A Training Guide to Dragon Naturally Speaking 5 (Preferred)

A Training Guide to Dragon Naturally Speaking 5 (Preferred)
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A Training Guide to Dragon Naturally Speaking 5 (Preferred)
Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice recognition tool which enables a user to
carry out tasks on the computer hands-free. It allows you to dictate your
documents and there is no need to type in the information. This means that there
is less emphasis on using your hands . It assists students to create text quicker
than typing but to run the system there are also a number of functions that
cannot be carried out over the headphones and the keyboard must be used.
Starting with Dragon:
To open Dragon Naturally Speaking, simply double click on this icon
Dragon NaturallySpeaking.lnk
To begin with the software, a new user is required to complete a training
session, which involves reading a passage.
This is to allow the system to analyse your voice and to give you an
opportunity adapt your voice to the software.
A quality microphone headset is used in order for Dragon to pick up on
the user’s speech.
Once this initial training is complete, it is strongly recommended the user
chooses to do the tutorials included with the software (Preferred edition
Naturally Speaking, like any software, requires patience and time to learn
to use.
It can take 20 or 30 hours before a reasonable level of accuracy and
dictation speed is achieved.
Naturally Speaking adapts a user's speech files when corrections are
made and new words added.
It adapts the speech files when a feature called the Vocabulary Builder
which adds new words to Dragon.
All of this means that Dragon’s accuracy improves gradually with use.
Product Features
REVISE, EDIT AND FORMAT TEXT With Select-and-SayTM editing
DICTATION SHORTCUTS Insert routine phrases and paragraphs with
just a few words.
MANAGE E-MAILCreate and send e-mail by voice. Listen to your
messages read aloud.
CUSTOMIZE VOCABULARY with words you use everyday.
you said for easy editing and proofreading. Listen to your e-mail and other
Further resources:
There is a book on Dragon on the internet at the following
This can be used to further develop your Dragon typing skills. There is a help
guide under Dragonpad – Help – Help topics.
If you are experiencing difficulties with Dragon, please contact Hugh O’Neill by
email [email protected] or phone 6081153. Alternatively, the Dragon website can
be found by going to http://www.scansoft.com/naturallyspeaking/
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