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A MiniDisc Primer

Before you learn about the exciting capabilities of the MD-301, you might find it helpful to know more about MiniDisc technology. What is it?

The MiniDisc (MD) is a “magneto-optical device.” This advanced technology uses the combination of a laser and a magnetic head to record and play sound from a small, specially coated floppy-like disc — the

MiniDisc. It’s similar to a CD with one big exception: your average CD is not rewritable — you can’t re-record it. You can re-record a MiniDisc as many times as you like.

Removable, re-recordable MiniDiscs offer the convenience of DAT and the quality of a digital recording media. Plus, the MD format gives you random access to audio, for incredible speed and editing flexibility. If you’re looking for a single piece of gear that can record, edit and playback digital audio,

MiniDisc is a perfect choice.


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MINIDISC RECORDER ________________________________________________________

Easy To Use. Easy To Store. Hard To Wear Out.

MiniDiscs have all the convenience of a cassette with all the quality of a digital recording media. Like a cassette or DAT, you simply pop a

MiniDisc into your MD-301 and you’re ready for exceptionally highquality digital recording, editing and playback. Like tape, MD technology allows you to record and re-record over existing audio. What’s more, you can re-record your MiniDisc thousands of times — with pristine audio playback. So when your music or audio program is recorded on MiniDisc, it’s forever — unless, of course, you decide to re-record.

Go Tape One Better

Each recording format provides different tools for different jobs.

That’s why it’s important to think about what you want to do with your equipment before you purchase. If your primary objective is to create music demos (laying tracks and mixing to stereo), analog tape may be your answer. If you need long format digital recording and playback,

DAT is a great tool.

The big advantage of the MiniDisc format is that it provides you with random access to recorded material.

It’s the perfect choice if you want digital recording, editing and playback in a single dedicated unit.

Plus MiniDisc gives you important extras like instant start capability and flexible playback programming.

Your Search Is Over

While tape is great for many jobs, it’s linear in the way it accesses your audio. That means it can only play back in a straight line — as the audio was recorded. If you want to hear or record another part of the tape, you have to fast forward or rewind. And you can’t change the order of the material without physically editing the tape or transferring the audio to another machine. This transfer process can cause a loss of audio quality, especially with magnetic tape. It’s a fact in analog: the more transfers (or generations), the less audio quality.

Because a MiniDisc provides random access retrieval of audio, that is, it’s not linear in playback, you can hear chosen tracks almost as fast as you can cue them up. That’s why MiniDisc is an exceptional choice for broadcast, theater or other live performance venues. No more missed cues, frantic rewinding, dead air or breaking your creative flow. Plus, random access operation greatly speeds up your sessions. For example, if you mix a song onto your MiniDisc recorder, you can hear the results nearly instantly — just cue and play — with no waiting. Think of the time you’ll save!

Are you looking for the perfect, affordable digital replacement for your

NAB cart machines? Do you want a dedicated piece of digital recording gear with internal editing capabilities? And what about instant start, play programming and random access operation? Now that you know a little more about the benefits of MD technology, read on — and find out why

TASCAM has the answers.

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MINIDISC RECORDER ________________________________________________________








With the MD-301 MiniDisc Recorder/Reproducer, TASCAM brings the power of random access recording, editing and playback to an affordable new level. This hot, 2-channel MD recorder gives you 74 minutes (stereo) of pristine digital audio on re-recordable, easy-to-store

MiniDiscs. Its speed of operation combined with versatile programming capability make the MD-301 a cutting-edge production tool for any application where random access operation enhances performance. And all this comes in a sleek, 2U, rack-mountable chassis.

Made For The Fast Lane

Although the MD-301 is as easy to use as a cassette deck, it’s a powerful and creative audio editing tool that helps you speed through production. DIVIDE lets you divide a track into two; MOVE lets you move a track to another location; COMBINE gives you the power to splice two tracks together into one; and ERASE lets you quickly eliminate unwanted tracks or programs. These editing features, combined with a variety of programmable playback options, make the MD-301 a faster, better way to record and manipulate your audio.

TASCAM thought of everything. You’ll find the features you need for live, pre-programmed, and hands-off operation. Create fade-ins/outs, cue and re-cue on the fly, or program for shuffle or repeat play. There’s even a TIMER RECORD/PLAY mode for unattended start/stop — a must for commercial installations. Let’s say you have a theme park or convention center and you want pre-recorded messages to run on the half-hour. In

TIMER mode, the MD-301 does the job like clockwork.

In addition to editing features, the MD-301 has an on-board sample rate converter that makes digital transfers from other sources — including DAT tapes recorded at other sampling rates — automatic. Fact is, any format that speaks S/PDIF can be converted to MiniDisc’s 44.1kHz

standard sampling rate by the MD-301.

For added control, the MD-301 comes standard with an RC-3 wireless infrared remote controller. The RC-3 gives you access to the

MD-301’s abundant production features from any location in your broad-

“The MD-301 is a great piece of recording gear and the cost makes it an incredible value — the speed alone is worth the price of admission. Because of the production hours the station is saving, our

MD-301 will pay for itself within a matter of months.”

A.W., Arlington, VA.



























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MINIDISC RECORDER ________________________________________________________ cast studio, theater audio booth or project studio. Using 74-minute stereo

MiniDiscs, the MD-301 is perfect for sound intensive productions. And storage has never been easier. In fact, you can keep all your projects and programs on separate discs for better management of your audio archives.

The Ins And Outs Of Quality

The MD-301 will be at home in just about any audio environment.

RCA unbalanced analog inputs and outputs provide standard connections to and from your console or other gear. For digital input capability, the unit offers both RCA coaxial S/PDIF and optical TOS connectors. For digital output, the S/PDIF format is supported with an optical TOS port.

With these connections, you’ll keep your project in the digital domain while recording from and to other digital sources.

For Broadcast

As a replacement for outdated NAB cart machines, the MD-301 gives you digital quality and more control over program material than you dreamed possible at this price. With instant start capability and auto cue, your live, on-air productions will be seamless. Your playlist, commercials, bumpers, sound effects, promos, stingers and other audio tracks are only a push button away. Add polish to your programs as you record with programmable fade-ins and fade-outs. And with track and disc titling for easy reference, you always know where you stand. The MD-301 is great for telephone and in-studio interviews, too. Simply record, then edit with

DIVIDE, MOVE and ERASE functions. It’s great for the creation and storage of production assets for every show in your lineup. With an

MD-301 in your rack, you’ve got a versatile, powerful digital audio tool for your production studio.

“We use a lot of music and sound effects in the show. One of the best things about the MD-301 is its cue and start capability. The performers on stage know that audio will be right on cue — everytime. And with the programming and editing functions we were able to fine tune backing audio and cues during rehearsals.

And never missed a beat.”

J.R., Cincinnati, OH

On Stage

Let’s say the director of your theater production wants you to change the sound effects configuration of a particular scene. And he wants you to do it for tonight’s performance! No sweat. The on-board editing capabilities of your MD-301 make it simple to reorder pre-recorded program material. Its versatile playback options are great for rehearsals or providing music tracks for live performances — especially when you need things to happen right on cue.

In Your Project Studio

If you own a project or professional recording studio, the MD-301 is a superb archiving tool that makes it easy to manage your work. Put each project on a different disc — your song ideas, music, voiceovers, SFX

6 Pages - Page 5 MD-301

MINIDISC RECORDER ________________________________________________________ and mixes are instantly accessible. The MD-301 is also the perfect companion to your MD multitrack recorder such as the TASCAM 564

Digital Portastudio. The TOS optical digital I/O makes cross-platform transfers a snap — you can record material/songs from the 564 directly to the MD-301 without ever leaving the digital domain. It’s an exceptional way to archive your music projects.

In Your Industrial Strength Application

If your business is contracting audio installations for commercial applications, you can’t go wrong when you specify the MD-301. Because it’s TASCAM, you can count on industrial strength performance day-in, day-out. The MD-301’s PROGRAM PLAY, SHUFFLE PLAY and REPEAT functions give your clients unlimited flexibility in playing back audio. It’s a simple matter to program the unit to play music or pre-recorded messages in any order. The MD-301 also offers random playback and continuous looping. And for the ultimate convenience, the Timer mode provides unattended operation. And of course, MiniDiscs are as easy as cassettes to store and use, so changing background audio programs is as simple as loading another MD.

“I’ve been upgrading my project studio to digital and the MD-301 provided the last piece of the puzzle. It’s more than a mixdown machine — I’m using the

MD-301’s editing functions to create killer demos. DIVIDE and

MOVE are now a part of my creative routine.”

J.Y., Whittier, CA

Built To Last By TASCAM

TASCAM has been the choice for incredibly durable recording gear for decades. The MD-301 is built with the same integrity for professional, heavy-duty use. If you want affordable, stable, high-quality digital audio recording and editing with random access operation, your search is over.

The TASCAM MD-301 Recorder/Reproducer is just what you’ve been asking for.

TASCAM makes a full line of MD recorder/reproducers. The MD-501,

MD-801R and the 564 Digital Portastudio offer features and options that will suit all your MiniDisc recording and editing requirements. Want more information? Consult the FaxBack Product Index for appropriate document numbers. To get the full MD picture, stop by your nearby TASCAM dealer for a demonstration. And to get the scoop on the latest recording innovations, be sure to visit TASCAM’s web site at www.tascam.com.

All This In A 2U, 19-inch Rack Space

• Cost-effective professional grade 2-track MiniDisc recorder/reproducer

• Versatile Edit functions (Divide, Erase, Move, Combine,

Track title, Disc title)

• Repeat Play function

• Timer Record/Play function

• Program Play mode

6 Pages - Page 6 MD-301

MINIDISC RECORDER ________________________________________________________

• Shuffle Play mode

• Built-in sample rate conversion

• RCA unbalanced analog inputs and outputs

• Optical TOS and coaxial RCA digital inputs on the rear panel

• Optical TOS digital output connector on the rear panel

• “RC-3” infrared wireless remote controller as a standard accessory




Recording System:

Recording Time:

Compression System:


Stereo 2-channel

Magnetic field modulation overwrite system

74 minutes stereo (with a

74-minute MiniDisc)

ATRAC (Adaptive TRansform

Acoustic Coding)

Sampling Frequency:

Modulation System:

Frequency Response:

Signal-To-Noise ratio:


EFM (Eight to Fourteen


Error Correction System: ACIRC (Advanced Cross

Interleave Reed-Solomon Code)

20Hz ~ 20kHz,



Better than 98dB

Dynamic Range:

Channel Separation:


(Playback, A filter)

Better than 90dB (1kHz, -60dB)

Better than 90dB (1kHz)

Less than 0.008% (EIAJ)

Wow and Flutter:

Analog Inputs:

Analog Outputs:


RCA unbalanced, -10dBV, 50K

RCA unbalanced, -10dBV, 600

Digital inputs

Coaxial: RCA, IEC 958 Type II (S/PDIF)

Optical: TOS, IEC 958 Type II (S/PDIF)

Digital Output

Optical: TOS, IEC 958 Type II (S/PDIF)


Standard Accessory:

Power Consumption:

Dimensions (WxHxD):


35mW + 35mW, 33


RC-3 infrared wireless remote controller


482 x 88 x 290 mm

4.8 kg











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Key Features

  • 2-track MiniDisc recording
  • 74 minutes recording time
  • Random access operation
  • Edit functions (Divide, Erase, Move, Combine)
  • Programmable playback
  • Track and disc titling
  • Built-in sample rate conversion
  • Digital and analog inputs/outputs
  • RCA unbalanced analog inputs and outputs
  • Optical TOS and coaxial RCA digital inputs

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Frequently Answers and Questions

How long can I record on the MD-301?
The MD-301 provides 74 minutes of recording time (stereo) using a 74-minute MiniDisc.
What editing functions are available on the MD-301?
The MD-301 offers editing functions including Divide, Erase, Move, and Combine. These allow you to split tracks, remove unwanted audio, rearrange segments, and splice together different tracks.
Can I use the MD-301 for live performances?
Yes, the MD-301 is well-suited for live performances due to its random access operation, programmable playback features, and cueing capabilities.
What types of inputs and outputs does the MD-301 have?
The MD-301 has both analog and digital inputs and outputs. Analog connections include RCA unbalanced, while digital connections include optical TOS and coaxial RCA.
Does the MD-301 come with a remote control?
Yes, the MD-301 includes an RC-3 infrared wireless remote controller.