308 CC - Peugeot

308 CC - Peugeot
308 CC
With the 308 CC, Peugeot, inventor of the Coupé-Cabriolet
(patented by G.Paulin), brings you a new art of living, in a CC
that’s even more of a cabriolet, with an elegant and modern style.
308 CC offers a blend of style, comfort and craftmanship.
It features four stylishly sculpted sports seats and the new
innovative AIRWAVE Neck Heating System.
As well as luxurious touches, the CC features a range of technology designed to maximise your driving enjoyment. This includes the
innovative new AIRWAVE* Neck Heating System and the Windstop* - making open-top motoring something you can enjoy all year round.
* Please refer to Pricing and Specification Guide for availability
Heating System
The Peugeot 308 CC is the
first four-seater Coupé-Cabriolet
in the world to feature the
AIRWAVE Neck Heating
System, a cushion of warm air
installed in the head restraints
of the front seats which can be
adjusted for temperature, flow
and orientation.
The Windstop* protects passengers in the 308 CC from
the effects of air turbulence.
The inclined front windscreen
supports this protection.
Heated front seats*
Heated front seats enhance
the comfort of the driver and
front passenger.
Automatic dual-zone
air conditioning*
Automatic dual-zone air
conditioning with diffusion of air
to the rear of the car recognises
the cabriolet configuration and
the outside temperature and
adapts the flow, temperature
and distribution of air according
to external conditions.
* Please refer to Pricing and Specification
Guide for availability
Through the fluidity of its style, both in the coupé and cabriolet configuration, the 308 CC affirms its dynamism
and its personality. Its sculpted lines create subtle plays of light revealed to optimum effect in the red expanse
of the LED rear lights, an original Peugeot signature in the world of the Coupé-Cabriolet.
Discover new horizons, new landscapes, new experiences....
The coupe cabriolet styling and technology within the 308 CC,
ensure you can enjoy motoring all year round.
In the cabriolet configuration, the 308 CC reveals the full extent of its character,
expressing its elegance and the charm of its lines. Feel like a change of style?
In 20 seconds, your cabriolet converts into a coupé, offering tranquillity and silence
in the passenger compartment.
Retractable rigid roof
Simply by pressing the control
on the centre console, the
retractable rigid roof of the
308 CC folds away automatically
and silently into the boot. You
can follow the roof opening
sequence via the animation
shown on the retractable
colour display*.
* Please refer to Pricing and Specification
Guide for availability.
A spacious boot
In the coupé configuration,
the boot of the 308 CC has
a volume of 465 litres. In the
cabriolet configuration, the
retractable roof system
preserves the boot capacity,
with a volume of 266 litres.
The passenger compartment of the 308 CC has been designed in the purest tradition
of prestige cabriolets, with meticulous care given to every detail: leather seats, visible
stitching, a front panel with black lacquered finish... stylistic elements and finishing touches
that invite you to take your seat.
In both the coupé and cabriolet
configurations, the 308 CC
offers four sports seats and a
capacity that will surprise you.
An excellent driving position and
a sense of genuine wellbeing.
Creating a feeling of dynamism
and quality. In the driver’s seat,
the instrument panel with its
white background reflects
the unique personality of the
308 CC. The elegant black
lacquered front panel and centre
console contain all controls
specific to the Coupé-Cabriolet:
retractable roof, multi-function
display, settings menu for the
new satellite navigation system.
An ultimate touch of refinement.
The 308 CC offers a choice
of latest-generation audio and
multimedia equipment: Peugeot
Connect Sound MP3 CD/Radio
system, Peugeot Connect
Navigation (RNEG) or Peugeot
Connect Media Navigation (NG4
3D), adding viewing pleasure
to your passengers’ comfort.
These three systems, offering
remarkable quality and an
elegant and contemporary
design, allow you to listen to
music, talk on the phone while
remaining focused on the
road, be guided and advised
throughout your journey.
* Please refer to Pricing and Specification
Guide for availability
Refined engines, a strengthened structure, optimised high-performance
suspension, wide tracks and a lowered ride height: everything has been
designed on the 308 CC to allow you to appreciate its exceptional road
Remarkable ride quality
Designed with particular care,
the suspension and exceptional
body rigidity of the 308 CC
ensure the absence of vibrations
in seats, the steering wheel and
this vibration resistance explains
the car’s superb acoustic
qualities in the cabriolet
configuration and testifies
to Peugeot’s expertise.
1.6 HDi 110 FAP & 2.0 litre
HDi 140 FAP - Diesel Engines
High-pressure direct injection
(HDi) is combined with a 6speed manual gearbox or a 6speed automatic gearbox.
1.6 litre VTi 120 and 1.6
150 THP - Petrol Engines
This petrol engine coupled with
a 6-speed manual gearbox or
a 4-speed automatic gearbox
combines top-of-the-range
performance with reduced fuel
Powerful and with plenty of
torque available at low engine
speeds, they give the 308
incredible flexibility and optimise
the balance between driveability
and fuel consumption.
Protecting the
environment and
preserving the future
of the planet are
the greatest challenges we
face today.
The Diesel Particle
Emissions Filter (FAP)
HDi technology is associated
with a very efficient anti-pollution
system, the Diesel Particle
Emissions Filter (FAP). Peugeot
was the first manufacturer to
equip some of its vehicles as
standard with this system.
For many years Peugeot has
been innovating with the future in
mind. Today, Peugeot has gone
one step further by qualifying its
commitment to future generations
through the “Blue Lion” initiative,
which has already produced very
concrete results:
Since the year 2000, Peugeot
has sold more than 1,700,000
private cars equipped with a
Diesel Particle Emissions Filter
Since 2001, nearly 1,100,000
cars emitting less than 120 g
of CO2/km have been
registered by Peugeot in
Europe (14 countries).
In 2007, 40% of private cars
registered in Europe by
Peugeot emitted less than
130 g of CO2/km.
All of the Marque’s vehicles are
manufactured in factories with
ISO 14001 approval and are
designed to be 95% recyclable
at the end of their lives.
Euro 5
The HDi 140 FAP engine,
coupled with a 6-speed manual
gearbox, has been designed
specifically to comply as of now
with the Euro 5 anti-pollution
standard which comes into force
only in 2010.
Peugeot Peace of Mind
The 308 CC deserves the best
possible care and therefore the
package includes the cost of
servicing your new car for the
next 5 years (or 50,000 miles),
3 year Peugeot Roadside
Assistance and Accident
This package can also be
transferred to a new owner.
See peugeot.co.uk for full terms
and conditions.
308 CC
Fuel Consumption
*As per directives 99/100/CE.
CO2 (g/km)
Extra Urban
VTi 120
THP 150
THP140 Auto
HDi 110 FAP
HDi 140 FAP
HDi 136 FAP Auto
Inside the Peugeot 308 CC you feel a real sense of serenity both in the coupé and cabriolet configuration.
The Peugeot 308 obtained 5 stars in the Euro NCAP* adult occupant protection tests, equivalent
to the “excellent” level, the maximum it is possible to obtain. Created in 1997, Euro NCAP is an
independent European organisation that evaluates the safety of vehicles available on the market
through a series of tests: front impact, side impact, pole impact…
*European New Car Assessment Program.
A world exclusive:
head side air bags
Each front seat contains a
chest/pelvis side air bag and,
in a world exclusive, a head side
air bag, guaranteeing effective
protection of all parts of the
body regardless of seat position.
The Peugeot 308 CC is thus
equipped with six air bags,
two of which are specific to
the vehicle:
• 2 front air bags
• 2 chest - pelvis side air bags
• 2 head side air bags
Self-actuating rear
rollover bars
A sensor detects any risk of
rollover, taking into account
the speed of the vehicle and
its angular trajectory. It then
triggers in the space of a few
milliseconds instantaneous
deployment of extractible
rollover bars which, with the
front windscreen pillars, create
a cell for the car’s occupants.
Braking performance
and efficiency
The 308 CC is equipped with an
anti-lock braking system (ABS)
to retain control over the car’s
trajectory in the even of emergency braking. Emergency
Brake Assist (EBA) increases the
braking efficiency if necessary.
Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBFD) controls the
pressure wheel by wheel for
greater efficiency. Also available
on the 308 CC is the dynamic
stability control system (ESP –
Electronic Stability Program):
Traction Control (ASR) acts on
the brakes and engine management to limit wheel slip in
the event of loss of traction.
Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
detects any understeer or
oversteer. It therefore returns
your 308 CC to its original
308 Coupé-Cabriolet, designed in the tradition of the top-of-the-range convertibles, offers you the choice to enhance its strong personality
with 8 colours, including the new Pearl White and Mocha.
Shark Grey
Babylon Red
Ipanema Blue
Black / Grey Cloth
Luxury Grey Lama Leather
Luxury Black Leather
Integral Black Leather
Luxury Vintage Leather
Integral Vintage Leather
Hurricane Grey
16" Izalco Alloy Wheels
Nera Black
17" Stromboli Alloy Wheels
Pearl White
18" Lincancabur Alloy Wheels
When you choose Peugeot, you have the reassurance of knowing that your vehicle has been designed and manufactured to give you years
of worry-free motoring. What’s more, as a Peugeot owner, you can rely on a comprehensive range of customer care services from your
Dealer. So you can be sure that you’re talking to a specialist who’ll listen to you, understand your problems and respond efficiently – someone
who also has the expertise to maintain your Peugeot correctly, using trained technicians, Peugeot Diagnostic Equipment and Peugeot Original
Equipment Parts.
Peugeot Warranties
As well as the 2 year unlimited
mileage manufacturer’s Warranty, all
vehicles first registered in the UK
and purchased from a UK Peugeot
Dealer come with a free, optional
additional year of Warranty through
the Peugeot UK Dealer network.
The mileage limit on this additional
Warranty is 60,000 miles (100,000
miles for Boxer vans excluding
Motorhomes and other converted
vehicles) from first registration. At the
end of the 3 year Warranty period
(or after 60,000 miles) you have the
option to purchase a Peugeot
Platinum Extended Warranty.
Our cars also come with a 12 Year
Anti- Perforation and 3 Year Paint
Warranty (6 and 2 years on vans).
For full terms and conditions on all
of these, please contact your
Peugeot Dealer.
Peugeot Assistance
All new Peugeots come with 12
months’ Peugeot Assistance – our
breakdown assistance service (36
months for the 308 CC and
607).This covers all incidents involving vehicle-based faults for you and
anyone else driving your car with
your permission. It is available 24/7,
365 days a year.
Peugeot Assistance includes
European cover, homestart, roadside assistance, vehicle recovery
and a free replacement car or hotel
accommodation if required.
It can be extended for a further 12
months, or 24 months, and to
protect you against non-vehicle
faults (such as punctures) at specially discounted rates, by calling
0870 752 7050.
Peugeot service care
Peugeot vehicles benefit from extended service intervals of up to 20,000
miles or 2 years (12,000 miles for
1.6 HDi diesel and 2.0 litre 180 bhp
petrol engines; 24,000 miles or 2
years on Boxer, 10,000 miles or 1
year on 107). Please refer to the
maintenance book for details of the
service intervals for specific models
and vehicles operating in arduous
Finance – Let the Specialists help
Peugeot Financial Services offer a
number of flexible finance plans that
make owning a new Peugeot easy.
We specialise in car finance and
can provide you with choice, convenience and flexibility direct through
your local dealer.
Written quotations are available on
request from Peugeot Financial
Services, Quadrant House, Princess
Way, Redhill RH1 1QA. Over 18’s
only, a guarantee may be required.
Peugeot Insurance
Peugeot Insurance has been designed specifically for Peugeots and
offers tailored cover at a competitive
price. If you are unfortunate enough
to have an accident, one of our
Peugeot Approved Accident Repair
Centres will repair your car, using
only Peugeot original parts. Plus we’ll
give you a courtesy car while yours
is being repaired (subject to availability when you use an approved
When the time comes to renew your
insurance cover, why not try
Peugeot Insurance?
You can call Peugeot Insurance for a
quote on 0870 0240 206.
Lines open 8am-8pm weekdays,
9am- 5pm Saturdays.
Max call charge from a BT landline is
8p per minute. Calls from other networks may vary. Calls may be recorded.
Peugeot Insurance is underwritten
by UK Insurance Limited. Conditions
Peugeot and the Environment
Our website has full details on all
Peugeot products, and offers available in the UK. You’ll also find information about our environmental and
recycling policies.
Peugeot Accessories
Peugeot Accessories are designed
specifically for each model which
means there are no compromises
on fit or function. In addition they are
rigorously tested to our own high
standards giving you complete confidence and peace of mind.
About this brochure
The information contained in this brochure is
based on the data and images available at the
time of printing.
Some feature combinations may not be available in the UK. Also, some photography may
feature vehicles which are left hand drive. As
part of our policy of continuous specification
improvement, Peugeot reserve the right to
modify technical equipment, the options available, and colours at any time. For full specification ask your Peugeot Dealer, or click on
Please note that print and photographic processes used in the creation of this brochure
may alter the depth and tone of the colours
This brochure is not a contractual document or
offer of sale. The details in this brochure cannot
be reproduced without the expressed authorisation of Peugeot.
Issued by:
Sales and Marketing Peugeot Motor Company
Pinley House 2 Sunbeam Way
Coventry CV3 1ND
For details of HM Forces tax-free military sales
contact: Peugeot Export, 454-490 Mile End
Road, London E1 4PE
Telephone: 020 7791 9044
Email: peugeot.export@peugeotmail.co.uk
Customers seeking End of Vehicle Life information should call 0845 257 3233
For all other enquiries please call 0845 200
1234 (Calls will be charged at local rate and
may be recorded for training or quality purposes.)
Based on more than a century of experience, Peugeot has developed recognised expertise
in designing cars that meet drivers’ expectations. Peugeot cars have always left their mark on
history by combining inventiveness and motioring passion with rigorous engineering standards.
The inventor of the Coupé-Cabriolet (patented by G.Paulin) and the world leader on this market,
Peugeot, with the 308 CC, has developed its fourth Coupé-Cabriolet in 9 years. The first
second-generation four-seater Coupé-Cabriolet, it holds the promise of new sensations, new
emotions and new driving pleasure.
Christian Peugeot
Dealer Stamp
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