Michigan`s Child Restraint Law
Michigan’s Child Restraint Law
Most recent changes became effective June 26, 2009.
Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of accidental death
among persons living in Michigan 1-24 years old.
Bolded text indicates Michigan Law
Smaller text indicates “best practice” recommendations by national safety advocates*
Children under 4 years: must be secured in a child restraint
in the rear seat of the vehicle
Infants should ride rear-facing until at least 1 year and 20 pounds. Safety advocates*
recommend that infants continue rear-facing as long as possible for the best protection
in a crash. Many “convertible” car seats will allow children to ride rear-facing 30-35 lbs.
Please refer to manufacturer’s instructions, as height & weight limits vary per child
Safety advocates* recommend restraining your child in a “5-point” harness system until
they are at least 40 lbs. This harness provides the best protection for your child.
Children 4 - 8 years OR under 4 feet 9 inches:
must be secured in a child restraint
Many child seats have forward-facing harness weight limits of 40-65 lbs.
(refer to manufacturer’s instructions) Safety advocates* recommend
restraining your child in a “5-point” harness system until they are at least
40 lbs before using a booster seat.
Booster seats must be used with the vehicle’s lap & shoulder belt. Children should remain in a booster seat until they are about 4 feet 9 inches
tall. A child’s height is the best predictor of proper seat belt fit.
Children 8 -16 years, drivers & front seat passengers:
must wear safety belt
Safety advocates* recommend that everyone in the car, regardless of seating
position, should always be properly buckled up, either with appropriate car
seats, booster seats or vehicle seat belts.
Safety advocates* recommend children be at least 13 years old before sitting in
the front seat.
*Safety advocates include the American Academy of Pediatrics,
the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Safe Kids Worldwide.
More information: Safe Kids Michigan: 517-335-9518 — www.michigansafekids.org
May 2010
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