Hayman DD-03 PLUS Digital Drumkit - SP

Hayman DD-03 PLUS Digital Drumkit - SP
Hayman DD-03 PLUS Digital Drumkit
Voices: 389 voices, volume, mute, pad assign, tow band equalizer, reverb type, reverb time, sensitivity,
velocity, velocity curve, minimum velocity, voice copy
Songs: 50 preset songs, 4 user songs, volume, tempo, record, copy, delete, drum track mute, change drum
kit, quantitize notes, tempo prevail or global
Drum kits: 30 preset kits, 10 user kits, select, save
Pads: Voice assign, prevent cross talk, function (voice, click, on/off, song start/stop, song page), local or
midi out, set midi note out.
2-track recording: record, playback, clear, merge tracks to song
Click track: Assign to voice, voice pitch, midi note out
Tempo: Range 30 to 280 BPM
System: Trigger bypass, midi out merge, midi receive (module mode), sysex receive on/off
Connections: Pad connectors, midi in and out, aux in, line out, DC 9V in
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