Instructions for Skype Installing Skype 1. Go to and

Instructions for Skype Installing Skype 1. Go to and
Instructions for Skype
Installing Skype
1. Go to and download the Skype application.
2. Press the “Save” and “Launch” application buttons, as they appear on the
3. Open a New Account or sign in with an existing account. To open a new
account, enter a name and password, your email address and agree to the
user terms and conditions by checking a small square box. Click “Create” to
make a new account.
Adding Contacts
4. Log onto the new Skype account. You will be taken to a “Welcome” screen.
Click “Find Your Friends” button. Search for contacts from your address
book like Yahoo or Outlook address book.
5. Select an address book and type in the user name and password. Skype will
start looking for contacts automatically in the account you mentioned. If
you want to add an individual user, enter the skype name or email in the
“Find an Individual” space.
6. Click “Find Contact.” Skype will populate a list of all the matching results.
Select the one that you think is your contact, and click “Add Contact.”
7. Type in a quick message to remind your contact of how they know you.
Click “Send.” Before you can start communicating with anyone, they have
to authorize you as a contact.
Check Voice and Video Settings
8. Click on the “Help” menu, and choose “Welcome Screen.” Click on “Check
Sound Works.”
9. Click “Speakers” and click the big round green button. If you hear a jingle,
your speakers are working with Skype. If not, check your computer’s audio
10. Click the “Test Microphone” button and say something in the microphone.
If the green bar on the testing screen moves, your microphone is working.
If not, choose an appropriate microphone from the drop-down menu next
to the sound bar.
11. Click on the “Test Video” button, if you have a webcam connected. You
should see a live video feed instantaneously; if not, check your video
Free Messages and Calls
12. Double-click on a contact in your list to open a chat window. You can now
send and receive messages.
13. Click on the “Call” button next to your contact’s name to make a call. Your
contact will have to receive the call to talk with you.
14. Click on the green button with a webcam symbol, located next to the call
button, for a video-chat
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