Gamber-Johnson NP-PAN-CRADLE Specification

Gamber-Johnson NP-PAN-CRADLE Specification
Form #
CF27, 28, 29 & 30 CRADLE
Rev. B
The NP-PAN-CRADLE is a universal cradle designed to hold the Panasonic CF27, 28, 29 &
30 computers.
Adjusting the hold-down brackets: See figure below
1. Unlock the unit and rotate the wing turn lock 90 deg. in the counter clockwise direction.
The wing turn lock should be in the vertical direction as shown below.
2. Pull the hold-down bracket assemblies outward away from the sides of the cradle to open
the unit. The hold-down brackets should open approximately 1" in both directions.
3. Insert the computer you are going to use into the cradle. The front tab will help you line
up the computer from side to side.
4. Loosen the (2) #6-32unc ny-lok nuts located on the outside of the hold-down brackets.
5. With the computer screen open, push the hold-down brackets back into the cradle. The
upper brackets should be resting on the top of the keyboard surface.
6. Tighten the #6-32unc ny-lok nuts (loosened in step 3) that hold the upper brackets in
7. You are now finished adjusting the hold-down brackets.
Upper Bracket
Bracket Assy.
Upper Bracket
#6-32unc ny-lok nuts
Front Tab
Bracket Assy.
Wing turn lock
(shown in unlocked
If you need assistance or have questions, call Gamber-Johnson at 1-800-456-6868
1 The LED Light 7160-0095 will attach directly to either side of the cradle with the
machine screws and flat washers provided in the hardware bag that comes with the light. See
Figure 2.
2. The Screen Support 7110-0643 will attach directly to either side of of the cradle with the
machine screws and flat washers provided in the hardware bag that comes with the screen
support. See Figure 3.
LED Light
Figure 2
Screen Support
Figure 3
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