Reverbulator - Demeter Amplification
User Guide Real Reverbulator
Real analog spring reverb by Demeter Amplification
24 volts DC
long short both Phase
Unscrew Back, Remove shipping foam before use!!!
Input Gain : Controls the input sensitivity of the unit. The gain should be adjusted up to a level that will
cause the overload light to blink occasionally, the overload light should never be on continually, Normal
use will be gain up most of the way for guitar use and down most of the way for loop or line use.
Blend: Mixes the amount of wet and dry signal should be set to user preferences. For line studio use it
will usually be set 100% wet.
Volume: Sets the output level. Use with the footswitch to match your effected and non effected signals.
Phase: Changes the phase of the Long spring, effects the tonal colors especially when both springs are on.
Spring Selector: Selects the reverb unit in use, either the short decay or long decay or both mixed.
Foot switch: Selects between the effected and un-effected signal going to the output. True bypass.
Input: Hook the output of your guitar or loop to this jack.
Output: Hook is to the input of your Amp or next effect, or loop or mixer.
Power Connector: Hook up the supplied 24Volt Dc power supply to this jack.
Keep unit away from strong magnet fields (power transformers) they could induce noise (Hum).
Mount on a stable surface so the unit does not shake (spring noise will result). Keep a reasonable distance
from the amp to avoid feed back. In a pedal board, the unit should be used after distortion and compressor
pedals for best sound. If you use amp distortion, the unit should be used in the effects loop for best sound.
Questions: [email protected] or Phone 805-461-4100
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