440G-LZ Guard Locking Switch

440G-LZ Guard Locking Switch
440G-LZ Guard Locking Switch
TÜV certified PLe Cat. 4 while using up to 60% less power
Features and Benefits
• TÜV certified to PLe, Cat. 4 (EN/ISO
13849-1), the highest level of safety
for both door position and lock
• An energy-efficient ‘green’ solution
– uses up to 60 percent less power
than competitive products
• RFID standard(low) or
uniquely(high) coded actuators
provide application flexibility
• High holding force of 1300N
(Fzh tested to EN/ISO 14119)
– suitable for a wide range of
guarding applications.
• Available in two models – Powerto-Release (safety of people) and
Power-to-Lock (protection of
machine production)
• Two solid state OSSD outputs
– connect in a series with other
devices such as light curtains
and SensaGuard Switches while
maintaining PLe, Cat. 4 safety rating
• Rugged IP69K-rated housing – ideal
for food packaging and processing
machines washdown requirements
• Highly-visible 270° wrap-around
LEDs provide status and
• Compact 45 mm housing with four
actuator positions for flexibility of
• QR code on product links directly
to on-line user manual
The Allen-Bradley® Guardmaster® 440G-LZ from Rockwell Automation
is a guard locking switch designed for partial body access guard doors.
Combining microprocessor technology with an RFID coded actuator,
the 440G-LZ features a locking bolt drive mechanism that will only lock
when the correct actuator is detected. The locking bolt is continuously
monitored for correct insertion within the actuator. This extra
functionality allows the 440G-LZ to be certified PLe, Cat. 4 – the highest
level of safety for guard door position and lock monitoring – and can be
connected directly or in series with other PLe, Cat 4 rated safety devices.
While the 440G-LZ provides this high safety performance level it
consumes 60% less energy when compared to other guard locking
switches, making it a truly “green” safety solution. It achieves this level of
energy efficiency thanks to advanced algorithms and a bi-stable solenoid
design that consumes little power for switching, regardless of whether in
the locked or unlocked state.
A great choice for global machine suppliers and end users, the 440G-LZ
provides optimal application flexibility. The high 1300N holding force
allows the switch to be used in a wide range of applications. Available in
Power-to-Release and Power-to-Lock models, this switch can be used for
personnel safety or the protection of machine production. RFID actuators
can be ordered as standard- or uniquely-coded for flexible levels of
tamper proofing. Plus, the hygienic and rugged IP69K-rated housing
makes the 440G-LZ ideal for use in harsh washdown environments, such
as those encountered in food processing and packaging applications.
Easy to install, the 440G-LZ is designed in a compact 45 mm housing
– sized for the most common guards – with four possible actuator
orientations to allow for flexibility of mounting. Bright, 270° wrap-around
LEDs provide status and diagnostic information for easy alignment and
troubleshooting. For further ease of installation and troubleshooting,
a QR code on the body of the product links directly to the on-line
user manual.
Ordering Information
Configuration Ordering
Complete Switch
(Example: 440G-LZS21UPRH)
Included with a complete switch
440G-LZ S21___
S = Standard (low)
U = Unique (high)
Spare Actuator
Power-to-Release or Lock
PR = Power-to-Release
PL = Power-to-Lock
(Example: 440G-LZAUPR)
A = 3 m lead
B = 10 m lead
H = Pigtail with M12 8-pin QD
Locking bolt
440G-LZ A_ _
S = Standard (low)
U = Unique (high)
Power-to-Release or Lock
PR = Power-to-Release
PL = Power-to-Lock
QR code
Actuator mounting
Mounting Brackets
Alignment guide
440G-LZ AM_
Switch or Actuator
1 = Actuator Mounting Bracket
2 = Switch Mounting Bracket
Switch body
Diagnostic and
status LEDs
Safety Classification: Guard position sensing and
lock monitoring
IEC 60947-5-3, IEC 60947-5-1, IEC 61508,
EN ISO 13849-1, IEC 62061, ISO 14119, UL 508
PLe Category 4 per EN ISO 13849-1, SIL 3 per
IEC 61508 and IEC 62061
CE Marked for all applicable EU directives, cULus
(UL 508), TÜV, C-tick
Operating Characteristics
Outputs (Guard closed and locked)
Description/ Status
2 x PNP, 0.2 A max / ON (+24V DC)
1 x PNP, 0.2 A max / OFF (0V DC)
Locking bolt alignment tolerance X, Y, Z
Max. of ±2.5 mm (0.09 in.)
Operating temperature [C (F)]
0…+55° (+14…+131°)
Holding Force Fmax (EN/ISO 14119)
1,690 N
Storage temperature [C (F)]
-25…+75° (-13…+167°)
Holding Force Fzh (EN/ISO 14119)
1,300 N
Operating humidity
5…95% relative
Maximum output current (each outputs)
200 mA
Enclosure ingress rating
NEMA: 3, 4X, 12, 13 & IP: 66, 67, 69K
Quiescent power consumption, locked
or unlocked
2.5 W
Shock and vibration
Operating voltage Ue
24V DC +10% / -15% Class 2 SELV
Maximum frequency of operating cycles
0.2 Hz
Sodium Hydroxide based washdown fluids
Dwell time between subsequent locking/unlocking
2.5 s
Radio frequency / EMC
IEC 60947-5-3, FCC-1(Parts 18&15), R&TTE
Start up time (availability)
Manual (auxiliary) release
Built in
Mechanical life
500,000 cycles
IEC 60068-2-27 30 g, 11 ms/IEC
60068-2-6 10…55 Hz
ISO 14159:2004 and EN 1672-2005,
(for that part of the machine defined as
“food splash area”)
ABS, locking bolt and mounting bracket
304 stainless steel
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Publication 440G-PP001A-EN-P – October 2013
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