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Operating Instructions
Thank you for purchasing the Panasonic
Flease read these Instructions carefully
before using this product and save this
manual for future use.
This product is intended for household use
Model No. MX-AC300
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Before Use
Safety Precautions
Differences among three models
Parts Identifications
Safety Lock
How to Use
How to Assemble / Disassemble
How to Use
Guide to Functions
To Use Long Life
How to Clean
Circuit Breaker Protection
Safety Pre ca uti on = Please observe these precautions fully
For your safety and in order to prevent the product damage and the danger to the users and others, please
read the following instructions strictly.
WM The signals indicate harm and damage when the product is used wrongly.
Indicating * it may Indicating " tha user
WARNING cause severe injuries CAUTION ro LE ee the
and death.” property damage."
E The symbols indicate specified items that must be followed.
S This symbol indicates prohibition. e This symbol indicates mandatory.
* This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowl-
edge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of
the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
a Never touch food in the Jar by hand, Always use a spatula.
a Never open or close the lid when the Jar is placed on the motor housing. Especially
never open the lid as the blade is still moving for a while after switching off.
* Do not push the safety lock pin with any implement, stick etc.
* To prevent electrical shock, do not let the motor housing come in contact with
water or any other liquid.
e Never leave the appliance running unattended.
® [Do not bend or put excessive pressure on the power cord or let the cord hang
over the edge of the table / slab or touch any hot surface. Do not run the appli-
ance with a damaged power cord.
a Do not use any attachment other than those provided or recommended by the
manufacturer. It may cause hazards.
à Do not operate the appliance if it malfunctions, or is damaged in any manner.
a Never attempt to repair the appliance yourself or allow any unauthorised person
to do so.
a |f the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
a Make sure that the voltage and the plug type of the appliance are the same as
your supply.
& Keep clean to avoid foreign particles deposit on the safety lock pin of the
motor housing and the bottom of Jar handles.
e Keep hands and utensils away from the moving parts, while the appliance is in
operation to prevent the possibility of severe personal injury or damage to appli-
ance. The Spatula may be used to stir the ingredients only when the machine is
switched OFF.
e Keep the appliance away from the source of heat like gas or electric stove.
® Do not place the appliance on an unstable surface.
® Do not run the appliance without assembling the Jar unit.
® The Chutney Jar is fixed with Chutney Blade permanently. Do not attempt
remove these,
® Do not run the appliance with the Jar empty.
& Never load the Jar with ingredients beyond the maximum level {See "Guide to
Function" on P.8 for maximum capacity details ).
& Do not move the appliance during operation.
& Do not use the power cord if the plug does not fit in the socket.
® Ensure that the correct blades are assembled on the correct Jar (See "Parts
Identification” on P.4).
® Care shall be taken when handling the sharp cuttung blades, emptying Jars and
cleaning them.
® Before plugging in / out, make sure that the switch is off and each part is securely
set in place.
e Be sure to switch off the appliance and unplug after each use.
® To disconnect the power supply, switch off, grip the plug and pull it from the wall
outlet. Never pull the cord,
e Switch off the appliance and disconnect from supply before changing attachment
or approaching parts that move in use.
Difference among three models
MX-AC300 | MX-AC220 | MX-AC210
JAR UNIT e — №
Parts Identification
Lid Gasket -
Lid Gasket should be
attached on lid with the
grooved side down,
Blade -
(For Jar)
Jar -
(For Mill Jar)
8 Do not use turmeric with the Jar for blending.
® Do not interchange blades with other Jar,
[Assembling a wrong blade will cause overflow or leak.)
The safety lock has been designed to prevent
the appliance from switching on when the Jar is
not properly in place. Do not push the safety
lock pin with any implement, stick etc.
Keep clean to avoid foreign particles deposit
on the safety lock pin.
® The Chutney Blade is fixed permanently,
Do not attempt to remove the blade
Wil operate {To stop, release the finger).
While holding down the Pulse bution, appliance
To use for the Jar
and the Mill Jar.
samble ha
blades or
To use for removing
To use for disas-
Whipping Plate
contents from the Jar
How to Assemble / Disassemble
Blade (Jar, Mill Jar, Whipping) || Lid
o Dik Sh сВоа © Tighten the blade knob —
Jar. (black) with the spatula te Lift up the Ha
pes (anti-clockwise direction). ещо
= hp
- | A Push the
— — a ee
N \
e In case the lid is forced to open without
® To disassemble, reverse the assembly instructions pushing the button, the handle may break,
@ Hold the Jar
coupler at the
How to Use
1 Put ingredients. Put the lid on the Jar
Make sure the buttons are not first, then set it on the
pressed down on the Motor Motor Hou sing.
8 Line up the
O Turn the Jar
until it stop.
Never open or close the lid when =
the Jar is placed on the Motor (9 0000|
Housing as the blade is still
moving for a while after switching off,
Sel a hook on and make
sure the lid is locked,
® Please clean the jars and lids before using.
e Please run the appliance for short duration. Pause for 3
minutes and then resume.
® Do not overload the appliance with ingredients (See to
“Guide to Functions” on page 8).
6 Do not run the appliance without any ingredients in the Jar
or without the Jar unit,
® Do nol put a spoon etc. in the Jar,
® Do not put hot ingredients in the Jar.
e Use the recommended Jar only for the recommended
functions like blending and whipping etc.(See lo "Guide to
Functions" on page 8).
e Blades are very sharp. Handle therm carefully.
® Do not use turmerics with the Jar for blending.
3 Plug in and press Press the OFF button
the button. and remove the Jar.
While operating, Then take out the con-
hold the lid down. tents.
When adding extra ingredients, turn off
the switch, Remove the Jar from the
Motor Housing and repeat step 1-3. After use unplug.
Jar Type
Minimum Level
Maximum Level
Cold coffee, Butter milk,
J a E
Whipping Lessi Eggs 0 Up to the blade {3 of the Jar
Mot available
MX-AC220 7 | Blending 8
q ! г 5
Liquidizing Fruits Juices, soups Up to the blade {a of the Jar
(Max. 80g)
Rice , Pulses, Masala. Dry
Dry Grinding spices, Sugar, Bread Up to the blade fz of the Mill Jar
crumbs, Nuits, Roasted
coffee beans
mill Jar
soaked Dal or Rice,
Mot available Wet Grinding Coconut, Onion, Masala Up to the blade 175 of the Mill Jar
for paste etc.
Mincing STA Aang Up to the blade 1/5 of the Mill Jar
Grating Sik st Uptotheblade | 1/2 of the Mill Jar
: sugar, Coffee beans, 2thsp
Cry Girnding Spices, Condiments, Nuts (Coffee beans) FER
11/2 thsp heaped
Masala pasta, Onion etc. ingredients anda | "fz of Jar level
lite water
11/2 №5р heaped
Ginger, Garlic Paste ingredients and a fz of Jar level
little water
17/2 tbsp heaped
* Poppy Seed Paste ingredients anda | 1/2 of Jar level
Chutney Jar little water
To ou & Cashew ingrédients and à iz of Jar level
A little water
Coconut Chutney
11/2 tbsp heaped
ingredients and a
little water
12 of Jar level
Mint! Coriander Chutney
11/2 tbsp heaped
ingredients and a
little water
172 of Jar level
* The Chutney Jar is used for dry and wet grinding such as small quantities of masala powders, pastes
and chutneys. When grinding very small quantities, use Speed 1 and rest the mixer at short intervals.
a Use the Pulse when whipping cream and ensure that it is well chilled.
e Take extra care not to ovenvhip cream or drinks containing cream, which causes cream lo зераге!е
into butter and whey.
® À minimum of 5-6 egg whites are needed to whip up to a stiff consistency. Ensure that the Jar and blade
are totally dry and free of grease or fal. Even a tiny of yolk prevent whites from whipping up stiffly.
® Avoid ovarblending fruits like grapes lo prevent the seeds from getting crushed.
® The ingredients should be free from moisture. Dry them in sunlight or roast before grinding.
® Add harder ingredients like turmeric and dals first to grind masala to a uniform blend
® For tough grinding, rest the mixer for short intervals while operating.
® Break turmenc into smaller than 1 cm before grinding. Always gnnd turmeric with other ingredients.
e Using the Pulse or Speed 1 first to crush the ingredients, Add walter as required and grind at Speed 2.
stop the mixer and scrape the paste with a spatula in between grinding. Replace the lid and grind till
e Use the Pulse for mincing.
e Overmincing will turn the mince into a paste,
e Use the Pulse and avoid over mincing.
e Al ingredients must be dry and free from moisture.
e When grinding a masala paste wiich contains dry and moist ingredients (Cumin, Coriander seeds,
Dal, ginger, garlic and green chillies), add the dry ingredients in the Chutney Jar first and powder
them. Then add moist ingredients like grean chillies, ginger, garlic and a small quantity of water and
grind to a paste,
® Slice the ginger, and peel the garlic, Place them in the Chutney Jar. Use the Pulse to crush them, then
add a small amount of water and grind to paste.
® | ightly roast the poppy seeds and grind them to powder. Then add a litte water and grind tham to
® Roast the poppy seeds lightly, Place them in the Chutney Jar and grind them to powder, Then add a lit-
the water and grind to paste.
e Place ihe Ingredients in the Chutney Jar. Use the Pulse to crush them. Then add a little water and grind
lo paste.
® |f the recipe does not contain any thick ingredients like coconut or roasted gram, it's not necessary to
add water. Place the ingredients with salt to taste in the Chutney Jar (Tha salt brings out the moisture in
the leaves and promotes smooth grinding of the chutney). Use the Pulse to crush and grind to paste,
How to Clean
É 4
( Attention >
® Unplug and handle the blades with care.
® Use liquid soap mixed with water and Soft Sponge.
Do not use benzines, thinners, cleansers, scouring pads elc.. (Damaging the surface)
® Do not use hot water over 60°C or dishwasher,
Wash with soft sponge.
” \
To prewash before using Jar
(Prewashing does not apply to the
Mill Jar and the Chutney Jar.)
O Pour 250 ml of lukewarm water
in the Jar.
O Press button(*) and operate the
appliance for about 10
© Swich off and unplug.
© Disassemble and
throw away water.
To clean blades
Wash by a brush with handle.
Handle them carefuly to avoid
cutting hand or fingers.
Wipe the Motor Housing with well
wrung damp cloth.
Unit can not be turned on.
Unit stops operation.
Unit does not operate
when turned on.
Unit stops operation during
Ingredients leak from top.
Possible cause
® |5 Jar sel properly?
® |5 the lid set properly?
® |5 the plug connacted properly?
® Aren't ingredients stuck?
# Is circuit breaker protection active?
«Tao much ingredients.
*Hard ingredients.
«Unit makes too much sound or
® |= the Lid Gaskel sal?
Circuit Breaker Protection
When circuit breaker automatically
stops motor due to overload, press
the OFF button.
Remove the Jar unit and reduce lts
contents to half.
After 2 or 3 minutes, tilt the Motor
Housing and push the button of the
bottom surface. The appliance is now
ready for reuse.
® Turn the Jar until it stops.
e Push lid down completely,
® Plug in properly
® Remove all the ingredients
once and put them back in
Ihe Jar.
® Follow the instruction for
"Circull Breaker Protection"
(See below)
a Sel the Lid Gasket properly.
Model No. MX-AC300 MX-AC220 MX-AC210
Power Supply 230 Y — 50 Hz
Power Consumption 550 W
Protection Circuit Breaker
Rating 30 min
Housing Plastic (ABS)
Jar Plastic (Polycarbonate) Not Available Plastic (Polycarbonate)
ena Mill Jar Stainless Steel Not Available
Chutney Jar Stainless Steel
Lid Plastic (Polycarbonate)
Blade Stainless Steel Hard Type
Speed Control 3 Speed with 1 Pulse & 1 Off Button (plana Type Buttons)
Jar 1.0 L (Wet only) Not Available 1.0 L (Wet only)
Mill Jar Max. 0.5L (Dry) / 0.3 L (Wei) Mot Available
Chutney Jar 0.2L
Weig ht ' 4.6 kg 3.9 kg 3.9 kg
Accessories Spatula, Whipping Plate
Panasonic Home Appliances India Co., Ltd.
М.Н No.5, Sholavaram Village, Ponnen Taluk, Chennai - 600 067
Web Site | www.
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