Traveltot Car Seat
Traveltot Car Seat
User Guide
IMPORTANT! Please retain the user guide for future reference in the storage
compartment provided in the seat.
Conforms to ECE
R44.03 Universal
EXTREME HAZARD: Parents should not under any circumstances
use this child seat on a passenger seat equipped with an airbag
Safety Warnings
• Save this instruction manual in the storage compartment behind the seat cover for future reference.
• Make yourself familiar with these instructions and look carefully at the illustrations in the manual.
• The car safety seat offers maximum protection and is only safe when used in accordance with the
• For the safety of your child it is of crucial importance that the car seatbelt is threaded correctly.
Follow the bright blue routing labels on the front belt hooks and ensure that the shoulder belt is
also secured behind the bright blue belt hook at the rear of the seat.
• The Car safety seat is approved in accordance with European safety standard (ECE R44/03) and is
suitable for children from birth - 13 kg (from birth to approximately 12-15 months old).
• The Car safety seat may be used on the front or rear passenger seat, but always in a rearward facing
position. DO NOT use a child safety seat where the vehicle is equipped with a front airbag. This can
be dangerous. This does not apply to so-called side airbags. When using the Car safety seat on a
collapsible rear seat, always check to make sure the rear seat is locked securely before installing the
car seat.
• The Car safety seat must only be used on a forward facing seat fitted with an automatic 3-point seat
belt, which is approved according to ECE R16 or an equivalent standard.
• Before purchasing the seat we recommend you to check if the car safety seat is compatible for use
in your car.
• A baby can be very active. Do not be caught unawares by unexpected movements, and ALWAYS
secure your baby with the harness belt, also when using the car safety seat out of the car. Do not
allow yourself to be distracted by your child while driving.
• We strongly advise you not to use a second-hand product, as you are never sure if the seat has
been involved in an accident or whether it has been otherwise damaged.
• After an accident your car safety seat should be replaced. Although it may appear undamaged, if
you were to have another accident it would not protect your child as well as it should.
• It is advisable not to use car safety seats longer than 5 years after the date of purchase. Due to the
ageing process of the plastic for instance, the quality of the product may be unnoticeably
• Do not place the car safety seat on high surfaces, such as tables, worktops, beds, etc., due to the
risk of falling.
• Under no circumstances may the moving parts of the car safety seat be oiled or greased.
• Ensure that all luggage/objects, on the parcel shelf for instance, likely to cause injury in the event
of an accident are properly secured.
• Never leave your child unattended in the seat, either in or out of the car.
• When using the car safety seat on the front passenger seat, the car passenger seat must always be
placed in the rearmost position. The backrest of the car seat must be placed in an upright position.
Safety Warnings (cont)
• The seat must always be secured with a seat belt, even when not in use.
• Ensure that the seat is not damaged by wedging it between or underneath heavy luggage,
adjustable seats or slamming the car door, etc.
• No alterations may be made to the car safety seat, as this could effect part or the overall safety of
the seat.
• The car safety seat must not be used without the cover. Always use an ORIGINAL car safety seat
cover, as the cover contributes to the safety of the seat. The energy absorbing foam in the shell is
essential for the safety and must not be removed.
• Do not remove the logo and the airbag warning label.
Getting to know your child seat
Fitting summary and airbag warning
Shoulder strap slots
Diagonal belt guide
Warning sticker
Shoulder straps
Instruction manual
Removable Cover
Carrying handle
Push-button for adjusting
the carrying handle
Quick-adjuster button
One pull adjuster strap
Lap belt guide
The type of approved seat belt you must have
Your Mothercare child seat can only be installed rearward facing using a
lap and diagonal seat belt in the front or rear passenger seats of the car.
Legal Requirements
This child seat is approved to ECE R44.03 and is only suitable for use with 3 point lap and diagonal
seat belts approved to UN/ECE Regulation No.16 or other equivalent safety standards.
Front Seat: Anyone, especially children, travelling in the front seat of a car must be properly restrained.
Children under three years must use a suitable approved restraint designed for their weight.
Rear Seat: All adults and children must use seat belts or child restraints where they are fitted in the
rear of a car and are available for use. If the appropriate restraint is not available, children from 3
years must wear an adult seat belt if available.
Important notes
• Keep this user guide in a safe place where it can easily be found.
• When the child seat is not in use, it is recommended that it is fastened into the car
with a seat belt to avoid being thrown about in the event of an accident.
• In an emergency your child can be released quickly by pressing the red button on the
harness buckle.
• If you travel with passengers using both the front and rear seats, the lighter occupants
should be in the rear seats and the heavier occupants in the front of the vehicle. When
a child is in the front seat, the lighter passenger should be behind the child.
• Do not allow the child seat to come into contact with corrosive substances e.g. battery acid.
Adjusting the carrying handle
The carrying handle has 3 positions.
Press the two buttons on either side
of the carrying handle simultaneously
and move the carrying handle
forwards or backwards as required.
The buttons will pop out
automatically when the carrying
handle is in the correct position.
Carrying position/car position
Sleeping position/rocking position
Sitting position.
Fastening your child in the seat
Open the harness buckle by pressing the red button.
To close the harness place the left hand harness connector
behind the right hand one
- they should slot together neatly.
Push the harness ends in to the hole in the buckle at the top of
the crotch strap . You will hear and feel a "Click" when it is
If you do not hear the "Click", press the red button to unlock and
start again. If you are unable to to fasten the harness system
properly and tight enough, contact the supplier immediately and
do not use the seat. Ensure the belts are not twisted or damaged.
Periodically check that your child has not released the buckle.
Ensure baby is seated correctly, it's back firmly against the back
of the seat.
Pull the harness adjuster belt at the front of the shell tight so
that the child is firmly secured with the harness.
It is recommended that there is just enough room to insert 1-2
fingers between the straps and your childs chest.
Adjusting the height of the shoulder straps
The harness has 2 height positions.
The straps should go in the slots closest above your child's
Make sure the harness fits tightly around the child's shoulders.
To loosen the harness, press the quick adjuster button
front of the shell.
at the
Pull both harness shoulder belts simultaneously towards you
The end of the adjuster belt can be fastened on to the hooks at
the front of the shell.
To adjust the shoulder strap height, unlock the buckle and pull
the shoulder belts through the slots in the cover and the shell.
Thread the shoulder belts through the correct slots in the shell
and cover.
Ensure the harness is not twisted.
Note the difference between the lap belt and the diagonal belt
when installing the seat in the car.
Always place the seat in a rearward facing position on a front or
rear passenger seat, and adjust the carrying handle to the
upright position.
If the passenger seat belt is adjustable in height, place it in the
lowest position.
Ensure that the front seat is in the rearmost position. This does
not apply if you are placing the child seat in the rear of the car.
Guide the lap belt of the 3-point seat belt through the blue
marked lap belt guides on the front of the seat. Fasten the seat
belt into the buckle.
Place the cars diagonal belt around the back of the seat and
hook it into the bright blue belt guide at the rear.
Ensure that the cars diagonal belt is behind the blue belt guide
and blocked by the retaining hook. Pull the belt tight. Ensure
the belt is not twisted.
Double check that the seat belt is threaded correctly through
and underneath the three points marked bright blue. The car
safety seat is now correctly installed.
Final Checklist
However safe a child seat is, however well built it is, your child’s safety depends on you.
Read this final checklist once you have fitted your child seat in your car.
1. Check that you have adjusted the harness to suit your child. A fitting for winter clothes
will be too loose for a child wearing summer clothes.
2. Check you have installed your child seat properly using a 3 point lap - see section 9,
3. Check that your child seat is secure before each journey.
4. Make sure that there are no kinks or twists in the car seat belt.
REMEMBER: Misusing your child seat will reduce the protection and safety you offer your child.
Your child seat and its cover have been carefully designed, manufactured and tested to
the highest safety standards.
Do not put your child’s safety at risk by using without a seat cover. The seat cover should
not be replaced with any other than the one recommended by Mothercare, because the
cover constitutes an integral part of the restraint performance.
The safety of this seat may be compromised by the use of accessories not approved by
Replacement Parts
The replacement parts listed below are available for your product. In the event that you
require any of these parts, please contact your local Mothercare store or contact
Customer Care on 0845 330 4030.
Replacement Part
Blue House
Masson Check
Dlx Colour Block
Seat Cover
Support Pillow
Foam Backing
Foot Cover
Belt Pads
Sun Canopy
Sun Canopy
Support Pillow
Belt Pads
Foot Cover
Customer Care
Your child’s safety is your responsibility
If you have a problem with this product or require replacement parts, please contact your
nearest Mothercare store or telephone the Mothercare Customer Care Line on 0845 330 4030.
Alternatively, write to:
Customer Care
Cherry Tree Road
WD24 6SH
1. This is a “Universal” child restraint. It is approved to Regulation No. 44.03 series of
amendments, for general use in vehicles and it will fit most, but not all car seats.
2. A correct fit is likely if the vehicle manufacturer has declared that the vehicle is
capable of accepting a “Universal” child restraint for this age group.
3. This child restraint has been classified as “Universal” under more stringent conditions
than those which applied to earlier designs which do not carry this notice.
4. If in doubt, consult either the child restraint manufacturer or the retailer.
5. Only suitable if the approved vehicles are fitted with 3 point static or retractor safety
belts, approved to UN/ECE Regulation No. 16 or other equivalent standards.
Made In China for Mothercare, Watford, Herts, WD24 6SH
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