Zoom Q4 Cheat Sheet
Zoom Q4 Cheat Sheet
To Record: Hold down the smaller of the top 2 buttons to power on the camera.
The larger button will light up (green) Hit that button to record. While recording the light will
turn red. Hit it again to stop recording.
To Record Audio: Pull up the built in microphones or plug in an external microphone to the red
port on the back.
To Monitor Audio: Plug headphones into the green port on the back of the camera.
To Import Video to Computer:
Step 1: Make sure camera is powered off. Hook up the camera to your computer using a
USB. The USB port is directly above the green headphone port. USB’s must be plugged into
a high power port on your computer (not your keyboard)
Step 2: Power the camera on using the small button on top. On your camera monitor 3
images should pop up.
Step 3: Use the middle 2 buttons on your monitor to scroll through the images. Stop at
the one that looks like a memory card. It should say card reader on the top. Use the 4 th
button in (one closest to camera body) to select Card Reader.
Step 4: A new icon will appear on your desktop. When you open this folder it contains 4
folders. Video will automatically save to the one labeled DCIM. Open the DCIM folder, then
the 100Zoom Folder. All your video files should be located in that folder.
Step 5: Drag your files onto your computer. Do not disconnect camera until this is
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