Test Trailer Lights, Brakes without Hooking Up

Test Trailer Lights, Brakes without Hooking Up
Test Trailer Lights, Brakes without Hooking Up
Got a long-stored trailer that needs to have its lights checked before you hook up to go? It can
be a hassle to have to connect the trailer to a vehicle first, but there is an alternative.
The Light Ranger Mobile Universal Trailer Tester (MUTT®) is a portable and water-resistant
trailer light tester and trailer brakes tester that allows the user to perform all testing functions
without the use of the vehicle. Innovative Products of America (IPA®) manufactures the MUTT®.
For 7-spade, 6-round and 4/5 flat pin trailer harnesses, the Light Ranger MUTT® simulates all
electrical circuits of standard towing vehicles, including tractors and other farm vehicles. A
battery charger and three-way trailer harness adapter is included with each tester. It also has a
handle to make moving the battery-powered system from place to place easy. Users can outfit
the rig with a common motorcycle battery (not provided).
Other features and benefits include
Short circuit protection
Turn signal simulation and power verification LED
Internal battery compartment
Additional specifications include:
Input: 12V DC Output: 10A @ 12V DC
Circuit protection: Automatic resetting internal breaker
Controls: Manual Control Knob
Materials: Plastic weight: 2 pounds (empty)
Packaged dimensions: 11.582 inches-by-5.070 inches-by-7.143 inches
IPA® is an OEM company specializing in the development of innovative tools and equipment
since 1991. IPA® is located in Woodstock, New York and employs a team of electro/mechanical
engineers, supported by an experienced global sourcing department and on-site manufacturing
with full marketing services. These elements allow IPA® to offer cutting-edge solutions, holding
true to the company motto, “Future Now®.”
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