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Max Borges Agency - Tech Launch Pad Named Official 2012
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AGF: Beetle
Colorful and slim cases add flare and protection to your iPhone 4
• Light-weight form delivers ultimate comfort and ease when carrying your mobile device
•Structure of case features clean lines and bold finishing
•Features the use of hard plastic for impact protection and soft TPU for shock isolation
•Available in a broad range of fashionable colors like Pink, Red, Silver and Blue
•Four cases included in each pack, sporting individual color schemes: Blue/Black, Yellow/Black,
Purple/Red, Red/White
Available at: and AT&T Retail Stores
Price: $34.99
AGF: Glide Rail Technology (GRT) Shell
Unique protective sliding shell case for Blackberry Torch designed with GlideTech resin for smooth and scratch-free operation
• Crafted with Glide Tech resin to ensure your device opens and closes with ease
• Innovative two-piece shell attaches to itself, not your Blackberry torch, to avoid any scratching
of the device
• Light-weight design provides an easy and comfortable carrying solution
• Leaves complete access to all controls, ports and camera
• Available in two sleek colors: Smoked Chrome and Metallic Blue
Available at: and AT&T Retail Stores
Price: $34.99
AGF: Premium Leather Pouch
Luxurious leather protective case for your Blackberry Torch and other
Blackberry devices
• Stylish pouch is elegantly crafted with fine leather for a high-quality look
• Equipped with special sleeper magnets which automatically puts your device in sleep mode, to help
preserve battery life
• Features a 180-degree rotating belt clip for maximum comfort and flexibility
• Sleek magnetic flap provides an eye-catching and simple way of securing your device
Available at: and AT&T Retail Stores
Price: $39.99
AGF: Vandelay
Sixteen different design-forward cases cater to a multitude of personal styles
• Top of the line cases for your iPhone 4 consist of signature colors & patterns for a unique appearance
•Two-piece design allows docking without removing the case
•Includes a holster with kickstand option to add ultimate functionality
•Leaves access to all controls and ports
Available at: and AT&T Retail Stores
Price: $34.99
for more product information, please visit:
Aperion Audio: Aperion Signature SLIMstage30 by Soundmatters
All-in-one surround system combines sonic excellence and simple elegance for
your bedroom, den, or anywhere you are looking to enhance your favorite
movies, TV shows and music
• Slim design with piano black finish to match the aesthetics of your flat-panel TV
•Utilizes a proprietary forward firing Linear Magnetic Drive® speaker to project a remarkably
enveloping 5.1 surround field
•Decodes Dolby® Digital and DTS™ Digital Surround
•Front panel 1/8” mini-jack input for iPod/MP3 player with automatic selection
Available at:
Price: $599 (Soundbar only) or $799 (Soundbar paired with subwoofer)
Aperion Audio: Home Audio Link (HAL)
A simple and reliable way to wirelessly stream sound from any source to any
sound system inside or outside your home
• Wirelessly send sound from your computer, home theater, MP3 player, or other audio source to any
audio-video receiver or audio system - within 100 ft.
•Connect your powered subwoofer and speaker systems wirelessly to eliminate wire clutter
•Using multiple receivers you can stream a single audio source to three listening zones, even outside
•Plug and play ease of use, audio input via computer’s USB or the Audio-In Jack
Available at:
Price: $149 (HAL System) - $70 (Additional receiver)
AViiQ: Portable Laptop Stand
World’s thinnest stylish laptop stand folds down to ¼” for exceptional storage
and portability
• Provides optimal ergonomic angle that reduces strain on your wrist and allows air to flow underneath, dissipating heat from the laptop thus improving battery life and computing efficiency
•Designed to improve visibility, decrease screen glare and maximize productivity
•German-made Hylite patented material provides a flexible weightless solution that is
extremely durable
•Folds flat for easy storage access in any laptop bag with a weight of a mere 5.5 ounces
Available at:
Price: $79.95
Balanzza: Mini Luggage Scale
Pack smart & avoid overweight luggage fees at the airport by weighing
before you go
• Avoid having to redistribute belongings at check in counter
• It’s easy! Strap scale to your luggage, lift using the scale, wait for the beep, set luggage down
& read the weight on the digital display
• Weighs bags up to 100 pounds – measures in pounds or kilograms
• Slim & compact, it only weighs 3.2 oz – perfect for packing & assisting you on your way back home
• Requires two CR2032 batteries (included) and comes in two colors: grey or green
Available at:
Price: $24.95
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Ballistic: Ballistic HC
Premium protective case for your iPhone 4 offers durability with style to fit
your everyday life
• Ballistic HC (Hard Core) design comprised of four dependable layers of protection for your
mobile device
•Includes an interchangeable outer gel skin layer, front facing inward holster and built in screen protector
•Advanced rugged case engineered to ensure long-term survival against drops and scratches
•Advanced shock absorption material isolated vibrations to protect your device
•Sleek, edgy appearance adds a fashionable and unique appeal
Available at: and AT&T retail stores
Price: $49.99
booq: Boa push
Elegant and compact way to carry your iPad, iPhone, credit cards, pens and
the other necessary items for life on-the-go
• iPad compartment lined with non-scratch fabrics, exterior pocket sized perfectly for the iPhone
•Made from genuine Nappa leather and durable booq Twylon
•Easy-to-use snap button flap closure and super-comfy seatbelt nylon shoulder strap
• Equipped with Terralinq service, helps reunite you with your lost & found bag
•Available in sand or gray
Available at:
Price: $89.95
booq: Mamba shift L
Lightweight, extremely functional backpack uses a clean and compact exterior
design to conceal a plush and roomy interior
• 1680 denier ballistic nylon exterior with water-repellant coating and interior water repellant ripstop
•Diagonally overlapping interior accessory pockets, provide easy access to all your gear
•Separate accessory zipper pouch to carry cables, external hard drive, etc.
•Elastic pop-out iPhone pockets integrated into shoulder straps
•Airmesh back padding increases comfort and allows heat to escape
• Equipped with Terralinq service, helps reunite you with your lost & found bag
Available at: and various retailers:
Price: $149.95 (13”-17” Mac or PC)
booq: Boa folio
Versatile three-position iPad case features a unique iPhone pocket making it the
ultimate accessory for the Apple user
• Three position design: flat for desktop, elevated for typing and near-vertical for movie
and presentation viewing
• Exterior pocket sized specifically for the iPhone
• Molded bumper provides optimum fit and protection for iPad
• Two style options: Nappa leather and Twylon or 1680D ballistic nylon for a more
rugged appearance
• Available in: gray, slate, berry, black/red and sand/turquoise
Available at: and various retailers:
Price: $89.95 (Nappa leather) - $49.95 (1680D ballistic nylon)
for more product information, please visit:
booq: Cobra case L
King of the Cobra line, the highly functional solution for the frequent traveler
carrying a Mac/laptop, iPad, folders, documents and numerous accessories
• 1680 denier ballistic nylon with water-repellant coating, lined with genuine Nappa leather
• Buckles and loopholes trimmed with polished gunmetal hardware
• Well-padded laptop and iPad specific compartments
• Multiple pockets for charger, hard drives and similarly sized items
• Two exterior quick access pockets and a large back magazine pocket
• Equipped with Terralinq service, helps reunite you with your lost & found bag
Available at: and various retailers:
Price: $345 - Macbook Pro (15”-17”) and PC’s (up to 16.4”)
CASTIV: The Guitar Sidekick™
Neck-mounted clamp system secures mobile devices to guitars for hands-free
music app viewing
• Mounting system enables guitar players to enjoy mobile apps, such as: GuitarToolkit, Visual
Metronome, Tab Toolkit, Guitar Tuner and hundreds more
• Compatible with acoustic, classical and electric guitars
• Rotates to accommodate portrait or landscape view; tilts to adjust viewing angle
• Works with iPhone, iPod touch, Android, BlackBerry, Zune, PSP and more
Available at:
Price: $29.99
Coloud: Betty Boop Headphones
Retro inspired Betty Boop headphones add character and sass
• Durable, comfortable and stylish headphones
• Adjustable headband provides a perfect fit
• Features 3.5mm jack for maximum compatibility including iPod
• Available in Black or White Dots designs
Available at: TBD
Price: $40
Coloud: Marvel Comics Headphones
Comfortable & durable headphones featuring popular Marvel Comics characters
• Marvel characters printed on glossy material giving a unique feel
• Adjustable headband provides a perfect fit
• Features 3.5mm jack for maximum compatibility including iPod
• Marvel characters include Captain America, Ka-Pow or Wolverine
Available at: TBD
Price: $40
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Coloud: Pop Icon Headphones
Popular pop icons add flare to headphones
• Sleek and stylish design adds personal style to listening experience
• Adjustable headband provides a perfect fit
• Features 3.5mm jack for maximum compatibility including iPod
• Available in Boombox, Peace or Record designs
Available at: TBD
Price: $40
Coloud: SpongeBob Headphones
Fun SpongeBob headphones are kid and adult friendly
• Friendly and unique SpongeBob design adds flare and style to listening experience
• Adjustable headband provides a perfect fit
• Features 3.5mm jack for maximum compatibility including iPod
• Available in “Happy” or “Square” designs
Available at: TBD
Price: $40
World’s fastest legged micro-robotic toy with full-function remote control and
retractable USB charger
•Fastest legged micro-robotic bug, traveling at one foot per second
•5 function remote includes controls for forward, back, left, right and stop
•Retractable USB charger built into remote, 30 minutes of charge = 15 minutes of play
•Flashing red heartbeat eyes pulse when robot is at idle
•Each color (red, blue, clear and green) operates on own frequency, allowing for multi-player racing
and battling
Available at: RadioShack and Toys “R” Us
Price: $19.99
Desk Pets: TREKBOT
Wheeled micro-robotic racer performs sharp turns, headstands and flips at
lightning speed
• Four different frequencies allow multiple robot racing, battling and exploring
•Perform headstands and flips using the 5 button remote control (forward, back, left, right and stop)
•Retractable USB charger built into remote, 30 minutes of charge = 15 minutes of play
•Available in black, gold, white and clear
Available at: RadioShack and Toys “R” Us
Price: $19.99
for more product information, please visit:
Digital Storm: Black|OPS Assassin
World’s most advanced vertically cooled gaming PC overclocks to 4.4GHz
& higher
• Innovatively designed chassis promotes vertical heat dissipation
•Three 180mm fans pump cool air into the machine & force warm air out
•Capable of cooling a three-way SLI configuration of NVIDIA’s GTX 480
•Sub-Zero Liquid Cooling System removes performance inhibiting heat from the processor, video
cards and motherboard
•3 year parts and labor warranty, including replacement parts and lifetime customer support
Available at:
Price: “Performance” configuration starts at $2,387
Digital Storm: SPECIAL|OPS
High-performance yet affordable Intel Core i7, Core i5 & AMD Phenom II
powered gaming PCs
• Feature quality components from vendors like Intel, NVIDIA, AMD & others at a fraction of the price
of other gaming PCs
•Complimentary TwisterBoost Overclocking, between 3.3GHz to 3.9GHz, to optimize components
•Numerous chassis options include the HailStorm & Black|OPS Assassin chassis
•Rigorous 72-Hour Stress-Test detects components which can be prone to future failure
Available at:
Price: Configurations range from $987 - $2,429
Digital Storm: 3D Vision Black|OPS Assassin
3D HD multi-display gaming systems deliver the world’s most immersive
gaming experience
• NVIDIA’s 3D Vision™ Surround Technology expands gaming real estate across three monitors in full
•Three ASUS 23” 3D displays expands gamers’ view of in-game action, resulting in a 5760 x 1080
•3D Vision required no adaptors; standard monitor cables & a setup wizard ensures simplified setup
•Systems include one free pair of 3D glasses
Available at:
Price: Base price of $2,833
Elgato: EyeTV HD
Full-featured DVR captures TV & delivers it live to Macs in full HD, while EyeTV
3.4 software enables streaming of live & recorded TV on iPad
• Provides full access to premium cable & satellite TV on a Mac
•Watch, record, edit & enjoy TV in high definition, including premium channels
•Dual capture mode records in iPad & iPhone formats at the same time
•Records in H.264 format for a clear HD digital picture & smaller file size
•Capture & archive analog sources, like VCR recordings with ease
•Capable of recording Blu-ray discs with the press of a button
Available at: Apple stores &
Price: $199.99
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Elgato: EyeTV Hybrid
TV tuner stick turns Mac or PC into a HDTV & digital video recorder
• Watch, pause & record live TV on a Mac or PC
•TV tuner stick receives both digital & analog, including HDTV channels
•Also captures video from sources such as a set-top box or VCR
•On a Mac, you can edit recordings & export to iTunes for viewing on iPhone/iPad/iPod
•Optional App available to view live TV on iPhone/iPad/iPod
•Comes with infrared remote, EyeTV3 software & video input cable for S-Video & RCA
•One year free of TV Guide data, with option to renew for only $19.95/year
Available at: Apple stores, &
Price: $149.95
Elgato: Turbo.264 HD Software Edition
The easy way to convert camcorder & video files for iPhone, iPad
• Instantly edit HD camcorder clips without converting them first
•Easy-to-use interface offers pre-installed output formats for iPad, iPhone, Youtube & many others
•Unlike other applications, it does not require a lengthy conversion into an intermediate format.
•Turbo.264 HD can handle nearly any kind of video file, including formats that are non-native on the
Mac such as MKV or wmv
•Automatically adds converted videos into iTunes to sync with connected Apple devices
•Converts standard- and high-definition files faster than other H.264 video encoders
Available at:
Price: $49.95
EZ Grill
Ready-to-use recyclable, convenient, portable instant grill
• Portable and recyclable instant grill complete with foil pan, grill grate, stand and charcoal
• Instant all-natural charcoal included – NO additives, unnatural chemicals, fillers or lighter fluid
• Convenient clean-up means no mess
• Lights with one match and cooks for at least 1 ½ hours
• Approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Available at: Walgreens and
Price: $4.99 for Regular Size (1.81 lbs); $9.99 for Party Size (3.31 lbs)
A waterproof MP3 player with bone-conduction sound transfer technology
• Patented bone-conduction technology vibrates inner ear creating high quality music underwater
• Sleek design with strap clip allows unit to be attached to swim goggle or snorkeling mask
• Integrated MP3 panel incorporates on/off, volume, next/previous track, pause and shuffle functions
• 10-Hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery charges directly from a USB port
• 1GB of Storage – approximately 240 songs
• Compatible with Windows and MAC Mp3 or WMA files
Available at:
Price: $149.99
for more product information, please visit:
FINIS: Swimsense™(powered by SportSense)
World’s only swim performance watch monitor that tracks swim stroke type
• Automatically captures and gives insight into your performance/workout as soon as you
start swimming
•Monitor records by stroke type via motion sensing technologies for workout analysis
•Analysis software displays distance, calories, different stroke types, pace, stroke count, efficiency,
SWOLF score and workout timeline
•Allows you to configure the settings for unique pool sizes, meters, yards, gender and weight
Available at:
Price: $199.99
FINIS: Wyland Dolphin Tail
Your child can become a mermaid with this monofin for swimming
• Dolphin Tail is a unique monofin that slips onto both feet and secures with adjustable velcro strap
• Allows child to swim and play easily in the water
• Resembles actual dolphin swimming technique
• Available in aqua blue or pink
• Portion of sales goes to Wyland’s ocean preservation efforts
Available at:, and
Price: $29.99
A waterproof MP3 player with armband for extreme sports
• Perfect for surfers, kiteboarders and triathletes
• Provides 1GB of music (up to 240 songs)
• Features high-quality waterproof sound for depths up to 15’
• Attaches to comfortable neoprene arm strap
Available at:
Price: $149.99
FUTURE SONICS: Atrio Special Edition (ASE) Earphones
High quality earphones provide “Bigger Sound at Lower Volume™,” creating
dynamic & powerful sound for both recording artists and consumers
• The Power of 1, Future Sonics’ proprietary dynamic drivers produce frequencies below 150Hz more
effectively than multiple driver designs, delivering audio the way your own ears would naturally hear
• New MG7 transducer and TrueTimbre™ audio quality produces rich, dynamic and full sound
• Lightweight design with multiple in-ear sleeves creates a custom fit and seal with natural noiseisolation characteristics
• A 18Hz – 20,000Hz Response, Sensitivity level of 112dB @ 30Hz, +/- 26 dB Ambient Noise Rejection (A.N.R.) providing unparalleled clarity and audio range
Available at: Airport Wireless and
Price: $229
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Gadget Nation
The popular coffee table book about off-beat gadgets and the inventors
behind them
• From bird diapers to a talking toilet paper dispenser to slippers with headlights Gadget Nation
shines the spotlight on the inventors of countless innovations
• Steve Greenberg, The Innovation Insider, travels the country seeking out clever off-beat new products
• Featuring more than 100 quirky innovations from garage inventors across the nation, this visual
showcase captures America’s can-do spirit and creative energy
Available at: Barnes & Noble, in Paperback and as an eBook
Price: $19.95
Grace Digital Audio: Allegro Wi-Fi Radio
Portable wireless radio & streamer provides crystal clear music inside
or outside your house
• Access to over 16,000 radio stations, 20,000 on-demand programs and over 35,000 podcasts
• Equipped with its’ own battery recharging circuit, the Allegro’s triple power option allows use of AC
adapter, 6 AA regular or rechargeable batteries
• Class D digital amplifier and rear ported full range speaker provides superior audio quality
• 5 station presets, displays song/artist info, alarm clock radio and remote control with Pandora controls
• Wirelessly stream music and stored audio files from your PC or Mac
Available at: Best Buy and Sears
Price: $169.99
Grace Digital Audio: Eco Extreme
Rugged all-terrain waterproof speaker case, provides dynamic sound and protection for your iPhone, Blackberry, MP3 player, keys and other personal items
• Water and dirt resistant design protects your mobile phone, MP3 player and personal items from
the outdoor elements
• High impact shock proof casing withstands drops, falls and spills
• Internal storage compartment holds keys, mobile phone, MP3 player, credit cards, drivers license
and cash, keeping it safe from sand, sun and water
• 3.5mm audio jack works with any mobile phone or MP3 player, 3” full range forward firing speaker
• Includes a 2” detachable carabineer clip, making it ideal for backpacking, biking, beach and camping
Available at:
Price: $49.99
Grace Digital Audio: Grace Wi-Fi Internet Radio
featuring Pandora
The world’s first Pandora radio featuring “thumbs up, thumbs down” song
selection & play/pause functions
• Ability to play and pause live stream from front panel or full feature remote
• Signature Pandora thumbs up/down controls, 5 remote presets and 100+ stations stored in “my
stations folder”
• Access to personal Pandora stations or 17,000+ stations including NPR, FOX News, CNN, BBC, CBS,
iheartradio, NOAA Weather Reports, Live365, KROQ and Sirius
Available at:
Price: $169.99
for more product information, please visit:
Hercules: DJ Console 4-MX
An edgy new DJ controller for mobile and radio DJ Pro’s
• Features a built-in audio interface that connects to existing analog gear
• Large jog wheels with sensors detect hand placement and is ideal for mixing
• 4 virtual decks with 150+ controls or 2 decks with 89 controls for mixing and intuitive control
• Sturdy metal body is completely portable for mobile DJ’s
• Works with PC and Mac and is bundled with VirtualDJ® 7 LE 4-MX Djing software
Available at:
Price: $449
Hercules: DJ Control MP3e2
Feel the sensation of pro DJing with an easy DJ mixer for all ages
• Mix your favorite MP3 files with 2 mixing decks
• User friendly automation for beginners and features a lightweight portable design
• 2 jog wheels for track navigation, a cross fader, 2 volume faders, speed controls and more
• Add automatic loops, multiple effects and even signature sounds
Available at: Musician’s Friend, ZZounds, B&H Photo, Six Star DJ and
Price: $129.99
Hercules: DualPix HD720p
Ultra-mobile, high definition webcam for notebooks
• Multiple positioning options, wide-angle auto focus lens and automatic image reconfiguration
• Exceptional image quality even in low-light conditions and a built-in microphone
• Perfect to stay connected if you are military, studying abroad or away on business
• Software suite allows photo, video and live music sharing during conversations
Available at:,,, and
Price: $59.99
Hercules: XPS 5.1 70 Slim Speakers
Ultra-slim multimedia speakers delivers surround sound experience
• Features an ultra-slim design perfect for small spaces
• Provides crystal clear sound for an immersive surround experience
• Slim center speaker features a flat-screen mounting system
• Includes a multi-function remote control featuring headphone jack, mic input & auxiliary line input
• Energy saving design uses less than 1 watt of power in standby mode
Available at:, J+R,
Price: $99.99
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
iBUYPOWER: Gaming Computers
Powerful built to order gaming rigs that feature cutting edge technology to
deliver an unparalleled gaming experience
• IBP’s fully customizable gaming rigs use only the best components like the Intel Core i7 and AMD’s
Phenom II x6 processors
• By offering both ATI and NVIDIA video card solutions IBP can provide the best possible graphics
• Specialized gaming options like the NVIDIA GeForce 3D vision kit or the Level 10 enclosure are
available to meet the even the most demanding gamer needs
Available at:
Price: Built to order starting around $500
IDAPT i4 Universal Desktop Charger
Simultaneously charge four different devices and clear cord clutter
with one system
• Features 3 tip ports and one USB port and LED light indicating charge status
• Interchangeable “quick release” tip system allows for easy, customizable charging system
• Compatible with more than 3,500 brands of mobile devices, including Apple, Nintendo, PSP,
Blackberry, Garmin and more
• Package includes six of the most popularly used interchangeable tips
• Available in black, white or silver
Available at:, Micro Center, Batteries Plus and more
Price: $59.99
iLuv: App Station
An app-driven rotational alarm clock dock for iPhone/iPod
• iLuv app from iTunes store transforms the App Station into a large digital display alarm clock
• Includes customizable settings and interchangeable interfaces to match your style
• Can stand in a vertical or horizontal position
• Watch movies & listen to music with jAura echo soundcell technology
Available at:
Price: $129.99
iLuv: iMM153
A bedside alarm clock for iPod that shakes the heaviest sleepers awake
• Bed shaker vibrates a bed or a pillow to wake you up
• Dual alarm clock with 7 ways to wake up and 10 level LCD dimmer control
• Built-in speakers for music clarity and depth
• Listen to iPod, FM stereo or any audio device via the auxiliary line input
Available at:
Price: $59.99
for more product information, please visit:
iLuv: iMM178 Vibe Plus
Sleek bedside dual alarm clock dock with bed shaker for heavy sleepers
• Bed shaker with volume control vibrates to shake awake the deepest of sleepers
•Dual alarm function for 7-5-2 everyday, weekday or weekends wake options
• jAura acoustic speaker technology allow you to hear your music with depth and clarity
•Large easy to read digital display with 10 level LCD dimmer control
Available at:
Price: $99.99
iLuv: iMM747 Stereo Speaker Dock for iPad
The first docking speaker specifically designed for iPad
• Desktop/bedside speaker dock for playing & charging iPad, iPod, iPhone
• Built with 3 drivers per speaker channel to enhance sound clarity
• Powerful amplifiers provide better efficiency and performance
• Watch YouTube videos, movies, run apps or play games from dock
• Auxiliary line input for any audio devices with 3.5mm jack
Available at:
Price: $129.99
iLuv: iPad Cases
Colorfully designed protective cases for iPad
• Cases offer protection in a variety of materials and styles
•Material includes ultra thin, flexi-clear, silicone, leather or fabric
•Designs include a variety of colors in a Tatz graphics, dot wave pattern, solid or clear
•Leather available in black or pink and casual fabric in grey, pink or black
Available at:
Price: $24.99 - $39.99
iLuv: iSP150 Portable Speaker Bar
A powerful portable speaker for iPad, iPhone, iPod and laptops
• Perfect for listening to music on-the-go
•Features a built-in power switch and volume control
•Includes a 3.5mm jack for easy connection to most portable devices
•USB powered or 4 AAA batteries
•Compatible with PC and Mac products
Available at:
Price: $34.99
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
iLuv: Tatz Headphones and Earphones
Make a statement with trendy high quality headphones & earphones
• Designed with the latest in precision acoustic engineering and contemporary styled graphics
•Headphones feature memory foam and sound isolation design
•Earphones feature slight curve for maximum bass and clear sound
•Available in 3 colors and designs, Broken Heartz, Impressionz, Scarz
Available at:
Price: $39.99 - $89.99
iMainGo: 2
Protective case turns your MP3 player into a powerful and portable speaker
• Custom fits and protects all iPods®, iPod Nano, iPhone®, iPod touch® and most MP3’s.
•Doubles as a premium external stereo speaker system for any device with a 3.5 mm connection
•Control and view your device without opening the case
•Wake up to music with built-in alarm feature (on alarm-equipped iPods® only)
•Comes with 4 AAA Energizer batteries and removable carry strap
•Size 5.7” x 3.8” x 2.4”
Available at: and
Price: $39.95
iMainGo: X
Ultra –portable speaker system and protective case for your iPhone, iPod touch
or MP3 player
• Custom fits and protects all iPods® (except Shuffle®), iPhone®, iPod Touch® and most MP3’s.
• Doubles as a premium external stereo speaker system for any device with a 3.5 mm connection
• Control and view your device without opening the case
• Comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and plug in charger for extended use
• Daisy-chain feature allows you to connect more than one iMainGo X for a larger sound experience
• Size 5.7” x 3.8” x 2.4”
Available at: and
Price: $69.95
iSkin: enigma
Premium molded and hand-crafted leather and microfiber iPhone 3G/3GS case
• Durable and lightweight frame wrapped with genuine Napa leather
•Inner surface is lined with the finest microfiber to ensure soft contact with the iPhone
•Façade features a distinct metallic finish adorned with a subtle designer pattern
•Chrome accented rear camera opening and integrated home button protection
•Leather has been treated to endure everyday use
Available at:
Price: $99.99
for more product information, please visit:
iSkin: Microban® Antimicrobial Protection
Only iPod, iPhone, MAC Keyboard and mouse skins made with embedded
Microban protection
• Microban® inhibits the growth of damaging microbes, such as bacteria, that can cause stains, odors
and product deterioration.
•Protection from mold, fungus, bacteria, dust & debris, hair & fur, dust mites, odors, drips & spills,
staining, snacks & crumbs and key wear on your keyboard
•Current products available with Microban: iPhone solo FX SE, iPhone revo2, iPod touch Duo, iPod
nano 5G DuoBand, ProTouch keyboard protectors and ProTouch Mighty Mouse protectors
Available at: or local Apple retail stores
Price: MSRP $24.99 - $34.99
iSkin: silo Laptop Carriers
Line of fashionable laptop carriers that bring fun and function, while protecting
your 13”-15” Mac / PC
• silo Tote is maximized for space and organization. It has a laptop compartment with quilted lining &
padding, a zippered center compartment, 2 built-in accessory pockets & two additional mesh pockets
• silo Messenger is perfect for those on the go. There is space for a laptop, legal-sized documents,
plus it has three interior pockets and one zippered pocket on the outside flap
• silo Slim was designed for the minimalist. The bag contours the shape of the laptop and has one
exterior pocket for the basic essentials
• Artwork was commissioned by iSkin from illustrator Cako Martin & designer Esther Sanchez
Available at:
Price: $140 - $150
iSkin: solo and revo4 iPhone 4
Stylish and protective cases with built in Microban antimicrobial protection
• Both cases feature 100% radio-transparent materials to help signal strength and a lifetime warranty
•The solo for iPhone 4 is slim-fitting and made from durable, yet flexible “phthalate-free” polymer with
a high-gloss translucent finish
•Available in 5 shades: Carbon (black), Quartz (clear), Breeze (light blue), Vive (purple) & Cosmo (pink)
•The revo4 is made from premium silicone material and features an innovative face shield protection
and integrated docking port cover
•revo4 available in 4 color combinations: Nighthawk (black/brown), Falcon (brown/white), Lush (pink/
black) and Hornet (yellow/black)
Available at:, Apple retail stores and other participating authorized iSkin retailers worldwide
Price: solo $29.99 / revo4 $39.99
iSkin: Vibes and Vibes FX for BlackBerrys
Fashionable cases for your BlackBerry Curve 8900/8520/8530, Storm and
Bold 9000/9700
• Crafted from an environmentally safe, flexible material that is resistant to impacts, abrasions and tears
•Features a clear camera and flash guard to shield them from everyday hazards
•Vibes FX kicks it up a notch for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 with four vibrant colors and engraved
argyle pattern and mirrored screen film
•All models have MicroBan® antimicrobial product protection to prevent germ transfer
Available at:
Price: $29.99 - $34.99
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Joby: Ballhead X for Gorillapod Focus
Lightweight and compact ballhead great for travel, but robust enough
to support professional camera rigs
• Separate lockable knobs allow you to pan (360°) and tilt (90°) independently
•Precision-machined anodized aluminum construction ensure durability and smooth movement
•Supports cameras up to 5kg or 11.1 lbs
•Comes with both 3/8” and 1/4” adapter making it compatible with almost all tripods
•Clamp and universal mounting plate are Arca-Swiss System compatible
Available at:
Price: $69.95, or bundled with Gorillapod Focus - $149.95
Joby: Gorillapod
Revolutionary line of tripods designed to affix cameras of any size
to just about anything
• Versions fit point-and-shoots to large professional cameras supporting up to 11 pounds
•Two dozen flexible leg joints bend & rotate for maximum tripod flexibility & functionality
•Rubberized rings and foot grips ensure a steady shot on any surface or structure
•Compact and lightweight designs (original Gorillapod featured in seven bright colors!)
•Complete line of attachments & accessories to satisfy even the most serious photographer
Available at: B&H, SkyMall,,, Cabelas, J&R and many others
Price: Gorillapod - $19.95, Gorillapod SLR - $39.95, Gorillapod SLR-Zoom - $49.95,
Gorillapod Focus - $99.95
Joby: Gorillapod Video
Compact, on-the go video tripod for mini camcorders eliminates shaky
personal videos
• Omni-directional positioning video head allows for easy orientation at any angle, with seamless
360º pan and 135º tilt
•Flexible, wrappable legs and magnetic feet enable users to secure the Gorillapod Video
to virtually any surface
•Quick-release plate and universal adapter clip specifically designed for handheld recorder
allows for a quick and easy setup
Available at: and other select international retailers
Price: Gorillapod - $29.95
Joby: Gorillatorch Blade
Hands-free, precise tactical and rechargeable LED flashlight for the
demanding DIYer
• 130-Lumen high-efficiency long-lasting CREE LED provides hours of productive, uninterrupted work
•Spot and flood settings make Blade perfect for detailed tasks or illuminating a large space
•Smooth 360º pan and 180º tilt allows precise illumination of the most tough-to-reach spaces
•The lithium-ion battery is easily recharged using the included USB cable or AC adapter
•Modular flashlight is removable from the stand to accommodate more tactical applications
•Flexible, wrappable legs enable users to secure the Blade to virtually any surface
Available at: and other select international retailers
Price: $59.95
for more product information, please visit:
Joby: Gorillatorch Flare
Powerful 100 Lumen flashlight with red LEDs and strobe option for
emergency situations
• One ultra-bright white CREE LED and three red LEDs can illuminate any target or send a hands free
emergency signal
•Users can choose between low, medium, high and flashing white light or between steady and flashing red light
•Flexible, wrappable legs and magnetic feet allow Gorillatorch Flare to be attached to any surface
•Compact, lightweight design allow it to be stowed in a car or backpack
•Three AA batteries provide 20 - 240 hours of operation depending on power setting
Available at:, REI
Price: $34.95
Joby: Gorillatorch Switchback
Powerful, compact Lantern that transforms into a high-performance head lamp
• 130-Lumen CREE LED serves as primary lamp and two white LEDs for flood lighting
•2 Red LEDs assist with night vision
•Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and stow while hiking or camping
•Ergonomic headband design ensures comfort over hours of heavy trail use
Available at: and other select international retailers
Price: $59.95
Jorno: Jorno Bluetooth Keyboard
Pocket-sized, foldable Bluetooth keyboard turns your iPhone, iPad or Android
device into a full functioning laptop
• Condenses down to the size of a deck of cards to easily fit in your pocket or bag
• Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect to your mobile device and place the keyboard
anywhere you like
• Rigid design allows it to be used either in your lap or any other nearby surface
• Includes a compact, detachable cradle to hold device in either portrait or landscape orientation
• Cradle also adjusts to any viewing angle and features a kickstand for stand-alone use
Available at: and other select retailers
Price: $99
Jostens: Personal Yearbook Pages
Create & customize your own yearbook pages, with help from your friends,
for a fresh spin on the already great yearbook
• Simple and fun process of logging on to the web and uploading your favorite pictures from the
school year and other events, vacations and memories
• Images can also be uploaded from your personal Facebook® or Flickr® account
• Customize 4 pages with your own style that includes your photos and are then sewn into your
individual yearbook
• With the “share” feature, friends can login easily to participate in the creation of your pages
• Pages are next to autograph sections so friends can enjoy your photos while signing their names
Available at:
Price: $15 (4 pages)
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Lemur Monitors: EconoDriver
Driving feedback accessory displays real-time fuel consumption to help you
drive greener and save money
• Program in the current cost of gas and it will indicate how much money you are wasting by
accelerating and braking too quickly or idling too often
•Installs within minutes and requires no additional tools or computer connection
•Simply plug the sensor into your vehicle’s Data Port which then wirelessly relays the pertinent info
to the display on the pocket-sized key fob
Available at: Brookstone and The Sharper Image
Price: $69.95
Lemur Monitors: SafeDriver
Driving feedback accessory provides peace of mind to parents of teen drivers
• From the moment your teen backs out of the driveway it will record real-time information of your
teen’s driving habits
•Displays maximum speed, distance traveled and any sudden brakes
•Installs within minutes and requires no additional tools or computer connection
•Simply plug the sensor into your vehicle’s Data Port which then wirelessly relays the pertinent info
to the display on the pocket-sized key fob
Available at: Brookstone and The Sharper Image
Price: $79.95
Lensbaby: Control Freak, Muse and Composer
Creative effects camera lenses for DSLR cameras that give amateur &
professional photographers freedom and ensues creativity
• Control Freak: Photographers compress and bend the lens to find the desired focus and then lock it
in place with the push of a button, perfect for tabletop or macro photography
•Muse: Squeeze the Muse to focus the image and bend it to find the image “Sweet Spot” where you
want the sharpest focus
•Composer: Ball and socket manual focus lens that allows the user to tilt it to a desired angle and
then focus using the manual focusing ring
•All three lenses are compatible with the Lensbaby Optic Swap System
Available at: or local retail stores (list available on request)
Price: Control Freak $ 350 / Muse $100 / Composer $270
Lensbaby: Fisheye Optic
Turns your Lensbaby Composer lens into a fun fisheye lens for great pictures
• The ultra-wide 12mm focal length and 160 degree field of view captures eye-popping fisheye
views from infinity all the way to 1” from the front of the lens
•The Fisheye Optic is part of the Lensbaby Optic Swap System, which allows the user to have an
endless variety of looks and styles
•Magnetic aperture rings can be removed and swapped by using the Aperture Removal Tool
•Designed to work with the Composer, but can be used on Muse lens with special adaptor
Available at: or local retail stores (list available on request)
Price: $149.95
for more product information, please visit:
Level Up: PlayStation® Alloy
The only officially licensed storage tower for your PlayStation console
and accessories
• Molded PlayStation controller dock securely holds 4 controllers
•Soft-coated guitar hooks keep your guitar controllers safely hung upright
•Ribbed shelves help you organize up to 16 game cases for PlayStation2 and PlayStation3
format software
•Console storage area fits all PlayStation2/PlayStation3 system models
Available at: JCPenney stores nationwide
Price: $69.99
Level Up: Wii™ Aperture and Wii™ Trideca
The only officially licensed storage tower for your Wii console and accessories
• Molded Wii controller dock securely holds 4 Wiimotes and 2 Nunchuks
•Soft-coated guitar hooks for gaming guitar controllers
•Ribbed shelves help you organize up to 16 DVDs or Wii games
•The console bay is recessed and ventilated to keep your system cool and easily accessible
•Available in black or white finish
Available at: Aperture at Toys R Us, Trideca at Bed Bath & Beyond
Price: $69.99
Level Up: ZigZag for XBOX 360®
The only officially licensed storage tower for your XBOX console and accessories
• Molded controller dock securely holds 4 XBOX controllers
•Ribbed shelves help you organize up to 13 XBOX games or DVDs
•Soft-coated guitar hooks for 2 gaming guitar controllers
•Recessed and ventilated XBOX 360 console storage bay keeps your system cool and easily accessible
•Available in black or gray finish with green accents
Available at: Toys R Us stores nationwide
Price: $69.99
Level Up: Rock Band® Ottoman
Store and organize your Rock Band accessories in this sleek, officially
licensed ottoman
• Holds 2 guitars, 1 drum set, microphone, drumsticks and storage trays for games and controllers
• Constructed with solid wood and durable leather-like exterior to enhance any living area
• Features Velcro guitar loops, fitted drum stick loops and fitted side accessory pockets to keep
gear secure
Available at: Costco stores,,
Price: $179.99
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Moshi: Voice Control Bluetooth Car Speakerphone
Hands-free car speakerphone allows you to activate 13 commands by your
voice alone
• Activated by user saying “Hello Moshi”, voice control works right out of the box with no programming
or buttons needed
• Responds to 13 voice activated commands including setting up to five speed dial faves, call back
last incoming call, check battery and cancel call
• Features include removable visor clip, ambient noise suppression, echo cancellation and 7 hours of
talk time
Available at:
Price: $79.99 MSRP
Moshi: Voice Control (VC) Digital Clock Radio
Compact ‘listening clock’ that allows you set the time, alarm and play the radio
by your voice alone
• Activated by user saying “Hello Moshi”, voice control works right out of the box with no programming
or buttons needed
• Responds to 12 voice activated commands including setting dual alarms, play radio, set alarm,
today’s date and snooze
• Features high quality stereo sound, 6 station presets, 3 alarm and 3 sleep sounds and AUX-IN to play
any MP3 player such as iPod
Available at:
Price: $69.99 MSRP
VoIP device and analog telephone adapter gives you everything you need to
fire your phone company
• Digital phone service offers free local and long distance calls to U.S. and Canada from anywhere
in the world
•Phone service connects directly to high-speed internet (router/modem) – or through a computer for
added convenience
•No monthly fees; no contracts; low-cost international calling
•Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) status offers users ultra low priced voice services and
nationwide number availability
Available at:
Price: $69.95 (the first year); $29.95 (each year after)
NZXT: Avatar
High performance gaming mouse is the ultimate weapon for PC gamers
• 2600 DPI optical sensor provides maximum sensitivity and responsiveness
•Ergonomic design gives full use to left and right handed gamers
•4 Speed DPI switch enables you to go from slow sniper movement to quick attack movement in a
matter of seconds
•5.8 mega pixels/second with a max frame rate of 6469 for improved fragging and sniping
•7 programmable keys allows gamers to customize their configuration for their game of choice
Available at:
Price: $59.99
for more product information, please visit:
NZXT: Cryo S
High performance notebook/netbook cooler
• Houses two adjustable 120mm fans that provide powerful cooling to any notebook up to 15 inches
• Built with thick, brushed aluminum
• Provides two additional USB ports to give users even more options for media, storage and input
Available at:
Price: $49.99
NZXT: Phantom
High performance chassis offers exhilarating design with unrivaled combination
of cooling advantages, extensive expandability & screwless installation
• Extensive cooling capabilities include 7 fan cooling options
• Includes dual radiator support, quad watercooling cutouts and an integrated fan controller with up
to five 20W channels
• Features support for larger heat sinks, graphics cards, E-ATX motherboards, 7 hard drives and up to
five 5.25” bays
• Innovative all-new 5.25” screwless rails make installing and swapping HDDs an effortless process
Available at:
Price: $139.99
Origin PC: The Big O
Benchmark shattering Gaming PC-Xbox 360 Hybrid delivers unparalleled
gaming experience with total customization, absolute power and complete
liquid cooling
• The Big O fuses the capabilities of the fastest computing hardware on the market, ORIGIN’s expert
overclocking and a built in Xbox 360 to create the ultimate gaming weapon
• Features Intel Xeon X5680 processors overclocked to 4.3GHz
• SLI Multi GPU configuration with dual GTX 480 FTW graphics cards
• Integrated liquid-cooled Xbox 360 slim modified so ports are easily accessible
Available at:
Price: Starting at $7,669
ORIGIN PC: EON 17 High Performance Notebook
EON 17 delivers portable dominance with desktop processors, SLI graphics, 24
GB DDR3 RAM and over 2 TB in storage
• With the Intel Core i7 980X desktop processor featuring six cores and twelve threads, the EON17
dominates the office and the playing field
• Offers the most visually immersive mobile experience imaginable packing dual NVIDIA GeForce
GTX 480M video cards in SLI with a crystal clear 17.3” HD 16:9 widescreen display
• Custom hand painting through a partnership with the artisans at Killer Paint
Available at:
Price: Starting at $2,499
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
PLX Devices: Kiwi Bluetooth
Turns your Droid mobile device into a powerful automotive monitoring tool
• Works with your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch via the Wi-Fi Signal
•Features include: Check Engine scan tool, MPG Gauges, Engine Sensors, Real time Dyno, Data Logging, GPS Tracking and Skid Pad
•Easily installs via your car’s OBDII plug located underneath your steering column
•Downloadable apps available on iTunes include Rev, Dash Command and Fuzzy Car
Available at:
Price: $99.95
PLX Devices: Kiwi Wi-Fi
Turns your iPhone/iPad into a powerful automotive monitoring tool
• Works with your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch via the Wi-Fi Signal
•Features include: Check Engine scan tool, MPG Gauges, Engine Sensors, Real time Dyno,
Data Logging, GPS Tracking and Skid Pad
•Easily installs via your car’s OBDII plug located underneath your steering column
Available at:
Price: $149.95
PLX Devices: XWave
The world’s first brainwave interface accessory for iPad/iPhone/iPod allows
you to harness the power of your mind
• A small headphone-like device that allows you to train your mind to control its attention and meditation levels
• Safely detects brain rhythm and senses electrical impulses to convert analog signals into digital signals
• Control and float objects in apps by simply thinking about it, or train your mind to focus and relax
on command
• Downloadable apps include: XWave, XWave Tunes, Personal Om Meditation Timer and Tug of Mind
Available at:
Price: $99.95
Primo: Stainless Steel Bottom Loader Dispenser
Sleek, eco-friendly stainless steel bottom loading bottled water dispenser
• Bottle is concealed in base for a clean look and no more lifting or flipping of heavy bottles
•Energy Star rated – uses 25% less power than traditional dispensers
•Dispenses cold water twice as fast as standard models and near-boiling water
•Flashing light signals when the bottle is empty
•No filters to maintain & no contracts for water bottle delivery
•Primo water bottles can be found at thousands of locations nationwide including: Lowes Home
Improvement, Kroger, HEB, Kmart, Albertsons, Winn Dixie and Ace Hardware
Available at:, Walmart,
Price: $199.99 MSRP
for more product information, please visit:
Psyko Audio Labs: Psyko 5.1
Psyko headphones revolutionize surround sound technology for PC gamers
and delivers a new layer of immersion with precise 3D sound, instant positional
awareness and improved reaction times and kill ratios
• Patent-Pending Psykowave Technology provides precise directional audio and places the user in the
5.1 “sweet spot”
•Delivers true 5.1 from 5 speakers strategically placed in the headband that naturally channels
sound to each ear without simulation
•Ear cup vents deliver optimal comfort for marathon gaming sessions
•Winner of the Best of Innovations Award for CES 2009 in the headphone category
Available at:, Newegg, Tiger Direct and Frys Electronics
Price: $299
Samson: Expedition XP40iw
Portable PA system with rechargeable battery and wireless Mic
• Pumps out 40 watts of power from lightweight Class D amplifier
• Features onboard iPod doc with volume, bass and treble control
• Compact design features integrated handle for easy transport
• Two channel inputs for additional mics or instruments
Price: $299
Samson: Go Mic
Compact USB directional condenser microphone designed for mobile recording
• Folding, compact design that allows for easy laptop attachment or desktop placement
•Professional quality performance, with multidirectional recording options for maximum flexibility
•Frequency response of 20Hz – 18kHz ensures crystal clear recording quality
•Plug & play MAC and PC compatibility with no required drivers for ease of use
Price: $59
Sceptre: 19- & 24-inch LED HDTV DVD combo
Sleek widescreen LED HDTVs feature built-in DVD players and clutter-free design
• Widescreen LED display features ultra-fast 5 ms response time and auto contrast enhancement
•DVD player integrated into the unit’s ultra-slim design
•Dual HDMI ports and a USB port further expands functionality
•Energy Star 3.0 complied saves power
Available at: Target, NewEgg, Sears and Costco
Price: $399 MSRP (19-inch) and $499 MSRP (24-inch)
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Sceptre: 24-inch HD LCD TV
Sleek, multi-functional 24-inch HD LCD TV enhances the trendy home
entertainment experience
• Widescreen 1080p HD LCD TV
•Features ultra-fast 2 ms response time and 4,000:1 contrast ratio
•Dual HDMI and USB ports expand functionality, allowing users to listen to music and view
digital photos
•Energy Star 3.0 complied monitors use 40% less electricity
•Available in Chrome, Red, Blue, Pink and Black
Available at: Sears, Kmart, Target, Costco and
Price: $399 MSRP
Sceptre: 24-inch LED PC Monitor
High-performance gaming monitor features sensitive touch controls
for sleek appearance and superior functionality
• Widescreen LED display features ultra-fast 2 ms response time and industry high 5,000,000:1
contrast ratio
•Effortless soft-touch controls allow users to quickly adjust various settings without complication
•Ultra-thin 16.8 mm screen, 1.52 inch monitor
•Energy Star 5.0 complied saves power
Available at: Target, Tiger Direct, Costco and NewEgg
Price: $299 MSRP
Sceptre: Galaxy Series 42-inch LED HDTV
Ultra-slim LED HDTV adds sleek sophistication to any room of the house
• Superior widescreen display emits more vivid, robust colors and auto contrast enhancement
• Contemporary design features tempered glass swiveled stand with smooth beveled edges
• Three HDMI ports and USB connection expand user enjoyment
• Energy Star 3.0 complied monitors use 40% less electricity
Available at: Target, Sears, and NewEgg
Price: $1,299 MSRP
Scosche: flipSYNC II
Keychain with full-size USB charger and sync cables for Blackberry
& iPhone/iPod
• Attaches to a keychain so users always have a convenient way to charge and sync their phone or
MP3 player
•Features USB 2.0 for fastest data transfer possible
•USBMM model features both Mini and Micro USB connections
•IPUSBM model features iPhone/iPod connection
Available at:,
Price: $19.99
for more product information, please visit:
Scosche: kickBACK P1
Polycarbonate and rubber hybrid iPad case with integrated kickstand
• Kickstand allows for both vertical and horizontal viewing and has a low angle setting optimal for
•Shatterproof polycarbonate and rubber provides superior protection
•Molded grips on the back of the kickBACK allow for more secure handling.
•Ships with screen protector and cleaning cloth
Available at:
Price: $59.99
Scosche: motorMOUTH II
Award-winning plug & play Bluetooth handsfree car kit and streaming
audio receiver
• Plugs directly into a vehicle’s MP3/AUX input and streams audio from any A2DP device
•DSP echo cancellation technology ensures a crystal clear conversation even in noisy cars
•Scosche provides an aux relocation cable and mount for car owners with auxiliary input located in
the center console
•Ships with Y adapter for users that prefer to directly connect their music
Available at:, Frys Electronics
Price: $79.99
Scosche: reVIVE II
Dual USB iPad Chargers for Home and Car
• Both models feature 2 USB port for simultaneously charging two USB powered devices at once
•Each charger features a 2.1 Amp USB port for the iPad and 1 Amp USB port for other devices
Available at:
Price: $24.99 (car) and $29.99 (home)
Scosche: sneakPeek II
Switchable HD and Standard Definition audio video output solution for iPad,
iPhone and iPod
• Features both component & composite cable connections ensuring maximum compatibility
• Integrated micro USB cable and included 3ft USB-to-micro USB cable allow users to charge
during playback
• 24k gold plated tips for enhanced durability and superior audio quality
Available at:
Price: $59.99
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Sculpteo: 3D Printing Service
Turns imagination into reality, transforming virtual objects into tangible items
• Create your own real-life character, robot, miniature, jewelry or model from a 3D file
•Free 3D software helps turn ideas into 3D geometric objects
•Accepts various 3D file formats, including the most common: OBJ, 3DS, STL, SKP
•Unique online community platform allows designers to share models and upload designs
•Ability to customize object’s material, color, size and shape
Available at:
Price: Varies based on customization
Smartfish: ErgoMotion Keyboard
The world’s first intelligent keyboard that prevents Repetitive Stress Injury
• Features ErgoMotion™, computer peripheral technology designed to relieve discomfort and
prevent repetitive stress injuries related to extended usage
• Moves through seven different dynamic positions depending on user’s typing frequency
to improve ergonomics
• Radial adjustment repositions a user’s hands and wrists to alleviate horizontal rotation
Available at:
Price: $149.95
Smartfish: ErgoMotion Mouse
Breakthrough ergonomic peripheral rethinks traditional mouse design to
promote a healthier computing experience
• Features ErgoMotion™, the most advanced computer peripheral technology designed to relieve
discomfort and prevent repetitive stress injuries related to extended computer usage
•Patented swivel mechanism promotes a fluid movement to adjust to a user’s hand position
•Sleek Ambidextrous design for a right or left handed user
•Features both left and right click, four way scroll wheel and a discreet wireless USB Plug-in
•Compatible with MAC and PC
Available at:
Price: $49.95
Speakal: iBoo
The scariest iPod docking station on the market with a built-in subwoofer
and sub-$80 price point
• 15 watts of high quality sound featuring 3 speakers, including a 4 inch subwoofer
•Touch volume & music navigation controls, remote control & multiple iPod® docking cradles
•AUX input jack for extensive compatibility with almost any audio source
Available at:
Price: $79.99
for more product information, please visit:
Speakal: iCrystal
Unique illuminated globe and teardrop design brings modern style and sound
to your iDevice
• Boasts one of the most innovative and unique designs of any dock on the market with two separated
spherical pods that house an illuminated teardrop shedding a gentle ambient blue light around the
rim of the speaker
•Features a remote control and onboard humanized touch controls that make adjusting volume and
changing tracks effortless
•3.5mm Aux input jack connects to TV, Gaming console or other music sources
•Available in white, black and red
Available at:
Price: $79.99
Speakal: iPig & iPanda
Animal themed docking stations boast stylish sound and touch controls in
an absurdly cute design
• Features superb fidelity and booming bass with 4 speakers and a 4” subwoofer creating 360°
sound distribution
•Humanized touch control allows you to adjust volume simply by touching left and right ears
•‘Made for iPod’ and compatible with mobile gaming devices, PCs, Laptops, gaming consoles and
any audio player
•Smiley mouth lights up when the iPig is powered on and blinks when receives commands from the
Available at:
Price: $119.99
Speakal: iPom
Floral-themed speaker gives your music colorful fun and style
• Unique design incorporates apple-shaped subwoofer and removable flower speakers
•Humanized touch controls for effortless changing of tracks and volume
•Plays music from USB drives, SD cards and anything with a 3.5mm output
Available at:
Price: $99.99
Speakal: MiSoccer
Soccer themed docking station is the ultimate music accessory for sports fans
• Unique spherical design offers 360 degree sound distribution and bass reflex technology for pristine sound quality
•Humanized touch controls allow effortless adjustment of volume level and selection of desired track
•Multi-function remote control volume, bass and treble as well as full control of docked iPod
•3.5mm Aux input jack connects to TV, Gaming console or other music sources
•Available in black & white, red & white and blue & white
Available at:
Price: $119.99
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Swann: OutbackCam
Portable camera & DVR combo, housed in a weather-proof case, is ideal for
remote monitoring
• Two megapixel color camera captures both JPEG images & AVI videos
•DVR comes with a 2GB SD card, but can be expanded to 32GB
•Recordings are triggered by motion detection or a pre-scheduled date/time
•Night vision can capture images up to 32’ away
•Included strap to easily attach OutbackCam to trees, fences, flat surfaces or anywhere
Available at: B&H Photo, Kmart and
Price: $149.99
Swann: PenCam Mini Video Camera & Recorder
Real working pen conceals color camera and DVR shoots video & still images
• Captures color AVI videos in 640 x 480 & still images in 1280 x 960 resolution
•Footage recorded on 2GB internal memory; 1 hour of video & 9,000 still images
•Integrated USB connector allows for easy video/image back-up
•Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery lasts 90 minutes on a full charge
Available at:,,
Price: $99.99
Swann: RemoteCam
Mini video camera & DVR housed inside a car remote control
for covert surveillance
• Captures color videos in AVI format and color still images in JPEG format
•Includes a 2GB MicroSD card capable of recording up to 25 minutes of video
•Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery can record for 60 minutes per charge
•Easily upload pictures/videos to social networking sites via USB port
Available at: B&H Photo, NextDayPC
Price: $99
Swann: Home Series Alarm Range
Affordable wireless DIY alarms emit a loud siren once a security breach has
been detected
• Comprised of Window Alarm, Magnetic Window Alarm, PIR Motion Alarm, Magnetic Keypad Door
Alarm, Anti-Flood Alarm, Ceiling Alarm, Wireless Doormat Chime
• Audible alarms sound to deter intruders from entering your home
• Window, door & general motion detection alarms give home owners peace of mind at
an affordable price
• Keep track of children & the elderly when a door or window is opened
Available at: Swann’s network of retailers
Price: $9.99 - $29.99
for more product information, please visit:
Ten One Design: Particle Case
Sleek, shock-absorbing iPad case comes with Pogo Sketch capacitive touch
screen stylus
• Lightweight yet durable protective solution for the iPad
• Silver Pogo Sketch included for faster/more precise note taking and sketching
• Open-back design keeps iPad cool during extended use while preserving aesthetic appeal
• Rubberized feet keep device stable and wobble-free
• Travel Clip secures the capacitive touch screen stylus for quick accessibility
Available at:
Price: $34.95 (pre-bundled with silver Pogo Sketch - $14.95 value)
Ten One Design: Pogo Sketch
The first touch screen stylus for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
• Faster typing, greater comfort/control and a familiar input method for navigation
• Capacitive touch screen solution for people with long fingernails, larger fingers or wear gloves
• Aluminum base and advanced technology tip is compatible with other multi-touch, capacitive
• Four color options: silver, hot pink, cactus and burnt orange
• Travel Clip secures the stylus allowing quick accessibility
Available at:, and Apple stores
Price: $14.95
Ten One Design: Tango
World’s first iPhone 3GS case specifically designed for the Pogo Stylus
• Durable exterior features genuine full-grain black leather
• Ultra-soft micro-suede interior and detailed outer stitching offer hints of color
• Unique fold-away flap and magnetic clip keeps iPhone fully protected
• Built-in clip secures iPhone and Pogo Stylus in place
• Dual storage pockets allow convenient placement for credit cards, cash and other slim personal items
• Available in two colors: Aqua and Lime
• Bundled with the black Pogo Stylus ($15 value)
Available at:
Price: $39.95 (bundled with black Pogo Stylus)
ThinkGeek: Kids Guitar & Drum Kit Electronic T-Shirts
Electric guitar and drum kit T-shirts for young rockers that produce authentic
sounds for rocking out
• Belt out your favorite rock tunes on these t-shirts based on real playable instruments
• Each button on the shirt’s guitar neck represents a major chord, which makes playing classic rock
songs easy
• Drum shirt features 7 different drums and sounds and has an embedded speaker
• Strum the guitar by waving the included magnetic pick over the strings
• Mini guitar amp speaker clips to a belt and has a volume of 1 to 11 to share your music
• Also available in adult sizes, Small - 2XL
Available at:
Price: $29.99
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
ThinkGeek: Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter
Stainless steel pizza cutter that lets you boldly cut pizza like no man
has cut before
• Modeled after the famed NCC-1701 Enterprise starship
• The ship saucer is replicated by the cutters 4” diameter steel blade
• The 4.5” handle mimics the warp nacelles and generators
• Perfect for Vulcans, Klingons and humans
• Hand wash only
Available at:
Price: $24.99
ThinkGeek: Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows
Officially licensed Ghostbusters collectable that houses gourmet confections
with a caffeine kick
• Each gourmet marshmallow has over 100mg of caffeine
•The unique box has a rubbery feel that resembles a marshmallow, plus it totally reusable
•24 square-ish mallows per box
Available at:
Price: $19.99
ThinkGeek: Tauntaun Sleeping Bag
Stay warm like a Jedi Knight whether you’re on planet Hoth or your
own bedroom
• Fully Licensed Lucasfilm™ Collectible, this classic Star Wars sleeping bag simulates the warmth of a
Tauntaun carcass
• Features a built-in embroidered Tauntaun head pillow and plush Lightsaber zipper pull
• Plush interior, 100% Polyester construction exterior and machine washable
• One size fits all (33”W x 67”L -not including head pillow or legs), which give enough room for
adults and plenty of space for kids (ages 3 and up)
Available at:
Price: $99.99
Thrustmaster: Ferrari Licensed GamePads
Symbolizing the most prestigious Ferrari cars, each controller features
a unique personality
• Optical wheel with an automatic centering feature offers unrivalled precision
•Dual progressive triggers for acceleration and breaking power
•Fully programmable, equipped with internal memories and offers PS3™ and PC compatibility
•Extremely comfortable grip with “peach skin” texture
Available at: Buy,com,,,, Microcenter and Electronics Expo
Price: $39.99 - $49.99
for more product information, please visit:
Thrustmaster: Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia
Unleash real racing power with the ultimate drivers cockpit from your living room
• Adjustable and foldable cockpit for any size user, multiple positions and easy storage
•Wireless cockpit ensemble with range of 10 meters and a 50 hour battery life
•Features HallEffect Accurate Technology system for absolute precision
•Programmable wheel Ferrari 430 replica with internal memory
•Magnetic resistance pedals provide a real long distance travel effect
•Wide solid base provides optimal stability
Available at:
Price: $249.99
Thrustmaster: T-Freestyle NW
A skateboarding and snowboarding Nintendo Wii controller
• Experience the sensation of boarding like no other
•Gamers can land perfect maneuvers and execute freestyle tricks
•Crafted of genuine maple – just like real boards, the T-Freestyle offers the perfect balance
between flexibility and resistance
Available at:
Price: $29.99
Multimedia optimizer and viewing stand iPhone 4 case made from
recycled plastic
• Versatile case that props up your iPhone 4 in different modes
•Portrait (FaceTime), landscape (watching videos) and tripod (timed photos)
•Made in the USA
Available at:
Price: $29.99
TRTL BOT: Minimalist 4
Wallet replacement iPhone 4 case made from recycled plastic
• Combines the versatility of a money holder and the protection of a case
•Holds up to 3 ID/Credit Cards
•Made in the USA
Available at:
Price: $29.99
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Tunebug: Shake
An ultra-portable “surfacesound” speaker for bike, ski and skate helmets
• When mounted on a helmet, the Shake creates a great listening experience
•Enables bikers, skateboarders and skiers to enjoy their favorite music while still being aware
of their surroundings
•Can be connected to iPods, MP3 players & mobile phones wirelessly via Bluetooth technology
•Has a LiPoly battery with about 5 hours of playtime and charges via the included USB cord
Available at:
Price: $99.99
Tunebug: Vibe
A portable “surfacesound” generator that turns any surface into a speaker
• Great for a variety of places including your desktop, tabletop and other surfaces
•Charges via the included USB cord and can be connected to any mobile device that has a 3.5mm
audio jack
•Has a LiPoly battery with about 5 hours of playtime
•Weighs only 5.30oz and is 2.3x1 inch in size
Available at:
Price: $69.99
Ultrasone: Edition 8 Limited
Limited run of 888 special edition headphones offer audiophile opulence
• Titanium-plated drivers deliver crystal clear audio
•Outer ear cups covered in matte Ruthenium to reduce smudges & finger prints
•Outer ear cups also feature a walnut inlay for stately appearance
•Interior ear cups covered in Ethiopian sheepskin leather for maximum isolation
•S-Logic Plus technology results in spacious tonal perception, while reducing sound pressure by
up to 40%
•Each headphone is individually stamped with its own serial number
Available at:,,
Price: $1,699
Ultrasone: Edition 10
1st open-backed edition headphones boast audiophile-grade sound
& lavish adornments
• Open-backed audiophile headphones feature Zebrano wood inlays
•40mm Titanium-plated drivers deliver crystal clear audio
•Ear cups covered in Ethiopian sheepskin leather for maximum isolation
•Included headphone stand is handcrafted from Zebrano wood
•Limited run of only 2010 headphones will be produced
•S-Logic Plus technology results in spacious tonal perception, while reducing sound pressure
by up to 40%
Available at: Ultrasone’s network of retailers
Price: $2,749
for more product information, please visit:
Ultrasone: PRO 2900
Balanced & unbalanced versions of open-backed headphone deliver
superior audio
• Balanced (double cable) headphones improve audio performance by increasing slew rate
& reducing distortion
• Open-backed design gives audio a natural & airy sound characteristic
• S-Logic™ technology delivers surround sound while reducing pressure on the ear drum by up to 40%
• ULE-technology reduces 98% of electromagnetic radiation, as compared to conventional headphones
• 40mm Titanium plated drivers for brilliant highs & industry leading Neutrik connectors to ensure
audiophile-grade listening experience
Available at: B&H Photo,
Price: Balanced PRO 2900 - $799 / Unbalanced PRO 2900 - $549
Ultrasone: Zino
The world’s best sounding and safest portable headphones
• Gold-plated 40mm drivers for rich, powerful audio
•S-Logic™ technology delivers a natural surround sound while reducing pressure on the ear drum by
up to 40%
•ULE-technology reduces 98% of electromagnetic radiation, as compared to conventional headphones
•Foldable design for easy storage & carrying case for safe transportation
Available at:, B&H Photo, Guitar Center
Price: $129
Urbanears: Medis Headphones
Sleek & fashionable earphones with EarClick technology provides maximum
comfort and fit
• EarClick technology anchors the ear-piece securely in place to provide ultimate comfort
•Features custom microphone and remote compatible with the iPhone and Nokia, HTC and
Blackberry phones
•Includes 4 interchangeable inserts to ensure a secure fit on any ear
•Available in 12 fashionable colors like Army, Ocean and Chocolate
Available at: Bloomingdales, Rock and Soul, Turntable Lab and more
Price: $50
Urbanears: Plattan Headphones
Medium-size fashionable, functional and stylish headphones
• Medium-size headphone provides rich, secluded sound
•Features exclusive “zound plug” which allows a friend to plug in and enjoy music with the user
•Folds down to the size of your fist providing maximum mobility
•Features custom microphone and remote compatible with the iPhone and Nokia, HTC and Blackberry phones along with two extra cable extensions making the headphones compatible with a
majority of all devices
•Available in 14 fashionable colors like Salad, Army, Ocean and Chocolate
Available at:, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and more
Price: $59.99
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Urbanears: Tanto Headphones
Retro 80’s style fashionable and functional headphones
• Headphones are a tribute to the 80’s mobile music revolution
•Features custom microphone and remote compatible with the iPhone and Nokia, HTC and
Blackberry phones along with two extra cable extensions making the headphones compatible
with a majority of all devices
•Available in 14 fashionable colors like Salad, Army, Ocean and Chocolate
Available at:, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and more
Price: $39.99
VaporCorp: Smoke 51 Electronic Cigar
Electronic Disposable Cigar
• Enjoy the sensation of smoking a cigar without disturbing your neighbor with highly aromatic and
occasionally offensive cigar smoke
• No tar, no carbon monoxide and no toxins
• Comes fully charged and ready to smoke – fully disposable when finished
• Lasts up to 600 puffs
Available at:
Price: $49.95
V-Moda: Crossfade LP
Developed by renowned artists, DJs and producers, these fashionable
and luxurious over-ear headphones deliver juicy sound
• Durable yet lightweight frame features the revolutionary and signature “V” design
• Patented 50mm dual-diaphragm high-definition drivers for vibrant and immersive sound
• Plush memory foam ear cushions reduce ambient noise and allow for hours of comfortable wearing
• Long (69 in.) audio cable with 3-button remote and high-fidelity mic for adjusting volume, controlling
playback and more
• Jet-black exoskeleton case for transporting in style
• Available in White Pearl, Phantom Chrome, Gunmetal Black, Nero and Rouge
Available at: Apple stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack, and other fine retailers worldwide
Price: $249.99
V-Moda: Remix Remote
Headphones with superior audio clarity, luxurious design and supreme
ergonomics for your active lifestyle
• Features V-MASQUE high-definition drivers for audio precision and powerful bass
• Built in three-button remote with high-fidelity microphone for taking phone calls
• Made with premium materials, including the redesigned V-MODA BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft
Silicone) ear tips for comfort
• Includes detachable sport earhooks, deluxe black carrying pouch and four pairs of silicone ear tips in
different sizes
• Available in 4 colors: Nero, Blush, Chrome, Blush
Available at: Apple stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack, and other fine retailers worldwide
Price: $99.99
for more product information, please visit:
Warpia: Easy Dock
Wirelessly stream laptop content to your full-size speakers, mouse, keyboard
& external monitor for superior computing comfort
• USB dongle allows users to wirelessly mirror their notebook/netbook/Macbook interface to any
traditional desktop setting
•Play sound on high-quality speakers, work with a larger keyboard and monitor, eliminate cable
clutter and the need for bulky docking hardware
•Compatible with PC and Mac: Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard
•Transmits a high quality display, up to 1400x1050 image resolution
Available at:,
Price: $109.99
Warpia: Wireless USB A/V Adapter
Wirelessly stream media from your laptop/PC to your flat screen TV for the
ultimate Internet TV experience
• Watch downloaded movies, presentations, photo slideshows or any internet content (from Hulu,
Netflix, YouTube, ESPN3, etc) on your TV or projector
•Achieves 32-bit True Color depth for high quality images, 720P HD resolution and 16-bit
stereo sound
•Range includes same room coverage of up to 30 feet
•Compatible with Windows Vista/XP/7.0 OS and connected via HDMI or VGA (cable not included)
Available at:,,,,,
Price: $169.99 MSRP
Wet Circuits: Power Strip
The world’s first water-resistant power strip designed for consumer safety
and utility
• Patented water-resistant design and protective materials allow for continued indoor/outdoor use of
plugged-in machines when faced with rain, snow, or an accidental coffee spill
•“ChildSafe Protection” feature makes Wet Circuits completely children and animal safe – sticking
tweezers or other foreign objects in the outlet won’t cause electric shock
•Smart fuse and circuit breaker can sense excess overheating (231-249º F) and discontinue any
electric charge to prevent residential fires
Available at:
Price: $70
Wicked Audio: Earbuds
Design-forward, noise isolating earbuds provide an edgy look & great sound
• Petite earbuds feature a semi-glossy finish and offer fun color choices to complement everyone’s style
•High performance buds provide spectacular noise isolation for an enjoyable listening experience
•Light weight form provides a “barely there” feeling for the ultimate in comfort
•Available in a number of stylish colors
•5.8 mm Driver, 20-20,000 Hz Frequency, 1.2 Meter Cord
Available at: FYE,, Fry’s Electronics, Airport Wireless & select international retailers
Price: $12.99 (Metallics), $17.99 (Jaw Breakers), $29.99 (Little Buds) and $34.99 (Empire - pictured)
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Wicked Audio: Over-The Ear Headphones
Fashion-forward, over-the-ear headphones provides earth shaking sound and
vibrant colors
• World-class headphones feature deep bass & powerful tones for an impressive listening experience
•Sports a semi-glossy finish look with elaborate designs
•Crafted with high-quality plastic for durability and a gold-plated plug to prevent corrosion
•40 mm Driver, 20-20,000 Hz Frequency, 1.2 Meter Cord
•Available in a number of bold color schemes
Available at: FYE and other select international retailers
Price: $14.99 (Chill), $19.99 (Tour) and $29.99 (Reverb - pictured)
Withings: WiFi Connected Body Scale
World’s first WiFi connected bathroom scale with web and iPhone compatibility
• Automatically records user’s body weight, lean & fat mass and calculated body mass index (BMI)
•Data is instantly transmitted over WiFi to his/her private webpage or free iPhone application
•Multi-user function automatically recognizes up to 8 users the moment they step on the scale
•The scale measures <1” high, weighs 5 lbs and has a large backlit display
•Scale can be set to Tweet the users weight on Twitter daily, weekly or monthly
•Automatic information upload to, RunKeeper, Google Health, Microsoft HealthVault,
GymTechnik for RIM and more
•iPhone and iPad app available from iTunes, wiScale
Available at:
Price: $159
XtremeMac: InCharge line
Charge iPod, iPhone or iPad while at home or on the go
• InCharge Duo compact dual docking station can charge iPad and/or any combination of iPod and
iPhone simultaneously
• InCharge Home dual USB wall charger for iPad, iPhone or iPod features compact, low-profile design
allowing access to a second wall outlet and 2.1 amps of power to ensure rapid and efficient charging
• InCharge Auto mobile charging solution for iPad, iPhone or iPod features integrated safety fuse to
protect device while charging
Available at: and Apple stores (InCharge Duo)
Price: $59.99, $34.99 and $24.99, respectively
XtremeMac: iPad cases
Durable and protective cases for iPad
• Tuffwrap is a form-fitting protective case that protects against unwanted scratches and features
textured sides for added grip.
• Neoprene Sleeve is the a lightweight form-fitting sleeve integrated with pockets for storing cables
and earphones and ideal for traveling
• Nylon Sleeve is a durable sleeve with a form-fitting exterior and soft plush lining that provides
maximum protection
• Tuffshield is an ultra-sheet four layer anti-glare screen that protects against scratches, dirt and dust
Available at:
Price: Ranges from $24.99 to $49.99
for more product information, please visit:
XtremeMac: Luna SST
Dual alarm clock featuring detachable speakers
• Unique detachable speaker design allows for placement on opposite nightstand tables
•High quality full stereo sound
•Dual independent alarm settings and controls
•Wake to iPod/iPhone, FM radio or chime
•Clean intuitive user interface with dimmable display
Available at: and Apple stores
Price: $129.99
XtremeMac: 3 in 1 Microdock
Play, charge and wake with one simple compact device
• Lightweight (4.7 oz) dock provides rich personal sound ideal for travel or home
•Intuitive play/pause, volume and snooze controls directly on unit
•Free XtremeMac Alarm Clock app enhances use with dual independent alarm settings and controls
Available at:, Best Buy, Fry’s and other retailers
Price: $59.99
XtremeMac: Tango TRX
Bluetooth high quality audio dock for iPod, iPhone and iPad
• Features crystal clear, dynamic sound with a Bluetooth 2.1 digital audio system including two
midrange drivers, two dome tweeters and downward firing subwoofer
•Apple exclusive Tango TRX D includes separate charging dock enabling users to charge iPod,
iPhone or iPad while wirelessly playing music
•Sleekly and elegantly designed to fit any décor
•Free Tango TRX app seamlessly integrates with the unit for enhanced control and functionality
turning the device into a virtual remote and five-band graphic equalizer
Available at: and Apple stores (Tango TRX D)
Price: $179.99 and $199.99 for Tango TRX D
Zibra: Open It!
Five-in-one tool provides simple and safe solution for opening any package
• Safest, easiest and most convenient way to open any package
• New ergo-design provides left-handed compatibility
• Patented angular jaw keeps your hands free from sharp plastic edges
• Five built in tools: long cutting jaws, precision ground steel blades, slicer, removable screwdriver and
bottle cap opener
• Open everything under the Christmas tree, safely and easily
Available at:, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond and other select national retailers
Price: $9.99
for more product information, please call 305.576.1171
Zoom: H1 Handy Recorder
Lightweight pocket-sized recorder features two studio-quality mics
• Delivers high resolution 24-bit/96 kHz stereo recordings Large LCD display & onboard speaker for
a truly professional experience
•The onboard microphones are configured in an X/Y pattern, for stunning stereo imaging
•Key functions like track marker, auto record, low cut filter, level and volume are controlled with user
friendly on-board buttons
•Accommodates up to 32GB SD providing over 50 hours of recording time
•One AA battery provides 10 hours of operation
Price: $99
Zoom: Q3HD Handy Video Recorder
The only handheld camcorder that records both HD video and audio
• Captures HD video in 1080p at 30 FPS or in 720p at both 60 and 30 FPS
• Three different lighting settings (Auto, Night and Concert) and a larger aperture ensure the perfect
amount of light in every shot
• Built-in Stereo condenser mics with 120° X/Y configuration deliver deep, full HD stereo imagining
• Accepts up to 32GB SD Card for 7 hours of HD movie making
• Built-in USB cable and HDMI output for easy file transfer
Price: $299
3050 biscayne blvd, suite 701 • miami, fl 33137 •
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