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Getting to know Bluetooth
Bluetooth wireless is a quick and easy way
to connect a smartphone to a speaker or a
headset. There are basically two steps to
making Bluetooth work.
two devices get
to know each
“Hi. I’m a
I’m a
The two devices
do something
together (like play
This guide takes you through the steps to get
Step 1: Unpack
Make sure the following items came in this
Your speaker
Step 2: Charge the NRG
Before you start using the HEX NRG speaker
for the first time, it’s a good idea to charge it
To charge the speaker:
Plug the included USB
cable into the Charge jack
on the back of the speaker.
Plug the other end of
the USB charging cable
into a power source, like
a computer or a USB
charging adapter.
The charging indicator on the back of the
speaker is red while the speaker is charging.
It turns green when the speaker is fully charged.
Note: You can use the speaker while it’s charging.
Step 3: Turn on
Press the Power button
on the front of the
speaker. The power up
tone sounds and the
indicator light on the
front of the speaker
starts blinking.
After a few seconds,
the speaker goes to
Bluetooth pairing mode
to set up with your
Step 4: Pair + Connect
Enable Bluetooth on your
smartphone or other
Wi-Fi Settings
Bluetooth Settings
Make sure the indicator
light on the front of the
speaker is blinking rapidly.
(If it isn’t, press and hold
the Pair button next to this
light until the speaker gives
an audio signal.)
VPN Settings
If you’ve previously paired your phone or other Bluetooth device
with this speaker, the speaker will automatically attempt to
reconnect to that device when you switch the speaker on. If you
want to pair to a new device, press and hold the Pair button on
the side of the speaker until the speaker gives a signal and the
pairing indicator LED starts blinking.
Choose 808 Hex NRG from the pairing options
on your smartphone. (If it’s not in the list, choose
“Scan” from your phone’s Bluetooth menu.)
The speaker gives an audio signal when
it’s finished pairing and connecting to your
smartphone. The indicator light on the front of
the speaker turns solid blue.
Note: The process of enabling Bluetooth and connecting varies
from device to device. See your device’s owners manual for
more information and specific instructions.
Bluetooth Wireless Connection Tips
•Make sure the Bluetooth capability of your device is turned on.
•Make sure there’s nothing plugged into the speaker’s AUX IN
jack when you’re trying to use Bluetooth.
• The Bluetooth wireless connection works up to a range of roughly
33 feet (10 meters). This range may vary, however, based on other
factors, such as room layout, wall material, obstacles, your device’s
Bluetooth performance, etc. If you’re having problems connecting
to this speaker, move closer to it.
•If your device asks you for a password to connect, use “0000”.
Step 5: Play music
Set your device’s volume for
music to 75%.
Note: This is to make sure the sound
from the speaker isn’t too loud when
you start streaming.
Start playing music or
other audio on your device.
Within seconds, the
speaker starts streaming
the audio wirelessly via
Now playing
Media volume
To adjust the volume of your audio: Use the
volume controls on your phone.
Using the Aux In input
Use a 3.5mm audio cable
(not included) to connect
the audio output from
your device to the Aux
In audio input on the
speaker’s back panel.
The speaker automatically switches to the
Aux In audio, and the pairing indicator on the
front of the speaker turns white.
To listen to Bluetooth audio again, unplug
the cable from the speaker’s Aux In jack.
The speaker will try to reconnect to the last
Bluetooth device.
Tour of the speaker
Power button turns the
speaker on and off.
Pairing indicator shows
the Bluetooth status of
the speaker:
• fast blinking blue
while pairing
• slow blinking blue while reconnecting
• solid blue when paired
• solid white when the Aux In jack is in use
• off when the speaker’s off.
Pair button puts the speaker into pairing mode
to connect to a new Bluetooth device, like a
Charging indicator shows
the charging status of the
• solid red while charging
• solid green when
Charge jack connects to the provided USB
charging cable to plug the speaker into a power
source or adapter.
Aux In jack lets you
connect an audio device
directly to the speaker
using a 3.5mm audio
If you have any questions about this product,
visit 808Audio.com or call our toll-free help line
at 1-800-732-6866.
SP250 QSG 00
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