Blueant | Z9i | Blue Ant Bluetooth Z9i headset

Set up for the BlueAnt Bluetooth
Z9i Headset
Turn on the phone.
From the Main home screen select the option for Blutooth.
Make sure that the Bluetooth setting in on. ( “On” should be highlighted in blue)
Give your device a name or leave as default. “Palm Device”
Change the Visibility to be set at Visible.
Then select “Setup Devices”
Select “Hands-Free Setup”
At this point turn on the BlueAnt Z9i. Hold the MFB (multi function button, button with
the ant on it) six seconds.
9. The LED will be solid blue then start to flash. It is now ready to pair.
10. On the phone press next on the Hands-Free Setup screen.
11. It will then search for nearby devices. You will see BlueAnt Z9i v1.1
12. Highlight this selection and press “OK”
13. It will then ask for a passcode. It will be four zeros, 0000.
14. This will complete the setup and you can return to your home screen.
Rev. Date 12/28/2009
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