CasePower A29

CasePower A29
Read all instructions and warnings prior to using this product. Failure to read and follow these
safety instructions can cause explosion, electrical shock or other hazards, causing serious
and/or fatal injury and/or property damage.
1. Do not modify, disassemble, open, drop, crush, puncture or shred the product.
2. Do not expose the product to rain or water.
3. Do not expose the battery to fire, extreme heat or high temperatures.
4. Protect the battery from high voltage devices.
5. This product is not a toy; keep away from children.
Insure that all persons who use the product read and follow these warnings and instructions.
Front side
Model: A29
External Rechargeable Battery
Back cover
CasePower Credit Card Booster provides Emergency Power for your mobile
devices. Please read the manual before operation.
Front cover
Capacity: 850mAh
Input: 5V/750mA
Output: 5W750mA
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Cycle life: > 500 times
Temperature: 0°C - 45°C
Dimensions: 92 x 62.6 x 6.4mm
Weight: 60g
1. Charge the Credit Card Booster via the micro
USB cable provided and connect the Credit Card
Booster to a USB power source (PC, laptop,
USB charger). After a full charging cycle the LED
changes from yellow to blue.
Thank you for choosing the CasePower Credit Card Booster. This is a portable power
bank with built-in Micro USB output to charge smartphones.
Back side
2. Use the Credit Card Booster to charge smart
phones and other devices via micro USB port.
a) For devices with micro USB port, connect the
built-in micro USB connector to your phone and
push the power button.
Package Contents
1. Credit Card Booster
2. Flat USB charging cable
3. User manual
Power On / Capacity check
LED indicator
Input: micro USB
Output: built-in micro USB
b) For charging an iPhone, you need a 30-pin to
micro USB (iPhone 4S/4) or Lightning to micro
USB adapter (iPhone 5).
Micro USB
3. LED indicator
a) In standby mode, press the power button, the blue light indicates full power, yellow
indicates low battery.
b) When charging the Credit Card Booster, the yellow light indicates charging in progress.
When fully charged the LED turns blue.
c) When charging a phone the LED lights up yellow until the battery is empty. Now the
Credit Card Booster has to be charged again.
size: 100x120, paper: 157gsm matt art paper
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