product specifications

product specifications
Series 6 40inch (LA40A650) - television
40" full high definition 100Hz LCD
With exquisite design and unique harmonious qualities, the LCD TV Series 6 reflects natures
essential elements. Its' inspirational design evokes the depths of emotion that have never
been seen on a TV screen before. The combination of premium performance and aesthetic
elegance makes for a truly stunning TV that sets new standards.
full HD 1080p – 1080p/24p input
100Hz motion plus
Only full HD 1080p can deliver crisp true high
definition picture resolution, and with 1080p/24p
playback you can be confident that you are truly
seeing a film as the director intended.
By intelligently calculating and inserting an
additional frame the 6 Series LCD provide smooth
motion during even fast moving sequences.
certified HD digital TV
50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
With the ability to show both deep inky blacks,
and bright vibrant colours, SAMSUNGs LCD TV
range will delight the senses no matter what you
are watching.
Complies with the HD Tick certiication. This
means you can enjoy the crystal clear picture that
HD Digital TV offers, without the need for a
separate box in your TV cabinet, and without any
additional wires.
DNIe pro image processor
ultra clear panel
SAMSUNGs unique processing engine, DNIe pro
offers advanced colour and motion optimisers to
offer the best picture possible.
Consisting of both a high and low reflection layer,
SAMSUNG's Clear Panel eliminates ambient glare, while
providing a bright vivid image, perfect for viewing any time of
the day or night.
Wide Colour Enhancer 2
Adds depth and intensity to the reds, greens and
blues, to ensure that you are seeing true, lifelike
images on screen.
entertainment mode
Entertainment mode consists of 3 different optimised settings
that are specifically designed to improve your viewing
experience when watching Sports, Cinema or Gaming.
Anynet+ HDMI - CEC
Convieniently control all HDMI-CEC devices using
the one remote control via the HDMI connection.
4 HDMI inputs
With the convienience of 4 HDMI inputs (3 rear +
1 side) you have the flexibility to connect multiple
digital soures without compromising image
Screen Size
1920 x 1080
Dynamic Contrast Ratio
HD Ready
Built-in HD Tuner
LCD 100Hz
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