WAGAN Exec-Duo

WAGAN Exec-Duo
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User’s Manual
Solar e Charger™ Exec Duo by Wagan Tech
User’s Manual—Read before using this equipment
Basic Operation
1. Insert and attach the iPhone ® to the charging jack inside the
Solar e Charger™ Exec-Duo.
2. Turn the power switch to “ON” to charge the iPhone. The battery
charge indicator next to the “Power Display” button and the red micro
LED on the front solar panel will both turn on. (If none of the LEDs light
up, the solar charger’s internal battery might be depleted and may
need to be recharged.)
3. Once the iPhone is fully charged, turn off the solar charger.
Mini USB Port
4. PRESS and HOLD the “Power Display” button to check the battery
status of the solar charger. Four micro LEDs, located to the right of the
power button, will light up to indicate the percentage of charge on
the battery according to the designated intervals: 25%, 50%, 75%,
and 100%.
Power switch
Charging jack
Charging iPhone & Solar e Charger
The Exec-Duo can charge both the iPhone and its own internal Lithium
polymer battery via sunlight or with a standard mini USB charging cable
(not included). When a solar charging source is available, the red micro
LED indicator light on the front solar panel will light up to show the unit is
charging via sunlight.
Charging with Sunlight via Solar Panels:
Battery Charge Indicator
Battery status button
Battery Status
(25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
1. To charge the iPhone, follow the steps 1-2 in “Basic Operation”
section and expose the solar panels under direct sunlight. Under
continuous sunlight, the iPhone will be charged in less than 4 hours.
Once the iPhone’s battery is fully charged, turn the power switch off
to preserve the life of the solar charger’s internal battery.
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Solar e Charger™ Exec Duo by Wagan Tech
2. To charge internal Lithium polymer battery of the solar charger, turn
the power switch to “OFF” and the internal battery of the solar
charger will automatically charge instead of charging your iPhone.
Under direct sunlight, the Lithium polymer battery will be fully
charged in 12 hours. Solar charging intensity will be shown by the
battery status lights: 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. The blue LEDs will
light up automatically when placed under the sun.
Note: You do NOT need to press and hold the “Power Display” button
to see the charge intensity. Only press and hold the “Power Display”
button to check the battery status of the internal Lithium polymer battery.
Charging Solar e Charger via Mini USB Charger (not included):
User’s Manual—Read before using this equipment
Do not operate the solar charger in humid or acidic conditions.
Do not operate or store in temperatures above 70°C.
Use caution when inserting and removing iPhone to avoid any
damage to the charging jack.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Please operate under the guidelines of this instruction manual to
prevent any risk or damage to the iPhone and/or Solar e Charger.
Wagan Corporation is not liable for any incidental, indirect, or
consequential injuries, damages, losses, expenses or costs arising
from any violation of the above mentioned prohibitive clauses.
1. Connect the corresponding end of a standard USB charging cable to
the USB charging port on the solar charger.
2. Connect the other end of the USB charging cable to a computer or
laptop to begin charging.
Please turn off the power switch of the solar charger when not in use.
This will preserve the internal battery.
Lithium-Ion polymer battery capacity: 3.7V 2,000mAh
Output Voltage: 5V (Max)
Output Current: 500mA
Charge Voltage:
Solar to battery: 5.5V DC
When not in use, we recommend leaving the solar charger under
sunlight to allow it to charge itself.
If the iPhone is inserted properly and the power switch is turned
on, but there is no indication of charging displayed on the iPhone’s
screen, please make sure that:
1. The red Power Display LED is lit up.
2. The iPhone is securely and fully attached to the charging plug.
Peak power supplied by photocell: 0.99W
3. None of the LED lights are dimly lit. If any of the LEDs are dimly lit
or not lit up at all, please recharge the solar charger.
Size: 150 x 70 x 25 mm
Weight: 130g
USB to battery: 5V DC
Charge current:
Solar: 180mA
USB/DC: 500mA
Charging time: within 4 hours (USB/DC)
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WAGAN Corp. Limited Warranty
All WAGAN Corporation products are warranted to the original purchaser of
this product.
Warranty Duration: This product is warranted to the original purchaser for a
period of one (1) Year from the original purchase date, to be free of defects in
material and workmanship. WAGAN Corporation disclaims any liability for
consequential damages. In no event will WAGAN Corporation be responsible
for any amount of damages beyond the amount paid for the product at retail.
In the event of a defective item, please contact WAGAN Corporation at
(800) 231-5806 to obtain a Returned Merchandise Authorization number
(RMA#), and return instructions. Each item returned will require a separate
RMA#. After you have received the RMA# and the return instructions from
WAGAN Corporation, please follow the instructions and send the item with
PREPAID SHIPPING, along with all of the required documentation, a complete
explanation of the problem, your name, address and daytime phone number.
WAGAN Corporation will, at its option, replace or repair the defective part.
A Returned Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#) is REQUIRED when
sending in any defective item. WAGAN Corporation is not responsible for
any item(s) returned without an official Returned Merchandise Authorization
number. The item(s) must be returned with prepaid shipping. WAGAN
Corporation is not responsible for any shipping charges incurred in returning
the item(s) back to the company for repair or replacement. This warranty is
void if the product has been damaged by accident, in shipment, unreasonable
use, misuse, neglect, improper service, commercial use, repairs by
unauthorized personnel or other causes not arising out of defects in materials
or workmanship. This warranty is effective only if the product is purchased and
operated in the USA and does not extend to any units which have been used in
violation of written instructions furnished.
Warranty Disclaimers: This warranty is in lieu of all warranties expressed or
implied and no representative or person is authorized to assume any other
liability in connection with the sale of our products. There shall be no claims
for defects or failure of performance or product failure under any theory of
tort, contract or commercial law including, but not limited to negligence, gross
negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty and breach of contract.
Warranty Performance: During the above one (1) Year warranty period, a
product with a defect will be replaced with a comparable model when the
product is returned to WAGAN Corporation with an original store receipt. The
replacement product will be in warranty for the balance of the one (1) Year
warranty period. ©2008 WAGAN Corp. Updated August 2008
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