Frequently Asked Questions Last Updated –11/8/2016 5:53

Frequently Asked Questions Last Updated –11/8/2016 5:53
Frequently Asked Questions
Last Updated –11/8/2016 5:53 PM EST
Support Help
1. General
Q: How do I initially set up my watch?
1. Download the Timex Connected app from iTunes or the Google Store and install on
your phone.
2. Press the watch crown into the closed (pushed in) position.
3. On your phone, with your watch near your phone, follow the instructions on the
4. Open the Timex Connected app on your phone.
5. Accept the user agreement.
6. Answer user profile questions to set up activity tracking and set goals.
7. When prompted, press and hold the crown for 5 seconds, until the melody plays
and all hands move. Bluetooth® function is now turned on.
8. From the displayed list, select the iQ+ Move watch.
9. If a watch update is available, it will install automatically.
10. Press and hold the crown for 5 seconds.
11. Follow app instructions to calibrate watch hands.
12. After completing these steps, your watch is synced with your phone and set to the
current local time, with its activity and sleep tracking functions ready to use.
Q: Where can I find more information about my watch?
Check the user manual included with your watch or go to
Q: Do I have to set the time on my watch?
The current time and date from the phone is automatically set on the watch following a
sync. If you travel to different time zones, sync the watch and phone when arrive at your
destination. If there is a change to/from Daylight Saving Time, sync your watch and
Q: Is the band replaceable?
Yes, Replacement watch straps for your Timex watch are available at If you
are having difficulty finding your strap, you can also order one by calling our Customer
Service Department at 1-888-727-2931. Orders must be placed using a credit card or
debit card. Your strap will typically arrive 7-10 working days from the date of your order.
Q: Is the watch water resistant?
Yes, the watch is water resistant to 50 meters.
Q: Do I need to charge my watch?
No, the watch comes with a battery installed that should last 1 year or more.
Q: Who can I contact to assist me with my watch and app?
For any questions or support click here or call 1-501-370-6532.
2. iQ+ Move Settings
Q: How do I change settings my watch and app?
Press the
icon in the upper left corner of the home screen on the app. Select
SETTINGS from the menu.
Q: How do I input my information?
All necessary information for the app is input once during the initial “on-boarding”
process. Once app is paired, information can be changed from the SETTINGS menu.
Q: Can I change my daily goals?
Yes, Press the
icon in the upper left corner of the home screen on the app. Select
SET GOALS from the menu and enter new goals, make sure to SYNC your watch after
Q: The distance shown on the app seems to be more/less than what I think I walked.
Make sure you sync your phone and app to show current distance traveled on the app.
If you find this is regular occurrence day after day, you may need to use the Distance
Adjustment feature to improve the distance accuracy. Press the
icon in the
upper left corner of the home screen on the app. Select SETTINGS from the menu and
under WATCH SETTINGS, select Distance adjustment. Here you can increase or
decrease the percentage to personalize and improve the distance accuracy. As an
example, if the distance shows 1.1 miles and you have walked 1.0 mile, your adjustment
percentage should be -10%.
3. iQ+ Move Features
Q: What activities are tracked on my watch?
The watch will track STEPS. DISTANCE, CALORIES and SLEEP METRICS. Following a sync,
the app will display the current activity data on the HOME screen.
Q: Do I have to wear my watch to be to track sleep?
Yes, a sensor in the watch automatically tracks your sleep metrics while you wear it.
Q: How many days of activity data can the watch save?
Activity data is stored on your watch’s memory for up to 7 days. It is recommended you
sync the watch and phone to view the latest accumulated activity data from your watch
on the app. The app will store all current and historical activity and sleep data for
Q: How does the Sleep function work?
When you go to bed at night, the watch automatically starts to track your sleep levels,
including the time you go bed and time you wake up. To view your previous sleep
details; sync your watch and select the sleep icon on the bottom of the app home
screen. You can also select previous days, weeks or months sleep information.
4. Pairing / Connection Help: iOS or Android
Q: How do I pair my watch?
The pairing of your watch and phone is done during the “on-boarding” process when
you first setup your watch.
Q: Is my watch always connected to my phone?
No, to ensure a long battery life, the watch and phone connect briefly during the times
you sync the 2 devices and data is transferred.
Q: How do I sync my watch?
Press and hold the crown of your watch for 5 seconds to put watch into sync mode (all
hands will move and a chime alert will sound to confirm). Immediately press the sync
symbol in the lower right corner of the app HOME screen.
Q: What do I do if I keep getting errors when I sync?
Contact customer service at 1-501-370-6532
5. App Issues
Q: Where can I find the Timex Connected app?
The Timex Connected app is available for free on both iTunes and the Google app stores.
Q: How can I make sure I get the latest Timex Connected app updates?
Timex Connected app will ask for an update when there is an update available. You can
go to ABOUT to check your app firmware against app store version (latest version).
6. Watch Errors
Q: Why is the time and/or date incorrect on my watch?
Synch your watch and the time on your watch should match the time on your phone.
Hands may be out of calibration or alignment. To correct, sync watch and go to
SETTINGS on the app and align hands under the ADVANCED SETTINGS and follow
Q: Why do I have to calibrate my watch hands?
In order for the watch hands to show proper time and date, the watch’s microcontroller
needs to know that the hand positions are calibrated to the 12 o’clock position. If the
hands are not calibrated, the running time and date will be incorrect.
Q: Why is my step or distance goal on the activity sub-dial not increasing throughout the day?
You need to wear the watch and it will track your walking and running steps and
The daily goal you have set is very high. Go to setting and adjust to a lower goal.
There may have been a watch error and you will need to sync the watch. Follow the
app instruction after the sync to recalibrate the hands.
Watch is not parired, synced or has never synched with mobile app.
7. Warranty / Return Policy
Q: What is the Warranty Policy for my watch?
As stated in the limited warranty, Timex may repair your watch by installing new or
reconditioned and inspected components or replace your watch with an identical or similar
Device Compatibility
The iQ+ Move is compatible with Android devices running OS 4.4.1 and higher or iOS 9.0 or higher.
iQ+ Move Specs
The iQ+ Move is scratch resistant, water resistant up to 50 Meters, and has a battery that last for up to 1
year depending on use.
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