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The Latest in Home Theater, Audio & Video and High Technology
• 103” Plasma TV!
• Incredible Chicago Homes
• The Newest Surround Sound
Vol 8 No 1
Complementary Issue
Publisher’s Note
The Big One Five is almost here.
Let the Celebration begin!
Where were you in 1994? Thinking back to when we began The Little Guys, there weren’t any TV’s you
could hang on the wall, no iPods, nor PCs fast enough to manage a smart home. Nearly 15 years later,
technology has changed greatly and so have we. The Little Guys is one of the most successful companies in
Chicagoland specializing in residential and commercial audio and video, furniture, lighting, automation and
electronics integration.
Inside this issue of High Performance, you’ll have a chance to see some of our most recent residential projects.
These projects blended classic architecture with modern electronic necessities like lighting, video monitoring,
multi-room audio, Plasma TV’s and one-touch operation. In addition to catching a glimpse of our work, this
latest issue of High Performance will show you the newest and greatest home entertainment gear that’s just
hitting the market.
All of our projects go well beyond the outcome.
First, integrating electronics is such a personal
experience that you can not design a system
without understanding who you are. We
consider our customers our friends. Secondly,
there is an incredible amount of heart, soul and
dedication poured into each project by people
who generally go unrecognized. All of the
technicians, engineers, and programmers are
the unsung heroes of The Little Guys.
We are equally proud of our membership affiliation in the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), Home
Theater Specialists of America (HTSA), Professional Audio-Video Retailers Association (PARA), American
Institute of Architects (AIA) and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).
15 years in electronics has taught us to think outside the box, appreciate where we were, understand where
we are and embrace where we are going. If you have any thoughts about our magazine, we would love to hear
them. Call us at 708-754-8844.
Dave and Evie Wexler, and Paul and Laura Gerrity
The Latest in Home Theater, Audio & Video and High Technology
Vol.8 No.1
Lakeside Living
A Michigan lakeside home mixes traditional and modern.
Product Showcase: Sony and Pioneer Elite video.
Plasma vs. LCD
The TV fight of the century! OK, not really, but which is better?
Product Showcase: Hitachi, Sharp, LG, Stewart.
Simply Elegant
Gracious living with just the right amount of style.
Product Showcase: Runco, Epson, Furman, Escient.
The Little Guys - At the Store and In the Field
The ‘A’ team is ready to help you outfit your dream home.
Product Showcase: Integra, Sony Blu-ray, Sony ES,
McIntosh, Lutron.
HD-DVD or Blu-ray
High definition DVD is really here. Which is best for you?
Product Showcase: Marantz, Rotel, Pioneer Elite audio,
Sanus mounts, Musical Fidelity, Monster Cable.
On the Air
The Little Guys take to the airwaves and find many surprises.
Product Showcase: Bose, Vinyl, Power Company, Thiel,
Monster Power, ERA, Sonus Faber.
iPods: Everywhere
How the little iPod came home to bigger and better things.
Product Showcase: Speakercraft, Kef, Gallo Acoustics,
Velodyne, Klipsch, Universal, AMX, JSP, BDI, Sanus,
Salamander, Furniture and Furnishings.
Cabinetry Basics
A few points to consider when selecting AV furniture.
Product Showcase: Great Gifts!
Performance 3
The owners of this
charming Michigan
lakeside home decided
both traditional style and
modern enhancements
can live very happily
side by side.
4 Performance
lassical design, by definition,
stands the test of time.
Tastes may change, but the
classics continue to
contribute to what we deem
to be “in-style.”
Adding a modern twist to
an aged theme can leave an
odd juxtaposition - or worse
- create a mixture that rubs
everyone the wrong way.
This impressive new
Michigan lakeside home was
built for the homeowner as
a weekend and summer get
away from Chicago.
LEFT: The back of the estate with its distinctive roof
lines, multiple balconies and five sets of French doors.
BELOW: This second floor bedroom features
expansive lake views and a flat panel television that
swings out from the wall.
ABOVE: The Home Theater room is
designed for entertaining friends and
family. The three center reclining
theater seats are flanked by a pair of love
seats. Features a Runco video projector
and Klipsch THX Ultra 2 surround sound.
BELOW: Small built-in AMX color LCD
touchpanels control entertainment and
lighting throughout the home.
6 Performance
The History
Almost directly across Lake
Michigan from Chicago, the
picturesque region of Coloma
in southwest Michigan is a
unique part of America’s past
and present.
The first English settlers in
the area were Mr. & Mrs. Job
Davis in 1832. They bought
150 acres along the Paw Paw
River (named for the Paw Paw
Indians) and built a mill to
make wooden shingles. With
the help of the Paw Paw
Indians, they planned to float
these shingles down river to
sell in St. Joseph, Michigan.
During the first year of
operation, Mrs. Davis died
and Mr. Davis, although his
enterprise had grown to
include several more pioneers,
abandoned the effort.
In 1871, the new Chicago
and West Michigan Railroad
came through the area.
Coloma's businesses moved to
be near the railroad tracks.
Some of the buildings were, in
fact, physically moved to the
new location.
Through the rest of the
1800’s and into the new
century the town continued to
grow. Much of the growth was
fueled by tourism from
Chicago. In the late 1880's
and early 1890's, Chicagoans,
looking to escape the summer
winds of the "Windy City",
began coming to beautiful
Paw Paw Lake. Area farmers
began renting rooms to
visitors. It wasn’t long before
new homes took root
throughout the region.
The Estate
This homeowner sought a
lakefront estate that could be
enjoyed by friends and family.
They put together their team
of architect John Banks of
Chicago, builder Norm Zike
of Stevensville, Michigan and
electronics contractor Rob
Gillespie of The Little Guys in
Glenwood, Illinois.
Comprising 9,000 square
feet of living area - the fifteen
room home includes three
bedrooms, six full and two
half-baths, and four garage
bays. There are numerous
fireplaces to keep you cozy, a
variety of carved hardwood
moldings and fine millwork
throughout the interior. The
exterior walls feature
overlapping flagstone and
colorful shingle construction.
The Details
Considering the lakeside
location, it’s not surprising
that the home’s most attractive
side faces the water. Looking
in from the lake, you quickly
notice the strong flaring center
columns, the three triangular
roof lines and the numerous
decks and seating areas. A slate
terrace leads you to the pier
for lakeside views.
The earthtone colors of the
walls and roof line blends
wonderfully with the natural
beauty of the region. Muted
greens, browns and beiges
blend seamlessly with the
tress, brush and shoreline.
Not surprisingly, the most
popular areas inside the home
are the rear facing Sun Room,
Dining Room and the Great
Room. Each room opens to
the lake via French doors. The
second floor Home Theater
and two bedrooms repeat this
theme giving an open and
expansive feel to the entire
panels. Motorized gates,
alarms and security systems
can be easily added in the
The Result
The unifying concept
throughout the entire home –
both inside and out – is the
blending of classic styles and
relaxed furnishings with the
best of modern design
The overall effect of the
The Sun Room is a perfect spot to catch up on reading or to enjoy enchanting lake
views. The LCD TV can access the music library or the survelliance cameras.
house. You can stroll the
lakeside grounds, which at
night are lit to highlight the
natural surroundings.
Outdoor speakers and
landscape lighting are easily
controlled by the touch can
home is that every detail
seems to fit just right, and
never imposes formality.
It’s a spectacular residence
that is sure to serve this family
well for many generations
to come.
Performance 7
The Brains behind the Beauty
The Goal
It’s not often one has the
opportunity to design a
complete smart home and
entertainment system in a new
home - one that encompasses
every room and space both
indoors and out. Making it
extra special was the fact that
the work would be performed
in such a wonderful setting.
The Little Guys of Glenwood,
Illinois were happy to be
called to the task. Custom
Systems Designer Rob
Gillespie led the team.
Working closely with the
homeowners, the architect and
the home builder was key to
8 Performance
making sure the project stayed
on time and on budget. Key
to the project was ease of use
and a lack of clutter. Rob
chose AMX to integrate the
myriad electronic systems and
Lutron Homeworks to run the
lighting. Little Guys
programmers designed an
intuitive interface to control
all of subsystems in the home.
The Rooms
The biggest challenge of the
project was planning the
wiring. Since the house has no
basement, all wiring had to
connect to the second floor
equipment room. 25 separate
indoor and outdoor zoned
areas were linked to a central
system for access to HDTV, a
music library, radio, lighting,
computer networking and
surveillance cameras.
Interior rooms include a
seven seat Home Theater,
three bedrooms including a
Master Suite, Great Room,
Dining Room, Sun Room,
Home Office, Kitchen and
Breakfast Room, Study,
Laundry, Foyers and each of
the two dual Garage bays. The
outside areas are even more
extensive. There are numerous
covered porches, decks and
terraces including 12 ‘rock’
speakers spread through the
landscaping, as well as the
main doorways and the dock.
All told, several miles of
wiring were required to
ABOVE: The expansive rear porch and
dock areas provide wonderful places to
kick back and relax. Note the recessed
circular speakers in the ceiling.
BELOW: This smart house has a brain
center - it’s located on the second floor
and features three slide out rack units.
connect it all together.
The Big Screen
“The Home Theater is where
I get to show how far home
entertainment has come”, says
Rob Gillespie who headed up
the electronics design team
and oversaw the entire
installation. “The Home
Theater truly captures the
home entertainment
experience . . . Be it Blu-Ray,
HD DVD, or gaming
systems, nothing immerses
you in the on-screen action
quite like this system.” The
video side of the system uses a
Runco High Definition
projector and Stewart 138”
screen, both designed to play
movies in CinemaScope.
That’s the same super
widescreen image you see in
the best commercial cinemas.
Where HDTV uses a ratio of
about 1.7 to 1 (width to
height), CinemaScope is 2.4
to 1! It’s an eye-filling
experience you won’t soon
forget. Of course, where
would a great screen be
without great sound? Rob
chose the Klipsch THX Ultra2
speaker system - similar to
what you’d find at the
cineplex. Only better. Literally
thousands of watts of power
are on hand from the
McIntosh amplifier and
Klipsch’s own powered
woofers. Wow! HP
ABOVE: Rob Gillespie of the Little Guys in Glenwood, IL designed all of the home electronics systems from both inside and outdoors.
Since all of the control units are centrally located in a second floor room, each room only shows concealed speakers and flat TV’s. Simple
touchpanels programmed for one-button operation control all home systems.
Performance 9
The XBR line of Full HD 1080p televisions incorporate all of Sony's latest technologies (including HDMI v1.3 features
such as x.v.Color and Deep Color) and provide the best in picture performance. Additional features like Motionflow™
120Hz enable smoother motion when viewing movies or fast-action sports. BRAVIA Engine PRO with Digital Reality
Creation upconverts all interlaced and progressive video signals including HD signals directly to 1080p for amazing detail
and sharpness. Wrap all this performance in a timeless piano black finish with Sony's unique floating glass frame and you
have the pinnacle of Sony performance and design.
Continuing to stretch performance and design boundaries,
Sony just released their best BRAVIA™ flat-panel LCD
television, the stunning new XBR5’s. They feature native
1920x1080 (1080p) full high-definition re s o l u t i o n ,
HDMI™ inputs and Sony’s unique floating glass design.
You wanna ban the blur while you watch TV. Flickering
screens are obsolete when it comes to Sony's XBR premier
line of Full HD 1080p televisions. The KDL52XBR5 LCD
Flat Panel HDTV will redefine your viewing experience with
the latest technologies. Motionflow™, one of the many
features of this XBR line, eliminates blur and sharpens those
speeding cars (or figure skaters) into more natural images.
While it's great to state that a TV is capable of creating
billions of colors it's a whole lot better when you have a
display that can actually display them. That's the logic
behind Sony's 10-bit processor and 10-bit display. Sony
follows 10-bit processing with a 10-bit panel, allowing 64
times the levels of color expression than an 8-bit panel. What
that translates to is smoother transitions from color to color
and subtle color changes faithfully reproduced.
52” XBR LCD HDTV KDL52XBR5 $4,299.99*
46” XBR LCD HDTV KDL46XBR5 $3,599.99*
40” XBR LCD HDTV KDL40XBR5 $2,799.99*
And the XBR4’s are right behind!
The XBR4 HDTVs use the same state-of-the-art display
technology and cool design as the pricier XBR5 models.
You'll enjoy the same spectacular 1080p picture. Where the
XBR5's cabinet is piano black, the XBR4's is flat black,
which many videophiles prefer because it reduces reflections.
The XBR4's warranty is 1 year, versus 18 months for the ‘5.
10 Performance
52” XBR LCD HDTV KDL52XBR4 $3,999.99*
46” XBR LCD HDTV KDL46XBR4 $3,299.99*
40” XBR LCD HDTV KDL40XBR4 $2,499.99*
Even more tech! Let’s talk movies - or specifically how they are played on your TV. 24pTrue Cinema (24p Input
Capability) is new this year and important. Here’s why. Many movies are filmed at 24 frames per second (fps) and prime
time TV programs are video taped at 24p. Seizing on an opportunity, some studios are taking a purist approach and
encoding high definition video content such as Blu-ray discs in 24p. Sony wisely takes advantage of this by including 24p
input capability via HDMI on their televisions producing images that are smooth and natural looking. Cool!
Bravia quality, easily affordable
This series uses Sony's BRAVIA Engine EX full digital video
processor for crisp and clear images. Several special picture
enhancement technologies are integrated into the processor
to create better gradations and details, enhance contrast,
dynamically improve color, and reduce image flicker. It all
adds up to Sony quality for your home - don’t settle!
52” LCD HDTV KDL52W3000 $2,999.99*
46” LCD HDTV KDL46W3000 $2,499.99*
40” LCD HDTV KDL40W3000 $1,999.99*
Impressive LCD Images
These Bravia 1080p HDTV’s combine slim, sleek flat panel
styling together with over two million pixels, the highest
high definition resolution available, producing razor sharp
images. With the BRAVIA Engine full digital video
processor, you immediately notice improved color and
sharper details, no matter what you're watching.
46” LCD HDTV KDL46S2010 $2,499.99*
40” LCD HDTV KDL40S2010 $1,999.99*
32” LCD HDTV KDL32S2010 $1,399.99*
26” LCD HDTV KDL26S2010 $1,099.99*
Show stopping 3 Panel SRXD projector!
The SRXD projectors are 1080p HD with unheard of contrast
ratios (35000:1) and brightness. Sharing So n y’s best Qualia
technology, they feature Xenon lamps. These lamps
approximate sun light, reproduce colors closest to the natural
s p e c t rum and are widely used in cinema film projectors. Ne ve r
before has this image quality been this affordable.
VPLVW200 1080p VIDEO PROJECTOR $14,999.99*
*Call 708-754-8844 for the latest prices.
Performance 11
With its extraordinary storage capacity, the HES-V1000 unit is the perfect device to store and share personal digital
content, such as high-definition home movies and photos. Features include a500GB hard drive ( can store up to 137 hours
of video, 40,000 songs or 20,000 digital photos), full HD 1080p, a 200-disc changer that can handle Blu-ray discs,
DVDs and CDs, x-Pict Story HD, x-Scrap Book photo slide ( for customized photo presentation), Memory Stick, Secure
Digital, Compact Flash and xD-Picture Card flash memory readers. It can also stream music to devices like the
playstation 3. The system can register up to ten devices with four independent audio streams. That’s a lot of entertainment.
New Home Entertainment Se rver
It would take a company equally versed in computing and
home audio/video to make something this amazing. The
HESV1000 multimedia server provides endless home
entertainment. Equipped with a 200-disc Blu-ray Disc
changer and a 500GB hard-drive, it is an ultimate media
organization solution for your digital movies, music and
photos in one attractive, stand-alone device.
This is really a pretty cool concept and bound to be in the
process of being copied by Sony’s competitors! The unit
features a Full HD 1080p 200-disc Blu-ray
Disc™/DVD/CD changer and 500GB hard disc drive that
can store up to 137 hours of video, 40,000 songs or 20,000
digital photos. You can also quickly and easily create unique
multimedia digital scrapbooks to enjoy with family and
friends using x-Pict Story™ HD and x-ScrapBook™ photo
slide show applications.
Additionally, thanks to a built-in Blu-ray Disc burner, you
can burn your personal content to Blu-ray Disc or DVD to
share with others and ensure your memories last forever. Stop
into the Little Guys to find out more about this exciting new
home entertainment category.
Sony Multimedia Server HESV1000 $3,499.99
SXRD at amazing prices
The Sony KDS-A3000 HDTV’s are sure to be a real crowdpleaser. Many videophiles and reviewers feel that Sony's
SXRD display technology delivers the finest TV picture
currently available. Note - that includes Plasma and LCD.
Sure, it’s a bit deeper, but it excels in picture sharpness. These
model's shallow, thin-bezel cabinet makes it space-efficient.
12 Performance
Grand Wega 60” LCD HDTV KDS60A3000 $2,199.99*
Grand Wega 55” LCD HDTV KDS55A3000 $1,999.99*
Grand Wega 50” LCD HDTV KDS50A2000 $1,799.99*
Pioneer Elite
When Elite set out to make a new display, their engineers sought to create the most immersive, experiential, emotionally
powerful television experience possible. So they started from scratch and dedicated themselves to making a revolutionary
display that reproduces what the artist originally intended. That meant, above all, achieving the blackest blacks
imaginable. Because when it comes to TV, black is everything - it gives each color greater definition, additional shades,
more depth and the sharpest details. In red. In green. In blue, and everywhere in between. A truly black black breathes
life into color and forever changes the way you think about TV. That’s Elite’s Kuro HDTV’s - the most dramatic available.
Vivid 1080p Performance
Experience high definition in the most detailed, purest form
available today. With over 2 million pixels, the PRO-150FD
and 110FD display true 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080p).
These brilliant flat-panel televisions have the brains to finetune multiple picture and video settings to ensure colors and
resolution stay true, no matter the source. Stunning quality.
This is more than the next step in high-definition. It’s a
revelation. A completely new world with optional ISF
calibration - enabling you to experience the benefits of
additional picture settings for day and night and to have the
picture professionally customized for whatever environment
you live in. This set surpasses the standards set by others – it’s
visibly better.
60" Plasma 1080p HDTV Kuro PRO-150FD $7,500*
50” Plasma 1080p HDTV Kuro PRO-110FD $6,000*
HD Plasma networked to your PC
Enter a world dedicated to the pursuit of pristine vision and
flawless sound. A world where streaming HD movies, music
and digital photos from a networked PC to your TV are so
effortless they become part of your everyday life, thanks to
the new Home Media Gallery feature. It's a universe of never
before possible - now real with the PRO1150HD and
PRO950HD high resolution Plasma TV’s.
Designed with some of the most powe rful technology
available today, yet still breathtakingly elegant. The KURO
PRO-950HD transports you to an entirely new world of
home entertainment. Connect an array of components such
as a Blu-ray DVD player or A/V receiver to any of the
available 4 HDMI 1.3 inputs, and the PRO-950HD opens
the door to a home entertainment experience unlike
anything you have ever seen or felt before.
50" Plasma HDTV Kuro PRO-1150HD $4,500*
42" Plasma HDTV Kuro PRO-950HD $3,200*
*Call 708-754-8844 for the latest prices.
Performance 13
Considering a flat panel
TV for your home? The
first decision you’ll need
to make is which display
technology is right for
your needs.
It wasn’t that long ago that we were
fantasizing about a TV you could hang on
the wall – just like a framed painting. Could
it be true that the oversized box sitting on
our floors or swallowing up entire wall-units
would vanish into thin plastic, and drape
inconspicuously on a wall?
My, my, how things change. We now have
flat TV’s priced where big ‘ol tube TV’s used
to be priced. Better yet, you now get a much
bigger, more vibrant screen than a tube TV
along with enough thinness to startle a
fashion model.
Flat-panel TV’s have truly revolutionized
home entertainment. They create beautifully
bright, crisp images from a magical
enclosure that measures as little as 4 inches
deep. Due to their size, flat TV’s open up a
whole new world of location and furniture
14 Performance
Technology meets high fashion flat panel TV’s have completely
changed how we decorate our
living spaces. Wall units are now
optional, not required.
Plasma vs. LCD
options. Once science fiction,
now reality – a flat panel TV
mounted directly on a wall
Was this supposed to be a Plasma
or LCD? It’s actually a French
made 1949 Sonoran TV. It was
obsolete shortly after introduction.
becomes part of your room
instead of an unwanted guest
soaking up the furniture.
Enough picking on tube
TV’s for a moment - they did
take us through more than 50
years of TV viewing.
Considering how fast
technology changes, that’s an
admirable run. Also consider
how evolved tube TV’s were at
the end of their reign. Picture
quality was near perfect.
While the very first plasma
TV’s produced a strong image
(along with superior linearity
all the way to the corners), the
overall picture quality was not
an improvement over the best
tube sets.
The Big Picture
That was then – today’s new
and amazing digital flat panel
16 Performance
televisions compete in picture
quality with their predecessors
and exceed them handily in
size options. It was a big deal
when tube TV’s introduced
35” screens (of course, you
were looking at nearly a 300lb
baby at those sizes.) For a
Plasma TV, 60” is a day in the
park. You can now buy Plasma
and LCD TV’s with screens
over 8 feet! Not only that,
while flat-panel screens have
continued to get bigger and
better, costs have dropped
considerably…as much as
80% over a few years ago.
In this corner…
Two formats, Plasma and
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
dominate the industry. Plasma
and LCD TVs are digital
displays, creating images by
illuminating a fixed grid of
tiny dots or pixels. Every pixel
has three sub-pixels: one each
for red, green and blue. Color
and brightness information are
precisely controlled at the subpixel level, resulting in a
palette of millions or even
billions of possible colors.
Beating the Tube
Unlike conventional tube
TV’s, Plasma and LCD screens
are not affected by the magnets
inside unshielded
loudspeakers, giving you more
system placement options. (If
you've ever placed a speaker
too close to a tube TV and
noticed a weird discolored area
of the screen, that's magnetic
distortion.) Their perfectly flat
screens mean that flat-panel
TVs maintain perfect image
focus and geometry from top
to bottom, side to side, and
corner to corner. Straight lines
look straight. You could never
get that from a tube TV.
Even more advantages...
Have you heard of Blu-Ray or
HD-DVD? The latest and
greatest Plasma and LCD
televisions handle these new
high definition DVD formats
since they incorporate both
1080p native resolution and
120Hz refresh rates with
24/60 frames per
second movie
reproduction. This
is key as movies are
filmed at 24 frames
per second and
video is typically
60 frames per
second (fps).
Plasma TV’s now reach 103” in
size, although the price also
reaches $100K!
Plasma vs. LCD
Older TVs were designed to
only operate at the 60 fps
video frame rate so movement
in movies did not look natural.
And don't forget about your
computer network. Many new
Flat HDTV’s can stream
content from your computer
and even connect to the
Because every color contains
black - red, green, blue, any
color in the rainbow.
Differing degrees of black
directly affect each colors'
sense of depth and definition.
Basically, black is the
background canvas which
every other color is then
painted on to. If the canvas is
Which type is right for you?
Plasma or LCD
Plasma TVs have been around
longer than LCD TV’s and
their technology is more
evolved. Plasma screens use a
phosphor coating like tube
TVs, so they have the natural
color we're used to with tube
models. Plasma televisions
resolve black better than LCD
televisions. Why is black so
important you ask?
not completely black, then the
other colors will be off. In
short, accurate black creates
accurate color. Plasma is THE
choice for watching sports,
movies, and prime-time
television. Plasmas also come
in larger sizes than LCD.
LCD coming on strong
Don't let all this praise for
plasma televisions mislead you
to believe that LCD TV’s
are bad. Quite the contrary.
With the latest batch of LCD
technology upgrades, it is clear
that LCD is getting better and
better - more detailed picture,
better color and stronger
contrast. If you're looking at
screen sizes under 37"
however, LCD is your only
flat-panel choice. LCD looks
great in a kitchen or any other
room with bright lighting.
LCD displays are better at
resisting glare from sunlight or
room lights, and they're very
bright. LCD is also one of the
most rugged display types.
Its total immunity to screen
burn-in makes LCD an ideal
choice if your viewing
includes frequent still frames
like news, stock or sports
‘tickers’, computer or video
game use. Keep in mind,
however, Plasmas are now far
less susceptible to burn-in
than when they first came out.
They have technology built in
that combats the effects of a
burn-in and often can reverse
it altogether.
The Bottom Line
What’s best for you? Ask your
electronics expert to let you
take them for a spin around
the block…then review your
situation together - you’ll soon
have a winning choice in your
home ready for years of
entertainment. HP
Performance 17
Hitachi is one of the very few companies that helped create HDTV decades ago. Since then, they’ve pushed the limits of
display technology. One area of focus is in the mismatch between the motion of film in a movie theater and the way it is
played back on television. Hitachi’s new Reel60™ film processing perfectly matches the motion of movies. The all new
PictureMaster™ HD V video processor found in the P50X901 not only provides the best film playback possible but also
upgrades all incoming signal to match the 1080p panels. With Full HD1080 products this HDTV is a perfect pixel-forpixel match to the dominant high definition signal in the marketplace today.
Director’s Series Plasma HDTV
Hitachi Director's Series Plasma TV's represent the highest
performance products available and incorporate unparalleled
performance. The 901 sets are the flagship of the new HDTV
line and include the revolutionary film processing known as
Reel60™ (see above) as well as 1080p resolution. The X99
series feature highly tweaked 1080i resolution panels.
Full 1080 Director’s Series 60” Plasma HDTV P60X901 $6,499.95*
Full 1080 Director’s Series 50” Plasma HDTVP50X901 $3,499.95*
Ultravision Director’s Series 42” Plasma HDTV42HDX99 $1,799.95*
Ultravision Director’s Series 55” Plasma HDTV55HDX99 $2,799.95*
Spectacular Picture and Power Swivel Stand!
A unique power swivel stand allows you to rotate the TV up
to 30 degrees right and left right directly from your remote
control. No more ‘off ’ angles, no glare and no more getting
up to move the TV - it moves for you. The P50V701 includes
the revolutionary Reel60™ film processing system and
Hitachi's Full HD1080 resolution panel.
Full 1080 Ultravision 50” Plasma HDTV P50V701 $2,999.95*
Big Screens, Amazing Prices
Better than 720p resolution and a show stopping price! Not
only that, but their rounded black frame and bottommounted speakers, give these sets have a great look. A panel
located beneath the screen hides all your quick connections
including an SD input for viewing your digital photos. You
can even swivel the stand around 45° in either direction.
18 Performance
50” Plasma HDTV P50T501 $2,199.95*
42” Plasma HDTV P42T501 $1,599.95*
When 60” is not big enough, consider a
big screen video projector. This Hitachi
is priced in the same range as a Plasma
TV, but goes up to 120”! See below...
Big LCD HDTV and Power Swivel
These LCD HDTV’s utilize the Full HD1080 resolution
standard (1920 x 1080) and have extremely sharp detail with
over 2.1 million individual picture elements. Hi t a c h i
patented S-IPS technology allows these LCD displays to have
sharper images and faster motion without blurring. Includes
power swivel stand that allows easy viewing angle changes.
Full 1080 Ultravision 47” LCD HDTV L47V651 $2,799.95*
Full 1080 Ultravision 42” LCD HDTV L42V651 $1,999.95*
Cool Super Big Screen Projector
This projector uses an innovative Hi-2 Dual Iris System to
optimize the brightness of the projector to the light in the
room to ensure you enjoy the most dramatic picture. This
Lamp Iris can also be independently operated. Includes the
latest Hitachi optics and LCD panels. A great example of
how affordable video projectors can be.
HDPJ52 HDTV Video Projector $3,499.95*
The first Blu-ray DVD Camcorder!
The world’s first Blu-ray camcorder is here. With its built-in
30 gig Hard Drive, you can record four hours of 1920 x 1080
high definition video. Also, with the simple push of a button,
it can copy the contents to a Blu-ray disc within the
camcorder itself. Now you can take home movies in High
Def and see them on your Full HD1080 set right away!
30GB Blu-ray Hybrid Camcorder DZBD7HA $1,499.95*
*Call 708-754-8844 for the latest prices.
Performance 19
We’d say it’s no coincidence that Sharp is now a leader in solar panel production and LCD television. Both save energy.
In fact, a Plasma TV uses about twice the electricity of a similarly sized LCD. Since their introduction, Sharp LCD TV’s
have captured attention with incredible image quality, uniquely sculpted style and ground-breaking, contemporary design.
Not only do these award-winning Liquid Crystal Televisions offer an exciting alternative to traditional CRTs, they make
even more dramatic statements about your lifestyle: Sleek lines. Magnificent details. And lower energy use.
65” HD LCD - Bigger and better
With Full HD 1080p resolution, dramatically enhanced
black level and an elegant new design, the LC-65D93U is
amazing. It features a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, 4ms response
time and wide viewing angles (176°H x 176°V). In addition,
it includes 120Hz frame rate conversion for the ultimate in
fast-motion image processing. This is the cutting edge.
65” LCD HDTV LC65D93U $9,999.95*
Super Sharp
Sharp's new D92U series HDTV’s deliver remarkable
picture quality at prices that leave other manufacturers quite
nervous! The high-performance D62U sets come in 52” and
46” sizes are built in Sharp's state-of-the-art 8th-generation
factory - these guys were truly there first. They also feature
15,000:1 contrast, 120Hz refresh and 4ms response time.
52” LCD HDTV LC52D92U $3,999.95*
46” LCD HDTV LC46D92U $2,899.95*
Big LCD Screens, 30% thinner!
Sharp reduced the depth by 30%, allowing placement of the
D64U models in virtually any type setting. They also feature
Sharp’s proprietary Advanced Super View/Black TFT Panel
with multi-pixel technology, providing 10,000:1 Dynamic
Contrast Ratio with Enhanced Picture Contrast Technology
and 4ms response time. And all are 1080p!
20 Performance
65” LCD HDTV LC65D64U $7,999.95* 52” LCD HDTV LC52D64U $2,999.95*
46” LCD HDTV LC46D64U $2,199.95* 42” LCD HDTV LC42D64U $1,299.95*
Step up to Sharp HD LCD
With a true 16:9 aspect ratio, HDTV resolution of 1366 x
768, Sharp’s Emmy award-winning LCD technology and
breathtaking color purity, these are next-generation TV’s to
carry you into the high-definition future. The D43U Series
u t i l i zes Sh a r p’s Super Vi ew / Black TFT Panel prov i d i n g
6000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, and wide viewing angles.
37” LCD HDTV LC37D43U $1,999.95*
32” LCD HDTV LC32D43U $1,399.95*
26” LCD HDTV LC26D43U $999.95*
23” LCD HDTV LC23D43U $599.95*
Serious Blu-ray DVD for under $400
Designed to work with AQUOS TVs, the BD-HP20U BluRay Disc player provides seamless operability via the
AQUOS LINK function. Performing as if it were all one
system, the BD-HP20U's Quick Start feature lets you begin
enjoying gorgeous Blu-ray Disc video with the touch of a
button in less than 10 seconds.
Blu-ray DVD Player BDHP20U $399.95*
i-Elegance iPod Speaker and Docking
The Sharp i-Elegance docking system turns your iPod into a
stereo jukebox. The DKA10 i-Elegance is a full range speaker
system with side firing subwoofers that illuminate, AM/FM
digital tuner and alarm clock function with snooze. The
DKA10 also includes a slot load CD mechanism capable of
playing a CD-R/RW disc with MP3/WMA files.
i-Elegance iPod Speaker/Docking system DKA10BK $299
*Call 708-754-8844 for the latest prices.
Performance 21
LG Opus
As a world leader in LCD tech, LG is right on top of the latest tech.120Hz is one of the hot new features in LCD TV’s.
It refers to the refresh rate, or the speed at which a display is redrawn every second. The refresh rate for a normal LCD
TV is 60Hz, which means 60 frames per second. Every 1/60th of a second the panel lights a pixel and holds it. During
fast movement or scrolling text, your eye might notice the hold. Doubling the refresh rate to 120 eliminates blur as it’s too
fast for your eye to register the change. All top LG sets use their proprietary TruMotion Drive - which is another way of
saying 120Hz refresh rate. That long list of features in an LG TV really does add up to a super picture.
The Fastest LCD means incredible HDTV
LG Electronics just delivered their latest LCD HDTV’s to
the Little Guys. It’s called Opus and it represents the highest
quality LCD LG has yet produced.
First off, these are "Full HD" 1080p LCD HDTVs. Second,
not only are they loaded with LG’s best tech, they feature
elegant styling that will blend into any décor.
In addition to Full HD 1080p resolution and a stunning
10000 to 1 contrast ratio, the Opus series features several
applications designed to enhance the viewing experience.
TruMotion Drive, with a super fast 120Hz LCD panel
technology, improves moving picture response time for
clearer picture images, particularly with scrolling text and fast
action. TruColor expands the color gamut to 92 percent of
the NTSC spectrum for striking picture quality. The Opus
series also incorporates the latest Super IPS panel with
TruWide Viewing Angle technology to maintain a uniform
contrast ratio and to minimize color shift and distortion,
even at extreme viewing angles of up to 178 degrees.
As with all LG displays, the Opus line features LG's exclusive
XD Engine technology, which takes low-resolution analog
signals to near high-definition levels, providing better overall
picture quality and viewing experience. Six distinct processes
further improve brightness, enhance detail and deliver more
accurate color and noise reduction with film-like high
resolution. Whew!
All Opus sets are equipped with three HDMI-HDCP inputs
for the highest-quality connection and support copy
protected HD broadcast content. The Opus Series is also
equipped with a USB Media Host for easy access to digital
music and photo libraries.
We are blown away by the Opus line. You must see them!
22 Performance
Opus 52” 1080p LCD HDTV 52LBX $3,699.95*
Opus 47” 1080p LCD HDTV 47LBX $2,799.95*
Opus 42” 1080p LCD HDTV 42LBX $2,099.95*
71” Plasma set - Wow!!!
Not only is it GIGANTIC, it looks amazing. This is a full
1080p resolution set with six distinct processes contributing
to its stunning picture. LG’s XD Engine™ takes the low
resolution of analog signals to near HD levels by improving
brightness, contrast, detail and enhancing color. This total
solution results in cinema-like high resolution images.
71" 1080p Plasma HDTV 71PY1M $14,999.95*
Striking 1080p Plasma HDTVs
The PY3D series HDTV shows full 1920 x 1080p resolution
for a glorious picture. LG’s XD Engine takes the low
resolution of analog signals to near HD levels by improving
brightness, contrast, detail and enhancing color as well as
reducing signal noise. This total solution results in cinemalike high resolution images. The 60PC1D exceeds 720p.
60” 1080p Plasma HDTV 60PY3D $4,999.95*
50” 1080p Plasma HDTV 50PY3D $2,999.95*
60” 720p Plasma HDTV 60PC1D $3,199.95*
50” LG Plasma HDTV under $1500!
LG is defining the price-performance ration for Plasma
HDTV. Check this out: a 15,000:1 Contrast Ratio, 60,000
hours screen life (that’s 5 hours a day for 30 years!), their
famous XD Engine, all the tuners you’ll ever need, dual
HDMI connections and it still delivers 1366 x 768p
resolution at a silly price. Put a Plasma anywhere!
50” Plasma HDTV 50PC5D $1,499.95*
*Call 708-754-8844 for the latest prices.
Performance 23
Why choose - get both! This spectacular
LG BH200 high definition combo
DVD player plays both Blu-ray and
HD-DVD discs. Only from LG.
*Call 708-754-8844 for the latest prices.
Blu-ray + HD-DVD and a lot more...
LG Electronics was the first to introduce a dual-format Bluray/HD-DVD player. They’ve just released their secondgeneration combo. The BD200 has advanced BD-Java and
HDi interactivity, enabling you to enjoy any HD disc. We are
also recommending LG ’s DV D h a rd drive re c o rd e r,
DVD/VCR and DVD players - all high-performance values.
Blu-ray/HD-DVD 1080p combo player BH200 (above) $999.95
DVD Hard Drive recorder DR787T $229.95
DVD/VCR combo with HD tuner RC797T $299.95
DVD player DN798 $99.95
Big, black and beautiful LCD w/full 1080p
LG's 52" 52LB5D and its smaller siblings are some of the
most advanced LCD HDTVs you'll find. They offer full-HD
1080p screen resolution, LG's "Super-IPS" LCD screen
technology for exceptionally wide viewing angles, and more
consistent color and contrast for viewers sitting on the sides.
These are superb HDTV’s for any room.
52” 1080p LCD HDTV 52LB5D $3,299.95*
47” 1080p LCD HDTV 47LB5D $2,299.95*
42” 1080p LCD HDTV 42LB5D $1,599.95*
37” 1080p LCD HDTV 37LB5D $1,399.95*
Superior LCD HD - starting at $749.95
LG takes LCD to the next level with circuits that enhance
color as well as reduce signal noise. This total solution results
in cinema-like high resolution images. This series includes
the exclusive LG Super IPS Technology that reduces common
distortion and blurring caused by fast motion video and also
provides one of the industry's widest viewing angles (178°).
24 Performance
42” HDTV 42LC7D $1,599.95 32” HDTV 32LC7D $899.95*
37” HDTV 37LC7D $1,399.95 26” HDTV 26LC7D $749.95*
Stewart Screen
People who know prefer Stewart screens to enjoy the best picture—vibrant color, sharp contrast, and rich detail. In fact,
filmmakers have long relied on Stewart screens in making of their films—in special effects creation as well as in the editing
and production processes. Studio screening rooms and film production houses around the globe trust Stewart screen quality
to such an extent that it is the industry standard reference material for color balance, details, and textures. Even the home
of Oscars®, the state-of-the-art Kodak Theater in Hollywood, uses Stewart screens. Your home theater can have a screen
produced in the same way, by the same craftspeople, as the screens used by people who really know how a film should look.
The greatest screen in movies
It was a time when car fins were long and hair styles were
short. It was in that simpler time that Roy C. Stewart and
sons of Stewart-Trans Lux Corporation won an Academy
Award® in Science and Technological Achievement for the
engineering and development of the Hi Trans and
ParaHiTrans rear projection screens used in the epic film,
The Ten Commandments. So when we tell you Stewart knows
how to make great home theater screens, you can believe us!
Now that you can project the full 2.35:1 aspect ratio from a
home theater video projector, there’s no reason to consider
anyone else for your screen needs than the Little Guys and
our long time home theater partner - Stewart Filmscreen. In
fact, Stewart Filmscreen is still run by the Stewart family nearly 60 years in the same business. From Mission Control
(NASA), flight simulators, AMC theaters, a "Circle Vision"
for Disney's EPCOT Center, Disney California Adventure
Park and special effect screens for Lucasfilm - only Stewart
Filmscreen has the capabilities to build custom screens for
these unique projects and manufacture your custom designs
with the same quality.
Go wide. Really wide! The new CineCurve home theater
screen features a 2.35:1 aspect ratio to allow full enjoyment
of the super-widescreen format. CineCurve’s slightly curved
shape enhances the super-wide image, creating an increased
sense of immersion and improving viewing angles.
To accommodate other aspect ratios, the CineCurve features
a completely variable masking system. The screen maintains
a constant vertical height, while the electronically controlled
side masking panels create the right screen area for viewing
images projected in different aspect ratios from its native
CinemaScope and 16:9 formats all the way to 4:3!
Also available is the fixed Cine-V screen - similar to the
CineCurve, but masks only to 16:9. From 91” to 130” sizes.
Performance 25
Gracious living with just
the right amount of style.
That’s what this Illinois
couple wanted for their
new home. To make sure
it had just the right
amount of electronic
intelligence, The Little Guys
were called in to help.
A perfectly tailored suit. A
classic two seat roadster. A
magnificent flower
arrangement. Some things
just fit right, feel right
and are easy on the eyes.
Grace, taste and simplicity all
add up to elegance. That’s
THE word that best describes
this home. No matter where
you look, everything fits
together perfectly, without
calling attention to itself. It
just seems so livable.
Performance 27
S i mp ly
ABOVE: The Family Room is a perfectly
restful space complete with abundant
natural light and concealed ceiling speakers.
RIGHT: Any TV in the home gives you quick
access to your library of over 1300 DVD’s and
15,000 CD’s.
BELOW: Scott Stewart of the Little Guys
designed and supervised all of the home’s
electronic systems.
28 Performance
This Illinois home
demonstrates how advanced
home electronics can be
discretely integrated into even
the most tasteful home. While
you’d be hard pressed to see it,
the house features a 10 zone
music system, a Kaleidescape
movie and music server
capable of holding thousands
of movies and CD’s, a high
speed computer network, and
numerous flat screen TV’s and
music available in the Living
Room, Family Room, Deck,
Porch, Patio, Office, Library,
Master Bedroom, Master Bath
and the basement Theater.
The Little Guys, a Glenwood,
Illinois based audio & video
electronics integration
company, coordinated with
the homeowners to integrate
the entertainment system into
an already decorated home.
After living with the new
entertainment system for a
number of months, the new
homeowners rave about the
ease of use of their system. Of
particular note is the
Kaleidescape Server.
An Entertaining Idea
The Kaleidescape Server was
designed from the ground up
to reliably store uncompressed
high quality movies and music
on a modern array of hard
disk drives. Designed to fit
into home entertainment
systems, the Server is highly
scalable and able to continue
running even after a drive
failure, without losing any
content. As the collection
grows, you can add additional
Kaleidescape disk cartridges to
increase storage capacity for
movies and music. A single
Server can store up to 1,340
DVDs or 15,000 CDs.
Multiple servers can be
clustered in a single system to
store many thousands of
movies and albums as a single
collection. Equally important
is the easy on-screen display
that shows you the cover art
of each movie or CD and a
description of its contents.
You can select one or a series
of titles simply and quickly.
One Touch
“All of this wizardry is a cinch
to access”, says Scott Stewart,
The Library features two story storage and
high quality compact speakers - perfect to
accompany any reading of the classics.
the systems’ designer. Easy to
use wireless touchpanels were
programmed to have just what
the homeowners needed. HP
Performance 29
Now that most displays are native 16:9, it would seem that the need for anamorphic lenses would no longer be necessary.
However, most DVD movies are in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio meaning that you’d still have ‘black bars’ above and below the
image- precisely what Runco was trying to eliminate. The anamorphic lenses that were used to stretch a 4:3 image to a
16:9 could also be used to stretch a 16:9 image into a 2.35:1 image. After much experimentation with not only optics
but video scaling as well, Runco found the right combination to be able to produce 2.35:1 images on a 2.35:1 screen with
maximum resolution and also without ‘black bars’. Now we’re talking real home cinema!
The Ultimate
Ru n c o’s VX-44d projector brings the most adva n c e d
technology, 1080p SuperOnyx™ resolution and the world’s
first THX* home video product together. It uses a 3-chip
DLP™ light engine, combined with an advanced Xenon
lamp system to bring astoundingly high performance and
ultra high resolution to the very best home theaters.
VX44D THX Video Projector $79,995
Superior Performance Home Theater
The RS-1100/RS-1100 Ultra feature 1080p resolution and
boast Runco’s powerful SuperOnyx technology for bright,
pristine, high definition images. The Ultra version features
upgrades such as O-Path light path enhancement technology,
CinOptx premium grade lens options, and AxiShift lens shift
capability. Cinewide is available for both.
RS1100Ultra 1080p Video Projector $19,995
RS1100 1080p Video Projector $11,995
CineWide now available at under $5000
The RS-900's 1080p native resolution DLP light engine
features Runco's powerful SuperOnyx technology for bright,
pristine, high definition images at today’s highest available
resolution. The RS-440 features 720p resolution. Both are
Runco’s most affordable projectors offering the exclusive
CineWide™ 2.35:1 configuration. Trade up to Runco!
RS900 1080p Video Projector $8,995
RS440 720p Video Projector $4,995
32 Performance
Runco 103” Plasma HDTV? We got ‘em
The XP-103DHD, with full 1080p resolution, is the world’s
largest plasma display at 103 inches! It is supplied with the
external DHD™ Controller/Processor with Vivix II™ video
processing for stellar performance and custom installation
versatility. At a ‘tad’ smaller, are the equally impressive 65”
and 50” 1080p Runco’s! SP models are 720p resolution.
103” 1080p HD Plasma Display XP103DHD $99,995*
65” 1080p HD Plasma Display XP65DHD $19,995*
50” 1080p HD Plasma Display XP50DHD $9,995*
60” HD Plasma Display SP60DHD $12,995*
50” HD Plasma Display SP50DHD $7,995*
42” HD Plasma Display SP42DHD $6,495*
Runco Plasma - Scaling makes it better
You buy Runco for the picture quality and the SP series are
no exception. They feature incredible HDTV 720p displays,
bright enough to be used in any lighting situation. The SP
feature Runco’s renowned Vivix technology. This advanced
processing produces stunning video imagery, even elevating
standard NTSC material to near high definition levels.
60” HD Plasma Display SP60 $9,995*
50” HD Plasma Display SP50 $4,995*
42” HD Plasma Display SP42 $3,995*
The Runco of LCD
These 1080p HDTV’s combines slim, sleek flat panel styling
together with over two million pixels, the highest high
definition resolution available, producing razor sharp images.
You see a picture with deeper blacks and richer dark scene
details because the sets match the brightness of the TV
backlight to the on-screen image. Runco quality throughout.
57” LCD HDTV CX57HD $12,995*
52” LCD HDTV CX52HD $7,995*
46” LCD HDTV CX46HD $5,995*
40” LCD HDTV CX40HD $3,995*
Runco Super LCD - Thinner and sharper
Runco breaks new ground with their Crystal Series of flat
panel LCDs. Each display delivers the picture quality Runco
is known for. They also feature integrated speakers that don’t
detract from the slim profile. Chassis depths are all under 5
inches making these sets the centerpiece for any
contemporary home theater. Runco for any room!
32” LCD HDTV CR32HD $1,995*
26” LCD HDTV CR26HD $1,595*
*Call 708-754-8844 for the latest prices.
Performance 33
Ep s o n
Epson's history spans more than 100 years, with a heritage that began in watch making and led to the invention of the
world's first quartz watch along with many other technology "firsts." This long tradition of creating products that are
smaller and more precise continues today, with the development of some of the world's most advanced micromechantronics
capabilities for ultra fine, high precision processing. They have been a leader in providing video projectors to leading
corporations - in fact, you are likely to see Epson in the headquarters of many Fortune 500 companies. So its not too
surprising to us that they were the first to make a 1080p video projector at a price that beats everyone!
Pro Cinema 1080 - Simply WOW!
Imagine the excitement a 10-foot, high definition display
could bring to your world of home entertainment, making it
easy for you, your family and friends to experience largerthan-life movies, sports and video games with cutting-edge,
true 1080p native resolution, the industry’s best high
definition signal to date.
This 6 pound dynamo comes to the table with razor sharp
detail. Its 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution means you see high
definition TV as the originators designed it. But resolution is
only part of the story. There’s brighter, more accurate colors
brought to you with Epson’s 3LCD (3-chip) technology.
Their C2Fine™ technology gives you the deepest blacks
without sacrificing the detail common in lesser projectors.
Epson also includes a remarkable lens system called
OptiCinema™. It delivers you stunning picture quality,
from the outer ranges of each of the corners of your screen.
And speaking of screens, the Pro allows you to offset the
projector mounting to give you more options in setting up
your theater. There is 97% vertical and 47% horizontal lens
shift capability without image distortion. Comes with extra
lamp, mounting bracket and a 3 year warranty.
Pro Cinema 1080 Video Projector $3,499.95
HD Video Projector under $1600
The Pro Cinema 810 delivers breakthrough image quality.
Color settings are optimized for unsurpassed HD quality.
The Dynamic Eye Iris control ensures images are rich and
provides all the needed detail for a crisp, sharp picture. You
get the best possible cinematic experience, with accurate
color and exceptional detail, even in dark areas of the picture.
Pro Cinema 810 Video Projector $1,599.99
34 Performance
Look closely at just about any concert hall, theater or touring band and you’ll see Furman products as part of the backstage
rigs. Since 1974, Furman has been a world leader in the power conditioning and signal processing markets. They make
over 100 different high quality professional products in their factory in California. Applications for their power products
are no longer limited to touring and recording musicians who were their original core customers. Some of the places you’ll
find Furman are in sound reinforcement, audio and video recording/post production, broadcast systems, telecom, data
processing and home theater. Get professional quality protection for your valuable audio video gear.
The cleanest power - IT-Reference
AC lines are plagued with increasing noise which masks low
level signals and cripples performance. The IT-Reference’s
exclusive Discrete Symmetrical Power dramatically reduces
AC noise, ensuring peak operation of your critical
components. For the first time, you will see and hear your
theater or audio system as it should be.
IT-Reference 20i Discrete Symmetrical AC Power $3,499
IT-Reference 15i Discrete Symmetrical AC Power $1,999
Eliminate the Power Roller Coaster
Even a modest reduction in AC voltage can obliterate the
sonic impact of your system. Excess voltage can overheat
sensitive circuits; lower the life and reliability of projector
lamps, and cause many circuits to shut down. With the
SPR20’s home theaters are supplied with constant, virtually
unwavering AC voltage. Impressive.
SPR20 Voltage Regulator $1,499
Out of sight, peace of mind
The IT-Reference 7i gives you a clean ground to your system
which ensures your video image will not suffer AC hum bars,
RF, or EMI contamination from shared AC ground lines.
These distortions are commonplace when AC power is
shared throughout a building or home. This in-wall unit is
ideal for Plasma and LCD HDTV.
IT-Reference 7i In-Wall Power Conditioner $889
Performance 35
I want my HDTV!
High Definition Television is here at last and it seems everyone wants to have the latest and greatest. The
problem is the confusion about how to get it. Here are The Little Guys ways of getting you the HDTV
that you want. First you will have to own a TV that is capable of displaying High Definition and there has
never been a better time. Every TV we sell is now capable of displaying high definition broadcasts and the
prices are lower than ever. Check out the TV pages in this magazine to see a good selection of the sets we
carry. Now that you have the TV you'll need to receive the high definition broadcast and there are a
number of ways to do that. Read on...
Anyone over the age of 40 remembers when everyone's house
had an antenna on the roof. With the advent of cable TV the
antennas started disappearing one by one. Antennas never
stopped working and they can work for you now. With a
good rooftop antenna you can receive the signal for all the
local high definition stations in the Chicagoland area. This
includes CBS, NBC, ABC, W TTW, WFLD and several
more. In some instances we can put the antenna in your attic
and you will still get reception. There are even a few 'rabbit
ears' type antennas that will do the job depending on the area
you are located. Other than the cost of the antenna and
installation, you will pay nothing to receive the signal. The
Little Guys would be happy to install an antenna for you.
Comcast Cable
If you have Comcast cable you don't necessarily have High
Definition. Even if you have digital cable you may not have
high definition. In order to receive high definition you have
to upgrade your cable package to high definition service and
you will need a cable box. When you purchase a TV from
The Little Guys we can fill out upgrade paperwork for you
and install your new Comcast cable box with your new TV.
This way you can save yourself having to make 2
appointments and allows us to give you the best possible
picture. Comcast has both a high definition box and high
definition box with DVR (digital video recorder) that can be
used. Please see the store for details.
Directv is a satellite provider that has high definition receivers
and re c e i ve r / DVR's. Directv has high definition
programming, including the local channels in your area.
Directv also has XM radio channels for commercial free
music. We can install your Directv in a way that conceals
wires and locates the dish in an inconspicuous spot on the
roof or other out of the way location.We can upgrade your
current Directv system to high definition with or without a
DVR (digital video recorder). Please see the store for details.
36 Performance
Before there was iPod, there was Escient. Escient was the first and is still the most acclaimed music and video server
manufacturer. Based in Indianapolis, they created the entertainment server category by blending the power of the Internet
seamlessly with intuitive home-entertainment devices. These servers enhance the entertainment experience by providing
previously unheard-of ways to access music, movies and related content throughout the home. You load up your CD and
DVD’s, view your collection on any TV and select what you want to hear and see anywhere in your home. Magic!
Digital Media Manager
Escient's new FireBall MX Media Servers are the new
standard for home theater components. There is no better
way to enjoy your home theater than with the MX’s ability
to graphically organize and display your entire DVD and
digital music collection right on your big screen! With their
massive hard drive and the ability to manage up to 2000
DVDs and CDs in external changers, the MX servers
provides instant access to even the largest music and movie
collections through an easy to use and intuitive on-screen
interface. No more fumbling through movie jackets, getting
up from your favorite theater seat, or worrying about
scratched or lost discs - just sit back, relax, and enjoy the
power and thrill of the ultimate home theater media
The MX752 and the optional MP-200 Digital Media Player
allow you access to any movie or song in your entire
collection from a different room in your home. The latest
action thriller in the home theater and the kids favorite in the
den - all at the same time!
Escient MX111 160GB Music and Movie Manager $1,999
Escient MX531 500GB Music and Movie Manager $3,999
Escient MX752 750GB Music and Movie Manager $5,999
New iPod Music Manager!
The FP-1 provides on-screen music management features in
a complete Music Manager with all of the features you need
to provide seamless integration of iPod music into any home
system. The FP-1 can also stream music from any FireBall
music server or PC/Mac, with or without a docked iPod.
Escient FP1 iPod Music Manager $599
Performance 37
the little guys:
at the store
38 Performance
The Little Guys began in 1994 led by David & Evie
Wexler and Paul Gerrity. In the 14 years since they
started, they’ve become the largest single store
audio/video retail and custom installation business in
the S. Chicago area with a team of over 50 employees and
over a dozen service vehicles. All their key employees
have been with them since day 1.
the little guys:
in the field
When a Little Guys installer arrives at your home, you
can be assured that they are completely up to date on
your equipment and your home’s construction. That’s
because each member of The Little Guys crew is trained
and certified every year by many of our manufacturers to
be sure they know what’s best for your home. They really
know their stuff!
Performance 39
Integra’s mission is unique: in addition to building components that home theater enthusiasts love, they create components
that set new standards for system integration, upgrade capability and multi-zone expansion. So to say that Integra is a
premium audio video line is an understatement. They find engineers and designers who are more than just good at what
they do - they find the fanatics. Then they provide them with the absolute finest parts and materials, the most sophisticated
test and measurement equipment available and ISO 9001 certified facilities that are second to none.
The most equipped AV Receivers
The DTR8.8 and 7.8 are THX Ultra2 rated and run 3 separate
zones of music. Wow! They also include Net-Tune, giving you
access to your home network’s streaming audio. The 6.8 is THX
Select2 rated while both the 6.8 and 5.8 are 2 zone and
XM/Sirius radio ready. All are 7.1 surround and A-Bus ready
(see above right) for whole house music.
DTR8.8 7.1 3 zone Home Theater Receiver $2,400
DTR7.8 7.1 3 zone Home Theater Receiver $1,300
DTR6.8 7.1 2 zone Home Theater Receiver $1,000 (not shown)
DTR5.8 7.1 2 zone Home Theater Receiver $800 (not shown)
Integra quality AV Controller
Raise the bar and elevate your senses.The DTC 9.8 is the new
benchmark in high performance home theater. It represents
the perfect blend of legendary audio performance, rock solid
build quality, state of the art technology, and high-definition
audio and video processing. 3 zones, 7.1 channels, Net-Tune,
XM/Sirius ready, full digital video does it all.
DTC9.8 Home Theater Control Center $1,600
The Music Everywhere Receiver
Want music everywhere in your house? Here’s a great way to
do it without breaking the bank. This Integra is designed for
music systems with its built-in A-BUS connections for
simple, efficient multi-room applications, rear IR input and
output for a second independent music zone and remote turn
on. For relaxing or entertaining, this is affordable excellence.
DTM5.3 ABus Music System Receiver $400
40 Performance
Integra receivers have “A-Bus”
capability built-in, enabling you to
have easy to use keypad controlled
sound anywhere in your home.
Insider’s picks for top DVD players
The DPS8.5 is a wonderful Universal Disc machine with an
audio/videophile pedigree. In addition to offering playback
of high-resolution SACD and DV D - Audio discs, this
changer reads MP3, CD-R/RW and DVD-R/R.. 6 disc
capability for all night fun! The DPS6.7 and 5.5 share much
of the class leading performance of the DPS8.5 at lower cost.
DPS8.5 6 Disc Universal Changer $700
DPS6.7 Universal Disc Player $500
DPS5.5 Single Disc DVD Player $350
Masterful Disc Players
The DPC7.7 plays all the high resolution audio DVD’s and
CD’s as well as standard audio and video discs. This flexible
six disc changer has Integrated Bass Management for multichannel listening. The CDC3.4 is a high quality CD
changer. With high-resolution digital-to-analog converters,
you are guaranteed superb audio playback.
DPC7.7 6 Disc DVD/CD SACD/DVD-A Player $400
CDC3.4 6 Disc CD Changer $300
The world’s first configurable radio!
Why be stuck without options? The TUN-3.7 is the world’s
first stand alone tuner built around a modular, card-based
architecture. Choose between an standard stereo AM/FM
card or an AM/FM/XM™ + Sirius and HD Radio card with
nearly 300 channels of satellite and high definition digital
radio. A great way to always be up to date.
TUN3.7 Digital Media Server $250
AM/FM plug-in card $100
HD/SAT plug-in card $300
Performance 41
Sony Blu-ray
What is Blu-ray? A high definition DVD format that provides five times larger capacity than today's DVDs, with an
unprecedented storage capacity of 25 GB (single-layer) and 50 GB (dual-layer). Blu-ray Disc™ players are fully
backward compatible with current DVD formats, while they deliver full HD quality for your HDTV. Its theater quality
audio supports 8 channels of Liner PCM, up to 32 streams of audio, interactive capability, seamless menus, integrated
games, hi-def bonus and educational features. It is endorsed by other video companies, movie studios and many PC
makers. And of course, Sony uses it in their market leading PlayStation game consoles.
Two new Blu-ray Players up the DVD ante
Enter the next level of high definition with the stylish BDPS500 Blu-ray Disc player. Built with rigid beam construction
and a motorized sliding front panel, the BDP-S500 is a
videophile's delight. The pristine images from high definition
Blu-ray Disc movies and 1080p DVD upscaling will make
your HDTV come alive. Amazing 24p True Cinema output
and cinema-tuned picture presets allow you to see movies
exactly as the director intended. Featuring LPCM, Dolby
TrueHD and DTS HD audio decoding for ultra-realistic
sound, this player is also a treat for the ears. And with
BRAVIA Theater Sync, you can control your compatible
BRAVIA HDTV with the press of a button.
Sony`s BDP-S300 brings the crystalline clarity of 1080p
Blu-ray Disc movies and DVD upscaling to the highest
possible quality. Your favorite movies never looked or
sounded so good. Add to that Sony`s 24p True Cinema and
Cinema Tuned picture Presets, which allow you to see any
movie just the way its director intended, and all you’ll need is
a little popcorn to lose yourself in an HD world.
Blu-ray DVD Player BDPS-500 $699.99
Blu-ray DVD Player BDPS-300 $399.99
Video for Eve ry Room
Three more great Sony players for lasting entertainment. First
there’s a DVD/VHS combo deck - which also plays DV D ’s,
CD’s and most disc formats and records and plays VHS. Make
crisp DVD copies of your shows or home movies with Sony's
DVD recorders. Capture TV broadcasts without a separate settop box (D455). Front plug-in for your camcorder.
42 Performance
RDRVX555 DVD and VHS Player $249.99
RDRGXD455 DVD Recorder and Tuner $279.99
RDRGX355 DVD Recorder $179.99 (not shown)
Sony ES
ES - Sony’s best audio &
audio/video line, comes
with a 5 year warranty.
Check out the new
ES Blu-ray Player!!!
ES Home Theater - that says it all
Bring your high-definition sources to life. With Dolby
TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio support, plus 1080p
upscaling of any source via HDMI, the STRDA5300ES is
optimized for Blu-ray Disc and other high definition
formats. This is the first Sony receiver to distribute HD video
to a second zone. A real solution for home theaters.
ES Home Theater Receiver STRDA5300ES $1,699.99
ES Receivers - Sony’s top performers
Found only in high performance A/V receivers like this one,
the 4300ES and 3300ES will automatically convert an
incoming composite video, composite, or S-video signal and
output it to your TV as a 1080p video signal. Kind of like
alchemy! 32 bit chipsets ensure the best audio for the most
dynamic home theater experience. Multizone capable.
ES Home Theater Receiver STRDA4300ES $1,299.99
ES Home Theater Receiver STRDA3300ES $999.99
Sony’s ES Blu-ray player is here!
Blu-ray gets the ES treatment! The high-end construction of
the Blu-ray BDPS2000ES employs solid beam chassis that
contributes to minimized vibration and drastically improved
playback. Its aluminum insulator feet help isolate the player
from external vibrations, while separate audio and video
boards improve sound and picture quality. Simply fabulous.
ES Blu-ray Player BDPS2000ES $1,299.99
Performance 43
McIntosh Laboratory is an American legend. They manufacturer high end audio equipment in Binghamton, New York.
Founded in 1949 by Frank McIntosh, the company is noted for its extremely high build quality and excellent technical
specifications. The "classic" vacuum tube components of the 1960s include the MC275 power amplifier, the C22
preamplifier, and the MR67 tuner. Due to the interest in tube equipment, all are updated and back in production.
Whether it be tube, solid state, audio or video, McIntosh continues to operate independent engineering, design and
production operations in accordance with the company's wonderful tradition.
New Tube Preamp
Simply incredible sound. The new C2300 builds on the
strengths and features of the C2200. Each input can have the
bass, treble, and stereo mode adjusted and stored in memory.
When individual inputs are selected these settings will engage
as preset by the user. Conversely, these adjustments can now
be made from the remote control as the music plays. There
are six 12AX7a tubes in the audio circuit - a pair for each
phono stage and a pair for the high level inputs. The C2300’s
two independent phono sections are fully adjustable ‘on the
fly’. When listening to a record, you can change settings as
the record plays, ensuring you get the absolute best sound.
C2300 Tube Preamplifier $6,000
Ultimate McIntosh Home Theater
The MX136 is Mc’s best complete AV C o n t rol Center. It has
the newest assignable HDMI digital inputs and 11 inputs
audio and video signal paths. Pure HD HDMI sources are
switched and supported at the highest 1080p line rate.
Let’s cut to the chase - Mc makes the best power amps on the
market. Sound, powe r, reliability. It’s all there. The MC207 is
designed for use in a 7.1 home theater or in a 5.1 home theater
with the remaining 2 channels available for a second stereo
zone. It’s REAL power is astonishing.
Now Mc also makes the best video processor you can buy. The
VP1000 is two independent video processor/scalers and a
complete video switcher. It lets you adjust your video from two
separate sources on two different displays. Lets say you have a
big screen projector in one room and a Plasma in another. Both
can be maximized from this one special component. It handles
up to 7 video inputs. The VP1000 greatly improves the images
as it matches the video source to the display - scaling the image
for the proper quality.
44 Performance
MX136 Control Center $9,500
MC207 7 Channel 200watt Power Amplifier $8,000
VP1000 Home Theater Video Processor $9,000
The Legend Returns - the MC275
Arguably the most famous power amplifier ever produced,
the MC275 was manufactured from 1961 through 1973.
The current model MC275 demonstrates the revival in tube
amplifiers. Good timing, as used MC275s in mint condition
can sell for up to eight times their original purchase price. By
the way, it makes your music sound INCREDIBLE.
MC275 Tube Power Amplifier $3,900
AV Player or Server - choice is yours
The MVP871 plays all 5” discs with McIntosh quality
sound: DVD’s, CD's SACD's and DVD-Audio. It outputs
up to 5.1 surround sound with three 192kHz/24-Bit D-A’s
delivering all the details. Want centrally stored whole house
music? The new Mc MS750 Music Server holds 2700 full
CD’s - the best way to appreciate a large music library.
MVP871 Universal 12bit Video Disc Player $5,300
MS750 750GB Hard Disc Music Server $6,000
Power and Delicacy - Integrated Amp
The MA6300 is rich with all the premium technologies that
McIntosh is famous for, including Power Assurance System
and Silent Electromagnetic Switching. With 100 watts x2 at
8 ohms and 160 watts into 4 ohm loads, the MA6300 can
effortlessly power virtually any speaker from one of seven
source selections including phono.
MA6300 Integrated Amplifier $3,000
Performance 45
Joel and Ruth Spira founded Lutron Electronics Company, Inc. in 1961. Lutron's first product was called a "dimmer
switch" and represented the world's first solid-state electronic device used to dim lights in a home, replacing bulky rheostats
and autotransformers that were inefficient and unattractive. Needless to say, they’ve done very nicely for themselves with
over 10,000 products in the line now sold the world over. Lutron's position as the leading manufacturer of lighting controls
worldwide and their unsurpassed quality, have resulted in an average company growth of approximately 20% annually.
Not too bad from the guys that perfected the dimmer!
Spacer System - Great for Home Theater
The simple solution for creating lighting scenes at the touch of
a button. Spacer System™ gives you control of lighting in any
room. It lets you create and recall lighting scenes as easily as
setting stations on your car radio. Its flexibility allows your
room design to dictate where the controls will be placed…not
the other way around.
Spacer System Starts at $99 per Switch
Grafik Eye - the industry standard
For more powe rful lighting control, choose Grafik Eye. You
can switch from one lighting combination to another, just by
p ressing a button. Create different lighting scenes within any
space. Change lighting for one activity to the next by fading
f rom scene to scene at variable rates: from instantly to one
hour. Works off remote control as we l l .
A 2 Zone Grafik Eye starts at $699
RadioRa - Wireless lighting control
A RadioRA System gives you one-touch control of all home
lighting. With RadioRA, lights can be turned on and off
from anywhere, including your car. As you're approaching
you can turn on interior and exterior lights, safely lighting a
path into and through your home. You can also turn on or off
all home lights from any room.
Packages start under $2,000 plus programming and installation
46 Performance
HomeWorks Interactive - the Best
For proper lighting and security in your home, consult an
expert. The Little Guys designs systems that provide just the
right amount of light, no matter what the event or task at
Think about this example: a button labeled “PARTY” cues
a series of wall sconces to transform your living room into the
p e rfect sitting area. It also sets the exterior lighting to allow
your guests the best view of your home and walkways. At
the end of the night, one touch of the “NIGHT” button,
turns off most of the lights, saving you time and energy.
All over your home, preset lighting ‘s c e n e s’ are easily
p rogrammed into small and inconspicuous wall mounted
touchpanels. Touch one button in the kitchen to set all the
overhead lights for cooking. Touch one button in the
master bedroom to dim all the main lights, while bringing
up a reading lamp. It’s all as simple as can be.
Lighting control gives safety and security to your home.
You can “call” your home as you enter the d r i vew a y. T h e
exterior lights quickly brighten, the garage door opens and a
selection of lights illuminate pathways from the garage to the
entry door.
You have total control over your lighting from wherever
you are inside your home as well. A simple touch of the
bedside keypad can bring all the exterior lights to full
brightness or turn off all of the lighting with the touch of one
If your security system is triggered by a break-in or fire, the
exterior lights can flash providing a visual reference for
neighbors or emergency services to easily find your house.
Equally important, the system provides proper i l l u m i n a t i o n
to the nearest exits.
Homeworks Interactive is Lu t ron’s most comprehensive
system. It’s an excellent investment in your home.
Sivoia Shades - Protect and beautify
Electric shading systems are a very smart investment. They
control the amount of light and heat that enters your home
i n c reasing energy efficiency and protecting fabrics and
artwork. Simple programming sets your shades to block or
allow sunlight or enhance privacy automatically, whether you
are home or not.
Homeworks and QED is custom quoted for your particular
application. See a Little Guy’s Expert for a quotation.
Performance 47
or Blu-ray?
Technology doesn’t always
advance in a nice straight line.
Sometimes, it takes a little
sorting out. The DVD format is
an unabashed success. Now
that High Definition DVD is a
reality, which of the competing
formats should you invest in?
he race for HD DVD
dominance started over a
decade ago from the ashes of
the original DVD split that
pitted the Sony/Philips against
the Toshiba camp. Ultimately,
Toshiba wound up on top
after the dust cleared, and
Sony and Philips, who weren't
cut in on the standard (and
royalties) nearly as much as
they'd have liked, immediately
started work on what would
eventually became the Blu-ray
disc. Toshiba, not to be
outdone by the pair, started
work on what evolved into the
Blu-ray now has Apple,
Dell, Hitachi, HP, JVC, LG,
Mitsubishi, Panasonic,
Pioneer, Philips, Samsung,
Sharp, Sony, TDK and
Thomson in their camp. The
format was developed to
enable recording and playback
of high-definition video (HD)
as well as storing large
amounts of data. The format
offers more than five times the
storage capacity of traditional
DVDs and can hold up to
25GB on a single-layer disc
and 50GB on a dual-layer
disc. While current optical
disc technologies such as CD
and DVD rely on a red laser
to read and write data, the
new format uses a blue-violet
laser instead, hence the name
Blu-ray. Despite the different
type of lasers used, Blu-ray
products can easily be made
backwards compatible with
CDs and DVDs.
The Tech
The benefit of using a blueviolet laser is that it has a
shorter wavelength than a red
laser, which makes it possible
to focus the laser spot with
even greater precision. This
coupled with a few technical
sleight-of-hands, allows data
to be packed more tightly and
stored in less space, so it's
possible to fit more data on
the disc even though it's the
same size as a CD/DVD.
The Players
Blu-ray is currently supported
by more than 180 of the
world's leading consumer
electronics, computer,
recording media, video game
and music companies. The
format also has broad support
from the major movie studios.
In fact, almost all of the eight
major movie studios (Disney,
Fox, Warner, Paramount,
Sony, Lionsgate and MGM)
have released movies in the
Blu-ray format and five of
them (Disney, Fox, Sony,
Lionsgate and MGM) are
releasing their movies
exclusively in the Blu-ray
format. Many studios have
also announced that they will
begin releasing new feature
films on Blu-ray Disc dayand-date with DVD, as well as
a continuous slate of catalog
titles every month.
The Bottom Line
Blu-ray Disc is supported by
more major movie studios Disney, Fox, Lionsgate,
MGM, Sony and Warner.
Universal Studios and
Paramount are the only movie
studios which have chosen to
support the competing HDDVD format exclusively for
now. That means that if you
want to watch movies in high
definition from these two
studios, you have to buy a
HD-DVD player or buy their
standard DVD movies for
now. However, if you choose
to buy a HD-DVD player
instead of a Blu-ray player,
you won't be able to play high
definition movies from Disney
(Buena Vista), Fox, Lionsgate,
MGM and Sony, which have
decided to support Blu-ray
exclusively. Warner has
decided to support both Bluray and HD-DVD. And there
are a few combo machines
that play both formats.
With the majority of the
movie studios supporting
Blu-ray, the massive support
from consumer electronics
companies, the fact that
PlayStation 3 features a
Blu-ray Disc drive that can
play Blu-ray movies and that
Blu-ray IS the superior
technology over HD-DVD,
Blu-ray is the best choice. IH
Performance 49
More than any other person, Saul Marantz defined premium home entertainment. Driven by his passion for music and
his accomplishments as a classical guitarist – accomplishments that led to a close friendship with Andres Segovia – he was
never satisfied with the “hi fi” equipment of his day. So he built better; first in his basement, later in a factory. His talent
for industrial design and his ability to infuse talented engineers like Sidney Smith and others with his vision resulted in
legendary products. The Model 7 preamplifier. The Model 8 and, soon after, the 8B power amplifier. And insured that
his company would remain a premiere name in the industry he helped establish.
50 Years of Legendary Performance
Do you call them an “audiophile’s receiver” or a “videophile’s
receiver”? We say both. With Marantz’s lineup, you’ll find
power, flexibility and advanced performance. The top models
are THX Select. The top 3 models are multizone audio and
satellite radio ready. All feature HDMI switching and discrete
power stages to ensure you get the power you need.
SR8002 125x7 AV Receiver AV Receiver $1,999.95 (not show n )
SR7002 110x7 7.1 channel AV Receiver $1,399.95
SR5002 90x7 7.1channel AV Receiver $749.95
SR4002 80x7 7.1 channel AV Receiver $549.95 (not shown)
DVD/CD Players - Universal & Multi
The DV7001 and DV6001 and VC6001 play just about every
5” disc format there is - including multichannel SACD and
DVD-A formats. A dual-transformer power supply eliminates
interference. The DV4001 plays most video and audio disc
formats and includes HDMI output. The DV3002 gives yo u
award winning performance at a great price.
DV7001 Universal DVD/CD Player $799.95
DV6001 Universal DVD/CD Player $799.95
DV4001 Progressive Scan DVD Player $299.95 (not shown)
DV3002 Progressive Scan DVD Player $199.95 (not shown)
VC6001 5 Disc DVD Changer $649.95 (not shown)
Marantz for Music Lovers
The ideal answer for those who want Marantz-quality sound
for stereo reproduction of audio and video sources. Complete
with A/V switching and multiple video outputs, the SR4021
functions as the heart of a “home theater 2.0” system, a
secondary zone, or a main music system. Add the CC4001 5
disc CD changer and entertain to your heart’s delight.
SR4021 Stereo Receiver $429.95
CC4001 Audiophile CD changer $329.95 (not shown)
50 Performance
The wide range of superior home entertainment gear Rotel produces – DVD and CD players, preamplifiers, surround
sound processors, power amplifiers, receivers and more – are unique. They come from a 40 year old, family owned
organization dedicated to the design and manufacture of the finest in affordable, high performance home theater and high
fidelity components. They use the word “manufacture” advisedly. They make everything from core components to complete
products themselves. In their own factories. Under their own control. Is this important? Extremely.
Processing Power - For super surround
Texas In s t ruments Aureus™ DSP processor and a Burr Brown
24 bit/192kHz DAC handle the most demanding digital
surround soundtracks. 4 HDMI connections and Faroudja
video processing make your video as good as the audio. The
RMB1095 is the perfect power match - at a Kilowatt of juice
and massive toroid transformers, you hear eve rything!
RSP1069 Surround Sound Processor Preamp $2,199
RMB1095 200x5 All Digital Power Amplifier $1,999
AV Receivers - Separates performance
Rotel’s RSX1067 and the RSX1058 are the definitive Home
Theater surround-sound receivers. They get all the elements
right with their high capacity power supply built around
massive toroidal transformers to deliver incredible sound.
The 1058 features a high performance video scaler that
optimizes all video sources for startlingly lifelike pictures.
RSX1067 7.1 100x7 Surround Sound Receiver $2,199
RSX1058 7.1 75x7 Surround Sound Receiver $1,999
RX1052 Stereo Receiver (not shown) $899
Advanced DVD player and the Power
The RDV1093 is a multichannel audio capable DVD player.
It also boasts a built-in video scaler and HDMI output to
ensure the very best picture quality is delivered to your digital
TV. The 1045 keeps most of the performance but drops
multichannel and HDMI. The RLC1040 line conditioner
improves your AC so your video+audio perform better.
RDV1093 HDMI Multichannel DVD Player $1,499
RDV1045 Progressive Scan DVD Player $499 (not shown)
RLC1040 Line Conditioner $499
Performance 51
Pioneer Elite
The Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System (MCACC) is the world's first fully automated acoustic calibration
system. It provides a studio-quality, multichannel listening environment by making delicate adjustments to neutralize the
sound field of the listening space. Select models come with an upgraded version of this technological wonder — Advanced
MCACC with 3-dimensional compensation. In addition to speaker distance, sound pressure level and frequency response,
the Advanced MCACC applies "time axis" in measuring the listening environment's acoustic characteristics and in
applying frequency response compensation. This enables the system to distinguish between direct sound and room
reverberation, resulting in even more precise, minute adjustment of frequency response for human ears.
Surround Sound for Movie Buffs
Welcome to the world of Elite receivers. By employing the
latest in Advanced MCACC precision environment tuning
and the most sophisticated A/V processing available in any
home component system, Elite receivers are designed to
reproduce remarkably authentic studio-quality sound. They
will change the way you listen forever.
Advanaced MCACC AV Receiver 140x7 VSX94TXH $1,600 (shown)
Advanaced MCACC AV Receiver 130x7 VSX92TXH $1,300
Advanaced MCACC AV Receiver 110x7 VSX91TXH $1,000
MCACC AV Receiver 110x7 VSX90TXV $650 (shown)
Elite Blu-ray High Def DVD
Produced with unrivaled attention to detail and capable of
running true 24 frames-per-second, Elite’s Blu-ray high def
DVD player eliminates the need for film-based content to be
converted for television viewing. It plays standard DVD discs
with superior performance as well. The result: an incredible,
smooth picture the way the director intended.
BDP95FD Blu-ray High Definition DVD Player $999
The Elite of DVD and Cassette Players
For standard DVD playing, look no further than Elite for
superior video and audio performance. Their DV58AV and
DV 4 8 AV plays all standard DVD and CD discs. The
CT05D cassette deck is a full-logic, dual-motor player that
uses digital technologies on the analog format to make tapes
sound even better. Elite two-year warranty applies to all.
52 Performance
DV58AV 1080p Upsampling DVD Player $499
DV48AV DVD Player $229
CT05D Dual Well Auto Reverse Cassette Recorder $350 (not shown)
Sanus Mounts
Brackets are an essential part of getting your flat display TV on your wall. Sanus’ wide range of styles ensures you get your
TV mounted just as you need for each room. Full-motion mounts extend, retract, tilt and swivel in all directions. These
most flexible mountings are often the best choice for most households due to their versatility. They are recommended when
multiple viewing positions are desired or when room shape or window location makes it difficult to properly situate the
TV. Ask your Little Guys expert for advice on what’s right for your TV and your room.
Sanus VisionMounts for Plasma TV
Mount with tilt, swivel, pan and extends to 26” off the wall.
For 32” to 63” TV’s to 175lbs VMDD $620
For 30” to 50” TV’s to 130lbs. VMAA $470
Mount with tilt, swivel, and pan without the extend motion.
For 27” to 84” TV’s to 280lbs VMPL3 $250
Mounts, fixed, low profile - only 1.25” deep.
For 32” to 60” TV’s to 175lbs. VMPL2 $170
For 30” to 50” TV’s to 130lbs. VMPL250 $120
Sanus VisionMounts for LCD TV
Mount with tilt, swivel, pan and extends to 20” off the wall.
For 15” to 40” TV’s to 80lbs VM400 $240
Mount with tilt, swivel, pan and extends to 9.5” off the wall.
For 15” to 37” TV’s to 100lbs MF110 $200
Mount, fixed, with low profile fit.
For 15” to 40” TV’s to 100lbs MT25 $110
Mount with tilt, swivel, pan and extends to 15” off the wall.
For 15” to 37” TV’s to 60lbs
MF215 $130
Mount with tilt, swivel, pan and extends to 9” off the wall.
For 15” to 37” TV’s to 60lbs
MF209 $110
Mount with tilt, swivel, pan and extends to 3” off the wall.
For 15” to 37” TV’s to 60lbs
MF203 $90
Sanus VisionMount for Computers!
The VisionMount SD115 is a full-motion desk mount for
monitors up to 20 lbs. This mount can be attached to the
back edge or mounted inside the cable opening of desks up
to 3" thick without the use of tools. Independent tensions in
allow for effortless adjustment. Sanus’ SmoothLock™
mechanism provides tilt, swivel, pan and extend motions
with the touch of a finger. Solid extruded aluminum and
heavy-gauge steel construction is available in black or silver.
SD115 $140
Performance 53
Musical Fidelity
Now for something completely different - a superchrager for your audio or surround sound system. Most hi-fi amplifiers
do not have nearly enough power to deliver musical realism. Really. You put up with inaccurate musical reproduction or
spend serious amounts of money for a massive amplifier to get concert hall magic in your living room. Musical Fidelity
has an alternative - an amp booster that connects between your amp and speakers. Its power is enormous. Sound is
dramatically better. And the Super presents no difficulty to your existing amplifier. In fact, when it’s driving the 550K
Supercharger, it has to deliver about 7% of the current that it was having to deliver into your speakers without it.
X System - super sound, new low prices
This 70x2 integrated amp and new CD player are based
around the same concepts as used in the top line Nu-Vistas.
The sound quality is almost indistinguishable. Pair it with the
right sort of loudspeakers and you get a true high end sound.
The external power supply unit makes sure the pure sound is
unaffected by line noises.
X-T100 500x2 Integrated Amp $1,250
X-Ray v8 CD Player $1,250
Triple X Power Supply $250
Amp and CD - The soul of music
The A5 is capable of reproducing proper dynamic range with
a delicate neutral sound that belies its great muscle. The A5
sounds rather like a super quality tube amplifier but with guts
and proper dynamic range. Coupled with the Nu-Vista tube
based A5 CD, you and your music will be transported to a
world of bliss and enchantment.
A5 200x2 Integrated Amp $2,750
A5CD Tube based CD Player $2,750
Where audiophiles get their start
The new Musical Fidelity 550K Supercharger is a conceptual
breakthrough and has never been done before in hi-fi. The
550K Supercharger is installed between the existing amplifier
and speakers. Nothing else has to be changed. It increases the
power of your amplifier to more than 550 watts which gives
sufficient power for realistic dynamics and soundtracks.
550K Supercharger $2,500
54 Performance
Monster Cable
Here’s a guarantee you will love. You can now buy your last HDMI cable! In the Monster HDMI Cable For Life Program,
the purchase of a Monster Ultra High Speed HDMI cable entitles you to a HDMI cable upgrades should your cable not
be able to handle the data capacity demands of HDMI-equipped components you may purchase in the future. Like in
home networking, changes in data speed require changes in cable capacity. Monster commits to be ahead of the HDMI
technology curve and guarantees that performance to you.
The Advanced HDMI Standard
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the new
connectivity standard for high definition consumer
electronics. Delivering unparalleled bandwidth for support
of the latest innovations in video and audio technology,
HDMI is your connection to the most lifelike and
electrifying experiences in home entertainment. That's why it
is the connection of choice for today’s advanced HD
components, from 1080p HDTVs and HD cable/satellite
receivers to HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ players and stateof-the-art gaming consoles, such as PlayStation® 3. Monster’s
certified HDMI cables come in 3 qualities:
Ultra High Speed
Monster Ultra-High Speed 1000HD ensures everything you
like to watch in high definition has maximum realism,
maximum impact. Movies are just like the director intended.
Sports and live shows are just like you're there. Games are
just what you expect—larger than life. With a bandwidth of
greater than 10.2 Gbps*, no high definition experience is too
demanding. 1000HD is your connection to the best in HD
picture and sound, now and in the future.
High Speed
High performance HDMI™ cable with a cable bandwidth
of greater than 4.95 Gbps for maximum performance from
new generation of HDTVs, DVD players, and cable/satellite
receivers. Invest in the High Speed HDMI cable for a true
1080p picture with vibrant color, deep blacks, and striking
Standard Speed
St a n d a rd performance HDMI™ cable with a cable
bandwidth of 2.23 Gbps*, ideal for first-generation HDTVs,
progressive scan DVD players, and cable/satellite receivers.
Experience the convenience of an all-in-one audio/video
hookup, plus thrilling HD picture and sound.
Ultra High Speed Advanced HDMI Cables from $99.95
High Speed Advanced HDMI Cables from $69.95
Standard Speed Advanced HDMI Cables from $49.95
Performance 55
O n the A i r
In this issue of
Home Performance,
we turn our
spotlight on David
and Evie Wexler of
The Little Guys,
the Glenwood, IL
electronics store
and their very
popular Sunday
talk radio show...
56 Performance
HP: How did you end up on
the radio?
EW: We had been doing little
segments on various Chicago
radio shows about Plasma,
Home Theater, etc. because all
the technology was new and
people wanted to learn about
it. About 3 years ago, WCKG
(105.9), a Chicago radio
station, asked us if we would
like to do a Sunday hour long
show on new technology. It
had been easy to answer
questions on a 20 minute
segment, but could we
possibly spend an hour every
Dave & Evie Wexler
in the foreground
and Ed Kasza and
Floyd in the
background at
WCKG in Chicago
week talking about different
technologies? We decided it
was too good an opportunity
to pass up and proceeded to
gather enough material for at
least a 4 hour show to fill that
first hour.
HP: Were you nervous?
EW: We were not really radio
personalities and that made us
extremely nervous the first few
shows. We quickly got
comfortable talking about
what we know best and
listeners were actually calling
in to ask questions.
HP: What were people asking?
On the Air
EW: It became apparent that
the general public had been
hearing lies about different
technologies so we set about
educating people about
plasma, LCD, and Micro
display systems and how to
get High Definition
broadcasts from available
sources. We did shows on
wiring a new or existing
house, what makes a home
theater, lighting control,
integrated remotes and
touchpanels that replace the
multiple controls in a system,
new products and tecnologies,
cable and satellite TV, Tivo
and just about any topic
concerning electronics. It
seems that the constant focus
of our listeners, like the rest of
the world, was TV. And not
just any TV, but Flat TV.
Everybody wants one, but
very few are sure which one is
right for them and the
information they have been
getting ranges from
contradictory to flat out lies.
HP: Does it help business?
EW: We definitely started out
thinking we could drive
business to our store, but
more and more it seemed
there was a need to educate
people about all the different
ways there are to achieve an
objective. Now we truly feel
we are helping people,
whether they end up at our
store or anyone else’s
electronics store.
HP: Were you able to handle
it all yourselves?
EW: We've had all kinds of
guests from the industry on
the show to answer questions.
We've helped straighten out
countless problems that callers
have had with their gear.
Questions that couldn't be
answered on the air due to the
complexity of the callers
system were answered off the
air or perhaps during the
folliwng show if necessary.
HP: How have people
EW: It's amazing to have
callers say they listen all the
time or that they missed us
during our summer hiatus.
We've had cable installers
telling us they make their
whole crew listen every week!
We've also given away prizes
from iPods to 65" TV's.
HP: What kinds of questions
have surprised you?
EW: We've found out that
people were watching their
high definition TV with hi def
cable, but it was set up to play
on channel 3 and they were
not really watching hi def at
all. It seems every week we
have to tell someone that
plasmas do not leak gas nor do
they have to be re-filled. Quite
a few people think a new TV
will not last very long because
On the Air
that is what they have been
told. It is no wonder people
are paralyzed and can't decide
what to do. The amount of
misinformation out there is
just amazing.
HP: Who else helps you out
on the show?
EW: David and I are the 'on
air' personalities (it always
sounds funny to me when I
say that!) and Ed Kasza has
been our 'producer' since we
started. Ed is part of our Little
Guys staff. On the show, he’s
a big help because he screens
the calls. He has a real knack
for it because he's a custom
salesperson by day and can
clarify whatever the caller is
asking about before they go
on the air. That’s the mark of
a successful salesperson something that goes way
beyond the somewhat
mundane title would have you
believe at first. A salesperson
really has to let the customer
open up and speak their
wishes and desires as he/she
gets guided to what they really
need. Ed has that skill. He
also co-ordinates guests and
makes sure we have someone
to fill in if we are out of town.
Ed has even filled in a few
times himself when we've
been gone. He'll get together
with an installer and just talk
about the whole process of
building from the ground up
58 Performance
and what kind of things you
can incorporate in a new
HP: Is there anyone else that
EW: Yes! Floyd actually works
for the radio station and he
runs the board - going to
commercial - coming back in
-timing everything so there is
no dead air.
HP: Are there any downsides
to the show?
EW: Just the time involved.
But that’s easily outweighed
by the feeling we get that we
for your show? Are there any
changes in store?
EW: About 2 weeks ago
WCKG changed their format
to all music and right now we
are off the air. We've had
offers from several stations to
do our show and are trying to
figure out which one to go
with. We will definitely be
back on the air soon and will
post the new station on our
website. We are also going to
do podcasts on the website
because we've found that the
public is really confused and
“People work hard for
their money and if in
some small way we
are helping them live
a bit happier...”
are really helping people.
Home electronics purchases
are among the biggest you’ll
make in your life. People work
hard for their money and if in
some small way we are helping
them live a bit happier, then
the time is worth it. Even
though it means giving up our
Sundays we've truly had tons
of fun and have learned
something new.
HP: What’s the future hold
hungry for information about
new technology and we want
to help turn the confusion
into fun, which is what this
industry is really all about. HP
Let’s look at two Bose technologies. The ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system let’s you enjoy greater freedom of speaker
placement—without tonal adjustments. The Bose patented, easy-to-use technology analyzes the way your room's
dimensions and other variables affect sound, then automatically adjusts the sound of your Lifestyle DVD system to the
acoustics of your room. Bose® link allows you to connect compatible Bose products to a Lifestyle system for listening in as
many as 14 additional rooms—even outdoors. You can have independent volume in each room, as well as two different
audio streams from the same system. Better yet, the AL8 wireless audio link lets you add rooms without adding wires.
Surround Sound - With less speakers
The Bose 3·2·1™ GS II DVD system puts you at the center
of exciting home theater with greater simplicity and fewer
wires. Just two visible Gemstone™ speakers (GS model) and
a hideaway bass module deliver enhanced sound
performance from anything you watch, similar to having 6
speakers. Includes DVD and radio.
3•2•1 GSII Surround System $999
3•2•1 GSX Surround System
with uMusic Digital Hard Drive Music (see below for
description) $1,499
Lifestyle® Systems - Now Series IV!
Bose Lifestyle DVD home entertainment systems are
updated to Series IV! What’s new? They’ve added a new
accessory to simplify integration with your video
components, including those with HDMI. The VS-2 video
enhancer—available with the Lifestyle® 48 and 38 IV
systems—eliminates the confusion of managing TV inputs.
It synchronizes audio and video at the push of a single
button. It also automatically upscales video sources over
HDMI to the highest resolution your TV accepts, all the way
up to 1080p.
Lifelike music and home theater performance are hallmarks
of these 5.1-channel systems. The horizontal center channel
speaker effectively locks dialogue on screen and complements
today's flat-panel televisions.
Lifestyle DVD systems feature our ADAPTiQ® audio
calibration system and select systems also include the
uMusic® intelligent playback system to digitally store and
organize the music on your CDs.
Bose link technology lets you connect compatible Bose
products and expand any Lifestyle DVD system to other
areas of your home, even outdoors.
Lifestyle 48 Series IV System with 340 hour uMusic HD $3,999
Lifestyle 38 Series IV System with 200 hour uMusic HD $2,999
Lifestyle 28 Series IV System $1,999
AL8 Homewide Wireless Audio Link (not shown) $399
Save $100 on a
3•2•1 System!
Now through
Performance 59
Vinyl hasn’t come never left! We find three types of vinyl record users - those that have a big collection and don’t
want to or can’t find the replacements on CD or via computer; those that never went digital because they never liked the
sound; and those that are discovering the joys of record playing for the first time. In fact there’s been a resurgence of interest
in records, often among the most techno music styles. What gives? Frankly, vinyl is cool. It sounds great, especially when
played on a quality record player, and it is actually quite durable. Sure, you can scratch it if you try, but you can also
damage a CD. We say get out your vinyl and spin yourself some tunes. Long live vinyl!
High-end players improve your vinyl
The Sumiko Pro-ject Xperience and Xpression turntables are
our faves. They have all the design elements necessary for
great sound - belt drive for vibration isolation, tightly
machined main bearing for stability and impressive sound
and a rigid pipe lightweight straight tonearm for accurate
Sumiko Pro-ject Xperience Turntable with Cartridge $999
Sumiko Pro-ject Xpression Turntable with Cartridge $599
An easy way to get started in records
The Debut is an excellent choice for the audiophile seeking a
cost effective vinyl solution. A felt-cove red steel platter mates
to a chrome plated stainless-steel axle running in a brass
bearing for exceptional speed stability and accuracy. The
aluminum tonearm pivots on inve rted hardened stainless-steel
points for superior tracking.
Sumiko Pro-ject Debut III Turntable with Ortofon
Cartridge installed $299
The Debut is also available in 9 colors $329
Yes, we have cartridges (needles!)
Eventually, you’ll need a new cartridge or needle, also called
the stylus, for your player. We stock Grado’s amazing line of
cartridges. In fact, Grado has been making them in the US
for over 50 years and the company is still in the same family.
We also have the very smooth sounding Pro-ject cartridges in
stock - the Pearl, Black Pearl and Oyster.
Grado Phono Cartridges - see store
Pro-ject Oyster Series Cartridges - see store
60 Performance
Power Company
DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR ELECTRICITYHAS BEEN? By the time your home theater equipment gets
electricity, you are already sharing it with your neighbors’ computers and appliances causing noise and valuable
current loss. This greatly reduces your system’s ability to accurately recreate the dynamics of sound and video.
Traditional surge protectors and power line conditioners address only part of the problem, sometimes making it
sound and look worse! Only Richard Gray’s Power Delivery System removes line noise while providing high
current-on-demand to improve system performance. The RGPC dual stage surge suppression system protects
equipment from both lethal spikes and those constant smaller surges that cause eventual failure.
Incredible Parallel Power Enhancer
This all-inclusive parallel power enhancer supplies clean
power to multiple components. Offering 12 Hubbell outlets
and a 20 amp system, the RGPC 1200 Custom removes AC
line noise without limiting current. Its unique design also
makes it an effective surge-protection system. The RGPC
600S offers 6 outlets.
RGPC 1200 $1,995
RGPC 600S $1,200
Ultimate Power for your Theater
Want the best? Got the best? Be sure it stays the best. Get the
PowerHouse to be sure.
Designed and engineered to power larger home theaters,
home automation and whole house systems, the PowerHouse
can handle up to 6200 Watts of continuous power - our
largest, most powerful rack-mountable Power De l i ve ry
product to date. The PowerHouse is also the first Richard
Gray product to combine our patented Parallel technology
with our audiophile-grade isolation transformers to provide a
true IsoGray Delivery system in one gorgeous box.
The PowerHouse combines a 5-kilowatt isolation
transformer (that's 3 substations) and a dual-choke 1200
Custom all in one rack mountable chassis. The massive
transformer provides almost three times as much power as
the RGPC SubStation, while the 21 commercial-grade, 20amp Hubbell outlets provide RGPC's patented parallel
technology for powering a rack full of components.
RGPC PowerHouse $8,999
Performance 61
Every musical sound is composed of several pitches uniquely related in volume, timing, and synchrony (amplitude, time,
and phase). These relationships are responsible for the distinct character of each sound. To accomplish the goal of faithfully
preserving all four characteristics of the recorded signal--tonal, spatial, transient, and dynamic--a loudspeaker must
preserve all three relationships of amplitude, timing, and synchrony. Conventional loudspeakers only reproduce the sound's
amplitude information, and ignore the time and phase information important for spatial realism and clarity. THIEL
Coherent Source loudspeakers are both time and phase coherent, so all three types of sonic information are preserved.
Performance Speakers - Easy to own
The award winning CS2.4 is a three-way system
incorporating all THIEL-designed and built metal
diaphragm drivers. The 36-inch tall CS1.6 delivers a much
purer and more open upper midrange response coupled with
a sweeter and smoother high frequency performance than
conventional two-way models.
CS2.4 Speakers $2,450 each
CS1.6 Speakers $1,195 each
Special finishes slightly higher
New LCR/bookshelf Thiels!
The SCS4 is a 2-way loudspeaker that performs equally we l l
as an excellent full-range stereo pair, surround-sound, or
center-channel speaker. It's coaxially-mounted drivers and
aluminum baffle contribute to the SCS4's outstanding
fidelity, making it as comfortable in demanding music systems
as it is playing movie soundtracks or background music
SCS4 Speakers $990 each
Thiel Sound - On wall and on bass
The surface mount Powe r Point 1.2 is designed to cover a very
wide area, maximizing performance throughout the room and
for a variety of listening positions. The SS1 subwoofer utilizes
a 500 watt amplifier and 10" woofer uses SmartSub™
technology to accurately match the sub to your existing
speakers - exc l u s i ve to Thiel.
PowerPoint 1.2 Surface Speakers $1,450 each
SS1 Powered Subwoofer $2,900
62 Performance
Monster Power
Your power may be the limiting factor in the performance of your flat screen TV or surround system. Monster’s Automatic
Voltage Stabilizer delivers exactly 120-volts to your equipment -- the precise voltage that sensitive audio and video
components are designed to work at -- even when your local power company delivers as little as 80-volts or as much as
130-volts (overvoltage surges are surprisingly common!) Think summer air conditioning season and you’ll know what we
mean. Protect your valuable components from damage that occurs from too-low or too-high voltage, and assure maximum
system performance anytime of the year, with Monster Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizers.
The Ultimate Power signed by Noel Lee
The ultimate voltage stabilizer for home theater, Monster
Signature Series AVS2000 features a personally signed plate
from The Head Monster, Noel Lee, plus exclusive technology
to keep your system performing at its best even during power
brownouts. The 5100SS has a full complement of filters to
clean the power feeding your system (no stabilizer though.)
AVS2000SS Home Theater Automatic Voltage Stabilizer $1,699.95
HTS5100SS Signature Series ProPower Power Center $799.95
Clean Power
With Monster Clean Power Stage 3 advanced power
conditioning, the HTS 3600 MKII offers a high level of
component isolation and noise rejection for better picture
and sound. And advanced Monster T2™ and Tri-Mode™
protection technology provides unrivaled surge protection
technology to help protect your digital TV investments.
HTS3600MKII $499.95
Compacts and Home Theater
Your Monster Power system is only as strong as the weakest
link in your electronics chain. This 8ft. detachable power
cord, the PowerLine® 300, provides you with maximum
current transfer, maximum conductivity, and offers a high
performance solution to connect your components to
Monster PowerCenters.
PL300 Monster Powerline 300 8’ A/C cord $99.95
Performance 63
Era is based in Bellevue, Washington, and owned by Signal Path, which also handles Musical Fidelity electronics. First
for the tech - Era's woofers are made of RF-PC, a custom-made composite of randomized fiber with a damped polymer
skin. Kevlar fibers toughen up the Sub 10 subwoofer's driver. Era’s tweeters are Japanese-made silk domes. This quality
comes at a fair price. A 5.1-channel set with a 10-inch Sub 10 is $2,500 for the Design 4 and $3,500 for the Design 5.
Era’s good design is quite handsome. "It doesn't fit my room, but it sounds nice" doesn't cut
it anymore. "It looks and sound great" is the winning combination. That’s Era.
New Tower Speakers!
Era is taking on the big boys with the same sound quality and
style as their satellite systems. In case you forgot, Era
speakers feature beautiful cabinetry with hardwood veneers.
Their high quality drivers reach depths unheard of in
speakers this size. Bigger models get deeper in the bass however even the new D3 and LCR3 can rumble.
Design 14 Tower Speakers $1,100 each
Design 10 Tower Speakers $850 each
Design 5 Satellites $450. LCR Speakers $700
Design 4 Satellites $300. LCR Speakers $500
Design 3 Satellites $200. LCR Speakers $300
In Cherry, Rosewood & Gloss Black
Sub 10 and 8 - for the deepest bass
The Sub 10 sports a 10” woofer that weighs almost 20
pounds itself due to the use of an extra large motor and
magnet assembly. The new very compact Sub 8 also uses a
powerful woofer and the same 300 watt internal amp as its
bigger brother but is only 12” cubed - an easy fit in any room.
Both deliver tight, quick and very musical response.
Design Sub 10 Powered Subwoofer $1000
Design Sub 8 Powered Subwoofer $800
In Cherry and Rosewood
The perfect match for your Flat TV
No surprise that ERA would be the ones to make flat display
speakers - they think aesthetics and sound are equally
i m p o rtant. The PL series are designed to look as cool and
sleek as your flat TV yet deliver impre s s i ve sound. They
mount right, left and below for proper home theater sound.
Two sizes and mate with most TV’s.
64 Performance
Design PL28 Flat Screen Speakers $999
Design PL24 Flat Screen Speakers $799
In Black or Silver
Sonus Faber
Ferraris, fine wines and design houses that lead the world. That’s Italy. Now, there’s an Italian choice in home audio.
Italian speaker company Sonus faber was born in 1983, the brainchild of Franco Serblin, who remains the chief designer
and the creative force behind the company. Sonus faber has grown to become the most dominant design idiom in audio
today. Sonus faber produces hand-built speakers that combine the merits of Old World handcrafting with high technology
to produce leather clad musical machines of stunning quality. The discerning owner will have something of beauty that
will bring lasting enjoyment for years to come.
Sexy high-performance Italian design
The full-range 3-way, floor standing Grand Piano Domus
delivers extraordinary performance. The fully shielded, frontported leather wrapped lute-shaped enclosure features dual
7” woofers a 6” mid and 1” ring radiator tweeter that deliver
exceptional openness and dynamics. Beautiful Italian design
and tremendous response from deep bass to clear cymbals.
Grand Piano Domus $4,795 pair
And just a tad smaller - Concerto
A slightly more compact version of the Grand Piano
designed for use in smaller interior spaces, this fully shielded,
2-way floor standing loudspeaker once again features the
stylish lute-shaped cabinet. Employing a 7” mid-woofer and
1” ring radiator tweeter results in very high power handling
and dynamic capabilities.
Concerto Domus $3,495 pair
Compacts and Home Theater
The Concertino Domus systems features a 2-way front
design housed within a shielded lute-shaped enclosure .
Incorporating a 6” woofer and .75” silk dome tweeter that
exhibits superb transparency, imaging and very high power
handling capabilities. The center and rear speakers make for
truly remarkable home theaters.
Concertino Domus $1,495 pair. Floor Stand $695 pair
Center Domus $1,295 each. Center Stand $395 each
Wall Domus $1,495 pair
Performance 65
iPods: Everywhere
Your iPod can be used to produce
high quality sound throughout your
home. Here’s how to make it happen.
The iPod is the most
important product
introduction in the music
business since the CD. By
evolving an existing
technology, Apple made it
easy to carry thousands of
your favorite songs, photos,
TV shows, movies and data
right in your pocket.
Downloadable music is now a
$3billion dollar per year
business compared to
$9billion per year for
domestic sales of CD’s.
The iPod is a portable format.
Its success has led to use far
beyond listening to it while
on the go. The iPod is
66 Performance
adaptable for use in most cars
and homes. When connected
to a quality home music
system, the iPod starts to
show its ‘portable player’
genes and its sound quality
begins to fall short of home
standards. Sure, it sounds fine
with headphones. Yet when
hooked through home
speakers and amplifiers, the
sound is less than stellar. Is
there any way to improve
your iPod’s sound? Absolutely.
Step 1 - Decompress
Part of the magic of
downloadable music is the
fact that you can do it
quickly. That’s because most
music on the internet is
compressed in size so it can
download quickly to your
computer. The type of
compression determines the
song’s digital file size.
Compressing to the smallest
size makes for a fast download
and easy storage. In fact,
compressed file sizes are
typically 1/12th the size of
uncompressed files. But there
is a trade-off; the more you
compress the file, the more
sound quality you lose. Even if
you wanted to get the fullsized music file with no
compression applied, Apple
didn’t offer it. That all began
to change just several months
iPods: Everywhere
ago. At a special event in London in
the Spring of 2007, EMI Music
announced new premium downloads
at much higher sound quality and free
of digital rights management (DRM)
restrictions. Apple iTunes Store was
the first retailer to offer the higher
quality, DRM-free music. Apple made
the tracks available from EMI at twice
the sound quality of existing
downloads and without any digital
right management. Apple even
allowed you to upgrade songs that
were purchased in the lower quality
What if your songs are not available
uncompressed? We recommend you
set your iTunes song importing
preferences to a higher bit rate, such
as 256K. You do so in the ‘Advanced’
section of iTunes’ Preferences on your
computer. This will improve sound
quality of both purchased tunes and
imported tunes from CD’s.
Step 2 – Dock it!
Once you are getting the best possible
sound into your iPod, you need to get
the songs out! There are a variety of
ways to connect your iPod to your
home system. You can use the iPod’s
own connectors or a 3rd party ‘dock’.
The dock is a holder that has all the
right connections to get the sound out
of your iPod and into your home
system. Simultaneously, the dock gets
power to your iPod so it doesn’t run
down during playback. Some docking
systems allow for remote control or
keypad operation of the iPod from
Performance 67
iPods: Everywhere
any room, both indoors or
Step 3 – DtoA Conversion
Music, and our ability to hear
it, are both analog processes –
they are created with
continuous waveforms. Digital
music, found on CD’s and in
your iPod, use a series of
individual ‘bits’, not a
continuous wave. These digital
files have to be converted back
to analog before they can be
amplified and played back for
us to hear. To do so, all digital
music devices have a digital to
analog converter built-in.
Since the converter is one of
the trickiest elements to
design and one of the more
expensive devices in your
player, it’s often a
compromised component. An
easy way to improve the sound
of your iPod at home is by
connecting it through a high
quality digital to analog
converter, or DAC. With a
DAC added, you’ll typically
hear a warmer, deeper sound
that gives richness to to all
compressed or uncompressed
music files. The device also
can be hooked up to your CD
player for musical goodness.
Step 4 – The System is the
There are many choices for
home music systems. From a
one room ‘concert’ grade setup
to ‘whole house systems’
where music is ‘piped’ both
indoors and outdoors, there
are plenty of combinations
that allow you to enjoy music
wherever you happen to be in
your home. Modern home
music systems can be based
around small inconspicuous
shelf speakers or built-in to
walls and ceilings. There’s no
need to redecorate around
stacks of components and
speakers; it can all be out of
sight. If you haven’t heard
what a good music system can
do for your music, you are in
for a treat.
Housewide music systems are
configured like central air
conditioning – the guts are
kept in a closet or the
basement, but you have access
to the system from any room’s
thermostat. The same goes for
a central music system. The
gear can be stored in one
location but you can access
any song or disc from any
room via keypads or
touchscreens. iPod docks can
be added in several locations
so you can plug and play
wherever you choose.
Now that you have thousands
of songs in your pocket, do
yourself a favor and give them
a spin on a system that can
bring out the spirit and soul
of your favorite artists. HP
Getting your video from iTunes? Get it off your computer and onto your TV. With Apple TV, you
can enjoy movies, TV shows, music, and podcasts in your iTunes library, plus photos and movie
trailers, on your widescreen TV — wirelessly, from your Mac or PC. You can
even watch YouTube videos, too.
Here’s how. Any time day or night, simply download what you want to
watch or listen to from among millions of choices on the iTunes Store. Apple
TV automatically grabs the digital media on your computer and makes it
available for you to enjoy on your TV. Best of all, whenever you add
something new in iTunes, Apple TV updates automatically. Thanks to the
intuitive interface, finding what you want to watch is as easy as navigating
a few simple menu items using the included Apple Remote. Just a few clicks
and you’ll be enjoying all your favorites from the comfort of your couch.
68 Performance
Thirty years ago SpeakerCraft was formed by a group of dedicated individuals with a passion for sound. After inventing
the in-wall speaker and manufacturing them for the most prominent companies in the business, they developed their own
brand based on the ever-expanding need for quality ‘invisible’ sound. Innovations include speaker systems that do not
require installing brackets in the wall first. They also improved in-ceiling round speakers by inventing a method to greatly
improve the high frequency response with a device called the WavePlane™. Today, Speakercraft is proud to be the largest
supplier of custom installed audio/video products in the world having manufactured and sold millions of loudspeakers.
Hidden Speakers - For every room
Speakercraft virtually invented the modern in-wall/in-ceiling
speaker category. They’ve perfected it with their new AIM7
series speakers. The patented AIM series of fully directional
in-ceiling loudspeakers can be entirely pivoted towards the
listener while remaining discretely recessed behind a flushmounted grille.
In-wall/In-ceiling Speakers from $100 each
High-performance - Stealth appearance
When you have to use in-ceiling speakers for appearance
sake, but want to get the best possible sound out for your
home theater, Speakercraft created the new TIME (Theater
In Motion Experience) speakers. They actually drop down
out of the ceiling at a proper angle for the best sound, right
from your remote control.
TIME motorized In-ceiling Speakers from $350 each
ROX - Sound for the outdoors
A long time favorite of ours, these ‘rock’ speakers are made of
a hard resin material and molded to look like garden stones.
They can be outside all year round and last for season after
season. But the best part is the sound - it turns out that the
dense weatherproof cabinet makes for a great speaker box.
‘Stones on the Rocks!
ROX Speakers from $250
70 Performance
MODE Keypads - Easy and affordable
The new MODE keypads for the MZ series controllers (see
below) mount in the wall in any room of your home. The
backlit buttons are easy to read and provide various functions
depending on the source being controlled. A dedicated
volume control knob with a graduated backlight indicates
actual volume level.
The heart of the system is the scroll wheel - simply scroll and
click on the desired menu or command and the system
instantly responds.
MODE provides a great deal of information including song
titles, album names, artists, play lists and genres from your
iPod, MODE Jukebox music server, AM/FM preset stations
or XM radio. MODE can also be controlled via remote.
Whether controlled from the keypad or the remote, the
system can be programmed to perform multiple functions
from a single button. For example, pressing one button can
turn on the system, select the MODE Jukebox, route the
music to the media room, select your favorite song or album
and adjust the volume to a preset level. Another command
may turn on the CD player, select it as a source, put it in play
mode and send it to every room in the house. A single
command can also shut the entire system down. An endless
number of options allows us to tailor the system to fit your
specific requirements.
MODE 3.1 Keypad $399
MODE Base $120
The Music Everywhere component
Put music in every space in your home with either of these
two all-in-one powered music systems. Twin AM/FM tuners
are included on the 88 along with 8 zones and 8 source
capability. It’s 6 zones and 6 sources on the 66. Plenty of
keypads and lots of digital power to drive your speakers
included in each configuration.
MZC88 Multi-Zone Controller with 8 Keypads $4,800
MZC66 Multi-Zone Controller with 6 Keypads $2,400
Performance 71
The holy grail of loudspeaker design has always been to generate big bass from small boxes. The trouble is, the laws of
physics make this almost impossible to achieve, as bass extension relates directly to efficiency and cabinet size. KEF
engineers have now developed a way of overcoming this limitation. It's called Acoustic Compliance Enhancement (ACE),
and it works like this. In conventional speakers, cone motion is restricted by the acoustic pressure in the enclosure as the
air is alternately compressed and expanded by the cone moving in and out. The smaller the enclosure, the greater the
pressure that acts on the cone. By dramatically reducing this pressure, ACE allows the cone to (continued on next page)
KHT - Refined Home Theater
As the flagship system of the KHT family, the KHT9000 ACE
series is pure KEF genius. Combining the latest ACE
technology (see above) with uncompromised production and
testing, KEF has created a true audiophile-quality 3-D sound
picture for your music or movie performances. Let the
KHT9000 or KHT6000 be your ace in the hole.
KHT9000 Speakers in black gloss $1,000 each
(shown far left)
KHT6000 Speakers in black gloss $600 each
(shown at left)
Superior Surround Sound System
The cool minimalism of the 5005.2 system speakers with
their slender cast aluminum columns hides the sophistication
of the technology that makes them sound so authoritative.
Whether your watching a film or chilling out to a few tracks,
they sound as clean as they look. Perfect for wall mounting
by your flat TV.
KHT5005.2 System in black gloss $2,000
Amazing Mini Theater System
The 3005’s specially shaped curved aluminum enclosures
make for an acoustically ideal housing. KEF’s 'sit anywhere'
Uni-Q® technology disperses sound around the room so well
that you can sit anywhere. Dialogue is particularly clear and
natural. The satellites play astonishingly loud without
sounding unpleasant.
KHT3005 System in black or silver gloss $1,500
72 Performance
move as freely as it would in a much larger cabinet. This is achieved by introducing granules of activated carbon into the
enclosure - a material containing millions of pores. One of its characteristics is a capacity for physical absorption, a
molecular force in which a substance accumulates in a thin film on the surface of a solid. In an ACE loudspeaker, when
the cone moves inwards the air pressure increases, triggering absorption of air molecules from the free air into the carbon.
This removal of air molecules from the air causes the internal pressure to decrease. When the cone moves outwards the
opposite occurs.The carbon is constantly acting to reduce the pressure in the enclosure. The result? Amazing bass!
Speakers with iQ - KEF’s Uni-Q!
If you're one of the growing number of music lovers who
weigh style equally alongside substance when choosing
equipment for your home, the KEF iQ9 will prove to be the
ultimate satisfaction for both your eyes and your ears. With
a 6.5" Uni-Q Array -- KEF's superior hybrid midrange/tweeter -- and a pair of 6.5" long-throw woofer, this
speaker really fills some space, and, its lustrous, wood-veneer,
elliptical enclosure helps beautify the room. The same quality
goes into the compact iQ3 - a very impressive stand mount
or shelf speaker that uses the same 6.5” Uni-Q driver as the
bigger iQ9.
The Uni-Q design shows how good center and rear channel
speakers can be. This is an area where the unriva l e d
dispersion characteristics of Uni-Q technology make a real
difference - they project on-screen dialogue and effects with
equal clarity and realism throughout the room. Configured
for bi-wiring or bi-amplification like all the Q Series, their
smooth midrange and fast attack deliver high-end audio
sound at a modest price. Available in Black or Dark Apple.
iQ9 Floorstanding Uni-Q Speakers $650 each
iQ7 Floorstanding Uni-Q Speakers $550 each
iQ3 Compact Uni-Q Speakers $250 each
iQ2C Center Channel Uni-Q Speaker $275 each
iQ6C Center Channel Uni-Q Speaker $550 each
iQ8ds Dipole Side/Rear Speakers $325 each
The subwoofer from the guys who know
This active subwoofer has an attractive curved cabinet that’s
heavily braced to eliminate unwanted 'box coloration'. Using a
long-throw bass driver and a 250W built-in amplifier, this
closed box design delivers ground-shaking effects and depth,
whether from movies or music. From the guys that practically
invented the modern woofer.
PSW2500 250 watt Subwoofer in black gloss $650
Performance 73
Gallo Acoustics
Among the many features that make the Reference 3.1 stereo speakers so unique is an upgraded version of Gallo’s patented
CDT™ tweeter, the CDT II™, as well as a hollow-cast, aluminum chassis filled with their patented S2 technology airdensity treatment. The CDT II™ and the S2 Technology are two crucial proprietary elements that meld to form an
award-winning combination of stereo clarity, precision and range not found anywhere near this price point for a speaker
system. The Reference 3.1's CDTII™ tweeter is so transparent, fast and dynamic that it offers 300° horizontal dispersion,
making the Reference 3.1 a versatile, powerful option for just about any room in the house.
Reference Speakers - Wow!
The Anthony Gallo Acoustics Nucleus® Re f e rence 3.1
speakers are a true high-end home stereo speaker. Designed
with the performance- and decor-conscious audiophile in
mind, the Reference 3.1 will add a timeless look to your
living room and let you hear what you've been missing in all
of your favorite movies and music recordings.
Reference 3.1 Tower Speakers (at far left) $1,647.50 each
Reference Center Speaker $1,320 each
Reference Rear/Side Speaker $1,320 each
Gallo’s Glorious Spherical Speakers
Gallo satellite speakers are only 4" in diameter for the Micro
Ti or 5” for the A’Diva Ti, but combined with their
subwoofer, behave as though they were many times their size.
The MPS150 Micro Subwoofer uses a 150 watt powered 10"
driver housed in a cylindrical enclosure. The striking and
powerful TR-2 and TR-1 subwoofers use the same woofer as
found in the Reference speakers - rated power is what
separates them.
Gallo Micro Ti Satellites in colors $220 each, or in
stainless steel $259 each
Gallo A’Diva Ti Satellites, from $303 each
Gallo MPS150 Micro Powered Sub $908
Gallo TR-2 250 watt and TR-1 100 watt powered
Subs. $770 and $468 respectively (at bottom)
Nucleus &
74 Performance
Founded in 1983 by David Hall, Velodyne is universally recognized as the leading manufacturer of high-performance,
low distortion, powered subwoofers. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, the company's technically innovative
audio products are the envy of the entire audio world. That’s because they patented a type of servo control in 1982 that
compares the sound of their woofers to the original source. This servo circuit ensures accuracy in bass reproduction that’s
unequalled. Velodyne’s top of range Digital Drive series includes digital servo control. The top of line 1812 (yes, just like
the famous symphony) features a 12” and an 18” woofer driven by 6000 watts! Now that’s bass!
2000 watt 9” Subwoofer!
The MicroVee is a 9” cubed subwoofer that fits anywhere,
yet provides enough output to fill larger rooms with deep,
powerful bass. It’s perfect for home theater, precision audio,
or gaming applications. Includes an active 6.5" driver, two
6.5" passive radiators and 2000 watts Dynamic Power all
encased in a extruded aluminum cabinet that dissipates heat.
MicroVee Powered Subwoofer $799
The best selling Subwoofers - anywhere
The industry’s best selling powered subwoofers. They come
with 1000-watt amps, long throw drivers, a 6-band
automatic room equalizer with included mic, a remote
control and full DSP control. The result is a subwoofer that
adapts to any room?s décor and acoustic anomalies with
performance that leaves anything else in its class in the dust.
SPL-1000R Powered Subwoofer $1,199
SPL-1200R Powered Subwoofer $1,399
Both woofers look similar and include a remote control
and calibration microphone that’s a cinch to use.
Velodyne’s best - for bass lovers
Velodyne has achieved perfection with the Digital Drive
Series subwoofers (see tech report above). The DD-10 and
DD-12 feature Ve l o d y n e’s re volutionary Digital Dr i ve
technology that takes room equalization to a new level to
assure ideal performance. Packing 3000 peak watts into
compact cabinets, these woofers are top of the pack.
You deserve it.
DD-10 Powered Subwoofer $1,999
DD-12 Powered Subwoofer $2,499
Performance 75
The THX Ultra 2 System
Klipsch KL650THX LCR speakers $1,200ea
Klipsch KL525THX LCR speakers $1,000ea
Klipsch KS525THX Surrounds
$ 625ea
Klipsch KW120THX Subwoofers $1,250ea
Klipsch KA1000THX Sub amps $1,400ea
Klipsch outdoor speakers
AW650 $250ea
AW525 $200ea
AW500SM $350ea
The Reference Speakers
Klipsch Reference Floor Speakers from $250ea
Klipsch Reference Shelf Speakers from $125ea
Klipsch Re f e rence Center Speakers from $200ea
Klipsch Reference Surrounds from $150ea
Klipsch Reference Subwoofers from $349ea
Klipsch In-Wall and In-Ceiling
speakers starting at $110ea
Universal Remote
Let’s look closer at the new MX980. It’s ideal for homes with one or more A/V systems, because the MX980 automates and
simplifies operation of even the most complex home systems. Its many highlights include a big, bright color LCD display,
an open programming architecture, Narrow Band RF capability, and seamless integration with other control devices. The
MX980’s display shares the vibrant color capabilities of the MX3000 Remote Control with an active matrix LCD that
delivers 320x240 pixel resolution. The MX980 is packed with practical features that include a motion sensor that
automatically turns on the display when the remote is picked up and refreshes when it’s moved. Very cool.
The Universal System Controller
This is one of the best stand-alone remote devices we’ve ever
used. The MX3000 uses a touchscreen which can be
programmed to look and operate exactly as you need. This
remote’s RF operation provides up to 100' range even
through walls. Crystal clear color screen, great ergonomics
and it weighs only 11 ounces. A winner.
MX3000 Touchpanel Remote Control $999
One Touch Remotes clear the tables
The new MX980 is easy to use. When you want to watch
something, you simply press the WATCH button and select
the source. When you want to listen, you touch LISTEN.
The MX980 turns on components, selects inputs and
favorites, even resets the lights to the optimum darkness. The
MX900 runs up to 40 devices with 40 pages per device.
MX980 Remote Control $599
MX900 Remote Control $449
The System is the Solution - new price!
Instead of separately turning on the TV, turning on the DVD
player, changing the input, and turning on the receiver, these
commands are chained together in the proper sequence in a
macro. The macros are programmed into the MSC400 and
triggered by your chosen Universal Remote. Take control!
MSC400 Remote System Control Center $599
78 Performance
AMX touch panels control and automate the electronics that make residential life relaxing and commercial operations run
more efficiently. AMX panels showcase some of the most exciting capabilities to hit the industry in years, including: 16x9
format widescreen displays, real wireless mobility, G4 computer control, and high resolution graphics. For the past 20
years, AMX has led the industry with innovative control system products – sophisticated technology designed to be easy to
use and understand. It's your world. Take control. The Little Guys programming and AMX touchpanels tames even the
most elaborate systems.
Master of the House
Handheld remotes with touchpanel power in a sleek, stylish
and slim form factor. Only the highest quality materials were
commissioned to manufacture these Mio Moderos. Features
blackbrushed metal and chrome-plated side rails – exuding a
cool feel and contemporary style with a high degree of
engineered intelligence.
Control packages starting at just $2,349 plus programming
In-wall or handheld convenience
You’ve decided to upgrade your home to the simplicity of
touchpanel control, but you want to make your interfaces as
small as possible? AMX has the solution. Their Modero 5”
in-wall panels fit any room. They even retain the high
resolution widescreens and audio/video capability of the big
Moderos. Bigger panels available.
Starting at just $2,349 plus programming
Modero - When only the best will do
AMX touch panels control and automate the electronics that
make residential life relaxing and commercial operations run
more efficiently. With powe rful programming options and an
ultra user-friendly interface, complex sequences of commands
can be transformed into magical results literally at the touch of a
button. The Modero Vi ew Point line of of touch panels feature a
standard ratio 7.5" (MVP-7500), a high resolution 8.4" (MVP8400i), and High resolution 5.2" (MVP-5200i) Widescreen.
Wireless MVP Systems starting at $5,499 plus programming
Performance 79
JSP is a Canadian company that produces fine cabinetry for home theaters. Their credenzas feature a removable back,
foot levelers, ventilation cut-outs and glass doors. Shelves are adjustable and recessed to hide wires. The center area is
covered in cloth for the center speaker. The TV area can hold the biggest flat panel sets. Optional back panels allow you
to mount your TV, speakers and accessories. JSP uses fine grain birch and applies their beautiful finishes in a multi-step
process which highlights the natural features and richness of the wood. JSP stocks each model in several finishes available
in about 3 weeks. JSP will also make any of their cabinets in a variety of optional finishes ready for delivery in 6 weeks.
The Jazzy Collection
Configure your Jazzy as a credenza alone to be used for all
LCD or Plasma TV’s with their base. Outside facing wood
doors house pull-out multimedia storage trays. The middle
compartment is shipped with a speaker grill which can be
interchanged for a glass panel. The optional back panel hangs
your TV. It comes with its own glass shelves and halogens.
Jazzy Credenza $1,849
Jazzy Back Panel with TV bracket $1,399
The Bolero Collection
Bolero features a very contemporary design with its large half
moon upper top and matching curved middle front doors.
This innovative look offers functionality at its best with an
oversize center channel speaker enclosure, generous left and
right component compartments and plenty of DVD storage
behind middle doors.
Bolero Credenza $1,749
Bolero Back Panel with TV bracket $1,139
The Mozart Collection
Mozart is a marriage of contemporary and transitional styling
and design. Timeless beauty, classic elegance and all the
functions for todays’ audio video enthusiasts! Made of birch,
the Mozart collection is offered in beautiful multi-step
finishes which highlight the natural beauty and richness of
the wood. Add the optional back panel for more flexibility.
Mozart Credenza $1,749
Mozart Back Panel with TV bracket $1,359
80 Performance
We love BDI because their styles show what’s happening in home design. BDI uses a team of internationally famous
designers to create their product line. Take Matt Weatherly for example. He received his Industrial Design degree from the
Pratt Institute, then studied furniture design at the Design School of Copenhagen. His award winning works have been
exhibited in Germany, Italy and Japan. And Matt is only one of a dozen designers that make up BDI’s team. When you
consider that BDI also builds in what you need for properly handling audio/video gear, you understand why BDI is ‘it’.
Retro Modern AV Cabinet
The Marina home theater cabinet is re t ro chic that
complements any sophisticated home theater or living room
setting. A safe harbor for your components, Marina is full of
hidden features. Whether the TV is on or off, this high-gloss
system will be the focal point of any room! Holds up to a 70”
HDTV. Hidden wheels make for easy positioning.
Marina 8729 in black gloss or white gloss $1,799
Shaker Style
Recalling Shaker utilitarianism, the Novia cabinet aadds
features including casters for easy access to the back, wire
management to keep your home theater neat and organized,
and ventilation to keep your components operating at peak
levels. Novia builds on great ideas from the past to create a
unit as beautiful as it is functional. Holds up to 70” HDTV.
Novio 8428 52” cabinet in cocoa or cherry $1,399 (shown at top)
Novia 8429 74” cabinet in cocoa or cherry $1,799
Cool style - and it rotates too!
Revo is cool and it solves storage problems for many rooms.
Revo fits easily into a corner space and sports a rotating base,
allowing you to watch TV or movies from any angle you
choose. It includes space for three components, adjustable
shelving and a cable management system so you never have
to worry about tangled wiring. Holds up to a 37” flat TV.
Revo 9980 in Espresso $999
Performance 81
Sanus is one of our favorite audio video furniture companies because of their incredibly broad range of both styles and
configurations. Their audio and video rack systems group around a theme style and include matching speaker stands and
even occasional furniture. This makes it easy to build a room around your AV system without having to mix and match
important accessories. Start with a video cabinet for your flat display TV in your chosen finish. Then add a matching
audio cabinet and even speaker stands - all with the same woods and finish. That makes Sanus an excellent buy, for today
and the future.
Woodbrook AV Foundations
Designed with extra-large shelves and wire channels to
handle the most demanding AV set-ups, this beautiful
collection virtually eliminates sound-robbing resonances.
Every shelf locks securely into place with four locking clips.
Flexible door placement, optional drawers and grills. Grade A
hardwoods in Maple, Cherry or Mocha finish.
Woodbrook WFV66 66” wide Video Cabinet $1,049.99 (shown at left)
Woodbrook WFV44 44” wide Video Cabinet $749.99
Woodbrook WFAV66 66” wide AV Cabinet $1,249.99 (shown above)
Woodbrook WFAV44 44” wide AV Cabinet $949.99
Woodbrook WFA54 54” wide Audio Cabinet $849.99
Steel AV Foundations
Contemporary design and heavy steel construction accents
any home décor. Durable powder-coated silver finish.
Perforated steel back-panel adds style and aids in cooling.
Extra-thick tempered glass top and shelves for beauty and
strength. Select models offer adjustable shelves for a custom
fit for most AV systems.
82 Performance
Steel SFV49b Video Stand $329.99 (shown at left)
Steel SFV65b Lowboy $429.99
Steel SFA29b AV Stand $269.99
Salamander’s Synergy line is a modular furniture system so innovative it earned a US patent. It allows you to customize
arrangements by combining a wide variety of elements that you can reconfigure whenever your requirements change. The
concept combines simplicity with remarkable versatility. made with modules You can connect and juxtapose Synergy
modules in numerous ways to create furniture precisely suited to your needs and your living space. Begin with their core
modules which are available in Single, Twin, Triple and Quad widths as well as in different heights. Then customize!
Available in different finishes and mixed metals and woods.
Synergy Quad Cabinets
The Quad is the widest core module and its interior easily
accommodates components. Moveable shelf pegs slide
vertically then lock at any height making internal shelves
infinitely adjustable. Rear cabinet panels leave openings for
wires and component ventilation. 87” wide and available in
numerous finishes.
Synergy Quad 20 Cabinets with doors and sides from $1,635
Synergy Triple Cabinets
The Triple modular cabinet includes four adjustable shelves
and a removable black rear panel that has been sized to allow
cables to pass over and/or underneath it. Triple units work
g reat for larger Plasma TV’s or as an elegant audio
“breakfront.” 66” wide allows for up to a 60” flat panel TV.
Numerous finishes and options.
Synergy Triple 20 Cabinets with doors and sides from $1,345
Performance 83
The Sona Design Arts and Crafts
credenza is derivative of the Stickley
and Frank Lloyd Wright furniture
designs of the early 20th century. It
is another design that works well
with both contemporary and
traditional homes. While the Arts
and Crafts designs have their roots
in the UK, some people think there
is also an Asian influence to the
look. Mission furniture is another
derivative design from the Arts and
Crafts movement. It is available in
real Cherry veneers only. Wi re
management is the same as the basic
credenza, so there is absolutely no
problem with equipment hookup.
Sona Arts and Crafts Credenza
$2,700 in Cherry
Sona Matching Frame
$700 in Cherry
Vantage Point Evo
The evo system™ is a new solution
for wall mounting flat panel or
projection TV’s and components. It
consists of an aluminum frame and
track system that expands to
support numerous configurations.
The frame is hung on mounted rails
and extends 4” from the wall
c reating a space for wiring , so
there’s no need to cut the wall.
16”x16” re m ovable wood ve n e e r
panels, available in 5 finishes allow
easy access to wiring and powe r
connection while creating a true
furniture quality appearance. Evo
accessories include glass shelves and
speaker mounts.
Vantage Point Evo Wall System
From $799
84 Performance
Berkline Theater Seating
Beautifully appointed and tailored, with plush padding for
deep-seated comfort. Wallaway design reclines with only
inches of wall clearance, while the TouchMotion feature lets
you stretch out at the touch of a button. Choose wedge or
straight arms (with cup holders). Powe r Recline and
Buttkicker internal woofer options.
Berkline Home Theater Seating in leather, vinyl and
microfiber starting at $599 per seat
Robinson and Robinson
Started in England by Noel and Peter Robinson, their
current company has grown every year since its inception in
1989 and today employs over 2,000 people and owns over 1
million square feet of custom manufacturing in Mexico.
Robinson & Robinson theater chairs are a quality product.
They feature steel and hardwood construction, carbon steel
strings, high density foam and fine leathers. They can be
configured in straight or curved rows and need only 2” of
wall clearance due to their ingenious reclining mechanism.
Their frames, springs and reclining mechanisms come with a
Lifetime Warranty. Don’t skimp on where you buy your
chairs or what you buy - get R&R from The Little Guys and
enjoy your movies as never before.
Prices start at $1,598
Performance 85
Updating to the new flat TV’s
and digital electronics? You’ll
probably need new cabinetry.
We’ve provided a few pointers
to consider for housing your
new gear...
86 Performance
lat Display TV’s, surround sound
systems, whole house digital music, PVR’s.
It’s a wonderful new world for home
entertainment. Spectacular technology
deserves an appropriate setting. More often
than not, you’ll be looking at upgrading
your furniture when you upgrade your
There are as many styles for electronics
furniture from modern to traditional.
While its hard
cabinetry falls into two categories – built-in
and freestanding. Within the freestanding
category, you’ll find RTA (ready to
assemble), custom built and pre-built. All
built-in style cabinetry is made to order.
Whatever style you choose, there are a
number of factors to consider when your
furniture incorporates electronics.
Performance 87
Your cabinet must be
constructed rigidly as it may
need to support hundreds of
pounds of gear and software.
Look for weight limits and
stay within them!
Equipment access can be from
the front, side or rear. Front
options include traditional
shelves, with or without doors,
flush face mounting, or using
a pre-made interior pull out
rack. Whatever you choose,
the wiring of your system has
to be adapted to make your
choice functional.
To Door or Not
Typical remote controls need
88 Performance
“line of sight” to the
designated component. They
will pass their signals through
glass doors. However, glass
may not be desired in many
cabinets. If you use wood or
fabric doors, your electronics
specialist will need to add a
“closed door sensor” to allow
you to hide components
behind closed doors yet still
get remote access.
Alternatively, advanced remote
controls and touchpanels can
communicate via radio
frequency which can work
through most materials.
Cabinetry allows you to hide
your speakers. However, it’s
too cumbersome to open the
doors just to listen to a CD. A
grilled area for each speaker is
a better alternative. You can
also put small speakers on
shelves as many modern
speakers are quite attractive.
Since they tend to be larger,
subwoofers can also be
concealed behind a grilled
panel. A few other
considerations. Speaker
location is critical and must be
chosen by your system
designer. The space around
and behind the speaker affects
its performance. This too
needs to be selected by a
system designer to match the
esthetic concerns and the
acoustic properties of the
speaker. Finally, acoustically
transparent fabric is required if
speakers are placed behind a
Software Storage
A l l ow for enough room to
store your DVD’s and CD’s.
Pull-out horizontal and vertical
drawers are a good choice for
all your storage needs.
Interior lights may be required
to illuminate components and
storage. Be sure lights don't
increase screen glare. If
dimmers are used, be sure to
specify low-noise models that
won’t interfere with your
picture and sound.
High quality audio/video
grade AC power strips or AC
power conditioners are needed
inside the cabinet in an
accessible location. Don't
skimp on the power – they
make a considerable difference
in your systems’ performance.
Larger systems require a
dedicated circuit as well.
Wire Chases
There will be a considerable
amount of wire in a home
theater system. Signal and
electrical cables need to be
separated throughout the
cabinetry to minimize
interference. There are various
ways to hide wiring. False
backs, internal routing panels
or custom conduits are all
possibilities to get the wiring
neatly to its destination.
Components generate heat.
This is an issue if they will be
behind closed doors. Cabinets
can use a "heat chimney" to
vent the hot air out the back
of the shelf areas and up to
the top. This can be as simple
as a series of holes strategically
placed at the back of each
shelf and aligned so the heat
can easily rise. Some
equipment runs hotter and
will require exhaust fans.
Get it Done Right
Your high tech electronics
needs the right cabinetry.
We’ve known countless stories
of electronics companies
arriving at a home to install a
just-delivered custom cabinet
only to find they wasted a trip!
The cabinet didn’t have the
right spaces, shelves, venting,
outlets, etc...and required
extensive costly rework. To be
sure your new furniture will
meet the needs of your gear,
get a system designer involved
from the very beginning of
your cabinetry planning.
That way, you can be assured
of beautiful and very
functional furniture. HP
Flat TV Furniture?
Flat display TV technology such as
Plasma and LCD, has definitely
changed our furniture needs. Just
try fitting a 4” deep TV into a space
designed for a 30” set and you’ll
know what we mean! But these
new thin sets haven’t eliminated
the need for audio/video cabinetry.
You still need to store your cable or
satellite box, DVD player, surround
sound components, speakers, and
still have room for filing away your
discs, games, and accessories.
Thin TV’s have given greater
flexibility in choosing furniture. Flat
screen TV’s are attractive and can
be ‘framed’ inside your cabinetry. If
you’ve mounted your TV on the
wall, you can use smaller more
stylized furniture. A ‘low-boy’ style
cabinet works beautifully under a
wall mounted flat TV.
Another neat alternative are art
frames made for flat TV’s. Your flat
TV is actually mounted inside a
specially designed picture frame
that contains a retractable
painting. TV on - picture up. TV off,
painting down. You can even
supply the artwork that’s reprinted
onto a special fabric.
Of course, more sophisticated
systems require more gear and
more cabinetry. Media rooms often
use a front projection TV. These
sets project the image to a
separate screen that can be
lowered automatically from a
cabinet valence or from the ceiling
in front of the cabinet. Often,
dedicated theater rooms use wall
mounted non-retractable screens
that can be framed into the wall.
Performance 89
Great Gifts
Super Headphones
The MDR-V700DJ features big 50-millimeter drivers and
around-the-ear design for superb sound without distractions.
Professional DJs will love the re versible swivel earcups. The
MDRV600 headphones are well suited for pro users and
digital sources. The earcup is designed in the shape of the ear
for accurate reproduction.
Sony MDRV700DJ $149.99
Sony MDRV600 $129.99
The Future of Radio - HD!
HD Radio is a significant improvement in sound quality —
FM is CD-quality sound, while AM sounds like FM. This
tabletop radio receives the free digital programming stations
now transmit along with their regular AM and FM signals.
40 presets and two full-range drivers in a ported enclosure for
warm rich sound.
Sony HD Radio Stereo Table radio XDRS3HD $199.95
Portable & Swivel DVD Player
Sony's DVP-FX810 8” Widescreen LCD boasts a rugged
design with swivel and flip screen that offers multiple viewing
angle options whether you are in a car, train or plane, or at
the beach. Watch a regular full-length movie with its up to 5
1/2 hour battery capacity or plug in the supplied car adapter
for extended viewing.
Sony Portable DVD Player DVPFX810 $189.99
90 Performance
Great Gifts
Vivid 1080p Performance
Get HD picture clarity for your kitchen, office or guest
room. If you think that using an HDTV for a secondary TV
is a bit much, remember that the switch from analog to
digital TV broadcasts is scheduled to be completed in 2009
— not that far away. This HDTV will ease you through the
transition with wonderful picture quality. Stand included.
LG 23” HDTV LG23LS7D $699.95
LG 20” HDTV LG20LS7D $479.95
HD Radio from Cambridge Soundworks
There are more than 800 million radios in America today.
These radios operate using analog bro a d c a s t / re c e p t i o n
technology that dates back to the 1960s. HD Radio is here
now and it delivers digital quality radio from over the air
stations (for free). Take advantage of this vast improvement
with Cambridge sound quality in this superior table radio.
Cambridge Soundworks 820HD HD Stereo Radio $299.99
Bose Tri-Port Headphones
Bose is a $Billion a year company. So when they need to do
research, they got the bucks to do so! Their TriPort® acoustic
headphone stru c t u re produces a full range of sound,
including lower notes, with distinct clarity and warmth in
this compact in-ear design. It’s your head - don’t settle.
Comes with soft silicone tips in three sizes for a personal fit.
Bose TriPort IE $99.95
Can’t decide? Get a
Little Guys Gift Card,
available from
$1 to $100,000!
Performance 91
Great Gifts
Sony’s Po rtable Audio/Video Player
Videos, photos and music. This player does them all. With
8GB, you can watch up to 32 hours of movies. The high
quality video playback works on either H.264 or MP4, the
two most popular download and streaming formats. Its 2''
color LCD screen runs horizontal or vertical. A cinch to hook
up to your PC. A great alternative to you-know-who.
Sony NWZ-A818 Video Walkman 8GB $199.95
Super Table Radios with iPod docks
If you're looking for big sound from a small box, this is it:
The new Cambridge Soundworks Radio/iPod players. Their
internal subwoofer and hifi speaker system delivers sound
that is so deep and rich, you can’t compare it to mere table
radios! The 745i comes with a separate iPod dock s. The 735i
comes without a CD player. And yes, they have alarms!
Soundworks CD 745i Radio CD + iPod dock $299.99
Soundworks CD 735i Radio + iPod dock $199.99
Available in Black or Ivory
The headphones the pros use
PTH is an accessory that connects between your headphones
and your music player that allows you to hear external sounds
at the push of a button without removing your headphones.
It’s standard on the SE530PTH phones or can be added to
any headphone. This is just one of the innovations of Shure’s
super in-ear headphones, the smallest and best available.
92 Performance
Shure Sound Isolating In-Ear Headphones
A. E2C $99.00
B. SE210 $149.99
C. SE420 $349.99
D. SE530PTH $499.99
E. PTHEFS Push to Hear Headphone accessory $59.99
Great Gifts
DVD + VCR combo from Sony
Sony's SLVD380P simplifies your home theater by
combining a VCR and DVD player in one space-saving
component. Play the latest DVD releases and watch your
VHS library using the same player. You can even record a
show to VHS and watch a DVD at the same time. Frontpanel inputs make it easy to connect a camcorder.
Sony SLVD380 Combo VCR and DVD Player $119.95
Ear Love from Sennheiser
Get accurate sound and comfort for your ears. There are two
options for on the ear phones. The OMX50V and MX55V
use innovative holding systems for your outer ear that are
fully adjustable. Both are packaged with an ear adapter set
that includes extra ear pads in 3 sizes. The MX500 is in-ear
style and comes with retractable holder.
Sennheiser adjustable on--ear headphones OMX50V $34.95
Sennheiser adjustable on--ear headphones MX55V $39.95
Sennheiser in-ear headphones MX500 $21.95
Cool Clock Radio
Wake to your favorite CD or radio station. Sophisticated
LCD display and clear acrylic lid that lets you see the disc
spinning add to its modern charm. Dual alarms with
individual settings let you and your spouse wake separately.
Includes TV, Weather, FM and AM bands for radio listening.
Sony ICFCD855V CD Clock Radio $79
Performance 93
iPod Gifts
iPod Shuffle - now in colors
Made of sleek, durable anodized aluminum, the new
iPod™ shuffle weighs half an ounce and is less than half
the size of the original. Operate its controls with one
hand. Thanks to the simple built-in clip, you can carry
up to 240 of your favorite songs on your shirt sleeve,
purse strap, waistband, anywhere.
Apple iPod Shuffle Music Player 1GB $79
iPod Nano - now with Video
The world’s most popular music player now lets you
enjoy your movies, TV shows, photos and more on a
two-inch display that’s 65% brighter than before .
Includes “Cover Flow” which lets you ‘flip’ through your
album art. Made of anodized aluminum and polished
stainless steel. Comes in five colors (8GB models only.)
Apple iPod Nano Music Player 4GB $149
Apple iPod Nano Music Player 8GB $199
Available in five colors
The iPod Touch - the ultimate ‘pod
The Touch starts with a gorgeous 3.5-inch widescreen
display so you can watch your movies, TV shows, and
photos come alive with bright, vivid color. Not only
does it look good, it’s easier to use. You can shop and
download straight from iTunes from anywhere with WiFi. Browse or search to find the music you’re looking for,
preview it, and buy it with just a tap.
The iPod touch features the same multi-touch screen
technology as iPhone. Pinch to zoom in on a photo.
Scroll through your songs and videos with a flick. Flip
through your library by album artwork with Cover
Flow. Browse the web using Safari and watch YouTube
videos on the first iPod with Wi-Fi built in.
94 Performance
Apple iPod Music and Video Player 30GB $299
Apple iPod Music and Video Player 80GB $399
Quick connect to your home system
Marantz’s iPod docking gets your iPod groovin’ with
your home audio system. Even better, you can see iPod
screen on your television to display and navigate your
iPod library. You can either mount the IS201 table top
or on a wall. Of course, whenever your ‘pod is plugged
into the IS201, it gets charged. A complete solution.
Marantz IS201 iPod Home Dock System $149. Just add iPod!
Bose SoundDock - now portable too!
The Bose® Portable SoundDock™ lets you take your
iPod anywhere and enjoy your music without
headphones. Just slip the ‘pod into the docking cradle
and it charges while it plays. Both SoundDock’s are light
and sleek. The sound is impressive and the included
remote lets you control the SoundDock a cinch to use.
Bose SoundDock $299
Bose Portable SoundDock $399
In black or white. Just add iPod!
Bose Roommate Wireless Speaker
The Lifestyle® RoomMate® powered speaker extends
your Lifestyle system to the den, kitchen or wherever
you listen. It's a slim, one-piece unit that features plugand-play simplicity. The sound quality is pure Bose,
thanks to proprietary technologies that enable a fullness
and clarity surprising for such a thin system.
Bose RoomMate Powered Speaker. In black or white. $499
Klipsch RoomGroove Speaker System
Alone the RoomGroove makes a great iPod speaker, but
combine it with other RoomGroove speakers and you
get an affordable, high-performance wireless home
audio system that dynamically brings iPods, MP3
players and any device with a line level (or headphone)
output to life. Send your computer music housewide!
Klipsch RoomGroove Wireless Speaker System $299
Performance 95
Why Your Home needs The Little Guys
Custom Installation
What defines the term
“custom installation”? Custom
installation, in the electronics
industry, refers to a project
run by skilled professionals
who design and install
audio/video and other related
systems in residential and
commercial spaces. These
systems differ from what you
would buy in a typical retail
store in that they are
engineered not only to meet
and fulfill your needs, but to
optimize performance while
complementing the physical
and aesthetic demands of the
space, hence, the term
"custom". These systems can
be configured to
accommodate security,
telephone, and other home
systems while providing a
simple to use control.
Professional installation
companies work with your
other contractors — such as
architects, interior designers,
and electricians — to ensure
that the system blends
functionally and aesthetically.
A simple comparison:
Whereas an off-the-shelf
stereo system sits obtrusively
in one's living room and
serves only that space, a
96 Performance
custom A/V system uses the
same components plus others
to form a nearly invisible
system providing music and
video to any number of
Contractors (ESC) who have
emerged as the "fourth trade"
in the building and
remodeling industries
alongside electrical, plumbing,
and HVAC professionals.
Today's audio and video
components have become
increasingly sophisticated and
capable. Add the demand and
desire for all home electronics
to work in synergy and you
have the need for a qualified
and experienced professional.
Your home is a monument to
your lifestyle. If you exercise
regularly, you want a home
gym. If you work a lot of
overtime, you want a home
office. If you enjoy watching
movies, you want a home
theater. Convenience is no
longer simply a goal, it's a
MUST. As High-Definition
TV, DVD, lighting control,
security, computer networks,
smart home technology and a
litany of other home
automation technologies
continue to evolve and
become mainstream, your
integration company may
become your most important
contractor. HP
What was once an option is
now the norm. Professional
installation companies, or
custom integrators have gotten
so popular, they have formed
an international trade
association of companies that
specialize in designing and
installing residential electronic
systems for the home. This
association was founded in
September 1989 and has more
than 3,200 members
worldwide. Known as
CEDIA (Custom Electronics
Design and Installation
Association), its members are
established and insured
businesses with proper
qualifications and extensive
experience. CEDIA members
are Electronics Systems
Chicagoland’s finest
electronics dealer
Channel Vision
Gallo Acoustics
Key Digital
Monster Cable
Musical Fidelity
Power Company
Robinson & Robinson
Sona Design
Sonus Faber
Sony ES
Sony XBR
Star Sound
Vantage Point
Glenwood I83rd St.
18305 S. Halsted
Glenwood, IL 60425
Mon-Fri 10-8
Sat 10-5
Sun 12-5 (11/25/07 thru 1/20/08 only)
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