Digitus USB / SATA User manual

Digitus USB / SATA User manual
USB 3.0 TO SATA 3.0
User Manual
USB3.0 PORT to connect PC, SATA PORT to connect 2.5Inch or 3.5Inch SATA Hard disk, make
it become a mobile hard disk, users can access to data freely with high transfer rate, also it can
connect other device which also with SATA port. And products with 1.2m USB3.0 cable, hard disk
can be put on the any suitable place.
Specifications & Features:
Compliant Universal Bus 3.0 Specification, compatible with USB 2.0, 1.1 Specification
Supports data transfer rate: Super-speed (5Gpbs) / High-speed (480Mbps) /
Full-speed (12Mbps) / Low-speed (1.5Mbps)
Compliant with Serial ATA 3.0
Supports SATA 1.5Gbps / 3.0Gbps / 6.0Gbps speed negotiation,
Supports SATA 2.5” and 3.5” HDD or Device, ODD
Power: AC 100~240,50/60Hz (input), DC 12V 2A (output)
LED indicating
Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac 9.2 or higher
Product Graphic:
1. Check your hard disk, USB 3.0 TO SATA 3.0 Cable and AC power supply are ready for
2. Connect the SATA port of product to hard disk (device with SATA port).
3. Connect power to product, then turn on the power button, power working ok if red LED light
is working.
4. Connect USB 3.0 port of product to USB 3.0 port of PC, all connection is ok if purple LED
light is working (red & blue LED light are working at the same time), the you can access to
data freely.
5. Hard disk will be automatically detected after all connection is ready, then you can access
to data. (Blue LED light is flashing shows that data access in progress)
1. Put product on the desk and insure it is steady after connected with hard disk, and then to
connect to power; do not remove hard disk while it is working, otherwise, data will be lost,
even the hard disk will be damaged.
2. If the system cannot automatically detect the device, then you need to format the hard disk
use “Disk Management” or “Disk Utility”.
3. The transfer speed can up to the rate of USB 3.0 if your PC also has USB 3.0 port while
accessing data.
4. Please check whether the device has connected to USB 3.0 channel or not, if the transfer
speed can’t up to the rate of USB 3.0. And need you to note that there are some
differences in actual transfer speed due to different hard disk.
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