Hasbro Balzac Balloon Ball Operating instructions

Hasbro Balzac Balloon Ball Operating instructions
 Introducing BALZAC"
elcome BALZAC is a whole new ball game!
It’ big, it’ light, it’ lik hi
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BALZAC Magic Action 60.00 tomer ras
Take a few minutes to read about it.
Balloon Ball... Pret soon youll be smacking,
whacking, attacking, and having a
ball with BALZAC!
The wildest, funniest,
craziest ball on earth!
Young children could choke on or be
suffocated by an uninflated balloon or
piece of a broken balloon. Adults should
inflate balloons and supervise their use
with children under six (6) years. Discard
broken balloons immediately.
BALZAC is not to be used as a flotation
©1989 Catco, Inc.
How to inflate BALZAC
How to play
1. Remove the
cloth sack and one
balloon from the
2. Insert the
balloon into the
sack through the
hole in the cloth,
Leave the mouth
of the balloon
sticking out,
3. Blow up the
balloon until if
fills the sack. The
tighter and harder
BALZAC is, the
better the bounce!
Normal play (no coins or water added)
Just about any ball game is fun with BALZAC.
Try it for your favorite games: BaseBALZAC,
BasketBALZAC—and lots more! BALZAC can
be hit with a racket, bat, or stick. You can tap
it, slap it, even hit it with your head! Play it on
a court with a net, hit it against the wall, or
just plain hit it!
At the pool or the beach, BALZAC makes
a great beach ball. Try it for water polo, “chicken,”
and other water games. NOTE: BALZAC is
not to be used as a flotation device.
When the sack gets wet, BALZAC gets
heavier, so it can fly farther. (On a very
windy day, a wet sack makes BALZAC less
BALZAC can even bounce on water! Just
punch it or throw it down onto the water and
BALZAC will bounce back up! (See the illus-
tration below.)
4, Tie off the
mouth of the
balloon. (Leave
17-27 of extra
material beyond
the knot.) Then
tuck the knot
into the sack.
Now you're
ready to play!
Make up your own games! For example,
can you make BALZAC bounce 3 or 4 times
on its way to the catcher?
BALZAC (with no water added) can also be
played indoors. It's so light, it's easy on walls
and furniture. NOTE: Some indoor places
aren't suitable for any kind of ball play. When
in doubt, go out!
Wacky play (coins or water added)
Now that you know all the great stuff BALZAC
can do, try adding coins or water for some
really wacky action!
BALZAC & coins!
Before putting the balloon in the sack, drop
some coins into the sack—38 to 10 pennies, or
any other combination of similar weight.
When you blow up the balloon, the coins will
be held in place. They'll act as weights to
throw BALZAC off balance. There's no telling
where BALZAC will go! When you toss it to
friends it'll veer away, making it tough to
BALZAC & water!
After putting the balloon in the sack, but before
inflating it, fill the balloon partway with water
as shown in the diagrams below and at right.
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1. Put the mouth of the balloon over a faucet. Then
slowly turn on the tap and add some water { up to
2 cups) to the balloon.
2 Turn off the tap, hold the neck of the balloon
tightly and separate the balloon from the faucet.
Then (carefully) blow up and tie off the balloon.
Try it with a little water (about 1 cup), and
watch BALZAC go! Even on a windy day,
BALZAC will fly straight and hard. The
momentum of the water actually makes
BALZAC pick up speed after you throw it!
BALZAC & a little water is lots of fun at a
pool. Not only does it bounce on water—you
can also make it skim like a stone!
BALZAC € more water (about 2 cups) Is a
lot different! It's heavier, so it flies farther and
faster. Roll it fast along the ground—anyone
for BowlingBALZAC?
NOTE: We don't recommend playing with
BALZAC 4 water indoors. Because it's heavier,
it could damage or break something.
Other BALZAC Balloon Ball facts
* Don't worry if your BALZAC gets dirty. The
100% cotton sack is colorfast and won't
shrink, so it's safe to machine wash and dry.
* Want to add decoration to BALZAC, or sign
your name on it? You can draw or write
directly on the sack! We recommend using a
waterproof fabric pen or marker.
* When you want to deflate BALZAC, just
puncture the balloon and remove it from the
sack. Easy! Of course, if you've put water in
BALZAC, be sure to puncture and empty the
balloon over a sink or outdoors, as soon as
youre done playing with it. Discard broken
balloons immediately.
* Each BALZAC comes with a supply of refill
balloons. Once you've used them, you can
buy refills anywhere 11" or larger (inflated
size) round balloons are sold.
Milion Bradley
BALZAC is a trademark of Catco, Inc.
51989 Calco, Inc.
Milton Bradley Company licensed user,
©1990 Milton Bradley Company.
All Rights Reserved. 4199
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