MPS IV - Oldham

MPS IV - Oldham
The Fixed Gas Detection People
Mobile Perimeter System IV
Stand-Alone Functionality
The Mobile Perimeter System IV offers true stand-alone gas monitoring
capability. The MPS IV is solar powered and has a battery backup to allow
for about one week of dark operation. The system has an integral alarm
controller and built-in relays to allow operation of the standard alarm strobe
and optional external horn.
Solar Powered
The MPS IV comes standard with a 30-watt solar panel and 55Ah battery allowing for
mobile deployment. Additional solar panel and battery configurations as well as direct
powered units can be customized to your specific application needs.
Built-In Relays
The WX4 has eight programmable 5 amp SPDT relays standard and one common horn
driver standard.
Each programmable relay allows for voting based on the alarm state of each of the four
Multi-Gas Capability
The MPS IV allows for up to four tethered 4-20mA transmitter inputs or four wireless OLCT
200 transmitter inputs. This allows the MPS to act as a local stand-alone monitor for four
different gases, or the MPS IV can act as a local alarm station with remote transmitters
reporting back via 4-20mA or wirelessly.
Wireless Options
The Mobile Perimeter System IV offers both 900Mhz and 2.4Ghz wireless communication
capability. The MPS IV can transmit its four channels to a wireless ModBus master device
or it can be configured to receive wireless data from an equipped OLCT 200 transmitter.
Wireless communications utilize 256-bit encryption and Division 2 antenna.
Multiple Mounting Options
The MPS IV offers several different mounting options:
Tripod Mount - Mounts controller, solar panel, battery pack, and even transmitters to one
mobile unit.
Pole Mount - Option provides mounting brackets for installation to existing pole at site.
Wall Mount - Option provides mounting brackets for wall installation.
Magnetic Mount - Option provide magnetic mounting hardware for alarm controller.
Quick Connection Cables
The MPS IV is configured with four Division 2 Quick Connect fittings installed on the
controller. Compatible Division 2 Quick Connect cables are available in 3, 8, 15, and 30
meter lengths. Division 2 Quick Connect 3/4" transmitter fittings are also available and
provide for a complete and easy to deploy system.
On-Board Strobe and Siren
The Mobile Perimeter System IV is configured with a red strobe light and built-in 100db
piezo siren. Additional horn options are available.
Mobile Perimeter System IV
Graphical LCD Display
The Mobile Perimeter System IV has a backlit graphical LCD display. Gas readings can be
displayed on three different screens:
Split Screen - Displays the gas reading, gas type, and alarm state of up to four readings
Bar Graph - Displays a bar graph depiction of the gas reading and the alarm levels for
up to four channels. The numerical gas value and gas type are also displayed for each
Trend Chart - Displays the current gas value and gas type as well as a trend graph for
the last 30 minutes.
Touch Key/Non-Intrusive
The MPS IV has both touch keys and non-intrusive operation standard. A magnetic wand is
provided with each controller for non-intrusive operation.
Internal Memory
All configuration data is stored in non-volatile memory to protect against power
The WX4 also records up to 65 of the last events (Alarms, Alarm Acknowledgements,
Calibrations, and Power On) and provides a time and date stamp.
Security Mode
A four-digit Pass Code may be entered to restrict editing controller configuration menus.
All menus can still be viewed while in Security Mode.
A user-editable field allows a custom message to be displayed when in security mode.
This may be a contact name or number for an authorized individual.
Data Logging
The MPS IV can display the last 30 minutes of readings for each of the four channels.
Multiple Enclosure Options
The Mobile Perimeter System IV can be configured with three enclosure options:
Non-Metallic Wall Mount - NEMA 4X/IP66 rated enclosure. Suitable for
Div 2 applications.
Phone: +1-412-788-4353
Fax: +1-412-788-8353
[email protected]
Phone: +65-6561-7377
Fax: +65-6561-7787
[email protected]
Phone: +33-3-21-60-80-80
Fax: +33-3-21-60-80-00
[email protected]
REV 0311
Stainless Steel Wall Mount - NEMA 4X/IP66 316 stainless steel enclosure. Suitable for
Div 2 corrosive environments.
Ref Mobile Perimeter SystemIV_F&B_EN_v1
Painted Steel Wall Mount - NEMA 4X/IP66 rated enclosure. Suitable for
Div 2 applications.
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