Connect N150 Wireless Modem Router Belkin`s Connect N150

Connect N150 Wireless Modem Router Belkin`s Connect N150
Connect N150 Wireless Modem
Belkin’s Connect N150 Wireless
Modem Router is perfect for setting up
a wireless network that has the range
to easily cover an apartment or small
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- Speed —N technology means great network performance, with
speeds of up to 150 Mbps*
- Reliability—Continuous signal for uninterrupted wireless for multiple
users across all your applications
- Security —Security settings are preset to get you up and running
- Powered by an Easy Setup —EASY START gets you set up in 3 easy
- ENERGY STAR® qualified adapter for a better environment
Part #F7D1401
Radio Frequency Channels - 1 - 13
Security Features - Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) WPA®, WPA2®
64-bit, 128-bit WEP encryption
Firewall - NAT and SPI
LEDs - 1x network status LED, 1x WPS LED
Bandwidth - 20MHz and 20/40MHz auto
IP Sharing Method - NAT
ISP Protocols Supported - Dynamic, Static, PPOE, Telstra BigPond
Quality Of Service - 802.11e / WMM Quality of Service
Radio Frequency Bands - 2.4GHz
Reset Process - Via recessed reset button Reboot router: Push and
release (1 second) Restore default settings:
User Interface - Web-based password-protected advanced
VPN Support - PPTP, IPSEC, and L2TP VPN pass-thru
WPS Push Button - true,true,true,true
ADSL Protocols Supported - ISP: PPPoE, PPPoA, 1483 Bridged,
Dynamic/Fixed IP, 1483 Routed
Encryption Type(s) Supported - WPA2/WPA-Personal (PSK) & WEP
Max WLAN Connections - 16
Network Standards - 802.11b/g and some n features
Max. Operating Range - Up to 300m**
Ethernet ports - 4
Plug & Play - Yes,Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
Ports - 1x WAN (ADSl 2+), 4x lAN
Supporting Software - Easy Start, Preset Security, Self Healing
Part #F7D1401
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