Fire-rated, Shatterproof, Ligh eight, Mirror-finished Panel tw

Fire-rated, Shatterproof, Ligh eight, Mirror-finished Panel tw
Fire-rated, Shatterproof, Lightweight, Mirror-finished Panel
October 2008
Fire-rated, Shatterproof, Lightweight, Mirror-finished Panel
A-LOOK/fr is a mirror-finished aluminum composite material, used for such interior surfaces as ceilings, walls
and column covers. Its mirror effect enables a luminous and wide interior space, and yet the panel is lightweight
and shatterproof. A-LOOK/fr is a fire-rated material that complies with the fire-safety requirements for interior
finishing materials in most countries. As outlined below, A-LOOK/fr panel is workable with regular
woodworking or aluminum-processing machines and tools.
Note: A-LOOK/fr cannot be used in humid atmospheres like bathrooms, areas where dew condensation may
frequently occur, and areas where cleaning never takes place.
1. Features
A-LOOK/fr has the following features.
(1) Lightweight: A-LOOK/fr is only 3.8 kg/m2 (0.78 lbs/sq.ft.)
(2) Impact resistance: A-LOOK/fr will not shatter or break.
(3) Fire safety: A-LOOK/fr complies with fire code requirements for interior
finishing materials in most countries.
(4) Workability: A-LOOK/fr is easy to cut and drill with regular
woodworking or aluminum processing machines and tools.
2. Material composition
A-LOOK/fr is an aluminum composite material (ACM)
composed of two skins of aluminum and the core material. The
decorative surface is an electroplating layer.
Note: The standard A-LOOK/fr has a decorative surface of
electroplating layer on the topside. In addition, we have
another grade called A-LOOK/fr EX that has an additional
fluorocarbon overcoat to extend its application field to light
outdoor applications such as soffit of entrance.
3. Color
Restaurant Ceiling, USA
Composition of A-LOOK/fr
Aluminum 0.25 mm
mineral filled core
Total thickness: 2 mm (or 3 mm)
Aluminum 0.25 mm
Backside coating
A-LOOK/fr Chrome
4. Panel dimension
2mm (or 3mm)
609×609 (2’ ×2’), 609×1219mm (2’ ×4’)
Note 1: 3mm thick is available upon request.
Note 2: 1219×2438mm (4’ ×8’) size is available upon request.
5. Characteristics
(1) Principal properties
Thermal expansion
Mechanical properties of
aluminum sheet (1050-H18)
0.2% proof stress
Flexural elasticity
Deflection temperature
Sound transmission loss (STC)
MPa, N/mm2
GPa, kN/mm2
A-LOOK/fr 2mm
(2) Fire performance
A-LOOK/fr is a fire-safe interior material which complies with all mandatory requirements for interior surfaces
in USA and Japan. A-LOOK/fr passes the following fire tests.
Test standard
BS476 Part 6
BS476 Part 7
DIN4102 Part 1
Tunnel test (ASTM E-84)
Room corner test (UBC 26-3)
Heat release test (ISO 5660-1) &
gas toxicity test
A-LOOK/fr 3mm
A-LOOK/fr 3mm
A-LOOK/fr 3mm
A-LOOK/fr 2 & 3mm
A-LOOK/fr 2 & 3mm
Result & Classification
Class 0
Class 1
Class B1
Class A/Class 1
Non-combustible material
Certificate No. NM-0020
(3) Performance of surface finish
The topside is an electroplating layer and the backside is a coating. The topside surface finish meets the
following performance.
Reflection rate (Light type
A, 30˚ reflectance)
Boiling water
Salt spray resistance
Humidity resistance
ASTM D523-89
ASTM D3359
Method 8
37.8˚C, 24 hrs
100˚C, 20 min
35˚C, 1000 hrs
100%RH, 50˚C,
1000 hrs
A-LOOK/fr 2mm
No change
No change
No change
No change
6. Processing method
(1) General
We can process A-LOOK/fr panels with regular woodworking or aluminum-processing machines and tools. We
can use circular saws for cutting and hand drills for making holes. The following machines and tools are typical
ones suitable for processing A-LOOK/fr panels.
(2) Saw cutting
Table saw
Table saws, panel saws and hand circular saws are suitable for
straight cut. In workshop, use a table saw or a panel saw, and at
construction site, use a hand circular saw.
a. Suitable rotation is 2500-4500 rpm (rotation per minutes).
b. Suitable saw blade is a carbide-tipped saw for aluminum.
c. Suitable feeding speed is 15-30 m/min.
d. Do the cutting work with the mirror side facing upward.
e. Feed the panel toward the rotating blade teeth, as shown in the diagram.
f. Check that the space between blade and saw access plate is adequate. If
it is too loose, repair or replace the access plate.
g. Remove chips from the saw table and the A-LOOK/fr surface during
cutting work.
Drill press
Hand circular saw
Mirror side up
Feeding direction
Hand drill
(3) Drilling
We can make holes with a drill press or a hand drill, equipped with
a suitable drill bit, hole-saw or circle-cutter. Use a drill bit for
metals. Do drilling work with mirror side facing upward.
(4) Curving line cut
We can use a hand router and a trimmer for curving line cut. Use a
guide template to stabilize the work. Remove cutting chips caught between the guide
template and the panel. Jigsaws are also useful for cutting complex shapes.
Hand router and trimmer
(5) Bending
We can bend A-LOOK/fr panels with manual or electric-drive 3-roll benders. The
smallest bendable radius of A-LOOK/fr 2mm is approx. 200-250mm in 2500mm long
machines. The exact bendable limit depends on the bending roll diameter, roll length and
the type of bending machine. Refer to the separate manual for details.
(6) General notes on processing
a. A-LOOK/fr is a shatter-resistant panel. However, avoid striking the panel with rigid or sharp objects during
handling and processing, as the impact may cause dents or scratches in the mirror surface.
b. The mirror side is covered with a polyethylene film for protection during handling, processing and installation.
Do not remove the film until installation is completed. Peel off the film soon after the installation is completed.
Exposure to direct sunlight for a prolonged period may cause a degradation of film and a glue residue problem.
c. Do processing work in a cleaned area. Prior to processing work, remove chips and particles from the
worktable and the panel.
Suspension ceiling method
7. Installation method
(1) Suspension ceiling method
A-LOOK/fr panels can be installed with the suspension ceiling system.
a. When fastening the panel with screws, bolts or rivets, apply a minimum
pressure in order not to distort the reflective image.
b. When sealing the joint, use acid less sealant such as silicone or polysulfide type.
c. The thermal expansion/contraction of A-LOOK/fr is nearly equal to aluminum. Therefore, between
A-LOOK/fr and aluminum profiles, the movement due to temperature change is negligible. However, the
expansion/contraction of steel and concrete is less than one half of A-LOOK/fr, and we have to allocate enough
space (0.5-1.0mm/m) in joints to loosen the movement.
Double-sided tape
(2) Adhesion method by double-sided tape
a. Backing materials
Gypsum board, plywood or particle board is suitable for the backing
material. The backing material surface shall be smooth and clean without
irregularities and loose materials.
b. Preparation of backing surface
- Remove all foreign matters from backing surface. Smooth out surface
irregularities such as nail heads or bumps.
- Use 3M’s VHB 4950 or the equivalent for the double-sided tape. Apply
the tape to the prepared backing surface, as shown in the diagram. In
order to ensure a good adhesion, flatten the tape surface with a roller or a flexible squeegee. Keep the liner paper
c. Installation
- Clean the backside of the panel with 50% IPA solution (50% Isopropyl Alcohol and 50% water). Peel off the
liner paper from the tape. Align the panel, adhere one edge, and adhere the remainder of the panel. Press the
edges of the panel with a consistent pressure using a small roller. Press the center of the panel with palms to
ensure the contact with the adhesive tape at the center of the panel.
(3) Adhesion method by adhesive
a. Use adhesives with low or no shrinkage. Low
modulus silicone or contact cement is recommended.
Hard setting adhesives may cause a distortion after
installation, as shown in the diagram.
Backing material
b. Apply adhesives evenly along the perimeter and the center of the panel.
c. Adhesives can be used together with double-sided tapes.
8. Cleaning method
While staining is still weak, wipe off it with a clean, soft cloth. For strong staining, use household cleaners, mild
detergents or glass cleaners such as Windex or Glass Plus. Do not use abrasive cleaners, pads and strong acid or
alkaline solutions.
9. Examples of application
A-LOOK/fr is used for interior finishes such as ceilings, walls and column covers. The following projects are
outstanding examples. The photographs include A-LOOK projects.
Shopping Center, Entrance Hall, Japan
O’Hare Airport, Chicago IL,
Hotel Lobby, Ceiling, USA
Game Center, Ceiling & Display, USA
Passenger Boat, Banquet Room Ceiling, Japan
Art Museum, Ceiling & Wall, USA
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The material properties or data in this leaflet are portrayed as general information only and are not product specifications. Due to product
changes, improvements and other factors, Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc. reserves the right to change or withdraw information contained herein
without prior notice.
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