CT8558/00NWEURO Philips Mobile Phone with TV SlideShow

CT8558/00NWEURO Philips Mobile Phone with TV SlideShow
Mobile Phone with TV
Plug, Watch & Share
Share your precious moments
Philips 855 is an advanced camera clamshell phone with a unique premium design. It
makes creating and sharing pictures with your friends and family easy, thanks to its TV Link
Capture and share your life
• TV SlideShow
• Integrated VGA digital camera
• Giant photo album for incredible storage capacity
• Digitally zoom up to 4 times
• TFT display with 65,536 gorgeous colors
• External LCD screen with 4096 vibrant colors
Stylish design
• Stylish 180° opening position
Maximize your Multimedia Experience
• 32-tone rich polyphonic melodies
• Java 2.0 technology
Mobile Phone with TV SlideShow
TV SlideShow
TV SlideShow allows you to display pictures
from your phone's photo album directly on a
TV screen for the fun of sharing pictures from
your phone's camera with friends and family.
Simply connect your mobile phone and TV
with the TV Link accessory to run an automatic
or manual slideshow.
Integrated VGA digital camera
The integrated digital camera with VGA
resolution (640x480 pixels) allows you to take
high-quality pictures anytime, anywhere with
your phone, then send them via MMS or email,
or store the pictures in your phone's memory.
Giant photo album
Giant photo album with extended internal
memory capacity allows you to store up to
1,000 pictures in your phone to use for
slideshows, wallpaper, and screensavers simply
by taking a picture and saving it in your phone's
Digital zoom x4
Easily zoom the picture in and out up to 4
times, composing better and more meaningful
pictures by capturing the right detail from the
overall scene. In preview mode, activate the
zoom function to take pictures of distant
objects or to concentrate attention on a
specific part of the picture.
colors. When the external screen is activated
by turning on the phone, events such as
incoming calls switch on the backlight to
illuminate the display.
180° opening position
A unique hinge design allows the clamshell to
open to a 180° position for a stylish design with
pure lines.
65K color TFT display
Brilliant 65K color TFT display offers high
contrast and high brightness with 65,536
gorgeous colors and ultra fine pitch for clear,
bright color graphics and photos.
32-tone polyphonic melodies
32-tone polyphonic melodies can create
simultaneous tones of different notes using
MIDI format for more natural and realistic
musical results, sounding just like a small
orchestra of different instruments for
outstanding sound effects.
4K color external display
4K vibrant-color external display enriches
your mobile phone experience with color
pictures and other graphics built from 4096
Java 2.0
Java 2.0 technology allows you to enhance and
personalize your phone with new games and
applications simply by downloading them.
Mobile Phone with TV SlideShow
Still Picture Capturing
Sensitivity: min 5 lux
Preview frame rate: 15 frames/second
Image sensor type: CMOS
Picture file format: JPEG
Picture Mode: Super fine, Normal, Economy
Special effects preview mode: Negative color,
Embossed, Digital, Edge, Sepia, Grey scale
• Digital zoom: x2, x4
• Camera: Integrated
• Picture resolution: VGA (640x480)
• Ease of Navigation: Color Caroussel, Active Flip,
Animated Caroussel
• Ease of Use: Dedicated Headset plug, Hands free
mode, Hot Keys, Vibra Alert, Screen Saver Digital
• Ease To Experience: Demo Mode
• Games and applications: Agenda, Alarm Clock,
Calculator, Calendar, Euro Converter, Infusio Exen v2, Java MIDP 2.0, Lunar Calendar
• Embedded Games: 4
• Personalisation/Customization: Downloadable
Animated GIF, Downloadable Java Applications,
Downloadable Picture, Downloadable Ringtones,
Fotocall, Wallpaper
• Speech Recognition: Conversation Recording,
Voice Command, Voice Dial, Voice Memo, Voice
• Language available: UI: English, Indonesian, Czech,
Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek,
Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish,
Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Chinese Simplified,
Chinese Traditional, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai,
• Language available: T9 input: English, Czech,
Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian,
Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified,
Chinese Traditional, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
• Personal Info Management: Daylight saving, Time
Zone, Smart Phonebook, Vcard Exchange
• Call Management: Microphone mute, Call Cost,
Call Counters, Call Forwarding, Call on Hold, Call
Time, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Conference Call,
Emergency Call, Explicit Call Transfer, Missed
Calls, Multi-party call, Received Calls
• Buttons and controls: 4-way navigation key and
enter, Customized hot key
• Clock/Version: Analogue, Digital
• Volume control
• Multimedia: Foto Talk
Charging time: less than 2 hours hr
Talk time: up to 4 hours
Battery capacity: 600 mAh
Battery Type: Li-ion
Electrical Enhancements: Back-up battery
Standby time: up to 400 hrs
• Main Display Colors: 65536
• Sub Display Colors: 4096
Lines of text: up to 8
Main Display Resolution: 128x160 pixel
Main Display Technology: TFT
Sub Display Resolution: 96x64 pixel
Sub Display Technology: CSTN
Network Features
• Services: OTA provisioning (WAP,MMS), WAP
1.2.1, WAP Browser Teleca2.0, SIM Toolkit /
Release 99
• Messaging: EMS / release 4, Predefined messages
(SMS,MMS), Concatenated SMS (Long SMS), Email, MMS,Multimedia Message Service, Quick
SMS, SMS CB (Cell Broadcast), SMS (Short
Message Service)
• Voice Codec: FR/EFR/AMR
• GPRS (Rx+Tx): Class 10 (4+2), Class B
• Optional accessories: USB Jack Cable, TV Link,
Deluxe headset, Carry case, Cigarette lighter
adapter, Necklace, Universal car kit
• Standard Package Includes: Battery, CD ROM
(Mobile Phone Tools), Charger, Handset,
International Guarantee, SAR information leaflet,
User Manual
Antenna: Integrated
Handset volume: 77 cc
Handset weight: 91 g
Handset dimensions: 85 x 47 x 25 mm
Form Factor: Clam shell
Handset Color: Harmony Silver, Sensorial Black,
Natural White, Relaxing Blue
• Ringers: Polyphonic (32 tones)
Audio Playback
• Audio supported formats: AMR, ADPCM, Midi, SPMidi
Audio Recording
• Recording time: upto 60 seconds
Still Picture Playback
• Slide show
• Picture Enhancement: Edit photos (colors, filters),
Frames & Icons, Rotate
• Picture Compression Format: BMP, GIF (87a &
89a), JPEG
Storage Media
• Built-in memory (RAM): 16
• User memory: 7 MB
Serial connections: USB-Jack cable
Wireless connections: Infrared
Headphone: 2.5 mm
Synchronisation PC organizer: Lotus Notes, MS
• Modem Capabilities: CSD (Voice, Data), GPRS,
Issue date 2014-02-05
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All Rights reserved.
Version: 1.0.2
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips N.V.
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12 NC: 9961 400 03766
Audio Capturing
• Voice recording: AMR
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