Panasonic HCV710EP User manual

Panasonic HCV710EP User manual
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Basic Operating Instructions
High Definition Video Camera
Model No.
Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future
This document explains basic operations of the unit. For more detailed
explanation, please refer to “Operating Instructions (PDF format)” which
is recorded in the enclosed CD-ROM.
Model number suffix “EB” denotes UK model.
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Information for Your Safety
Dear Customer,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank
you for purchasing this Panasonic High
Definition Video Camera. Please read these
Operating Instructions carefully and keep them
handy for future reference. Please note that the
actual controls and components, menu items,
etc. of your High Definition Video Camera may
look somewhat different from those shown in
the illustrations in these Operating Instructions.
Before use
Remove the connector cover.
How to replace the fuse
The location of the fuse differ according to the
type of AC mains plug (figures A and B).
Confirm the AC mains plug fitted and follow the
instructions below.
Illustrations may differ from actual AC mains
1. Open the fuse cover with a screwdriver.
“EB” area code model only
∫ Caution for AC mains lead
For your safety, please read the following text
This appliance is supplied with a moulded three
pin mains plug for your safety and convenience.
A 5-ampere fuse is fitted in this plug.
Should the fuse need to be replaced please
ensure that the replacement fuse has a rating of
5-ampere and that it is approved by ASTA or
BSI to BS1362.
Check for the ASTA mark Ï or the BSI mark Ì
on the body of the fuse.
If the plug contains a removable fuse cover you
must ensure that it is refitted when the fuse is
If you lose the fuse cover the plug must not be
used until a replacement cover is obtained.
A replacement fuse cover can be purchased
from your local dealer.
Replace the fuse and close or attach the
fuse cover.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or
product damage,
≥ Do not expose this unit to rain, moisture,
dripping or splashing.
≥ Do not place objects filled with liquids,
such as vases, on this unit.
≥ Use only the recommended accessories.
≥ Do not remove covers.
≥ Do not repair this unit by yourself. Refer
servicing to qualified service personnel.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or
product damage,
≥ Do not install or place this unit in a
bookcase, built-in cabinet or in another
confined space. Ensure this unit is well
≥ Do not obstruct this unit’s ventilation
openings with newspapers, tablecloths,
curtains, and similar items.
≥ Do not place sources of naked flames,
such as lighted candles, on this unit.
The mains plug is the disconnecting device.
Install this unit so that the mains plug can be
unplugged from the socket outlet
∫ Concerning the battery
Risk of fire, explosion and burns. Do not
disassemble, heat above 60 oC or
≥ Danger of explosion if battery is
incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the
type recommended by the manufacturer.
≥ When disposing the batteries, please
contact your local authorities or dealer
and ask for the correct method of
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
∫ EMC Electric and magnetic
This symbol (CE) is located on the rating plate.
∫ Product identification marking
High Definition Video Battery holder
AC adaptor
∫ Information for Users on
Collection and Disposal of Old
Equipment and used Batteries
These symbols on the
products, packaging, and/
or accompanying
documents mean that used
electrical and electronic
products and batteries
should not be mixed with
general household waste.
For proper treatment, recovery and
recycling of old products and used
batteries, please take them to applicable
collection points, in accordance with your
national legislation and the Directives
2002/96/EC and 2006/66/EC.
By disposing of these products and
batteries correctly, you will help to save
valuable resources and prevent any
potential negative effects on human
health and the environment which could
otherwise arise from inappropriate waste
For more information about collection and
recycling of old products and batteries,
please contact your local municipality,
your waste disposal service or the point of
sale where you purchased the items.
Penalties may be applicable for incorrect
disposal of this waste, in accordance with
national legislation.
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For business users in the
European Union
If you wish to discard
electrical and electronic
equipment, please contact
your dealer or supplier for
further information.
[Information on Disposal in other
Countries outside the European Union]
These symbols are only valid in the
European Union. If you wish to discard
these items, please contact your local
authorities or dealer and ask for the
correct method of disposal.
Note for the battery
symbol (bottom two
symbol examples):
This symbol might be used
in combination with a
chemical symbol. In this
case it complies with the
requirement set by the
Directive for the chemical
2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
Hereby, “Panasonic Corporation” declares
that this product is in compliance with the
essential requirements and other relevant
provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.
Customers can download a copy of the
original DoC to our R&TTE products from
our DoC server:
Contact to Authorized Representative:
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH,
Panasonic Testing Centre, Winsbergring
15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany
This product is intended for general
consumer. (Category 3)
This product on purpose to connect to
access point of 2.4 GHz WLAN.
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∫ Cautions for use
Keep this unit as far away as possible from
electromagnetic equipment (such as
microwave ovens, TVs, video games etc.).
≥ If you use this unit on top of or near a TV, the
pictures and/or sound on this unit may be
disrupted by electromagnetic wave radiation.
≥ Do not use this unit near cell phones because
doing so may result in noise adversely
affecting the pictures and/or sound.
≥ Recorded data may be damaged, or pictures
may be distorted, by strong magnetic fields
created by speakers or large motors.
≥ Electromagnetic wave radiation generated by
microprocessors may adversely affect this
unit, disturbing the pictures and/or sound.
≥ If this unit is adversely affected by
electromagnetic equipment and stops
functioning properly, turn this unit off and
remove the battery or disconnect AC adaptor.
Then reinsert the battery or reconnect AC
adaptor and turn this unit on.
Do not use this unit near radio transmitters
or high-voltage lines.
≥ If you record near radio transmitters or
high-voltage lines, the recorded pictures and/
or sound may be adversely affected.
About connecting to a PC
≥ Do not use any other USB cables except the
supplied one.
2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
∫ About the recording format for
recording motion pictures
You can record motion pictures in either
AVCHD*1 or iFrame recording formats using
this unit.
*1 It is compatible with the AVCHD
Progressive (1080/50p).
It is suitable for viewing on a high-definition TV
or for saving to disc*2.
*2 To save an image recorded in 1080/50p, it
is required to copy to a disc using the
supplied software HD Writer AE 5.0.
This is a recording format suitable for viewing
and editing on a Mac (iMovie’11).
≥ It is not compatible with motion pictures
recorded in AVCHD format.
∫ Indemnity about recorded
Panasonic does not accept any responsibility
for damages directly or indirectly due to any
type of problems that result in loss of recording
or edited content, and does not guarantee any
content if recording or editing does not work
properly. Likewise, the above also applies in a
case where any type of repair is made to the
unit (including any other non-built-in memory
related component).
About connecting to a TV
≥ Always use the supplied HDMI mini cable or
a genuine Panasonic HDMI mini cable
(RP-CDHM15, RP-CDHM30: optional).
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∫ About Condensation (When
the lens or the LCD monitor is
fogged up)
Condensation occurs when there is a change in
temperature or humidity, such as when the unit
is taken from outside or a cold room to a warm
room. Please be careful, as it may cause the
lens or LCD monitor to become soiled, moldy,
or damaged.
When taking the unit to a place which has a
different temperature, if the unit is accustomed
to the room temperature of the destination for
about one hour, condensation can be
prevented. (When the difference in temperature
is severe, place the unit in a plastic bag or the
like, remove air from the bag, and seal the bag.)
When condensation has occurred, remove the
battery and/or the AC adapter and leave the
unit like that for about one hour. When the unit
becomes accustomed to the surrounding
temperature, fogginess will disappear naturally.
∫ Cards that you can use with
this unit
SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card and
SDXC Memory Card
≥ 4 GB or more Memory Cards that do not have
the SDHC logo or 48 GB or more Memory
Cards that do not have the SDXC logo are
not based on SD Memory Card
≥ Refer to page 13 for more details on SD
2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
∫ For the purposes of these
operating instructions
≥ SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card and
SDXC Memory Card are referred to as the
“SD card”.
≥ Function that can be used for Motion Picture
Recording Mode:
Function that can be used for Still Picture
Recording Mode:
≥ Function that can be used for the Playback
Function that can be used for the Playback
Mode (motion pictures only):
Function that can be used for the Playback
Mode (still pictures only):
≥ Scene(s) recorded in 1080/50p or
1080/50i: “AVCHD scene(s)”
≥ Pages for reference are indicated by an
arrow, for example: l 00
These operating instructions are designed for
use with models HC-V720 , HC-V727 ,
HC-V720M and HC-V710 . Pictures may be
slightly different from the original.
≥ The illustrations used in these operating
instructions show model HC-V720 ,
however, parts of the explanation refer to
different models.
≥ Depending on the model, some functions
are not available.
≥ HC-V720 , HC-V727 and HC-V720M
correspond to Wi-Fi® functions.
≥ Features may vary, so please read carefully.
≥ Not all models may be available depending
on the region of purchase.
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
∫ How to open the Operating Instructions (PDF format)
When you insert the CD-ROM and open the [INDEX.pdf] in the CD-ROM, the Operating
Instructions list will be displayed. Click the document name of the Operating Instructions you
would like to open.
≥ Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF file. Please download it from the homepage of
Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Information for Your Safety........................... 2
Accessories.................................................... 9
Power supply................................................ 10
Inserting/removing the battery ............... 10
Charging the battery .............................. 11
Charging and recording time ................. 12
Recording to a card ..................................... 13
Cards that you can use with this unit ..... 13
Inserting/removing an SD card .............. 13
Turning the unit on/off................................. 14
How to use the touch screen ...................... 14
About the Touch Menu........................... 15
Setting date and time................................... 16
Wi-Fi [HC-V720]/[HC-V727]/[HC-V720M]
What you can do with the Wi-Fi®
function .........................................................22
If the Wi-Fi connection cannot be
established............................................. 23
Specifications ...............................................25
About copyright ...........................................27
Selecting a media to record
[HC-V720M]................................................... 16
Changing the Recording Mode................... 17
Recording motion pictures ......................... 18
Recording still pictures ............................... 18
Using the zoom ............................................ 19
Motion picture/Still picture playback ......... 19
Watching Video/Pictures on your TV ..... 20
Using the menu screen ............................... 21
Language selection ............................... 21
Formatting ............................................. 21
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For United Kingdom and Ireland
∫ Sales and Support Information
Customer Communications Centre
≥ For customers within the UK: 0844 844 3899
≥ For customers within lreland: 01 289 8333
≥ Monday–Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
(Excluding public holidays).
≥ For further support on your product, please
visit our website:
Direct Sales at Panasonic UK
≥ Order accessory and consumable items for
your product with ease and confidence by
phoning our Customer Communications
Monday–Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
(Excluding public holidays).
≥ Or go on line through our Internet Accessory
ordering application at
≥ Most major credit and debit cards accepted.
≥ All enquiries transactions and distribution
facilities are provided directly by Panasonic
≥ It couldn’t be simpler!
≥ Also available through our Internet is direct
shopping for a wide range of finished
products. Take a browse on our website for
further details.
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Check the accessories before using this unit.
Keep the accessories out of reach of children to prevent swallowing.
Product numbers correct as of Dec. 2012. These may be subject to change.
Battery pack
AC adaptor
AC cable
A K2CT2YY00095
Optional accessories
Some optional accessories may not be
available in some countries.
Battery charger (VW-BC10EB)
Battery charger (VW-BC10E)
Battery pack (lithium/VW-VBT190)
Battery pack (lithium/VW-VBT380)
B K2CQ2YY00117
HDMI mini cable (RP-CDHM15,
Wide conversion lens (VW-W4907H)*
USB cable
Filter kit (VW-LF46NE)*
Stereo microphone (VW-VMS10E)
Shoe adaptor (VW-SK12E)
HDMI mini cable
Shoe adaptor
Accessory kit (VW-ACT190EB)
Accessory kit (VW-ACT190E)
* Set the flash setting to
video light setting to
([OFF]). Set the
Operating Instructions
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Power supply
∫ About batteries that you can use with this unit
The battery that can be used with this unit is VW-VBT190/VW-VBT380.
≥ The unit has a function for distinguishing batteries which can be used safely. The
dedicated battery (VW-VBT190/VW-VBT380) supports this function. The only batteries
suitable for use with this unit are genuine Panasonic products and batteries manufactured
by other companies and certified by Panasonic. Panasonic cannot in any way guarantee
the quality, performance or safety of batteries which have been manufactured by other
companies and are not genuine Panasonic products.
It has been found that counterfeit battery packs which look very similar to the genuine
product are made available to purchase in some markets. Some of these battery packs
are not adequately protected with internal protection to meet the requirements of
appropriate safety standards. There is a possibility that these battery packs may lead to
fire or explosion. Please be advised that we are not liable for any accident or failure
occurring as a result of use of a counterfeit battery pack. To ensure that safe products are
used we would recommend that a genuine Panasonic battery pack is used.
Inserting/removing the battery
≥ Press the power button to turn off the unit. (l 14)
Install the battery by inserting it in the direction shown in the figure.
Removing the battery
Be sure to hold down the power button until the status
indicator goes off. Then remove the battery while
supporting the unit to prevent it from dropping.
Move the battery release lever in the direction
indicated by the arrow and remove the battery
when unlocked.
Battery holder
Insert the battery until it clicks
and locks.
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Charging the battery
When this unit is purchased, the battery is not charged. Charge the battery fully before
using this unit for the first time.
The unit is in the standby condition when the AC adaptor is connected. The primary circuit is always
“live” as long as the AC adaptor is connected to an electrical outlet.
≥ Do not use the AC cable with any other equipment as it is designed only for this unit. Also,
do not use the AC cable from other equipment with this unit.
≥ The battery will not be charged if the unit is turned on.
≥ It is recommended to charge the battery in a temperature between 10 oC and 30 oC. (The
battery temperature should also be the same.)
Connect the AC cable to the AC
adaptor, then the AC outlet.
Connect the AC adaptor to the DC
input terminal.
≥ The status indicator will flash red at an
interval of 2 seconds (approximately
1 second on, 1 second off), indicating that
charging has begun.
It will turn off when the charging is
∫ Connecting to the AC outlet
DC input terminal
It is possible to use this unit with power
supplied from the AC outlet by turning on the
unit with the AC adaptor connected.
When recording for a long time, keep the AC
adaptor connected and use it together with the
∫ To charge by connecting to
other device
It is possible to charge by connecting to other
device with the USB cable (supplied).
Do not use any other AC adaptors except the supplied one.
We recommend using Panasonic batteries (l 9).
If you use other batteries, we cannot guarantee the quality of this product.
Do not heat or expose to flame.
Do not leave the battery(ies) in a car exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time with
doors and windows closed.
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Charging and recording time
∫ Charging/Recording time
≥ Temperature: 25 oC/humidity: 60%RH
≥ Charging times in parentheses are when charging from the USB terminal.
Battery model number
Supplied battery/
VW-VBT190 (optional)
[3.6 V/1940 mAh]
2 h 20 min
(5 h 20 min)
Maximum continuous
recordable time
1 h 30 min
45 min
[PH], [HA],
1 h 35 min
1 h 40 min
1 h 45 min
50 min
55 min
≥ These times are approximations.
≥ The indicated charging time is for when the battery has been discharged completely.
Charging time and recordable time vary depending on the usage conditions such as high/
low temperature.
≥ The actual recordable time refers to the recordable time when repeatedly starting/stopping
recording, turning the unit on/off, moving the zoom lever etc.
∫ Battery capacity indication
The battery capacity indication is displayed on the LCD monitor.
≥ If there is less than 3 minutes remaining, then
will become red. If the battery discharges,
will flash. Recharge the battery or replace it with a fully charged battery.
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Recording to a card
The unit can record still pictures or motion pictures to an SD card or built-in memory. To record to an
SD card, read the following.
Cards that you can use with this unit
Use SD cards conforming to Class 4 or higher of the SD Speed Class Rating for motion
picture recording.
Please confirm the latest information about SD Memory Cards/SDHC Memory Cards/SDXC
Memory Cards that can be used for motion picture recording on the following website.
(This website is in English only.)
≥ Keep the Memory Card out of reach of children to prevent swallowing.
Inserting/removing an SD card
When using an SD card not from Panasonic, or one previously used on other equipment, for the first
time on this unit, format the SD card. (l 21) When the SD card is formatted, all of the recorded data
is deleted. Once the data is deleted, it cannot be restored.
Check that the access lamp has gone off.
Access lamp [ACCESS] A
≥ When this unit is accessing the
SD card or built-in memory, the
access lamp lights up.
Open the SD card cover and insert (remove) the SD card into (from) the
card slot B.
≥ Face the label side C in the direction shown in the illustration and press it straight in as far as
it will go.
≥ Press the centre of the SD card and then pull it straight out.
Securely close the SD card cover.
≥ Securely close it until it clicks.
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Turning the unit on/off
You can turn the unit on and off using the power button or by opening and closing the LCD monitor.
Turning the unit on and off with the power button
Open the LCD monitor and press the power button to turn on the unit.
To turn off the unit
Hold down the power button until the status
indicator goes off.
The status indicator lights on.
The unit is turned on when the LCD monitor is opened, and unit is turned off when it is
How to use the touch screen
You can operate by directly touching the LCD monitor (touch screen) with your finger.
∫ Touch
Touch and release the touch screen to select icon or picture.
≥ Touch the centre of the icon.
≥ Touching the touch screen will not operate while you are touching
another part of the touch screen.
∫ Slide while touching
Move your finger while pressing on the touch screen.
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
∫ About the operation icons
Touch when changing a page or performing settings.
Touch to return to the previous screen.
About the Touch Menu
Touch (left side)/ (right side) of
the Touch Menu to switch the operation
≥ It is also possible to switch the operation icons by
sliding the Touch Menu right or left while touching it.
Touch Menu
∫ To display the Touch Menu
Display of the Touch Menu will disappear when no
touch operation is performed for a specific period of
time during recording of motion picture/still picture. To
display it again, touch
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Setting date and time
The clock is not set at the time of purchase. Make sure to set the clock.
Select the menu. (l 21)
Touch the date or time to be set, then set the desired value using
Displaying the World Time setting:
≥ The year can be set between 2000 and 2039.
Touch [ENTER].
≥ A message prompting for World Time setting may be
displayed. Perform the World Time setting by touching the
≥ Touch [EXIT] to complete the setting.
≥ HC-V720 / HC-V727 / HC-V720M
At the time of purchase, the confirmation screen for the Wi-Fi setup is displayed after setting the
world time.
Exit the screen if the setup is not necessary.
≥ When the unit is turned on for the first time, a message asking you to set the date and time will
appear. Select [YES] and perform Steps 2 to 3 to set the date and time.
Selecting a media to record [HC-V720M]
The card and built-in memory can be selected separately to record motion pictures or still pictures.
Change the mode to
Select the menu. (l 21)
Touch the media to record motion pictures
or still pictures.
≥ The media is selected separately to motion pictures or
still pictures is highlighted in yellow.
Touch [ENTER].
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Changing the Recording Mode
∫ Intelligent Auto Mode
The modes (appropriate for the condition) are set just by pointing the unit to what you want to record.
Intelligent auto button
Pressing the Intelligent auto button can change
the Recording Mode.
≥ Pressing the Intelligent auto button when other
Recording Modes are set will change to
Intelligent Auto Mode.
∫ To change to the other Recording Modes
Touch the Recording Mode button icon.
Touch the desired Recording Mode button icon.
You can switch the mode to the Intelligent Auto Mode,
which optimises settings to the recording environment
you are in.
Intelligent Auto Plus
You can add manually-adjusted brightness and colour
balance settings to the Intelligent Auto Mode, and record.
Creative Control*
You can record motion pictures with added effects.
Scene Mode
This option allows this unit to automatically adjust the
shutter speed and aperture according to the scene you
want to record.
You can set the shutter speed, focus, White Balance, and
brightness (iris/gain).
Intelligent Auto
* In Motion Picture Recording Mode only
≥ Pressing the Intelligent auto button while in Intelligent Auto Mode can also change the Recording
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Recording motion pictures
Change the mode to
Open the LCD monitor.
Press the recording start/stop button
to start recording.
Recording button icon
When you begin recording, ; changes to ¥.
Press the recording start/stop button
again to pause recording.
≥ Recording can also be started/stopped by touching the recording button icon.
Recording still pictures
Change the mode to
Open the LCD monitor.
Press the
button halfway. (For
Auto Focus only)
Press the
button fully.
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Using the zoom
Zoom lever/Zoom button icons
T side:
Close-up recording (zoom in)
W side:
Wide-angle recording (zoom out)
≥ The zoom speed varies depending on the
range over which the zoom lever is moved.
6 W
A Zoom bar
The zoom bar is displayed during the zoom
Motion picture/Still picture playback
Change the mode to
Touch the play mode select icon A.
≥ You can also set by touching
, selecting [VIDEO
PICTURE]. (l 21)
HC-V720 / HC-V727 / HC-V710
Select the still picture B or the recording
format of the motion picture C you wish to
play back.
Select the media type D and then select the
still picture B or the recording format of the
motion picture C you wish to play back.
≥ Touch [ENTER].
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
≥ The icon is displayed in the thumbnail display when the item for motion picture is touched.
, 1080/50p , 1080/50i ,
≥ 50p is displayed in the 1080/50p scene when [ALL AVCHD] is touched.
Touch the scene or the still picture to be played back.
≥ To display the next (previous) page:
j Slide the thumbnail display upward (downward) while touching it.
j Switch the touch menu, and then touch
(up) /
(down) on the thumbnail scroll
Select the playback operation by touching the operation icon.
Operation icon
≥ Operation icons and screen display will disappear when
no touch operation is performed for a specific period of
time. To display them again, touch the screen.
≥ Touch 1/; to start/pause playback of motion pictures.
Watching Video/Pictures on your TV
Connect this unit to a TV using an HDMI mini
cable (supplied) or an AV cable (commerciallyavailable).
A/V connector [A/V]
HDMI mini connector [HDMI]
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Using the menu screen
≥ Touch
(left side)/
(right side) of
on the Touch Menu to display
∫ About
. (l 15)
guide display
After touching
, touching the submenus
and items will cause function descriptions and
settings confirmation messages to appear.
≥ After the messages have been displayed, the
guide display is cancelled.
Language selection
Touch the top menu A.
You can select the language on the screen
display and the menu screen.
MENU : [SETUP] # [LANGUAGE] # desired
Touch the submenu B.
Please be aware that if a medium is formatted,
then all the data recorded on the medium will be
erased and cannot be restored. Back up
important data on a PC, DVD disc etc.
desired media
[Built-inMemory]*1/[SD CARD]/[HDD]*2
≥ Next (previous) page is displayed by touching
Touch the desired item to enter the
Touch [EXIT] to exit the menu
HC-V720M only
Displayed when connecting a USB HDD.
(Refer to the Operating Instructions (PDF
≥ HC-V720 / HC-V727 / HC-V710
Media selection screen is not displayed when
the USB HDD is not connected. Touch [YES].
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
Wi-Fi [HC-V720]/[HC-V727]/[HC-V720M]
What you can do with the Wi-Fi®
By linking with Wi-Fi compatible devices, you can use the Wi-Fi functions of [Remote Ctrl]‚ [DLNA
Play], [Live Cast] and [Hom.Monitor].
Before using the respective Wi-Fi functions, check and prepare your device.
To use the Wi-Fi function, connect this unit to a wireless access point or smartphone via Wi-Fi.
≥ Please refer to the Operating Instructions (PDF format) for details about the Wi-Fi connection.
≥ For the operations and settings of your device such as the smartphone, please read the
operating instructions of the device.
Description of functions
Using a smartphone, you can perform record/playback
operations from a remote location or upload motion
pictures and still pictures recorded in this unit on SNS
(Social Networking Service).
[Remote Ctrl]
Connecting this unit to a DLNA-compatible TV via Wi-Fi,
you can play back scenes and still pictures on the TV.
[DLNA Play]
You can broadcast motion pictures of this unit live by
setting up a link between the “LUMIX CLUB” and
[Live Cast]
You can confirm the recording screen of this unit from
outside using a smartphone.
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2012年12月20日 木曜日 午後2時0分
If the Wi-Fi connection cannot be established
It cannot connect
to the wireless
access point.
The wireless
access point is not
Check points
≥ Turn ON the wireless access point.
≥ Approach the wireless access point and reconnect.
≥ If it takes time to complete the connection, the Wi-Fi connection will be
Reset the connection settings.
≥ Check how to connect to the wireless access point and how to set the
security settings.
≥ Make sure the wireless access point is registered in this unit.
≥ The device may be unable to locate the wireless access point due to
problems with the signal. Use [Manual Connection].
(Easy Connection)
≥ Make sure the wireless access point is in the correct WPS standby
≥ Make sure the PIN code has been correctly input.
(Manual Connection)
≥ Make sure the SSID and password have been correctly input.
≥ Check the Authentication method, Encryption type, and Encryption
key (Password).
Radio waves of the
wireless access
point get
≥ The condition may improved by moving the location or changing the
angle of the wireless access point.
≥ If you use another 2.4 GHz band device such as a microwave oven or
cordless telephone nearby, you may interrupt the signal. Keep a
sufficient distance from these types of devices.
The Wi-Fi
connection is not
possible between
this unit and a
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Check points
(Wireless Access Point Connection)
≥ Make sure the smartphone is properly connected to the wireless
access point by checking the Wi-Fi settings of the smartphone.
≥ Make sure this unit and the smartphone are connected to the same
wireless access point.
≥ Make sure the wireless access point is registered in this unit.
(Direct Connection)
≥ Make sure the smartphone is properly connected to this unit by
checking the Wi-Fi settings of the smartphone.
≥ Make sure the SSID and password have been correctly input.
≥ Make sure the smartphone is not connected to the wireless access
point. If it is connected to the wireless access point, change the Wi-Fi
access point using the smartphone's Wi-Fi set up.
It takes long time
every time to
connect to a
≥ It may take longer time to connect depending on the Wi-Fi connection
setting of the smartphone, but it is not a malfunction.
This unit is not
displayed in the
Wi-Fi setting
screen of the
≥ Try switching the ON/OFF of the Wi-Fi function in the Wi-Fi settings of
the smartphone.
The Wi-Fi
connection is
≥ If there is a setting for avoiding poor connections in the Wi-Fi setting
menu of the Android™ device 4.0 or later version, turn it off.
Cannot be
connected using
≥ Make sure your smartphone is compatible with NFC. This unit can be
used with NFC-compatible terminals via Android (OS version 2.3.3 or
≥ Make sure the NFC function of your smartphone is ON.
≥ Make sure this unit is not turned off with the power button.
≥ Some smartphones cannot be easily checked simply by touching. If
this unit is not recognised even after touching, change positions and
try again by touching slowly.
≥ Touch again if it does not connect after touch.
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High Definition Video Camera
Information for your safety
Power source:
DC 5.0 V (When using AC adaptor)
DC 3.6 V (When using battery)
Power consumption:
Recording; 6.7 W
Charging; 7.7 W
Motion picture recording format:
[AVCHD]; AVCHD format version 2.0 compliant
(AVCHD Progressive)
[iFrame]; MPEG-4 AVC file format compliant
Motion picture compression:
MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Audio compression:
[AVCHD]; Dolby® Digital/5.1 ch (built-in
microphone), 2 ch (built-in microphone/external
[iFrame], [MP4]; AAC/2 ch
Recording mode and transfer rate:
[1080/50p]; Maximum 28 Mbps (VBR)
[PH]; Maximum 24 Mbps (VBR)
[HA]; Average 17 Mbps (VBR)
[HG]; Average 13 Mbps (VBR)
[HE]; Average 5 Mbps (VBR)
[iFrame]; Maximum 28 Mbps (VBR)
Refer to the operating instructions (PDF
format) for the picture size and recordable time
of a motion picture.
Still picture recording format:
JPEG (Design rule for Camera File system,
based on Exif 2.2 standard)
Refer to the operating instructions (PDF
format) for picture size of a still picture and
number of recordable pictures.
Recording media:
SD Memory Card
SDHC Memory Card
SDXC Memory Card
Refer to the operating instructions (PDF
format) for details on SD cards usable in this
Built-in memory; 16 GB
Image sensor:
1/2.33 type (1/2.33z) 1MOS image sensor
Total; 17520 K
Effective pixels;
Motion picture; 4140 K (16:9)*
Still picture; 3240 K (4:3), 3240 K (3:2),
4140 K (16:9)
* When Level shot is set to off
Auto Iris, 21k optical zoom, F1.8 to F3.5
Focal length;
2.82 mm to 59.2 mm
Macro (Full range AF)
35 mm equivalent;
Motion picture;
28 mm to 729.6 mm (16:9)
Still picture;
33.9 mm to 712.6 mm (4:3),
33.2 mm to 697.6 mm (3:2),
28 mm to 729.6 mm (16:9)
Minimum focus distance;
Normal; Approx. 3.0 cm (Wide)/
Approx. 1.5 m (Tele)
Tele Macro; Approx. 60 cm (Tele)
Intelligent Auto Macro;
Approx. 1 cm (Wide)/Approx. 60 cm (Tele)
Filter diameter:
46 mm
i.Zoom OFF 26k, 50k i.Zoom, 60k/1500k
digital zoom
(Using image sensor effective area)
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Image stabilizer function:
Optical (Hybrid Optical Image Stabilizer, Active
Mode (Rotation correction), Optical Image
Stabilizer Lock, Tilt correction function)
Creative Control:
[Miniature Effect]/[Silent movie]/[8mm movie]/
[Time Lapse Rec]
7.5 cm (3.0z) wide LCD monitor (Approx. 460 K
5.1 channel surround microphone/
Zoom microphone/Focus microphone/
Stereo microphone
Minimum required illumination:
Approx. 3 lx (1/25 with Low Light Mode in the
Scene Mode)
Approx. 1 lx with the Colour Night View
AV connector video output level:
1.0 Vp-p, 75 h, PAL system
HDMI mini connector video output level:
HDMI™ (x.v.Colour™) 1080p/1080i/576p
AV connector audio output level (Line):
316 mV, 600 h, 2 ch
HDMI mini connector audio output level:
[AVCHD]; Dolby Digital/Linear PCM
[iFrame], [MP4]; Linear PCM
MIC input:
j60 dBV (Mic sensitivity j40 dB equivalent,
0 dB=1 V/Pa, 1 kHz)
(Stereo mini jack)
Reader function
SD card; Read only (No copyright protection
Built-in memory; Read only
Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0), USB terminal Type
Mini AB
USB host function (for USB HDD)
Battery charging function (Charges from USB
terminal when the main unit is off)
Available range; Approx. 1.5 m or less
60.1 mm (W)k69.3 mm (H)k124.4 mm (D)
(including projecting parts)
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HC-V720 / HC-V727
Approx. 277 g
[without battery (supplied) and an SD card (optional)]
Approx. 278 g
[without battery (supplied)]
Approx. 273 g
[without battery (supplied) and an SD card (optional)]
Mass in operation:
HC-V720 / HC-V727
Approx. 322 g
[with battery (supplied) and an SD card (optional)]
Approx. 321 g
[with battery (supplied)]
Approx. 318 g
[with battery (supplied) and an SD card (optional)]
Operating temperature:
0 oC to 40 oC
Operating humidity:
10%RH to 80%RH
Battery operation time:
See page 12
HC-V720 / HC-V727 / HC-V720M
Wireless transmitter:
Compliance standard; IEEE802.11b/g/n
Frequency range used;
Central frequency 2412 MHz to 2462 MHz [11ch]
Encryption method; Wi-Fi compliant WPA™/
Access method; Infrastructure mode
AC adaptor
Information for your safety
Power source:
AC 110 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption:
12 W
DC output:
DC 5.0 V, 1.6 A
49 mm (W)k24 mm (H)k79 mm (D)
Approx. 91 g
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About copyright
∫ Carefully observe copyright
Recording of pre-recorded tapes or discs or
other published or broadcast material for
purposes other than your own private use
may infringe copyright laws. Even for the
purpose of private use, recording of certain
material may be restricted.
∫ Licenses
≥ SDXC Logo is a trademark of SD-3C, LLC.
≥ “AVCHD”, “AVCHD Progressive” and the
“AVCHD Progressive” logo are trademarks of
Panasonic Corporation and Sony
≥ Manufactured under license from Dolby
Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol
are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
≥ HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition
Multimedia Interface are trademarks or
registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing
LLC in the United States and other countries.
≥ x.v.Colour™ is a trademark.
≥ iMovie, Mac and Mac OS are trademarks of
Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other
≥ Android and Google Play are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Google Inc.
≥ The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Logo is a certification
mark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
≥ The Wi-Fi Protected Setup Mark is a mark of
the Wi-Fi Alliance.
≥ “Wi-Fi”, “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”, “WPA” and
“WPA2” are marks or registered marks of the
Wi-Fi Alliance.
≥ DLNA, the DLNA Logo and DLNA
CERTIFIED are trademarks, service marks,
or certification marks of the Digital Living
Network Alliance.
≥ Other names of systems and products
mentioned in these instructions are usually
the registered trademarks or trademarks of
the manufacturers who developed the system
or product concerned.
This product is licensed under the AVC patent
portfolio license for the personal and
non-commercial use of a consumer to (i)
encode video in compliance with the AVC
Standard (“AVC Video”) and/or (ii) decode AVC
Video that was encoded by a consumer
engaged in a personal and non-commercial
activity and/or was obtained from a video
provider licensed to provide AVC Video. No
license is granted or shall be implied for any
other use. Additional information may be
obtained from MPEG LA, LLC.
This product incorporates the software licensed
under the GNU General Public License Version
2.0 (GPL V2.0), the GNU LESSER General
Public License Version 2.1 (LGPL V2.1) or the
other open source software licenses. A copy of
the corresponding source code licensed under
GPL V2.0 or LGPL V2.1 is available to you in
response to your request. For the detailed
terms and conditions thereof and the contact
information, please refer to the Operating
Instructions shown in the attached Operating
Instructions CD-ROM.
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