XP750-CK | Installation
XP750-CK | Installation
Thank You For Purchasing This XS Power Product!
We take great pride in our quality, value and performance and believe that this
product will offer you trouble free operation throughout its lifetime providing
you take care to follow the simple instructions.
This kit is designed to help you correctly and safely install your new XS Power or other
aftermarket Powercell. The kit was designed with the installer in mind, and can be
completed with very few tools and requires no wire crimping if the directions are
followed correctly. Please see the steps below that will help to facilitate a fast, safe and
easy installation of your new battery and cables.
Step 1 Locate a safe and secure place to mount both the front and rear fuse
holders. Do not mount to, or penetrate the battery housing. Do not install the
fuses until the last step. Fuses should be installed within 12” to 18” of the
battery for best results.
Step 6 Connect the two pre-terminated battery cables to the positive
terminals of your front and rear batteries. If your front battery has standard
automotive posts, you may use the supplied battery terminal clamps for easy
Step 7 Locate a suitable ground connection near the battery in the rear of the
vehicle. A direct chassis ground is ideal, and taking the time to sand away
debris or paint before making the ground connection will give the best results.
Step 8 Connect the pre-terminated ground cable to the negative terminal of
the rear battery and secure it in place with the supplied clamps and ties.
Step 9 Install the front and rear fuses and secure the fuse holder covers.
Please Use Precaution During Installation
Step 2 Before making any cuts to the positive cable, find a safe and secure
place to run the cable through the firewall and to the rear of the vehicle, using
the supplied grommets.
Pay special attention to avoid drilling into or penetrating
the gas tank area.
Step 3 Before making any connections, ensure the positive cable will reach
from the positive battery terminal in the front, past the location of the fuse
holder under the hood, through the vehicle, past the fuse holder in the rear,
and finally to the positive battery terminal on the secondary battery.
Keep cables clear of moving parts like suspension parts
and the drivetrain.
Step 4 Now that the positive cable is in position, cut the wire where it
intersects with each fuse holder. By making a single cut, you can strip and
insert each side of your cut into the fuse holder receptacle. At this point, you
should have cable connected to both ends of each fuse holder with no other
connections made.
Step 5 Secure the positive cable along the length of the vehicle with the
supplied cable clamps and ties. Pay special attention to stay clear of moving
parts, extreme heat items, and avoid drilling near the gas tank area.
Avoid drilling into hoses, vents and other cables.
Keep cables and components away from extreme heat
areas like the exhaust or manifold.
Always shield eyes, explosive gases can cause injury and
No spark, flame or smoking during installation.
Sulfuric Acid can cause severe burns and blindness.
Flush eyes immediately with water and get medical help
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