Support Department.


GPL/LGPL General Information

This TRENDnet product includes free software written by third party developers. These codes are subject to the GNU

General Public License ("GPL") or GNU Lesser General Public License ("LGPL"). These codes are distributed WITHOUT

WARRANTY and are subject to the copyrights of the developers. TRENDnet does not provide technical support for these codes. The details of the GNU GPL and LGPL are included in the product CD-ROM.

Please also go to ( or ( for specific terms of each license.

The source codes are available for download from TRENDnet's web site ( for at least three years from the product shipping date.

You could also request the source codes by contacting TRENDnet.

20675 Manhattan Place, Torrance, CA 90501, USA. Tel: +1-310-961-5500 Fax: +1-310-961-5511

Informations générales GPL/LGPL

Ce produit TRENDnet comprend un logiciel libre écrit par des programmeurs tiers. Ces codes sont sujet à la GNU General

Public License ("GPL" Licence publique générale GNU) ou à la GNU Lesser General Public License ("LGPL" Licence publique générale limitée GNU). Ces codes sont distribués SANS GARANTIE et sont sujets aux droits d'auteurs des programmeurs. TRENDnet ne fournit pas d'assistance technique pour ces codes. Les détails concernant les GPL et LGPL

GNU sont repris sur le CD-ROM du produit.

Veuillez également vous rendre en ( ou en ( pour les conditions spécifiques de chaque licence.

Les codes source sont disponibles au téléchargement sur le site Internet de TRENDnet web site

( durant au moins 3 ans à partir de la date d'expédition du produit.

Vous pouvez également demander les codes source en contactant TRENDnet.

20675 Manhattan Place, Torrance, CA 90501, USA. Tel: +1-310-961-5500 Fax: +1-310-961-5511

Allgemeine Informationen zu GPL/LGPL

Dieses Produkt enthält die freie Software "netfilter/iptables" (© 2000-2004 netfilter project und die freie Software „Linux „mtd“ (Memory Technology Devices) Implementation (© 2000 David Woodhouse), erstmals integriert in

Linux Version 2.4.0-test 3 v. 10.07.2000 (, sowie weitere freie Software. Sie haben durch den Erwerb dieses Produktes keinerlei Gewährleistungsansprüche gegen die

Berechtigten an der oben genannten Software erworben; weil diese die Software kostenfrei lizenzieren gewähren sie keine

Haftung gemäß unten abgedruckten Lizenzbedingungen. Die Software darf von jedermann im Quell-und Objektcode unter

Beachtung der Lizenzbedingungen der GNU General Public License Version 2, und GNU Lesser General Public License

(LGPL) vervielfältigt, verbreitet und verarbeitet werden. Die Lizenz ist unten im englischsprachigen Originalwortlaut wiedergegeben. Eine nichtoffizielle Übersetzung in die deutsche Sprache finden Sie im Internet unter

( Eine allgemeine öffentliche GNU Lizenz befindet sich auch auf der mitgelieferten CD-ROM.

Sie können Quell-und Objektcode der Software für mindestens drei Jahre auf unserer Homepage im

Downloadbereich ( downloadend. Sofern Sie nicht über die Möglichkeit des Downloads verfügen können Sie bei TRENDnet.

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Información general sobre la GPL/LGPL

Este producto de TRENDnet incluye un programa gratuito desarrollado por terceros. Estos códigos están sujetos a la

Licencia pública general de GNU (“GPL”) o la Licencia pública general limitada de GNU (“LGPL”). Estos códigos son distribuidos SIN GARANTÍA y están sujetos a las leyes de propiedad intelectual de sus desarrolladores. TRENDnet no ofrece servicio técnico para estos códigos. Los detalles sobre las licencias GPL y LGPL de GNU se incluyen en el CD-ROM del producto.

Consulte también el ( ó el ( para ver las cláusulas específicas de cada licencia.

Los códigos fuentes están disponibles para ser descargados del sitio Web de TRENDnet

( durante por lo menos tres años a partir de la fecha de envío del producto.

También puede solicitar el código fuente llamando a TRENDnet.

20675 Manhattan Place, Torrance, CA 90501, USA. Tel: +1-310-961-5500 Fax: +1-310-961-5511

Îáùàÿ èíôîðìàöèÿ î ëèöåíçèÿõ GPL/LGPL

 ñîñòàâ äàííîãî ïðîäóêòà TRENDnet âõîäèò áåñïëàòíîå ïðîãðàììíîå îáåñïå÷åíèå, íàïèñàííîå ñòîðîííèìè

ðàçðàáîò÷èêàìè. Ýòî ÏÎ ðàñïðîñòðàíÿåòñÿ íà óñëîâèÿõ ëèöåíçèé GNU General Public License ("GPL") èëè GNU

Lesser General Public License ("LGPL"). Ïðîãðàììû ðàñïðîñòðàíÿþòñÿ ÁÅÇ ÃÀÐÀÍÒÈÈ è îõðàíÿþòñÿ àâòîðñêèìè

ïðàâàìè ðàçðàáîò÷èêîâ. TRENDnet íå îêàçûâàåò òåõíè÷åñêóþ ïîääåðæêó ýòîãî ïðîãðàììíîãî îáåñïå÷åíèÿ.

Ïîäðîáíîå îïèñàíèå ëèöåíçèé GNU GPL è LGPL ìîæíî íàéòè íà êîìïàêò-äèñêå, ïðèëàãàåìîì ê ïðîäóêòó.

 ïóíêòàõ ( è ( èçëîæåíû êîíêðåòíûå óñëîâèÿ

êàæäîé èç ëèöåíçèé.

Èñõîäíûé êîä ïðîãðàìì äîñòóïåí äëÿ çàãðóçêè ñ âåá-ñàéòà TRENDnet ( â

òå÷åíèå, êàê ìèíèìóì, òðåõ ëåò ñî äíÿ ïîñòàâêè ïðîäóêòà.

Êðîìå òîãî, èñõîäíûé êîä ìîæíî çàïðîñèòü ïî àäðåñó TRENDnet.

20675 Manhattan Place, Torrance, CA 90501, USA. Tel: +1-310-961-5500 Fax: +1-310-961-5511

GPL/LGPL informações Gerais

Este produto TRENDnet inclui software gratuito desenvolvido por terceiros. Estes códigos estão sujeitos ao GPL (GNU

General Public License) ou ao LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License). Estes códigos são distribuídos SEM GARANTIA e estão sujeitos aos direitos autorais dos desenvolvedores. TRENDnet não presta suporte técnico a estes códigos. Os detalhes do GNU GPL e do LGPL estão no CD-ROM do produto.

Favor acessar ou para os termos específicos de cada licença.

Os códigos fonte estão disponíveis para download no site da TRENDnet ( por pelo menos três anos da data de embarque do produto.

Você também pode solicitar os códigos fonte contactando TRENDnet, 20675 Manhattan Place, Torrance, CA 90501,

USA.Tel: +1-310-961-5500, Fax: +1-310-961-5511.

GPL/LGPL üldinformatsioon

See TRENDneti toode sisaldab vaba tarkvara, mis on kirjutatud kolmanda osapoole poolt. Koodid on allutatud GNU (General

Public License) Üldise Avaliku Litsentsi (GPL) või GNU (Lesser General Public License) ("LGPL") Vähem Üldine Avalik

Litsentsiga. Koode vahendatakse ILMA GARANTIITA ja need on allutatud arendajate poolt. TRENDnet ei anna koodidele tehnilist tuge. Detailsemat infot GNU GPL ja LGPL kohta leiate toote CD-ROMil. Infot mõlema litsentsi spetsiifiliste terminite kohta leiate ( või (

Infot mõlema litsentsi spetsiifiliste terminite kohta leiate ( või

( Lähtekoodi on võimalik alla laadida TRENDneti kodulehelt

( kolme aasta jooksul alates toote kättesaamise kuupäevast.

Samuti võite lähtekoodi paluda TRENDneti'lt, 20675 Manhattan Place, Torrance, CA 90501, USA. Tel: +1-310-961-5500,

Fax: +1-310-961-5511.


This equipment has been tested and found to comply with FCC and CE Rules.

Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

(1) This device may not cause harmful interference.

(2) This device must accept any interference received. Including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Waste electrical and electronic products must not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with you Local

Authority or Retailer for recycling advice.






En todos nuestros equipos se mencionan claramente las caracteristicas del adaptador de alimentacón necesario para su funcionamiento. El uso de un adaptador distinto al mencionado puede producir daños fisicos y/o daños al equipo conectado. El adaptador de alimentación debe operar con voltaje y frecuencia de la energia electrica domiciliaria existente en el pais o zona de instalación.

Product Warranty Registration

Please take a moment to register your product online.

Go to TRENDnet’s website at

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Torrance, CA 90501


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