Skyvector Brochure

Skyvector Brochure
Control Options
TMO -DI digital remote control complete with:
• ON/OFF switch.
• Automatic 3 speed controller.
• Wall mounted thermostat.
• Summer/winter switch.
Other control options available, please contact technical sales
Unit Options
•Fresh/Air inlet (up to 20%)
•Low temperature cut off
•Remote electrical board
• 3 Way Valve assemblies
• Electrical heating element
• 1.5kW-2.5kW (single phase supply)
Other Sabiana Products suitable for similar applications
Pulsar Radiant panels. - Suitable for use within
suspended ceilings. Provide safe, silent and low
maintenance option for heating classrooms,
corridors, offices etc.
DS Radiant Panels. - Robust product suitable for
sports halls and gymnasia.
Energy Units. - Ventilation/heat recovery units for
installation in ceiling void.
The Barn, Lullington, Derbyshire, DE12 8ED
Tel: 01283 711 878 Fax: 01283 712 810
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A Fresh Approach to Heating Educational & Commercial Buildings
Sabiana Sky Vectors are designed to integrate within modern building design combining both heating and ventilation.
Up to 20% of the airflow of a Sky Vector can be made up of fresh air, with the additional air being drawn directly from
the area to be heated.
Component Specification
Intake grill and distribution of the air. Intake grills,
Casing. Made of galvanised steel with inner thermal
frame and air distribution louvres on each side, are made
from powder coated steel.
insulation (closed cell polythene 10mm thick) and
anti-condensate lining.
Sky Vectors have been designed to be integrated within a standard 600 x 600mm ceiling grid. Mounted at high level,
the units provide a safe, tamperproof alternative to traditional, wall mounted convectors.
Control panel.
Comprising of an external
box, housing the electronic
control board, allowing for
easy wiring to external
controllers and power supply.
Key Features
Speed. The Sky Vector has been designed to deliver heat quickly and effectively with the use of the high
Versatile. Sky Vectors are integrated within a standard 600 x 600mm suspended ceiling grid
Quiet. Sky Vectors utilise the latest technology in fan manufacture. The fan generates very
Safe. Installed at a high level, Sky Vectors pose no threat to occupants and provide tamperproof
heating as standard.
air volume fan assembly.
Air filter. Synthentic
washable filter, easily
in order to free up valuable wall space.
little noise compared with standard centrifugal type blowers. This is in line with BB93: Noise regulations.
Working Conditions
Water Pressure
Max Working Pressure 8 Bars
Max Water Entering Tempertaure 85oc
Electrical Supply
230V 50HZ
Heat exchanger. Made using copper tubes and
anti-vibrating supports , is extremely quiet. The single air
inlet radial fan is connected to a 6 speed electric motor
with single phase 230V/50Hz supply, class B insulation
and integrated Klixon thermal contact for motor protection.
The units are supplied with 3 standard speeds and it is
possible to change them on site if necessary.
aluminium fins bonded onto tubes for maximum
transfer contact.
3.5m Max
Technical Data
Unit - 572mm
Model Size SV0 SV1 SV2 SV3
Speed Low Med High Low Med High Low Med High Low Med High
1/2” Female Socket 1/2” Female Socket 1/2” Female Socket 1/2” FemaleSocket * The Sound pressure levels apply to the reverberant field of a 100m room and a reverberation time of 0.5 sec.
Unit - 572mm
Heat Output 3.2 6.9 5.2 8.1 10.7 6.9 9.5 12.8
M /h 300 400 500 310 420 520 320 500 710 430 610 880
dB(A) 24 31 40 24 31 36 24 36 44 32 40 50
Sound Pressure* Watts
Electrical 25 32 44 25 32 44 24 44 68 32 57 90
Consumption 0.11 0.15 0.22 0.11 0.15 0.22 0.11 0.2 0.32 0.15 0.27 0.45
Water Content 1.4 1.5 2.1 2.1
33 35 35 35
Weight 364mm
Diffuser - 599mm
Installation Height
Fan assembly. The fan assembly, mounted on
Fixing Points - 364mm
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Tel: 01283 711878
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