Sony : Product Information : VPL

Sony : Product Information : VPL
BRAVIA 1080p HD High Frame Rate SXRD Home
Cinema projector. Contrast ratio 35,000:1,
BRAVIA ENGINE PRO, Motionflow Dark Frame
Insertion, 400W pure Xenon lamp, Carl Zeiss lens.
Flagship Model for the Ultimate Home Cinema
Indulge your desire for premium quality and the ultimate viewing experience with the BRAVIA VPLVW200. Our flagship model showcases the precision
of a Carl Zeiss lens and the spectral clarity of a pure
Xenon cinematic lamp. Three High Frame Rate (100
fps) SXRD 1080p panels combined with Sony’s Motionflow Dark Frame Insertion deliver smoother, more
detailed pictures in fast motion video. The Panel
Alignment function allows the precise alignment of
R/G/B images with zone specific adjustment to deliver
a sharper, crisper picture, with a screen size up to
This product comes with PrimeSupport – fast, hasslefree repairs and a helpline offering expert technical
advice. Which gives you the peace of mind that Sony
is looking after your equipment, and your business.
Sony Original High Frame Rate SXRD™ Panels
The core of the BRAVIA VPL-VW200 is its High Frame
Rate triple SXRD™ panel array which can operate at
100 fps - double the norm - for exceptionally smooth
on-screen action. Read more details on SXRD in the
benefit section.
Crisp, Smooth Action with Motionflow Dark Frame
The projector uses Motionflow Dark Frame Insertion
to deliver on the potential offered by the High Frame
rate SXRD panels. Motionflow itself works by creating
intermediate frames from the original video source
and inserting them to double the number of images
displayed every second. The unprecedented level of
accuracy with which this is done ensures that what
you see on the screen is a seamless, perfectly crisp
and smoothly moving image.
Dark Frame Insertion enhances the effect of Motionflow. The optional insertion of darkened frames
heightens the contrast and eliminates any judder the jerky picture that can occur when the camera
pans - by allowing the eye ’space’ to blend one frame
into the next. This action mimics that of actual movie
projection and functions best in the darkened environment of a Home Cinema.
Digital Picture Processing - BRAVIA ENGINE PRO
The VPL-VW200 boasts the advanced BRAVIA ENGINE
PRO featuring Digital Reality Creation (DRC-MF v2.5)
which further improves both Standard and High Definition signals through four additional processing steps,
so that you see every detail clearer than ever before.
For example, through the process of noise reduction,
interference within the signal is reduced pixel by
pixel, essentially upgrading the quality of even High
Definition pictures. The work of the BRAVIA ENGINE
PRO in combination with High Frame Rate SXRD panels is the reason the VPL-VW200 can deliver such
sharp, vibrant and lifelike images.
Superb Contrast Ratio with Advanced Iris 2
The Advanced Iris 2 contrast enhancement works like
the human eye, responding dynamically to the level of
light in each scene, always selecting the optimum
contrast. With a very high range of 35,000:1 (the difference between dead black and pure white), Advanced Iris 2 can bring out the detail in darker sequences and prevent bright scenes from looking
washed out.
High Resolution Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens
Nothing has a greater impact on picture quality than
lenses. So it’s no wonder cinematographers insist on
the legendary optics of Carl Zeiss. The professionalgrade Vario-Tessar lens is composed of many separate glass elements bringing world renowned precision
to the BRAVIA VPL-VW200 home cinema projector.
Each Vario-Tessar lens is individually tested and evaluated to the most stringent standards of resolution,
uniformity and focus. The result is a first-class lens of
unquestioned quality with an impressive motorised
zoom range of 1.8x offering both vertical (65%) and
horizontal (6.7%) Lens Shift adjustment, making it
easy to set the projector up and achieve a good picture in a variety of environments.
Extraordinary Colour Spectrum - Pure Xenon Lamp
Reproducing the brightness of clear whites and reds
has always posed a problem for conventional projectors. Not for the VPL-VW200. Its Pure Xenon Lamp has
extraordinary spectral characteristics so it can
produce a light spectrum similar to that of sunlight.
This spectral profile allows the Pure Xenon Lamp to
generate staggering reds for richer, more natural colours overall, especially when paired with a High Definition video source. The capacity of the 400 wattage
lamp makes it exclusive to the VPL-VW200, with the
exception of the professional screening rooms at major motion picture studios.
Advanced Colour Enhancement Features
Something else that brings the VPL-VW200 closer to
the capabilities of the human eye is its support for
x.v.Colour. x.v.Colour is based on xvYCC, a new international standard for video that defines a colour space
nearly two times wider than the existing sRGB standard, making x.v.Colour literally more lifelike. Deep
Colour boosts the number of colours available within
the xvYCC colour space from millions to billions,
further future-proofing the projector against developments in colour handling technology.
In the event that you do need to adjust screen colours, the perfect tool for the job is provided by Real
Colour Processing. This allows you to adjust the hue
of a specific colour without changing the whole image.
So if something like skin tone needs tweaking, you
can do it without altering the colour of the sky or the
background of the scene.
Great Connectivity - 24p True Cinema and Ethernet
The inclusion of twin connectors with HDMI™ technology opens up another dimension for the VPL-VW200.
It makes it possible to connect to video sources like
Blu-ray Disc™ players which offer exact, 24 frameper-second replication of the cinematic original. As
the projector has the ’24p True Cinema’ function, it
can display films exactly as they were first recorded.
HDMI CEC technology also allows control of multiple
devices from a single remote in a process called
BRAVIA Theatre Sync. One Touch Play lets you insert
a disc and press Play, at which point the whole Home
Theatre system, including the projector, powers up
automatically and the film starts. Conversely, System
Stand-By shuts down all HDMI-connected elements of
the system at a single press of the Power/Standby
button on the remote. The VPL-VW200 also accommodates a 12-volt trigger out terminal that will automatically lower a powered theatre screen and a RJ45
Ethernet port which offers efficient network control simple and comprehensive menu settings from a remote PC.
Silent Operation
Apart from bright lights, something else that can degrade the Home Cinema experience is noise from the
projector itself. With this fully in mind, the air circulation system that cools the VPL-VW200 is meticulously
designed and the fan runs at a whisper-quiet 22dB.
Advantages of Sony High Frame Rate SXRD™
1080p Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080
Three panels -red, green and blue, ensuring optimum
colour reproduction and resulting in over 6.2 million
pixels, more then double the pixel count of 720p projectors. All in a panel size of 0.61-inch thanks to its
super-fine panel micro-architecture with a pixel size
of 7um.
Higher Contrast Ratio
Contrast is central to superior picture quality, so the
innate high contrast of SXRD is leveraged by Sony’s
Advanced Iris 2 system to produce a superb contrast
ratio of up to 35,000:1 for the VPL-VW200.
Designed with fast-action movies/games in mind
The 2.5ms response time makes a further contribution to the overall impression of fluid, natural movement essential for a convincing recreation of the cinematic experience. When compared to the 8 millisecond response time of a conventional LCD television, you begin to get a sense of just how fast SXRD
panels really are.
Film-like reproduction of 35mm film
SXRD provides film-quality smoothness by minimizing
the space between pixels (0.35?m) for smooth and
dot-less pictures. Thanks to this authentically breathtaking picture from High-Definition signal sources are
reproduced. Even image sequence can be enjoyed
free of the ’chicken-wire’ effect.
Double Speed Processing
The special High Frame Rate SXRD panels can operate
at 100 fps - double the norm - for exceptionally
smooth on-screen action
Unique Algorithm of Motionflow Dark Frame
To bring the thrill of watching fast-paced, cinematic
action to your home, the VPL-VW200 features a technology called Motionflow Dark Frame Insertion which
makes motion much smoother through a method - in
combination with High Frame Rate SXRD panels called Double Speed Processing. This innovative process creates and inserts artificial frames, first comparing key visual factors on successive frames - for example the position of a car hubcap - then calculating
the split second of ’missing’ action in the sequence.
Although other technologies also insert frames in a
similar way, Motionflow Dark Frame Insertion uses a
unique algorithm that can take into account more
visual factors from the existing frames - so the new
frame is much more accurate. The optional insertion
of darkened frames heightens the contrast and eliminates any judder - the jerky picture that can occur
when the camera pans - by allowing the eye to naturally blend one frame into the next. This action mimics
that of actual movie projection and functions best in a
completely dark environment. You’ll experience
movies and sports with a greater sense of realism
than ever before.
Panel Alignment Function
To ensure the perfect image, the VPL-VW200 comes
with panel alignment function, allowing you to eliminate any coloured bordering at the edges of objects.
This function compensates gaps in panel alignment. It
is possible to select R (Red) or B (Blue) to make adjustments based on G (Green), and to adjust the horizontal and vertical direction by shifting the full image
of each colour, moving the full screen ±2.0 dot by
0.1. Besides Panel Shift alignment the VW200 offers
also Panel Zone Alignment; define one zone out of
16x9 points across the screen and adjust ±2.0 dot by
Gamma Adjustment Application Software - Image
Director 3
The VPL-VW200 works with "Image Director3" via the
RS232C terminal. Image Director 3 comes on a CDROM. This application software is suitable for fine
gamma adjustments. With Image Director 3 on your
PC, it is possible to adjust the gamma curve more
easily and accurately thanks to the new zooming
function, and you can choose a mode from Fine or
Coarse to suite your taste.
Anamorphic Zoom Mode
Home Cinema enthusiasts in search of perfection will
no doubt be drawn to the Anamorphic Zoom function.
This uses sophisticated signal processing of widescreen modes together with an optional third-party
anamorphic lens to recreate the immersive 2.35:1
CinemaScope aspect ratio normally only seen in the
Easy to use & Future-proof
The VPL-VW200 is easy in use and set-up. All features
offer a range of user-settings which easily can be controlled with the supplied illuminated remote control
via the on-screen menu. To name just one - Advanced Iris 2 has four settings; Auto 1, Auto 2, Manual and Off. SXRD, BRAVIA ENGINE PRO, x.v.Colour
and Deep Colour future-proof the VPL-VW200 even
Technical Specifications
Control RS-232C (D-sub
Panel Resolution
Panel Technology /
Panel Size / Nr of Pixels
Panel Pixel Size / Interpixel spacing / Panel Response Time
Contrast Ratio Advanced
Iris 2
Lens Type
Lens Zoom Ratio, F/f
Lens Shift
Lamp Type
1080p Full HD, 1920 x 1080
Sony SXRD / 0.61-inch /
6,220,800 (2,073,600 x 3)
7µm / 0.35µm / 2.5ms
800 ANSI Lumen
Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens
x1.8 Motorised Zoom, 2.54 3.53 / 18.7 - 33.7mm
Vertical 65%, Horizontal
400W Pure Xenon, LMPH400
HDMI (19-pin
Component Video (3x
RCA connectors)
S-Video (Mini DIN 4-pin)
Composite Video (RCA
Input A (HD D-sub
2 (CEC)
1 (Analogue RGB,
RJ45 (Ethernet)
Trigger Out (Mini Jack)
1 (12V Power Electrical
1 (AMX Protocol Supported)
Fan Noise
Lamp Life
Filter Cleaning Time
Power Consumption:
Max / Standby / Low
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Body Colour
2,500 Hours (Replacement
Every 1,250 Hours
650W / 10W / 0.5W
500 x 175 x 578 mm
Midnight Blue
Throwing Distance, 16:9 Screen, Ceiling
Min - Max Screen Size
40-inch / 1m screen
80-inch / 2m screen
100-inch / 2.5m screen
120-inch / 3.0m screen
200-inch / 5.1m screen
300-inch / 7.6m screen
40 - 300-inch / 1 - 7.6m
Acceptable Video Signals
1080p via HDMI
720/60p, 720/50p
1080/60i, 1080/50i, 1080/
1080/60p, 1080/50p, 1080/
Acceptable Computer
fH: 19-72 kHz, fV: 48-92 Hz
Max Resolution 1920 x 1080
(HDMI only)
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