Tall throttle bracket for Three Section Throttle Rod

Tall throttle bracket for Three Section Throttle Rod
Tall throttle bracket for Three Section Throttle Rod
This throttle bracket is designed to work with an Edelbrock Performer RPM manifold on a big block engine. There
are two versions of this bracket, AR036 fits the 383/400 engine family while AR018 fits the 413/426/440 family.
The bracket is the correct height to allow you to connect a factory three section throttle rod to a factory carburetor
when using the taller Edelbrock manifold.
The throttle bracket and the throttle rod should be installed as shown in the picture above. A thin pivot washer
is provided with the kit in case the thicker factory washer doesn’t fit. The vertical rod in the linkage will need to
be adjusted almost to the end of its range in order for it to be tall enough to work.
If you are not using a factory carburetor then you will need to get the proper extension onto the throttle linkage in order to operate the throttle rod. Holley and Edelbrock both sell throttle extensions for their respective
carburetors. Use the AR032 throttle extension for Demon carbs.
We highly recommend a factory style throttle return spring installed in the OEM location. A taller version of the
factory bracket complete with dual throttle springs is available from AR Engineering as part number AR008.
Adjust the three section throttle rod according to the factory service manual instructions. This throttle bracket
is just a taller version of the factory one; it does not change the adjustment procedure or the operation of the
original linkage.
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