MCK DAC - Datasheet - VLR Communications

MCK DAC - Datasheet - VLR Communications
Digital-to-Analog Recording Interface
Digital-to-Analog Recording Interface
MCK’s Digital-to-Analog Recording Interface helps companies bridge the gap
between the proprietary digital phone systems and standard analog
voice recording devices
MCK’s Digital-to-Analog Recording Interface
• Flexible Configurations
Call Recording is becoming
converts proprietary digital PBX signals into a
Support for up to 48-users.
standard practice in all
standard analog audio output so that calls can
types of businesses today.
be easily and cost-effectively recorded on any
Whether for legal reasons,
voice logger or recording device. Supported
transaction verification,
emergency 911 applications,
PBX protocols include Avaya DEFINITY® ECS,
and Nortel Meridian® and Norstar ®. MCK’s
Digital-to-Analog Recording Interface units are
agent training and/or
easily configured to sit between the PBX and
customer satisfaction
the telephone set. The interface is available in
purposes, companies in a
two configurations:
wide range of industries are
keeping records of telephone
12-Slot Rack: MCK’s 12-slot rack, which
• Worry-free Capture
Captures all calls through VOX or relay
activation of recording devices.
• Intelligent Recording
Automatically begins recording when a
call is detected on the line and stops when
call is terminated. Will not record when
someone speaks into a headset if a call is
not in progress.
• Set-side Capture
Provides an ideal “per user” solution, since it
captures the audio signal on the set side.
may be wall-mounted, is available to support
calls. And MCK’s Digital-to-
4 to 48 users, with each D/A converter card
Analog Recording Interface
providing four channels of recording capabili-
simplifies the process.
ties. It’s the ideal solution for companies who
want the flexibility to expand their recording
capabilities as their call recording needs grow.
• Cost Effective Expansion
The rack-mount unit provides a low-cost
expansion solution.
• Fast Installation
Simply bridges into the line between the
PBX/KTS and the deskset.
• Compatible with MCK EXTenders for
for DEFINITY, Meridian and Norstar
Recording home-based call center agents
and teleworkers who are connected through
off-premises EXTenders.
• Record-on-Demand
Deskset can be easily programmed to turn
recording on or off at the touch of a button.
• PBX Compatibility
Avaya DEFINITY® ECS, Nortel Meridian®
and Norstar ®.
Digital-to-Analog Recording Interface
Digital telephone sets
Up to 2500 feet to
RJ-11 cable between
switch and phone*
PBX or key system
Up to 30
feet max
Up to 2500 feet of
cable to recorder
Bridge Tap
D/A Recording
Recording Interface for:
Voice Logger or Call
Recording Device
* System dependent
Nortel Meridian® and
Norstar ® ECS
Available Configurations
12-slot rack
(Rack is expandable in 4-port increments
with 4-channel cards and is wall-mountable)
Selectable Lines
Up to 64
Command Selection
A Law/µ Law
VOX Relays Conditions
N/O or N/C
VT100 Terminal
Beep Tone Generator
Desktop: 8” x 8” x 1¾”
205mm x 205mm x 45mm
12-slot rack: 19” x 5¼” x 95 8”
482mm x 133mm x 245mm
Analog Output Impendence
600 hms
Analog Output Level
-10 dB nominal
Relay Contact Rating
1 A @ 30 VDC
Fuse Rating
1 A slow blow type BUSS
GDC or equivalent
Power Supply (one per rack)
Internal. 100-240 VAC, 1.3A
50-60 Hz, 45 Watts maximum
Operating Environment
0-55º C 32-130º F
0-95% relative humidity
Additional Equipment Required
- RS-232 serial cable (DB-9 MF)
- One RJ-21 female Amphenol
cable for every two cards
One-year limited warranty for parts and labor
Product specifications subject to change without notice.
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